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When The Weather is Fine: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

When The Weather is Fine: Episode 10 Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for When the Weather is Fine!

Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The people at the Bookstore flea market listen to a group of students play the violin. They are mesmerized. Whi is worried. Jang-woo thinks this is really great and talks Hye-won’s head off about it. Hyun-ji tells him to be quiet so they can focus. Hye-won loves it.

Everyone claps at the end. Hyun-ji and the boy asks Hye-won to play since she is a cellist. Jang-woo gets in on it and starts to ask if Hye-won can play it also. Hye-won tries to tell them no she is okay. But we cut to her playing the cello for everyone.

While she plays we see little clips of the flea market and of Eun-seob riding the bus back. Then we see Eun-seob’s memory of Hye-won wondering what was wrong with Eun-seob at the little house in the woods. He thinks about what his uncle said to him about being alone until you die. It is in his blood. The thinks about being happy with Hye-won and also about what his uncle said.

We see a lot of photos of the two of them happily together. Eun-seob thinks about it all as he rides on the bus. His uncles words are in his head asking him if he thinks he is different.


Yoon-taek meets with Myung-yeo in the cafe. He says that being on a train reminds him of her a lot, they road it a lot. She tells him he was always crying (lol, she is so mean). She tells him to remove a line from the contract. He says that she has to write her book from her true life’s experience. that is the best part. She thinks that is no fun. He tells her that he is the editor, he decides it.

She tells him that it might be fun to watch someone else’s house burn, but it is hell for the people in the house. I can’t write this hell. He tells her to mix it half-and-half. You can mix fiction and non fiction. he gives her another contract and tears up the other one. 

But she tells him that he just tore up the one he just pulled out. He looks nervous and looks at it. She tells him she just fooled him again. he sighs.


At the bookstore, all the club members talk about how this was a fun event. The light guy got rid of a lot of lights inthe warehouse. Soo-jung thinks she should open a pie store and they all comment on Hye-won’s cello playing. It was really different from the kids playing, another league. They all agree.

The little boy says that he wants to learn that noona. Then he asks where Eun-seob went. It would have been nice if he came. Whi is still sulking and sys he is not coming. Jang-woo stops them all from leaving and says that they have something to do.

Cut to them all standing for a group photo. Jang-woo gets it all together for everyone to look nice but they have to take it several times because something always goes wrong as they try to take it. After that, Hye-won says that she can close up. Only Jang-woo is there helping now. Jang-woo asks her how she is feeling now, it seemed like you had a lot on you mind.

She tells him that she is fine now, I was stressed before. He tells her that living in Seoul is stressful. I also had a hard time. It was hard to digest my food when I ate alone. But being with other kids didn’t make me not lonely. After time passes, it is just a memory. Like how you accumulate memories here, living in Seoul for me was a good memory.

He asks where he should put something, but she is daydreaming so he has to ask her again. So she snaps out of her daydream and tells him where to take it. he walks it all around the corner and to the back.




His mother and father talk as she folds clothing again. She says that she will beg him to stay, he cannot go. The father softly says that he can go if he wants to. The mother asks how he can say that so easily. He tells her that Eun-seob is not their kid. She says that when he brought him in and said that he was someon elses kid and to raise him like someone elses kid, I couldnt’ do that! How cann anyone do that! He eats and sleeps inside our house and sleeps in my arm and falls asleep hugging me, how can he be someone elses kid! he is might kid!

The father says that everyone says he is someone elses kid in town. The umma tells him, to me he left us for three years for his mothers hospital bed to see her last moment. I trusted him. I trusted him. he would come back sometime. Those three years. Even though he didn’t call us. You told me many many times that he would never come back. But for me, no, I trusted him until the last moment. And he came back. Finally he came back. 

The appa whispers, but blood…..blood is strong. The umma asks if he is the same? Do you really care about the blood? Is that why you like Whi more? Whi is more like your kid! He yells no, no! She starts crying and leaves. 

He goes outside and sees Eun-seob standing outside. It appears that he listened to all the covnersation.

Cut to a room where Eun-seob looked at a photo of his mother. It looks like this is his mothers room where she stayed right before she died. She sat in a wheel chair inthe room. The room looked very nice. He sits next to her. She puts her hand on his and asks him to her something once.

ES – I love you. 

