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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 11 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Jang-woo parts with the blind date woman. Whi sees him and takes secret photos of him, then walks up casually and says, hello friend. My super way older than me friend. what did you just do?

Jang-woo is shocked to see her and says that he denies whatever she is talking about. She shows him the photo of his blind date and asks if he still denies it? He tries to talk himself out of it.

But she is able to bribe some money out of him (50 bucks, lol). She starts calling him oppa after that. He tells her to just say his name and erase the picture. She does. He tells her that she should be at school, she says she snuck out at lunchtime. They argue about how he thinks she should eat school food but she says that he also hangs out with women at lunch.

He tries to break away from this conversation and grabs his bike. But she sits on it and basically tells him that she needs a ride back to school on his bike. So he reluctantly gives her one.


On the way back home, Eun-seon and Hye-sun sit together somewhere.

HW – That day I was riding the train home, I really wanted to die. I was like that back then. (flashback to her high school years). Waking up in the morning and going to school was hell. I was thinking about how I should die. I should go to a station with a river and try to kill myself. (so she does that in the flashback).

In the flashback she is standing by this river and starts to walk inside. But stops.

HW – But I thought, if I just jump in, I won’t die. So I thought I should put rocks in my pockets or something. But I was so hungry. Okay, I will die after eating a meal.

She walks away to eat something and goes to have a really nice meal at a local place. She is really happy.

HW – After eating, I felt sleepy.

She lays down on the pyong-sang and looks at the sky happily. She thinks, maybe I will take a nap, and then closes her eyes.

HW – I spent the whole afternoon like that, then I realized, hmm, maybe I won’t be able to kill myself if I do this. No! I have to die!

She pays and starts to head off thinking to herself that she has to die! I will make all of those people who gave me a hard time regret what they did!

So she runs off to jump into the river. She takes off her shoes and starts to walk in determinedly.

But then someone yells her name from the street. It is Myong-yeo. She runs after her and trips and yells about her knee and then gets up and runs after her some more.

In the present, while walking she tells Eun-seob that it was strange how Emo knew about it. He asks, is that why you decided not to kill yourself? She tells him yes.

Flashback to MY and HW sitting on the rocks but the river. The aunt says, if you want to kill yourself then I want to kill myself also. Let’s die together, it is not difficult. She stands up to do it. But Hye-won pulls her back down.

The aunt asks, why? Are you afraid?

In the present, Hye-won says that she just forgot that she wanted to kill herself all of a sudden. I felt like emo would still yell at me in the afterlife.

Eun-seob tells her that he is happy that she is alive and thankful that she didn’t die. 

HW – Tell me. Tell me, Im Eun-seob. You and me – is it love? Tell me, is it love?

ES – Yes, it is love.

HW – Me too.

They both look at each other, then they start to walk around again.




Yoon-taek drives to the B&B to ask Myung-yeo how much she wrote. She is all like, um, it hasn’t even been 3 days. What kind of crazy editor comes to the writers house who was just put under contract. Are you crazy? 

He tells her that she should have written the first line at least. She says she wrote that, but did you come here just to talk about that? He says yes. She says, hey crybaby, do you really not have anything better to do?

He says that his editor does all the work, he just needs to sign it so he has nothing to do. She asks if he remembers their old classmate (she says her name) and says that she will die soon. She has end stage cancer. It spread so much that she is not even a candidate for chemo. Only one month left.

He asks if she is talking about someone else? She says yes, I am talking about someone else, I am headed there now. Can you give m a ride? He asks if she can drive since he is tired after driving all the way there. She says no, I dont’ drive, then hops in the passenger side.

In the hospital, Yoon-taek and Myung-seo show up to see their friend. Soo-jung is there as well so they all start to talk happily.


Whi’s crush walks with her in the hallway and talks about how he heard her family has a bookstore? She says yes but tells him that she has a new bicicle seat, it is super cool. he talks about the bookstore. She pulls out the bicycle seat. he says he knows where it is but doesn’t want to go alone.

