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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 11 Recap – Part 1

This lovely show continues and I am riding right along on this wagon. I have no clue where it is going, but my guess is it will be an internal battle with Eun-seob and if he can be with someone or if he should be alone. And the trick is, they have given us good reasons on both sides. Ah, they are putting this show together so well!

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




We open at the train station where Emo is waiting with Yoon-taek. He jokes that it is an honor that she is waiting with him, but she doesn’t have to. Then he asked why she broke up with him the very last time via text message. he says that time stamp and asks her what the reason was.

We cut to a flashback of Mung-yeo in school. She is sleeping at a desk when little Yoon-taek comes to her. She tells him that they should break up. He tries not to cry and runs away.

Then we see her on the street, she casually tells him to break up as she ties her hair. He tries not to cry as he runs to catch up with her.

Then we see them in one of the classrooms. She is sleeping. He lightly tries to wake up and tells her that the class ended. She asks how he can wear a shirt with a dog on it. He tries to cover it up.

On another day, he pushes her as she sits on a rocking porch bench. She says they should break up but she still wants him to push her. He tries not to cry, poor thing.

At the train station, he is walking a certain way, she thinks he walks too straight. So he tries to fix it. But she puts her hand on her head and feigns a headache.

Cut to an older Yoon-taek getting the text message that they should break up. He asks why and stretches in his tiny apartment with his writings piled high on his desk. He texts her to tell him. She writes back that she has no reason. He tosses his phone and falls to sleep back on his cot.


In the present, Myung-yeo gets a text to come to a cancer hospital. So she goes to the room in the text and sees Soon-jung joke-arguing with a patient about peaches. The patient notices Myung-yeo. Myeong-yeo is there with a bag of peaches so she gives it to her.

Later on, the patient asks if MY is showing her face now because she is dying? You never come to our class reunions. The nurse comes in and says something about moving the room. MY asks if she is really dying? The patients lightly says yes, be careful with breast cancer and get it checked. Soo-jung starts to cry.

The patient takes it lightly thought and tells Myung-yeo that she bought canned peaches, no one buys that. Myung-yeo takes off her shades and shows them her eye. Neither one of them knew about it. 

Myung-yeo asks if this comforts her a little bit? We can comfort sadness with sadness right? She puts on her glasses and heads out. Soo-jung walks after her and asks what is going on.

Myung-yeo tells her it is a cataract and she does not want to go to the hospital. Soo-jung yells, are you crazy! MY tells her she shouldn’t scream in the hospital. it is okay. it doesn’t hurt. Soo-jung pulls her to get it checked. MY says it is too late, I already don’t see anything. I lost my eyesight on one side.

Soo-jung wants to cry, Myung-yeo tells her it is nothing, I have another one. See you. Soo-jung yells that she should get it checked!




Hye-won answers the phone and then immediately gives it to Eun-seob. It seems like a serious call. He says, okay, the owner said that? Okay, I see. He hangs up. Hye-won asks what it was about?

Eun-seob tells him that the owners daughter owns this house and says that if he does not pay rent then he should leave.

he starts to head out to go there. He says that the person who lended the house to him lives in Soon-chun. He thinks he should drive there to talk to him. Hye-won asks, so you stayed here for free? He says yes, because it was an abandoned house. See you.

He starts to hop in to drive off. Hye-won quickly locks the bookstore doors and hops in to join him. She says that she wants to go, they can close the store for one day. They already took care of their books in the market. Or do you feel uncomfortable going with me?

He tells her not at all, lets go together. then he makes sure she is nice and warm and drives off.


Jang-woo goes to the cafe to meet with his grandmother. He talks to her on the phone. But it is a trick and it is actually a blind date, lol. He tells his grandmother that she is a lot younger than he remembers since he saw her this morning. But his grandmother hangs up the phone on him.

In the car, Hye-won asks why Eun-seob took the train back then. I was leaving home, but what about you? It was just a regular day so why did you take the train and not go to school?

He doesn’t answer but we are sent to a flashback where he is woken up in bed to a phone call. He sluggishly gets up to answer it.

Person – Is this Jin-ho? I am your mother.

He sits in the dark and listens, but then it cuts to the morning where he is thinking about the conversation.

VO – Your name is Kim Jin-ho. I gave you that name. Your father didnt’ tell you?

ES – My name is Eun-seob. Im Eun-seob.

He heads to school.

