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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 8 (15 & 16) Live Recap

When the Camellia Blooms recap episode 8 (15-16)
Episode 8 (15&16) Recap for Kdrama When the Camellia Blooms, image Hancinema

We left off with Yong-sik getting the surprise of his life as he saw the blood red Gabuli note dripping all over Dong-baek’s wall. He held Dong-baek so that she wouldn’t see it, but we all know she will have to peep that eventually. Hopefully Dong-baek takes this note, as well as being evicted, as a not so subtle message to move out of town.

I have theories y’all. The list of possible Gabuli people are: Dong-baeks mom, Hyang-mi, Kyu-tae, and the hardware store guy.

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Yong-sik puts the fish on the table and then looks up and sees something on the other side of the room that makes him stop. Dong-baek comes up casually to help him, not noticing anything.

Yong-sik pulls her into a hug and holds her head away from whatever he is looking at. Then the camera scrolls to the sign revealing what is written on the wall.

Note – I told you not to act up, I have been watching you ever since that time.

Dong-baek wonders what Yong-sik is doing. He slowly lets her go so that she can see the sign as well. He also notices the CCTV. Cut to the video from the CCTV showing the person coming into the place and avoiding the CCTV, then spraying the CCTV with red spray paint.

The Captain comes to Dong-baek’s so he and Yong-sik look around. Yong-sik thinks that the person knew the location of the camera, that is why they walked in the dead space. But they just put this camera up yesterday, so how could he find out everything in one night?

Yong-sik says that this person is among them. That is how they know. The Captain is nervous and says that he will report it all right now. They need to call the CSI team. But Yong-sik doesn’t think that they should do that, then all the reporters will come and talk about it. They need to think.

Dong-baek comes out from the back and brings out all the newspaper clips that were done about her. They all said that she worked in the sex industry because Gabuli only wants to kill those kinds of people. No one wants to know the truth.

Yong-sik asks why she still has this and why she still wants to remember all these comments. Dong-baek says she still remembers all of it. Gabuli did not stab her, people stabbed her many many times. But it isn’t about her right now, it is her Pilgoo. He surfs the internet all the time. If he sees it then he will remember it forever. I don’t want to hurt him like that.

Yong-sik softly tells her that if they review the CCTV then they will have suspects, hey can catch him. The Captain says that the investigation is not about passion. Yong-sik thinks that these detectives don’t have any passion, they want us to compare everyones foot sizes. What can we expect from them? Whose side are you on?

The Captain gets up, frustrated. Then he points to the wall and says that Hyang-mi will be there soon. What should we do with this sign?

Dong-baek heads out right then because she wants to see Pilgoo first. Yong-sik does not want her to walk alone. But he also should stay and help paint the wall with the captain. He says that she should not walk alone, whats the point of having some then? Dong-baek thinks that Hyang-mi should not find out, if she does then everyone will know.

Yong-sik thinks that they can close the store for a bit, but Dong-baek thinks that they should leave it open. she thinks Gabuli will come to see his work and how it made her feel. Perhaps he wants to see her more today since he has been watching her all this time.

She heads out alone and walks up the empty market street cautiously. There is a point where she has to walk up an alley and there is a man sleeping against the wall. She is a bit too frightened to go past him and thinks about turning back.

But then Yong-sik comes running up and tells her that they can go together! He likes sticking to her anyway. Let’s go! They walk by the drunk man on the street who is basically passed out. They keep walking and talking so we are privy to Dong-baek’s thoughts about how she wants to confront her fears quickly. That is better than being scared about it forever.

He asks if she really is not afraid? She says that she is being brave and he says that that is the Dong-baek that he was attracted to. Flashback to Dong-baek telling Kyu-tae that the price of alcohol does not include her smile or her wrist.



They keep walking. Dong-baek thinks that she should not close the store, they bought the fish after all. whatever Gabuli does, I will go my own way.

VO – First I was attracted to her braveness.

DB – After sending Pilgoo to school, I will make the fish and it will all sell out. That is my mission today.

VO – But, I am angry at her calm braveness.