She is not listening. So he asks if she heard anything he said? I want to go to your bookstore. This reminds her of what Hyun-ji told her about him, he likes books. She starts to smile to herself.

He tells her that he heard that they have a book club. She laughs giddily and brandishes her bicycle seat at him and tells him, no, you can’t come. Then she giggles some more. But then she says that he can come but, you have to keep what I tell you.


Cut to Hye-won and Eun-seob getting back to the bookstore. She asks him if he is tired? You can go upstairs and rest, I will be downstairs. He says no, but she tells him he should since he is tired, just go. He reluctantly starts to head upstairs but then gos back downstairs to put up some books.

He looks at he as he does and she looks at him. He asks what it is. She says nothing. Then she says – Eun-seob, I want to sleep with you.

he drops all the books he is holding. He picks them up and asks her, what did you say?

She says, I want to sleep with you.

he drops all his books again and then looks at her surprised.

Cut to them sitting in his room. He is sitting on his bed and is super nervous. He tries to unbutton his buttons and asks if it is okay and then tries to unbutton them again but he breaks one. She smiles and laughs a bit. Then leans in and kisses him. 

They kiss for a long time.

VO – If we are in love, it would be nice if you tell me – don’t leave. Be next to me like everlasting snow.

They keep kissing and she gently pushes him onto his back.




The old classmates walk around the hospital together. They tell Yoon-taek that he is really cool now. he asks if he was that bad before? Myung-yeo asks, you didn’t know you cry baby? He smiles and says, okay. Then he says his goodbyes and heads out.

Myeong-yeo asks her friend why she has bruises on her face. Her friend gives her some sort of excuse about tripping. Of course no one believes her.

Then Myeong-yeo gets back in the car with Yoon-taek and says that her husband still hits her. She should have divorced him first. She is about to die, I just don’t understand. He says that maybe she is like that. She just wants to endure it.

Cut back to a flashback where Myeong-joo’s husband is the best husband to her when he doesn’t hit her. He made a picnic for her and a cake and everything. Myeong-yeo is with them.

VO – he is usually the best husband

But then the next scene shows him fighting with her.

VO – He just has an anger problem

He asks for forgiveness and begs

VO – He asks for forgiveness and is given one more chance. She believes him with that hope. But it doesn’t last.

Myeong-yeo tells him that is stupid. I know how to get angry, but I don’t release it. Why endure a man who can’t endure his anger? he tells her she is right. Myeong-yeo says that temporary hitting is still hitting, but he is warm the rest of the time? That is nonsense.

In a flashback, she asks her sister why she stays with her husband. He says it is because he is pitiful. MY asks, so that is why you let him hit you? MJ says no, it is because he is good to me. She says, but he hits you. MJ says yes, but he is pitiful.

MY tells her to wake up, Hye-won will know everything when she wakes up a little bit. You need to tell her before that. But MJ just says he is pitiful and they both watch Hye-won happily walking with her father in front of them.

In the present, Myung-yeo tells Yoon-taek to stop the car on the side of the street. He does. She gets out quickly and thanks him for the ride, then she starts to walk home. He drives slowly behind her and lights the path.

VO – He is so pitiful. How can I abandon him. he just hits me when he i angry sometimes. I can’t abandon him. If I abandon him, who will take him?


Elsewhere, Jung-woo works hard at work. One of his co-workers mentions that she heard that he had a blind date during lunch. He asks, how did you know! Another woman rolls her chair over and says, don’t you know this small town? The manager can even know their lunch menu, so how was it?

He says he thinks she was a good person?

Flashback to the blind date. She mentions that he should be pretty nervous since he didn’t know about it. He tells her it was not the first time it has happened. 

She asks what his hobby is since he is a gongwan, all her gongwan friends have at least one hobby. It is difficult to work all day while sitting in the office. What about you? Your work is boring right?