We see a flashback of Yeo-jung (his adoptive mother) and Eun-seob as a kid. He brought a dung beetle to her. She happily looks at it and lovingly says that he loves dung beetles a lot. She is carrying Whi on her back and holds the dung-beetle. She tells him that she has not seen this precious thing in a long time. She tells him that he can hold the dung beetle and she will make him a lovely meal. then she tells Whi that oppa brought this precious thing for Umma to see. Eun-seob smiles.

Later on, little Eun-seob pinches little Whi’s cheek as she sits in her bed. Whi’s name is similar to whistle so he mentions that. Yeo-jung comes in happily and says he has been there for two hours.

Yeo-jung sits on the floor looking at family photos and tries not to cry. Her husband asks if she is okay. She says she is watching a drama on tv. But she isn’t.

ES – All I missed, I am sorry that we couldn’t do it.

Outside, Whi walks back home with her bike and sees Eun-seob standing outside smiling at her. She drops her bike and hits him then storms off. He tells her to come back. He bought a new bike seat for her so he puts it on.

She thinks that he will leave anyway so she tells him it is fine, just go! Don’t touch my bicycle since you are leaving anyway. Don’t touch any of my things! He ignores her and changes the seat. She tells him to get on his boat and go to the Pacific Ocean. He says that if he takes the boat or not or disappears of not, you never liked me anyway.

She yells, I like you since I was born! I liked you since I cried into the world! 

In his mind he thinks, don’t worry, I won’t leave. Those words are not that difficult. He asks her why? She yells, because you are my brother! When I was born you were already my brother! That is why I like you! What can I do about it! I hate you! Just take the boat!

He sighs and continues to fix her bike. She yells that she will tell umma and appa. He rolls the bike over to her and sys it was expensive. She sniffles and asks if it is really expensive? He says yes, he bought it downtown, it was a big decision.

She sniffles and tells him that he really showed his heat with this, I really wanted to have this. I thought it was $30 but it was $300. Are you rich Eun-seob *sniffles* next time you can give this to me in cash *sniffles*. Students don’t need a good thing like this, $300 is so much. I can do so much with $300.

He starts to laugh, what? She tells him not to smile you jerk, I am crying and you are laughing, that is unfair! Go away! She hops on her bike and thinks it is rally good, super nice! She starts to ride it around happily. He smiles as he watches her.




Myung-yeo and Yoon-taek stand at the train station. He asks her why she broke up with him that day at the train station. She says that she broke up with him so many times. A thousand times. he asks, the last time, September 5th, 2010 at 9:23 am. A text message, let’s break up. Give me the answer for that. it is not that I memorized it because I still had feelings for you, I remember it because it was so ridiculous. So why did we have to break up that day? I didn’t do anything wrong. What is your reason?

MY – I don’t know, I don’t remember.

YT – You don’t remember?

MY – What the f, do you think I would remember that? It is more than ten years, I don’t remember.

The train comes.

YT – Bye.

MY – Bye.

YT – Tell me when you have the draft.

MY – Go away crybaby.

He hops on the train. The train leaves right away. She starts to walk off.

YT – Why won’t you tell me the reason that day, the reason you broke up with me on September 5th, 2010 at 9:23 am. Tell me the answer for that.

Flashback to that text message where Myung-yeo was in the police station with Hye-won. But they are sitting separately. the police are talking about how they need evidence to put someone in jail. This is when she sent him the message that they should break up.

But in the present, she told him that she did not remember the reason.

In another flashback, she remembers the husband hitting her sister. It looks like Myung-meo was in the car with her when she was trying to escape from her husband.

In the present, she takes off her sunglasses. One of her eyes is grey. She looks to the sky and then looks back at the train tracks. From the flashback, it appears that she might have been the driver?


Hye-won puts on her beanie and warm clothing and starts to head out. She turns off the lights and locks up. then she walks up the hill back to her place. But she sees Eun-seob riding down the street to her on his bicycle.

She waits and watches him riding his bike. She smiles.

He sees her and keeps riding to her. her smile grows brighter.

He walks to her back to her place.

HW – That person, I heard he is your uncle? 

ES – Yes

HW – Whi told me that you will leave here soon. is that right?

ES – *pause* You will also leave when spring comes. When the Weather is Fine. When it is warm here. You will eventually leave also.

She stops walking. he keeps walking.

VO – Eun-seob, I don’t know what our future will be, but for the first time I wonder what will happen later. Really, what will happen next? Eun-seob, what about you?