DB – I told you, I never closed my store for 5 years. Regardless of Gabuli

VO – But I am really sorry for no reason and it makes me more angry

DB – if he does something now, does he think that I just wont do anything?

Yong-sik stops Dong-baek and starts to clean her hands. He tells her that her palms are so sweaty, why are you clenching them so much? You have been clenching them the entire time.

Flashback to Yong-sik watching Dong-aek walk up the alley and getting spooked by the man on the street. he tried to stay away, but he had to run up to her then.

In the present he tells her about a legendary fighter. There is a Lynx guy who was better at fighting than anyone. But he did not have anyone on his side so he lost. You are like that Lynx. You are strong alone but now you have one more guy behind you. So if anything happens to you, Yong-sik will come. I will support you. So be confident and lets walk together. Lets go.

TITLE: I AM THE LYNX IN THIS AREA (Its like saying “I am the craziest in this area” or “I am #1 in this are”)

After walking Dong-baek home, Yong-sik looks at the CCTV all day long and sees that everyone is looking at the CCTV. All the men in the place look at it and think that something must be going on with Dong-baek because she also put up a sign that says, “If you talk in banmal, then I will talk in banmal”.

The Captain goes up to talk to Yong-sik about what he is thinking. Yong-sik is currently writing about all the people that know about this camera. The Captain thinks that the mother might be involved. Does she really have dementia? My grandmother has dementia and she looks very different.

Yong-sik tells him that she has the dementia bracelet and she peed in the police department. The Captain thinks, well…she does not make any mistakes.

Cut to the mother making amazing dishes for Dong-baek and Pilgoo. they all sit to each.

VO – She is actually helping a lot.

Dong-baek tells her Pilgoo not to walk around alone. She will take Him everywhere. Pilgoo says that she does not need to because halmoni takes him everywhere, even the arcade.

They all take off walking to Pilgoo’s school. While walking, Dong-baek asks Pilgoo if he would like to move? She is thinking of raising him somewhere safer. he says that he will be a teanager soon. Grandmother says that kids are only kids when they are huggable. 

The grandmother says that seh cannot pick him up today (but she calls him Dong-baek) and asks Boss if she can pick him up. 

When Pilgoo leaves, Dong-baek tells her mother not to pretend like she is great by calling him Dong-baek. I still have a big grudge against you. 




Dong-baek tries to get a loan, but she is unable to get it. Then she checks her bank account and sees that she is broke. She shows it to her mother and says she doesn’t have a gold spoon, she has no spoon at all.


All the cops at the precinct wonder what Yong-sik is doing as Yong-sik peers into the CCTV. The Captain has to tell them that it has to do with The Camellia Bar. Then he tells Yong-sik that he has to talk to everyone that knows about the CCTV and everyone he talked to about the CCTV.

Yong-sik thinks back to 5pm yestaerday when he saw Kyu-tae at the hardware store. Hong-sik met the owner of the building who was asking for permission to put nails in the wall. Kyu-tae was talking nonsense about putting nails in the wall as a landlord. Yong-sik had to tll him that they have a killer around. he looks at Kyu-tae with a wrench in his hands and starts to say there are men who talk about peanuts and touch someone shoulder, so we have to have a record.

Yong-sik leaves with the hardware man and runs into the market ajummas. He thinks he has to talk to them because they were sucking all his energy. So he said something about what they were doing and they let him go early. His mom tells him that she will not give him he store. He is all like, um, haha, huh? She tells him that she will not give him her store, so don’t split it with you brothers. You never asked about putting a CCTV to your own mothers store.

Yong-sik is able to get away from the semi-mafia street and passes by Ja-young who is peeking into the Camellia Bar. He says that this is another unexpected event. So he has to talk to her about the building and to get an excuse and all that. She says to do it, the landlord will not say anything. he was sure to show her his political leanings. (they speak like chipmunks in this section). He tells her that she deserves to be the mayor! You are the best in Yong-san!

She walked away thinking that she was there to have a drink. Her husband had an affair, not she has no friends to have drinks with.

