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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 13 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 13 Recap – Part 1

This might be of those episodes where we think, aw man, this girl had to come in here and ruin it all! Rage! But hopefully it isn’t like that and we actually have a nice non-stressful cliffhanger. My biggest thought is that Eun-seob is going to get injured on the mountain and people will have to find him. So hopefully that won’t happen?

Or maybe he won’t check his phone and see that Bo-young foolishly went on the mountain for him to find her and got herself in way more over her head than she originally thought and will have to be rescued by some other people? I don’t know, those are my only two thoughts but the writer might have something else planned entirely. So, lets see what happens!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Bo-young walks in the woods. She is in the mountains alone and it is dark. She keeps walking deeper into the mountains.

Meanwhile, Hye-won and Eun-seob happily play in the bookstore. She is pestering him about something that she wants him to do with her but he says no she keeps asking to do it he says that she said she has to iron it. She says it was a joke, do you believe it, I am going mad now. He tells her that he has to make coffee first. She is trying to give him a henna tattoo. She tells him not to make coffee. But he looks a little scared and yet trying not to look scared.

In the mountains, Bo-young looks over a ravine. She thinks back to high school.

In high school, she is in class talking on the phone to her mom about eating later and watching her brother, but she doesn’t want to. Later on she sees that it is raining outside. She tries to close the window to keep the rain out.

Eun-seob comes up and closes it for her, then he walks off. But she looks mesmerized with him from that moment. She runs from the rain later with her backpack on her head. He sees her and gives her his umbrella, then he puts his bag over his head and runs off.

In the present, she calls Eun-seob’s phone.

he is getting his henna tattoo by Hye-won. It is a little dog. He asks, do dogs have long legs like this? She looks at him. He says, oh yeah, the face looks just like the dog, Geum-bam. She smiles and says it does.

The phone rings, they don’t notice it.

Bo-young hangs up.

Later, Hye-won is done with the dog photo. They both smile and he asks if she would like to have a hot chocolate? She asys yes and then they see that the dog Geum-bom has shown up.

In the mountains, Bo-young calls the bookstore. Eun-seob answers. Bo-young says it is her. His entire body sighs. She tells him that she misstepped. I am sorry, but can you rescue me? He looks at Hye-won, she wonders what is up? Bo-young says that she will wait for him until he comes back. She hangs up.

Her hand shivers as she holds the phone close to her chest.


Hye-won asks what is up? Eun-seob explains what is going on. He says she is  near the entrance to the mountain, he will be back. But Hye-won tells him that she is going. I should go, you can’t. I will go there Eun-seob, I need to talk to her. I will be back. She heads out right away.

Hye-won walks up the mountain with a flashlight.

Bo-young waits.

and waits.

and waits.

Finally, Hye-won gets to her, though Bo-young sees her first and walks to her. They stand the appropriate social distance amount apart.

HW – What? Are you disappointed because I am not Eun-seob? *sighs* You didn’t even fall to the bottom. You can come back alone with this. Like how nothing happened with me coming here.

In a flashback we see Bo-young at work. She is looking at her phone.

BY – Yes, I am disappointed because Eun-seob did not come.



Bo-young walks up the street and sees Eun-seob sitting in the cafe. She goes inside and fixes her hair before meeting him.

VO – I thought this was the last chance

Upstairs he tells her to tell him her address and he will ship it. But she said that she wanted to go there and see it in person.

Later she picks out some flowers from a flower shop. She asks the owner what the meaning of that flower is. The owner says, it means confession of love. Would you like some?

VO – My real last chance

She rides to the bookstore with the flowers.

VO – You don’t know how much I tried.

At the bookstore, Eun-seob tells her that the book is about a broken up couple that went on a trip. They saved money and went together on the trip separately. She tries to keep the conversation going.

VO – I tried my best.

In the woods, Hye-won yells at Bo-young about why she is doing this now. Bo-young says that she tried so much, but it didn’t work. So what can I do?

Flashback to Bo-young telling Eun-seob that she liked him for a long time. He says he didn’t know. She asks, what if you did know Eun-seob? He tells her that nothing would change.

Bo-young runs to school with lots of flowers. She wants to give some to Eun-seob. But Eun-seob’s friend gives him his flowers and says that they should go to the restaurant. So they leave.

VO – It doesn’t matter that I had so many chances. I always didn’t connect as if I shouldn’t be with him at all.

Eun-seob gets back from the army. Bo-young sees him getting off the bus and starts to walk to him. But Whi sees him and happily grabs a gift that he gave to her. He runs off being pulled by her and her friends to go buy jajangmyun for her.

In another flashback, she sees the bookstore and how some people are fixing it up. They tell her that the kid who came from the mountain is living there now. She is driven off and sees Eun-seob drinking his coffee outside.

