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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 12 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 12 Recap – Part 1

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Hye-won happily plays with her father in their backyard. He looks like the best father ever. He helps his wife carry in groceries and smiles around her.

But he is abusive and Myung-yeo sees her sisters bruises when she meets with her. They walk to the park as a family with the aunt.

Then the fight happens and the sisters try to get out and Myung-yeo drives the car right into the husband. But it appears to be an accident. They are both freaked out about it.

Myung-joo calls 911 and says there has been an accident. She tries to check on her husband but he is a goner. She pulls her sister out of the car and tells her that her brother in law is dead. I confirmed it. I killed him. Do you have cash?

Myung-yeo isn’t sure if she has cash. Her sister tells her to take a bus. We don’t have CCTV here but your town should have it. Avoid big busy streets and walk to your house. But her sister is distraught. Myung-joo tells her to change her shoes and grabbed some for her to change into.

MJ tells her that it is okay, nothing happened. She pulls her away to run away and has to push her out of the gate.

Mung-yeo goes home and takes a shower fully clothed and sobs on the floor. 

VO – After taking a shower and a nap, someone will call you.

She gets a phone call. It is the police. They basically tells her things she already knows. Myung-yeo tries not to cry.

VO – Your brother in law died, I will be the suspect, you will get that kind of phone call.

At sentencing, Myung-joo gets a 7 year sentence.

In a flashback, we see Myung-joo cleaning all the finger prints off the car and adding her own finger prints. Then she closes the door to the car and waits for the police. Her vision wanders to dandelions growing on the top of their gate and we hear sirens in the distance.

VO – If I am in jail, I can get out quickly because I was abused. But not you.

She smiles at her sister in the courtroom.

VO – You will live there forever, so just go with this plan.





Eun-seob and Hye-won lay in bed and gaze at each other comfortably.

ES – Big trouble

HW – Why?

ES – I will never forget you now.

She smiles and lightly touches his collar bone. He closes his eyes.

ES – I am sleepy, I want to keep looking at you.

HW – Hey, Eun-seob

ES – I am sleepy

HW – Okay then sleep

ES – What were you about to say?

HW  – Nothing

ES – What is it?

HW – Nothing, next time.

She cuddles into his chest and they sleep.


Everyone goes to the funeral for the friend. The daughter cries for her, it looks like she just came from school right away. This makes Myung-yeo think about moving to the town and talking with her mother about living there and taking care of Hye-won.

MY – I will live here and take care of Hye-won. The novel is not important. I am actually not talented enough.

Umma – you are not talented?

MY – Yep, I don’t have talent at all. So, from today you and Hye-won and me, the three of us, can live until you get old and die.

Umma breaks a jangtoktae jar that house all the food. Then goes inside like a cool woman. She clearly does not agree with what her daughter just said. Myung-yeo thinks about what her sister told her, that she needs to go home and write her novel and travel and spend time with Hye-won. She will be lonely.

In the town, Myung-yeo gets mail from Myeong-joo. It has one phrase on it – It’s okay. 

In the present, Myung-joo starts to super wail in pain. Everyone looks at her. Soo-jung wonders what is wrong but lets go cry.


Eun-seob wakes up, Hye-won is still peacefully sleeping next to him. He pulls the covers over her a bit more and then gets up. He goes to his computer to write and sometimes looks at Hye-won as he writes. It might be the middle of the night still.

In the morning Hye-won sneaks out from the bookstore to go home. Myung-yeo is sitting on some logs nearby and says, Why are you coming out from there. It is really loud. But then she tells her that she is an adult now so she doesn’t care. She tells her that her friend died and she is tired so can we skip breakfast today?

Hye-won tells her she can make it. But Emo says no. Then she tells her that she heard the rumor that she can play cello well. Emo asks who took all the needles from their hedgehog. Hye-won asks what? Emo tells her that is a poetic thing, then sighs and says to go in.

Hye-won says okay and then tells emo that it is cold outside, she should come inside too.




Bo-young sits at home and looks at the book that is about traveling between the couple that is breaking up. She thinks about high school and how she liked Eun-seob in high school. 