Then Yong-sik gets inside, finally, but saw the face that he did not want to see – JR’s. He thinks that all these people were suspects. 

In the precinct, he thinks about all the names on the list and sighs. 


Elsewhere, Dong-baek and her mom eat street food and talk about Gabuli. Her mother looks at Dong-baeks money documents. It looks like she is looking at her insurance payments? Dong-baek tells her mom to go her own way, you won’t have a good future with me. The three of us all have a hard life, you should have a hard life by yourself.

Her mtoher tells her that she could have an accident if she stays alone. Bad guys determine bad things, you know. When you are alone and life is hard, then the monster comes out from a mirror. Dong-baek is all like, um, I am scared, what are you taking about?


Yong-sik thinks that he knows all of these people on the list so well. It would be better if this person was a demon, but what if he is so normal. What if he is a person we say hi and bye to all the time?

On the street, Dong-baeks mother tells her that they all look nice, but be careful of humans.




Dong-baeks mother hails a taxi and is about to leave. Dong-baek is all like, um, where are you going? Her  mom says that she told her to leave right? Don’t worry, I will be back tomorrow night, be sure to pick up Dong-baek (Pilgoo). She heads out.

Dong-baek heads back to her store, though she is hesitant to go inside. Hyang-mi told her she would be late, so Dong-baek will be there alone.

She peeks inside the very dark room, looks back out at the street, and then enters.


JR gets a big package that he puts on his table. Jessica is there as well talking about a promise letter that he wrote. He says that her mother wrote it, he just put his stamp on it. She tells him whatever, you said you would send me to graduate school.

He tells her that she is not his wife, she is still her mothers daughter. She asks if he would like to give her divorce money to support her studies? He tells her that she can go to Milan or wherever. Just wait until our daughter stops drinking milk. She smirks and says that rebecca drinks formula.

Then she talks about his country fans and how they should give him products, not food. he tells her to take one with her and walks off. She runs after him and says that they should get a divorce.


Dong-baek slowly walks inside her place and cautiously looks around. She turns on all the lights in the place and then stops to look at the wall where the writing was. She is pretty terrified. 

But she tries to get to work. She sits at her table and cleans roots, but she has to look around every few seconds. She tries to watch TV, but she jumps at the smallest noise.

Then a person comes in with a cane.

VO – the doorbell sound that I welcomed so much, is scary now.

A man comes in and asks if he can eat lunch? You are open right? She tells him it it not ready yet, come back later. Then she thinks that her place is a scary place now.


Jessica hangs out with her mother and thinks that she should go live with Seok-kwan. Her mother tells her never ever to talk about him. You have had the marriage ceremony and have lived with him for two years. Jessica says that JR dated a lot of Idols and woman. her mother asks her if she is confident then? Even though it is not illegal, how can you be so confident?

Elsewhere, JR is talking to a friend to gather up a lot of cash so that it is not noticeable. He is not gambling, he just wants to buy a building in the countryside. He draw some money from the bank, but takes out too much at one time. So he is so annoyed.

He goes to his car and thinks, why do I have to do this? But he also thinks that he should do it.




Ja-young drives with one of her partners but is not listening to him talk about their clients, all she is thinking about is her husband and his stupid self.

They actually go to the hotel where Hyang-mi is staying? Ja-young walks up the hallway to this hotel. Hyang-mi sees her, her heart starts to race. She tells Ja-young that it is weird to see her there, my heart kind of dropped. Ja-young looks at her and asks who she is.

Hyang-mi asks, dont you know me? You are the lawyer right? I saw you a few times in the Camellia, I work there. Ja-young says that she kind of remembers her. Hyang-mi asks why she is in a motel as a lawyer? I live here, I don’t have money so my boyfriend paid for it.

Ja-young is all like, okay, you can go your own way. Hyang-mi is about to but then she says that people always tell her to go her own way. They think that I am not involved and that makes me go bad.


Cut to Dong-baek talking to the realtor about how she should get money from the sons father. Get 10 years of child support and then you will have enough money. You are the one that did everything. JR is actually sitting in the lobby and hears all of this.

