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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 10 Recap – Part 1

We are slowly walking towards the end of this lovely show. I wonder what kind of turmoil awaits to pull us to the finale? I feel like it has to be something internal since this entire show has been internal. We shall see!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Eun-seob works at his table in the bookstore. Then Hye-won squeezes herself behind him and pocks her head out. Ah, she is actually sitting behind him, lol. He says he has to move so she tells him she will squeeze over. He asks if she is making fun of him, she smiles and says she just likes him.

They are about to kiss but then Whi bursts in so Hye-won pushes Eun-seob out of the way and they both try to look normal. Whi thinks she saw something, but she thinks it is something to eat. Her friend Hyun-ji comes in right after her, they start to chat about something they want to buy so they are here to steal Eun-seobs wallet. But he is there so they can’t steal it.

Whi’s friend tells her that they shuold go eat, so they head out. Eun-seob lets out a big breathe of relief and Hye-won cuddles back up bhind him again.



Eun-seb’s appa shows up in town???? A man in an orange jacket who looks like ES’s appa approaches some men and asks where Jong-pil is. They ask him why he is looking for Jong-pil. In a shop with a lot of electronics and other things, a man answers a phone. Another man says that someone is looking for Jong-pil.

Jong-pil is at a pool bar with his old man friends. The friend he fought with is there to playing pool. These two are about to fight again over the pool game, lol. The man who owns the place gets a message that someone is looking for him so he calls him over.

He ells him that someone has been looking for you from the bus terminal. You know, Eun-seb’s….that guy. The appa thinks about it. The other man tells him not to think about running away and then tells them they should go for a second round somewhere. But ES’s father looks worried.


Hyun-ji calls Whi’s name a few times to come out of her house. She finally comes out and runs to Hyun-ji. They start to walk off. They walk right past Eun-seob’s father. Whi watches him walk past, it looks like she might remember him from the photo. But she shakes it off and keeps walking.

The man looks at Eun-seob’s family home.


Hye-won gets ready and then heads out to Eun-seob’s place. She gets there while he is still sleeping on the couch. So she tells him to wake up, I am bored so wake up and play with me. She messes with his face but he stays sleeping. She finally gets him to wake up. He wakes up to her laughing at him. He smiles and they cuddle a moment.

Then he makes her a coffee and she practices viola but only practicing the motions and watching her computer. He tells her that she looks shiny. She asks if he would like her to make him a meal? He looks like he can’t believe that she can cook. She says she can, she won’t put ham in dwenjangchigae.

Meanwhile, her aunt is at home wondering what went wrong with her Kimchi chigae, she wonders what went wrong with it. She gets a call from Yoon-taek. She tells him to hurry and tell her what he wants. he says it is so difficult to talk to her. What are you going to do with the contract? I can’t wait onyou forever, so are you going to do it or not.

She says she will do it. He is surprised. She tells him if he doesn’t want it then she won’t do it. He mutters that she can do it if she wants, I have no complaints. So she calls him a cry baby and tells him to send her the contract via mail in one week. he tells her that they do not send contracts via mail. Our company likes to meet the person, we have a full schedule but….(his schedule is empty)….I am so busy but I will make a spot for you.

She starts to say all the time slots that make up their train times for this town. He asks if she wants him to go there? She says that the person who wants something should come. CLICK. 

Hye-won asks her aunt if she has another book contract? She just walked in. Emo says that she is. Hye-won tells her that she really didn’t want to write a book but you are writing one now? You said you didn’t have any idea and your fountain of creativity is all dried up but now all of a sudden?

Emo tells her that when people hit the bottom it is time to go up. I am in poverty now, so what are you doing with that? My carrots and potato and tomatoes, why are they in your hand, it bothers me.

Hye-won says that she bought it. I bought it when I was at Eun-seob’s place so they are mine. Um, I wonder about your book, I really like your book, when it is published ~. Emo tells her that winter is almost over, I am telling you to stop your hibernation. You said you would go back in the spring.




Eun-seob’s parents whisper about Eun-seob’s father. They think the father is dead so it must be the uncle? But the town thinks his real father came back. The mother asks if they are talking about that! Ah, I really hate this town, they talk about everything if any little thing happens. They talk about the homeless guy in the mountains, they talk so much, when he comes down and work then they talk about him working, they talk about how he has a little boy or not and if we are raising him or not, they talk about so much! It has been a long time since his father died and they still remember his face, ah! Jingle-jingle! (I am sick and tired of it).

She angrily folds the clothing. But then she asks her husband why the uncle is looking for him. The father thinks that he might want to ask where Eun-seob is. Maybe he went to the bookstore already. Why is he here? To find Eun-seob and get money again? He wants to buy a boat so he took money, when he injured his leg he wants money, Eun-seob doesn’t have money so why is he coming!