VO – So I couldn’t do anything. Not even talk to him or call him at all. But now I have all of a sudden became brave when you came back.

HW – What?

BY – You came here so I was in a hurry and became bad. I wanted to be bad and stop you.

HW – What did you say?

BY – Tell me honestly, you also stopped me.

Flashback to high school when Hye-won sat next to Eun-seob when they were watching a movie in the chapel together. Bo-young sees them sitting together.

Later on one of BY’s friends asks her why she was crying? Is it because Mok Hye-won was hitting on Eun-seob? I never liked her! Bo-young cries.

HW – I never did that.

BY – You knew I liked Eun-seob, but you never approached him?

HW – Never, I even knew you liked someone but I didn’t know it was him. I don’t understand you at all. Why did you become so bad because of me. Kim Bo-young, why are you so twisted? For what?

Hye-won’s phone rings. She answers it and tells him that she met her. It is okay, I will bring her back with me. She hangs up and tells Bo-young to follow her. She takes off walking quickly.


Whi rides her bike happily to school giggling to herself and telling people to scoot over. Then she starts to walk her bike next to her crush. He asks, what she wants.

She says that she should tell him the deal. So she whispers in his ear and asks if he doesn’t like it sunbae? Okay, you do not have to come to the bookclub anymore, it is nothing. He says fine and keeps walking. She happily celebrates.




Yoon-taek meets with the writer who likes him. She tells him he came early. She tries to make small talk about Myung-yeo and tells him that she hopes he does not see Myung-yeo as a writer or a woman. I don’t want you to see her.

He asks, what? 

She tells him that she is not telling him not to publish her book, just don’t meet her. Make the book, but don’t meet with her. He gets a text and checks it. it says, everything I wrote was right Cha Yoon-taek.

He bites his lip and responds – what are you talking about? The other woman keeps talking and how she is better than Myung-yeo with everything. She is younger and prettier and writes well. Don’t you know the rumor? When she was successful and all of a sudden went back to her hometown. What was that?

He checks his texts, it says – everything they all say about me is true. it is the truth.

The writer keeps talking about the rumor. That she and her brother in law had an affair and her eunnie killed the brother in law.

Text – Just believe it.

The writer asks, you even don’t know? So why did you break up with her? But he is deeply lost in his mind and grabs his coat to leave.

Cut to a flashback where Myung-yeo is walking away. he runs to her an asks, what is the reason? Just tell me. She tells him to have a good life. Get married and have kids. Have a happy family life. Forget about now, just be happy.

He tries to hold her hands. She yells, let me go! She starts to walk away. But he yells, I will do everything with you! He runs back to her and puts a ring on her finger. He repeats that he wants to do everything with her. She looks at the ring, her expression is soft. But she takes it off and throws it at him. She tells him, not me, then stomps off.

VO – Everything that people say about me is all true, that is the reality. Just believe it.

Myung-yeo sits in the B&B and puts her sunglasses back on.


Eun-seob sleeps in his spot in the bookstore. Hye-won softly kneels at his side and looks at him. She lightly touches his hair. She leans in and lightly kisses him on his hair and is about to kiss him on his lips but he lightly opens his eyes. She hops back. He asks if she is okay? No cold or anything?

She smiles and says she is okay. He asks if she talked to her? She says it went well. He tells her that is good and curls back up to sleep. She asks if he is going back to sleep? You said you had insomnia, do you also lie a lot? He says no and chuckles and says that he has insomnia.

She tells him that he shouldn’t sleep now, wake up. He asks, can’t I sleep a little bit longer? She tells him, you just slept, I am bored, wake up. She opens his eyes wide and tells him to wake up, hurry, hurry. 

They keep playing like this with her pulling the covers off and trying to push him to get him and him trying to stay in bed.


Jang-woo shows up to meet his crush right off the bus. He shows up right on time so she jokes that he is pretty smooth with his arrival. They walk off. She sees some roses and tells him that this is exactly what he gave her before.

Flashback to them in high school. He wants to give her roses. She asks if he is confessing to her like this? He says something about being the class president. She is amazed, wow, you are so pure and innocent. Sorry, but Bae-young sunbae confessed to me already (his role from his previous TV show Extraordinary You, lol).

She tells him it is bad timing, sorry. Then she asks what the letter is? She takes it. He tries to say it is not for her, it is not hers. She tells him that she refuses and then tells all the kids that are hiding that she has refused. All the kids hop out and start to laugh and chat about it. He is all like, when did you all come????

In the present, he asks, so if you did not date Baek Young sunbae? She tells him that she would have refused, you are not my style at all, I was attracted to bad guys. He says, yeah, Baek-young sunbae was a bad guy type. 

She tells him that she heard he is going somewhere fun. He says yes, I am, um. She tells him that she is going there also, it will be fun. She happily continues walking. He is stunned and runs after her to find out what she means.


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