Afterwards, JR asks Dong-baek if she is really going to move? Dong-baek says that she just does not want him to affect her and her son with his money. He gets into his car, frustrated. He didn’t even have a chance to give her the jombok. he wonders why he can’t talk to her like he wants to.

Then he hears an alarm go off in the school, so he runs to it. There was a little fire at the school, though it looks like everyone is safe. JR yells at his friend, what if my kid gets injured! What if anyones kid gets injured! The friend is all like, um, no one was hurt, do I have to report this to you?

JR is livid. Pilgoo looks on.

Later on, the kids are leaving normally. JR runs to Pilgoo and calls him Kang Pilgoo! Are you okay! Did you inhale any of it? Pilgoo is all like, um, stop touching me and leave me alone. His friend asks why he always gives Pilgoo a hard time.

The friends keep walking away with JR following along and asking them so many questions about what Pilgoo is doing. Pilgoo is all like, why are you so angry! Just go to Seoul and train! All the kids think you are fired from your team! JR keeps following them and asks what he is going to eat!


Meanwhile, Hyang-mi is still trying to get all the money from Kyu-tae. She tells him how much it will cost for the airplane ticket and also tell shim that she saw his wife at the motel. He is so nervous and wonders why she is doing all of this to him? I did not do anything with you!

She takes a lot of selfies of him and her while he is driving and says that he already slept with her in his mind. You already had an affair. people will believe facts anyway, not your mouth. She shows him the CCTV image of them in the motel. Then she starts to talk about him not being anything in this life if these things get out, not the mayor or anything.

Key tells her to go to Copenhagen with the money! Go go! Hyang-mi tells her that his wife came to their hotel. Jyu-tae nervously asks why she came there? Hyangmi says it is one of two things, either she wants to have an affair, or she wants to catch the affair. Either way, take care of your credit card and cell phone. Your wife is a divorce lawyer. If anything happens to you, then who will send me to Copenhagen? Kyu-tae thinks nervously.




Seung-yeob tells Dong-baek that it was only a small fire, but people talk about the toxic fumes and things so he let all the kids go home early. Dong-baek thinks that means he will be alone at the store. So she takes off running to the Camellia bar.

She gets to the bar and looks around for Pilgoo. He is not there so she calls him and runs out to the arcade. All the while, she thinks that Gabuli also knows about her son, he has seen him everyday as well.

She keeps looking for him.


Meanwhile, Yong-sik still looks at all the CCTV in the area for any clues. Then Dong-baek runs inside and looks frantic as she tells them that Pilgoo is not in the arcade or the store, what should I do! Yong-sik tells her to keep calm, we can go to your store first! he tells the captain to search for missing boys.

They all hurry out, the camera scrolls in on the CCTV video that is still showing footage.


Elsewhere, Pilgoo is happily eating with JR on some rocks. He is eating the food that JR brought with him from Seoul. Pilgoo asks why he told his friend to go home and only wants to eat with him. JR says that his friend should control his diet a bit more. Pilgoo tells him that he will be tall, like his father.

JR asks if his mother told him that? Pilgoo doesn’t answer. JR tells him that he wants to give a box of expensive jambok to his store, but it is only for his mother and him. Pilgoo asks how expensive it is? $100? 

JR thinks that he had to go to 5 banks and max out the cash limit at each one. It is that expensive.


The hunt continues for Pilgoo, but then they see him inside the bar watching baseball together with JR. Yong-sik asks where Pilgoo has been. He casually says that he ate jambok with this ajusshi. Dong-baek sighs, tries to turn around and collapses.

Cut to Dong-baek sitting and telling Pilgoo not to come to the store alone. Also, don’t go to the arcade. Your cell phone is off becuse you play games all day. When your practice ends, call me.

JR asks why she is just not in her store, why is shehanging out with this guy all day. I think Yong-sik hits him in the throat? he then pretends like JR must be drunk, othewise why aer you speaking so much banmal, haha. 