The gather thinks he shouldn’t do thta again. The mom thinks, okay, forget about money but the fishing boat again? Whi yells at them that she is heading out so they stop talking, but she probably heard it all.

While riding her bike away, she thinks about what her parents said about Eun-seob’s uncle. She turns her bike around.


Eun-seob looks at Hye-won walking up with groceries. He smiles at her and she happily smiles back. But the uncle walks up right then. Eun-seob looks at him, his face falls.

Cut to Hye-won chopping wood outside and then peeking inside to see what is going on.

Inside, Eun-seob makes his uncle something to drink then sits to talk with him. His uncle tells him it has been 5 years. The last time he came was before his military service. Eun-seob asks if he bought the boat? The uncle says no, he didn’t. He pulls out a photo of Eun-seob and his father and his uncle in it. It was taken on the same day as Eun-seons photo was taken.

His uncle tells him that he wants to go far away with Eun-seob. he tells him that he is his bloodline, don’t you see that? You should wake up. The blood in you and me are the same. That is why we are attracting each other.

he starts to talk about his mother and how sick she was and then says that they are bloodline. You are still polite to those people because they are strangers.

Whi peeks in from the door to look at Eun-seob. Hye-won sees her and asks what she is doing staying out here. Whi shushes her. Then the man comes out. Hye-won asks if they are done talking? But the uncle just pauses and then keeps walking. Eun-seob tells her that he has to go somewhere. he might not come back today, is that okay?

She tells him it is not okay, but you can go. We have to prepare for the flea market. Whi then yells that he can’t go! I will kill you if you go! She takes off running back to her parents house. her mom is all like, why didn’t you go to school! Did you skip school again! She stars to hit her and says that she should at least be diligent even if she is not good at studying!

Whi finally gets a word in and says that the uncle guy came again and asked him to leave with him! Not money! He was talking about his blood and stuff and asked him to go with him. Umma asks if Eun-seob really followed him? Whi says he followed him! Why didn’t he just give him money!

Eun-seob walks to the bus stop with his uncle. They get on a bus together. 




A woman sees a sign for the Goodnight Bookstore flea market. Then we cut to a few days ago where Soo-jung told the bookstore club that they should open a flea market event. Jang-woo asks if she is giving him a city hall event?

The boy asks what a flea market is? They start to chat about the flea market. It is a place where you sell things that you do not use. Hye-won says that they can sell whatever they can make also. Right Eun-seob? He nods and says yes.

So they have the flea market event and lots of people from the town come to purchase things. The flea market is set up outside in the town under small tents. One person sells small items, Hyun-ji sells calligraphy notes (a woman wants her to write a love note to her son so she writes “Joon-young, umma lots you, not appa” lol).

The lights man sells old lights from the warehouse for half the price. Whi sells books. Jang-woo takes a few photos but Whi is bummed ad leaves. So Jang-woo has to stay and sell them but he doesn’t know the price of anything.

Jang-woo thinks this is a great small town event, possibly one of the most successful that he has ever done. The mayor even comes to it.

But it seems as if this was just their imagination? lol. We see them all back in the bookstore imagining the flea market and what they will sell. Hye-won needs to pick what she will sell so she says that she needs to sell books. She looks at Whi signaling that she will sell them with Whi.

Cut to the bookstore all dressed up as the flea market. So this looks like the real flea market possibly. They separated all the books into the best books to read depending on your emotions or current situation. One girl asks for a good book to read to be #1 in school for the last in school.

In the kitchen area, Whi asks Hye-won is she thinks Eun-seob will come back? I don’t think he will. He will leave with that ajusshi and go far far away. Hye-won says he will not, he said he will come back. Whi tells her that it is different this time. I don’t think he will come back, I know it.


The uncle tells Eun-seob that he wants to live with him and will quit his fishing boat. he thinks that Eun-seob is an adult now. They raised you and you spent that much time with them, that is enough.

ES – I….

Uncle – Do you see that small building. You like books a lot. When I visited you when you were little, you were super….

Flashback to Eun-seob’s mom reading to him when he was a little baby.

Uncle – …that is why I bought that bookstore. I bought it with the money you gave me and the money I made.

ES – You bought that?

Uncle – There are some guys who are alone when they are born and until they die.

Flashback to Eun-seob’s father sitting at home alone.

ES – your father was like that.

Eun-seob looks at his father sitting at home.

ES – I am the same. You are the same.

Little Eun-seob plays at home with his mom. 

ES – We cannot live with anyone else. Your mom eventually left because she couldn’t stand it anymore.

ES’s mother looks out the window, she looks slightly depressed.

ES – It is our blood, we have to live alone. But now I want to live with you. It will be nice to live together.

They look at the ocean.

ES – I think we won’t hurt each other. What, do you think you are different?

Eun-seob looks at him and then looks back at the sea.


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