She catches back up to him.

Goodnight Bookstore Journal
Secret Bookstore Post
Posted by Seob

It was the first event since opening the Goodnight Bookstore.
In reality, Irene was the leader.
I am so thankful to my bookclub members who helped in the event with their love.
When I see the photo of the members that was left as a memory, I was a little jealous because I could completely feel how fun the event was.
Irene was a lot brighter than when she first came.
If it is not my imagination, she laughs more and has less shadow.
When I see her smiling, it blinds in my eyes.

Fade Out


Oh wow, this show is so soothing while at the same time hitting you with a revelation that make you look at a character completely differently. I mean, WHO SAW THAT COMING WITH THE AUNT! I did not see that coming at all. It appears that the aunt was the one driving the car? They were both wearing similar clothing so it was hard to tell in the flashback (even when rewinding and paying close attention) so it is not for sure. But I think this is what they are hinting towards.

Wow! This write took something as simple as a text message and turned that into the biggest plot twist of this story. All the while I kind of thought the aunt was a character that was just kind of around and not really that important to the story, but actually, she is an integral part to Hye-won’s story. Even if it turns out that she wasn’t the one driving, she was still in the car when it happened. I just really wonder what actually happened in that moment.

I also wonder what Yoon-taek thinks because she should have found out that Myung-yeos sister was on trial to go to jail. So he should have an inkling as to what was going on at that time. At the least he should know that Myeong-yeo was partly responsible for her niece now. What is he planning with this book he wants her to write? It is all so interesting!

And wow, this uncle bomb that they dropped on us all this episode. And the flashback with Eun-seob’s birth mother. I can see his internal turmoil with who he shuold live with. His uncle doesn’t seem like a big bad guy since he knew that Eun-sob liked bookstores and bought the bookstore for him instead of the boat for himself. Perhaps he had a change of heart from being a selfish uncle?

I am going to believe that for now until something else tells me otherwise. In this episode I also really loved the flashback we got with Eun-seob’s mother Yeo-jung and how she lovingly cared for him and treated everything he brought her as something precious that should be loved as well. it was so nice when he brought her the dungbeetle and she happily held it and showed it to Whi. In that moment it really felt like Eun-seob fell in lvoe with Whi and that Whi is the real reason he would never leave this family.

AH, I just love this drama so much!


English Translation

Man – The daughter of the landlord, if you do not pay rent then they want to kick you out.

Woman – I heard that you had a blind date at lunchtime.

Woman – Jang-woo, what kind of woman do you like?

Woman – You signed a contract with Sim Myung-yeo? Just cancel it.

YT – I have to publish her novel, I have to find out something.

HW – Tell me Im Eun-seob, don’t leave, stay with me.

HW – Maybe, for us, this is love

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  1. Adralyn
    March 31, 2020 / 10:46 am

    Thanks for the recap! I especially love the character Whi so I am excited to see the bicycle scene for myself.

    • V
      March 31, 2020 / 10:32 pm

      That scene was so touching in a sisterly brotherly I hate you yet I love you way!

  2. jjuna
    March 31, 2020 / 11:27 am

    Thanks again for the recap V! Really love how everything is getting revealed.

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    Love this drama so badly…

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    Thanks for the recaps!

    My heart hurts so much – not only for our main leads, but also the supporting characters. I wish I can form a giant circle to hug, protect, comfort, bring joy to all of them…

    • V
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      Hug circle club!

  5. Chow
    April 1, 2020 / 9:12 am

    This drama feels more like a j drama than k drama for me.
    From the color tones, the angles and how mellow it feels.
    Thank you for the speedy updates, cant wait for next week to come soon.

    • V
      April 1, 2020 / 12:44 pm

      Hmm, I might have to check out J dramas then!

  6. Anonymous
    August 7, 2020 / 6:15 pm

    I love hwi and eunsob’s sibling moment. All the characters are suppressing their true feelings because of their sad personal experiences. This drama is so deep. I just wish they’ve let eunsob hug his adoptive mother even just in that scene when he gave her a personalized scarf on her birthday. It would have been complete. Thanks for the updates.

    • V
      August 9, 2020 / 11:37 am

      Hugs would always make the scene complete. Completely agree. 🥰

  7. John
    September 28, 2021 / 10:43 pm

    The people at the Bookstore flea market listen to a group of students play the violin.
    What’s the name of song?

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