Cut to JR holding his throat outside as Yong-sik packs up the jombok and puts it back in his car.  JR tells Yongsik that he is just the ajusshi, I am the father. YS asks if he is really the father? The father that ignored them for 8 years? That is married to a model and is on tv with his daughter? Go ahead and tell them. 

JR tells him to stop acting up, that is enough. YS tells him to just go be Superman. He walks off. JR asks if he really thinks he can take care of Dong-baek and Pilgoo? You casually fell in love, but we have a kid between us. So don’t try to brag about your childish emotions.



Inside, Pilgoo is upstairs at the bar. Dong-baek talks to him a little bit. Pilgoo wants to stay upstairs and looks at the TV, it also seems like he might know that JR is his father?

In the kitchen, Dong-baek talks to Yong-sik about if she is going to be afraid of her own store for a long time. This is her first store. Even though it does not have any windows, it is rally her world.

Cut to her talking to Pilgoo as a tiny baby. She told him that he is the son of an owner of something. If they become rich, then they will open a store on Jeju island.

In the present, she tells Yong-sik that even when she hears the bell sound at the door, she has goosebumps. He tells her that they need to catch him like they catch a centipede. She says that it is different now, that guy should have watched Pilgoo all this time as well.

In his car, JR reads an article about a soccer star and his model wife having a dirty divorce and all the divorce money entailed. It looks like Jessica sent this to him. She texts him that this is not someone elses business, it is not all that far away from you as well.

JR thinks back to the Camellia bar where Dong-baek pushed his arm away and held onto Yong-siks. then he is startled by Hyang-mi who is peering into his car. She asks for his phone number. or maybe just his Katalk ID.

She tells him, Oppa, you should just tell me. He is all like, am I really Oppa for you? You seem older than Dongbaek sometimes. Sh says hse has a photo to send him. He drives off and says he is not curious about her pictures. So she wonders, should I send it to the Dispatch then? We look at the photo and see that it is of him and Dong-baek in the camellia bar. relatively innocent, but it could be cnstrueg as something. Hyang mi wonders how much money she can get for it.

Inside, Dongbaek and Yog-sik talk about her situation. She is tired about it all and says that she was living with all her might but she cannot do it anymore. If it was only her, then she would not have to pretend to be strong or brave, she could run away.

He tells her that it is okay, of course, everything is okay for you. She tells him that she will stop being strong, she just wants to hide. She will leave Ong-san.


We see Yong-sik looking at the fire that was started on campus. Seung-yeob asks him why there was a fire there? Was soemone smoking? Yong-sik thinks that is nonsense, why would someone smoke at a primary school? Seung-yeob says he found a lighter and shows it to Yong-sik. It is a see-through green lighter.

Yong-sik says that he saw this lighter before. Someone carried it. Sung-yeob looks at him, suspiciously.

Fade Out



I love how they are introducing so many more people that can be gabuli. Today, it seems like they highlighted the mother, Hyang-mi, and Seung-yeob as possible candidates. Though they have not mentioned the hardware man, which is why he actually could be Gabuli!

I think they need to put up some secret videos now. The kind that moms use to spy on nannies that are tucked away in teddy bears or flowers. I mean, didn’t they watch Terius Behind Me?


YS – I have to catch Gabuli, then I will have Dong-baek

YS – I have to catch Gabuli, then I will have Dong-baek

Captain – That store has been empty for a long time. But what if that crazy guy accidentally catches….

Ajumma – Well, she was there for a long time

Ajumma – If I was you, I could not survive there another year

Ajumma – Your only friend in town has become an enemy with a love affair, so she cannot survive in town anymore

DS – Yong-sik, that A-hole will follow you even if you go to North Korea

JR – Just accept….

JR – If I give up baseball or commercials, then please accept me.

YS – Dong-baek, your life is not the life that can be dragged like this by the wrist. Do what you want.

Post – Ongsan neighbors, thank you so much for the last 6 years.

DS – What do you say thank you for? There is nothing to be thankful for.

DB – Because of you, I spent a good 6 years here.

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