Person – Hey, Jin-ho, I am very very sick. So, I hope you come. I missed you a lot. I am in Andong, can you come?

He walks to school thinking about this. He is almost there. Other kids are walking around him. Then he stops walking.


Hye-won asks if he met her? He says no, not that day. She asks why.

In a flashback we see that he had bought the ticket.

ES – If I went there, I felt like I was betraying my parents. And, I saw you that day.

She smiles lightly. He asks her what it is. She tells him its nothing but continues to happily look at him.




The famous writer eats with Yoon-taek at a fancy restaurant. She comments about how the waitresses wear masks recently and starts to talk about Myung-yeo. She is drinking early because she head that he signed a contract with Sim Myung-yeo. 

He says yes, so what about it? The writer tells him to stop, I hate it. She offers a drink. He tells her he is okay. He asks why she does not like it? She says she used to date him for 20 years. Everyone in the industry knows, so just stop, if you want to publish my next book.

He tells her that he has to publish her book because he has to find out something. 

Girl voice – halabogi, can people live without love? 

The writer gets up to leave. 

Yoon-taek asks her if she needs something from him? Tell me. I need you as a writer so tell me what I have to do to get a contract with you for your next book.

Girl voice – Halabogi didn’t answer, he just drank healthy peppermint tea.

He drops her off at her place.

Girl voice – Halabogi looked at me without saying anything.

She looks at him. He tells her to hop out. She leans over an says that she does not want to.

Girl voice – Maybe he thinks that I am too young to know things int he world.

Glashback to Myung-yeo telling Yoon-taek to just do it. They are sitting on the rocking bench. He stutters, o-okay and leans in to try and kiss her.

Girl voice – Ha-min Halabogi, why don’t you answer?

He leans in but he can’t kiss her, he just looks at her. She opens her eyes and looks disappointed for a moment, then kisses him.

In the present the writer leans in and kisses Yoon-taek.

Girl – Halabogi, can people live without people?

She pulls away. He smiles shyly and uncomfortably and asks if this is the thing she wants? She says yes, this kind of thing is everything to me. That is it.

Meanwhile, Myung-yeo opens a box with Cha Yooon-taeks novel. The title is “My Everything Beginning”. She flips to the front page where it says, “To my woman”. 

Girl – Halabogi lowered his head as if he was embarrassed. All of a sudden, tears came out of my eyes.


Eun-seob and Hye-won get to the old man’s house. It is pretty huge and has a gate that goes around it. They are greeted and taken inside for tea. His wife looks pleasant. but the husband looks like he knows why they are there.

The wife says that they should have called. But Eun-seob says it is better to come and say in things in person. The wife tells them that their daughter said the bookstore has good business so the house shouldn’t just be given to them.

Hye-won says that they had an event in the town, that made a lot of traffic with people, that might have been her misunderstanding.

Eun-seob tells them that he can pay part of the rent if they have trouble with their daughter. The husband says no and tells Eun-seob to follow him to his library.

Eun-seob is a little taken aback but the man tells him to hurry. The mother says, I knew it, it is to show off. She says this pleasantly and tells Hye-won that he heard that the young bookstore man was coming so he reorganized his books. She smiles. 

Hye-won smiles as well and sees the piano. She asks who plays? The woman says that she plays, she just learned it and likes it.

Eun-seob and the man walk around his library. he has a lot of very old Korean books and tells Eun-seob about an old poetry book where there were only 100 published. Even a famous person couldn’t get it so he had to hand copy it. 

Eun-seob asks how he got it. The mans ays he had a source, it might be fake but I love it so much that I actually looked at it for a long long time. He happily hands it to Eun-seob and starts to walk around his library. Eun-seob reads a poem.


In a dark room
White clothes were on the hanger

From far away 

the sounds of a cold horse bell came over the bank

While I was opening the door

On this dark night I smelled mushrooms

The man tells Eun-seob not to worry about what his daughter said. I am happy that you are using my abandoned house as a bookstore. I raised her preciously like gold and jade, but that is all nothing in front of money. Everything in the world changes and leaves. Even kids. But books are different. They contain this much, but never changes. Please save the bookstore.

he happily looks at Eun-seob and tells him, I told you, as long as you use it as a bookstore then whatever you do is fine. Eun-seob nods and says, yes. Then he follows the man back out.

Int he other room, Hye-won is helping the wife play a song on the tiny keyboard piano. Eun-seob watches them happily.


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