In the present, he tells the ladies that he feels like he is  not attracted to that kind of woman at an event like that. The ladies think that could happen, but I heard that she was pretty. he asks, how do you know all of this? Did you take a picture?

The other woman’s ays that they have their ways. So what kind of woman do you like? Are you interested in a certain woman?

He thinks about his first love. Then stutters to the women that he likes a woman with a nice smile who eat well. They tell him that is very difficult and smile brightly as they roll their chairs away to get back to work.




Soo-jung knocks on the door at the B&B. Myeong-yeo comes out to let her in.

VO – What do you call the light that sparkles on the river?

Myeong-yeo runs out and heads off with Soo-jung. They go to the funeral.

VO – I want to be sparkling like that – after I die also.

Myeong-seo sees the husband crying buckets of tears over his wife and thinks about her sisters husband beating the ish out of her sister. She walked in and saw it happening. 

Something clicked over in Myung-yeo right then. She runs and pushes him away and tries to hit him and yells at him. But he is way stronger than the both of them.

VO – My eunnie got hit sometimes. From that nice and warm husband.

She tells her sister to divorce him. Divorce him! Why do you live with that idiot!

The husband comes back in and starts to beat up the sister, he is about to hit her with the iron! Myung-joo pushes him off of her and he goes tumbling down the steps. They get up to run out. He starts yelling at them.

They frantically hoo in the car. He picks up a gold club and starts to hit the car with it. They drive right into him.

VO – The beginning of my story, starts from here.

Myung-yeo is the one driving. 

VO – This is the first sentence of my novel. 


Eun-seob and Hye-won pleasantly look at each other in bed. She is about to say something. But she says its nothing. He asks what she was about to say. She says nothing, I’ll tell you next time. Then cuddles with him.

Cut to Eun-taek’s office. He gets a fax from her with one sentence on it.

“Hey, who do you think killed my brother in law?”

Goodnight Bookstore Journal
Unpublished post
Posted by Seob

I am the son of a homeless guy that lives in the mountains who was abandoned one day.
My foster parents raised me.
Even though I don’t think it is my weakness.
Some people wanted me to feel pain about it.
Why don’t you feel unfortunate? You are the one that lived in the cabin in the mountains.
Your father was a homeless guy.
Do I have to feel unfortunate like you guys wish?
I was thinking about this for awhile, but I’m not.
I have a lot of people I feel gratitude for. I do not have to feel unfortunate.
That is my conclusion.
Anyway, that is all in the past.

Fade Out


Ah, I just love this show. This was another lovely episode that pulls me to the next episode like I’m linked to its chain. It feels like nothing much is going on and yet so much is going on. This type of writing is a skill I need to learn, y’all. Or maybe I am really just in the mood for these kinds of shows.

See y’all tomorrow for another episode!


English Translation

ES – I am sleepy. I want to continue it.

JW – The truth?

ES – I have a question for you. Can I ask it?

Whi – This is the new member for our book club.

YT – What is this? Explain it to me. Don’t you remember the fax that you sent me?

ES – Are you here to return this to me?

BY – This was just an excuse, I actually liked you. I liked you first and for a long time.

ES – Oh, it is a big problem, I think I will never forget you

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  1. Gia
    April 6, 2020 / 9:57 am

    Thank you ♥️ When the weather is nice the seeds in soil start to make roots and grow like their love, friendship and forgiveness.

    • V
      April 6, 2020 / 10:00 am

      Yes, they have grown their relationship nicely!

  2. April 9, 2020 / 9:06 pm

    I don’t understand how Hae Won seems quite uninterested in any other person except herself. Yes, she is involved and interested in Eun Seob but that’s related to herself too. She doesn’t even notice that the aunt who saved her from suicide and who must have taken care of her when her mum was in prison, had problem reading and problem with her eye. Hae Won hardly seems to stay home or help in the house or her aunt. She seems to have become self centred too, only aware of her own feelings and logic.

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