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When the Camellia Blooms Yong-sik Defends Dong-baek

When the Camellia Blooms Kdrama on Netflix
When the Camellia Blooms, image Hancinema

(Spoilers ahead!) In todays episode of When the Camellia Blooms (episode 3 on Netflix and 5 & 6 in Korea) Yong-sik stepped in front of Dong-baek to get a nasty self-righteous reporter spitting press rights, and her invasive camera man, out of Dong-baek’s space. “I am with her all the time, if you bother her, I will ruin you.” It was a moment to make your heart flutter.

The reporters where there because they got wind that Dong-baek was a witness to the serial killer which sent us into a flashback to gain perspective on why Dong-baek does not want this stigma back into her life. It basically made her into the unlucky woman of the neighborhood and bankrupted her business. In the past, she told the cops to not watch her business anymore and to tell no one that she was a witness.

After the altercation, Yong-sik treated Dong-baek to a meal of udon on the coast which immediately made me think that I must like on the water or near of harbor of some kind. The scenery was gorgeous and the hero was fumbling as he tried to bring up the sensitive topic of how Dong-baek was the witness to the serial killer. The scene after was yet another confession as he told her “If Princess Diana came back to life, or if Im Soo-jung hit on me, I would not trade them for Dong-baek.” Our boy is so sprung.

But Dong-baek is not convinced that she is quite into him yet. Though her body gets warmer when he makes these heartfelt declarations and she gives him a much harder time than any other man in her life, she still doesn’t think that she likes him. It takes a bit of girl talk from her part-timer, Hyung-mi to let her know the writing on the wall (and not the serial killer writing). “If a woman says she likes a man, then he should be happy. But if she says that she does not like him, then he must get her to want him.” Hey, that sounds like the truth to me.

Yong-sik also makes it known that he will be by her side after finding that wall note, so even if she doesn’t like him, as a cop, he has a duty to be beside her and protect her! Yep, keep telling yourself that Yong-sik. Also, very good excuse.

You can catch When the Camellia Blooms on Netflix or read our live recap of episode 3.


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