In town, Jang-woo and another guy sit on a bench together and laugh at something. But they don’t know each other. Jang-woo asks if this guy has something nice to look at? The other guy shows him a photo of stars. He actually has a box full of astronomy things so he tells Jang-woo that he is an astronomy geek. He likes looking at these photos. What about you hyung? Why are you so happy?

Jung-woo shows him a photo of three women from the high school event. The kid thinks he likes Hye-won, but Jang-woo says no, it is this woman next to her. The kid says she is also pretty. Jang-woo tells him she is prettier when she eats. her hair is pretty and everything is pretty. Then they keep talking about stars.


Yoon-taek gets to his office and calls Myung-yeo. He holds the fax message in his hands. Myung-yeo is curled up in bed, her phone goes off next to her but she doesn’t answer.

Elsewhere in town, Whi walks her bike to her crush, Young-soo. They meet and kind of chat. She clears her throat several times so he asks her why she is doing that. She says I don’t know. She tells him he looks good in regular clothes. He tells her he always wears that.

She says it looks nice, maybe because your shoulders are broad. he asks, my shoulders are broad? She tells him yes, like the Pacific ocean. He reminds her that she said she doesn’t like him. She says yes. So he asks why he looks cool now then?

She asks if I don’t like roses, does that mean that roses are not pretty? Of course they are still pretty whether I like them or not. It is the same thing. You are attractive because you have broad shoulders and your clothes look nice. My heart is in the past, but your coolness is present, what can I do.

They start to ride to the bookstore. He asks if it is far away? She says yes, just follow.


Hye-won asks Soo-jung if she is okay because she doesn’t look good. Soo-jung says she is fine. They think everyone is there so they are about to start. But then Whi comes in and tells them that she is a member too and I brought someone. 

They are surprised that she brought someone. Everyone claps but Eun-seob looks at him like a stern big brother. He basically sizes him up. Jang-woo asks Eun-seob why he is angry? He says I am not angry. Halabogi watches all this and makes mandu.

Jang-woo starts to read. While he reads we see Eun-seon and Hye-won walking and playing in the snow together.

JW – The tree we face each other with while talking and smiling. Our breath and our smile and our stories are ingrained. Ingrained. Even after I forgot that we talked under a tree. Every year, the tree becomes spring, our laugh, our breathe, and our conversations will become the fertilizer for new green leaves.

Jang-woo closes the book and says this poem is “We Sit Facing Each Other”.

Everyone likes it. Hye-won ad Eun-seob smile briefly to each other. The little boy, Seung-wo also says his heart is longing for someone. The noonas all happily chuckle. 

Jang-woo asks why the new book club member is here today? She tells them that Jong-pil likes books and he is at the top of the school and he has a girlfriend. He is the unicorn of the school. 

Hyun-ji tells them all that Whi likes him but he doesn’t like Whi. Eun-seob looks at him with daggers. Hye-won looks at Eun-seob. Whi tells them this is all in the past. Jang-woo says he is in the class of 42 and tells Jang-woo that he looks just like him, a proper boy. 

Whi tells them all it is just in the past! In the past! Don’t you all know what the past is? The older members starts to whisper, do you think Whi really likes his look? Really? (like he isn’t really that handsome). Whi reiterates that it is all in the past! Hye-won tells them okay, so it is in the past.

jang-woo says that it looks like this is all still going on. But whi says no! No! It is in the past! ye-won tries to sway the conversation with Eun-seob to the book. Eun-seob looks hot. Hye-won puts her hand on his forEhead. Jang-woo asks why he looks like that, he does not look good. Jang-woo says he looks angry. Yong-soo looks at him a bit worried.

After the book club Jang-woo asks Young-soo, the unicorn, how he feels after the first session? Whi asks how he feels joining which was due to her. Say something. 

But Jang-woo gets a call from Eun-sil just then so he starts coughing right away. She says it is difficult to talk to him and then tells him to go to the hospital. She says she has some questions for him and if she can call him.

He says yes, tells me. So she starts to ask him about a coffee festival that will be in his town and if he knows of any famous baristas? He asks if she is calling only for that? She says she can call someone else but he say no no no no no, I can find one!

She tells him that he is the best. He cautiously asks if there is anything else? She says no, so he says to enjoy your lunch. She tells him it is 4pm, you can enjoy your lunch. Goodbye.

He happily saves her number and pleasantly mutters that this is the first time she has called him.


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