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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 7 (13 & 14) Live Recap

Episode 7 Recap When the Camellia Blooms
When the Camellia Blooms Episode 7 Recap

When the Camellia Blooms is a bonafide hit for KBS right now. Let’s see if the storyline can continue delivering. Right now, I have kind of moved on from the love story (though I loved BULL Dong-baek at the end of the last episode) and am all into the serial killer storyline. Which is something I would not have thought would happen at the beginning of this show.

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Kyu-Tae yells at everyone that this diary thing is not evidence! It is not valid. It is all the way to 2016, that is a long time ago! Dong-baek says that it happened. The Captain tells him that this is not the only thing that it says you did though.

Yong-sik comes out and says that this is a very detailed record, what you did is so slimy that you cannot refuse it. Kyu-tae keeps yelling and everyone and finally asks his wife, the lawyer, to say something.

So Ja-young stands up and asks DOng-baek if she is really going to sue her husband? She says yes. Ja-young tells her that he is a landlord, he is rich, and I am a lawyer and there will be people behind him, it won’t be easy. Kyutae then yells that his wife went to Seoul University!

Dong-baek says that she still wants to do it. Ja-young tells Dong-baek, if you still want to do this then….*hands over card* I will give you some law advice. It will be free for you.

Ja Young walks out. Kyu-tae yells after her.

Later on, Deok-soon walks home so Dong-baek and Yong-sik walk along after her. Though it is awkward. Deok-soon tells them to stop following her. So Dong-baek tells Yong-sik to go home, she will hit you again.

Dong-baek goes to Deok-soon’s place to sit in her restaurant and talk. She knows she looks like a turncoat and a fox. Deok-soon sits at the table to listen. Dong-baek tells her that she knows that she looks like a fox. But actually, I just missed people. Maybe I wanted some attention and for someone to worry about me. You know, one person worrying about me changed my world. What should I do?

Yong-sik waits outside. Deok-soon tells Dong-baek that, as a parent, what can she do? He is already an adult. if he was a 15 then I could hit him. But he is over 30 now and only acts like he is 15. I can only rely on the time. If it was a short rain, then it will stop. Are you sad that I am telling you this?

Dong-baek says no, she feels even worse since Deok-soon is being so gently with her. Deok-soon tells her that she should not give him her heart when he gives her everything. Just look at him over and over again and if you want to be with him then we can talk about it again later.

They both stay quiet for a moment, then Dongbaek asks, what if he is the same after I watched him for awhile, then will you grant us permission? Deok-soon tells her that she is raising a son so she knows. Even if something small happens to them, like their shoes getting dirty, then her heart breaks. So how can I say it.

Dong-baek seems to understand so she leaves the restaurant. Yong-sik hops up to happily talk to her about feeling bad and how you need to eat a lot when you don’t fel good so that your heart will feel better. You know!

She sighs and tells him that they can go eat mandu. he happily hops along.



While eating at an outdoor street place, Dong-baek says that she did worry about him. At the police station, she was only looking at him and did not see his mom at all. Maybe I went crazy. He says he is already crazy. She tells him that when she sees his mom, she still feels bad, but then she is eating with him, my heart is…

Yong-sik is so happy and tells her that her heart is super happy right! Really happy right! So right now…we are… d~

We are not dating, Dong-baek says quickly. She tells him that they need to summarize their state right now. She cares about him but she is not that crazy about him that she will ignore Pilgoo and his mother and things. He tells her that it is not dirty, it is not like fire.

She says that she already had that and she lost that game. She is not alone, she is single and has to make money. She cannot ignore everything. if you want to have a fire like relationship then you have to do that with someone else. 

He tells her that they should eat mandu first. We can stop talking. Dong-baek tells him that mandu is cooked by steam. You don’t have to boil it. So don’t be like fire. You and me. Lets slowly just stay warm.

He looks at her quickly.

Dongbaek continues and says that she separated from her mom and she was separated by that guy and she does not want to do it anymore otherwise she will be knocked out.

He starts to stutter, s-s-so w-w-we w-w-w-will do s-s-something?

She nods and says yes, lets have some. I want to be warm for a long long time.

His heart starts to beat strongly and he doesn’t know what to say but his bottom lip starts to quiver and he tries to sniff away a tear. She tells him that she usually does not do some. He nods and sniffs.

Cut to them walking home casually and talking. She tells him that he can do all his normal things and she will do all her normal things of the day and then they can have some. He is so happy and agrees that she can finish up all her things and then he can hav a big chunk of her. She tells him that she is not easy.

He smiles and asks what she is thinking about and then says that he will be within 100 meters of her. When you are angry, just some to me. You can just agree with that okay? he holds out his pinky to make it official and tells her that they can just share their pinky right now.

So she locks pinkies whimpily and says that she agrees.





Yongsik is happily eating cup noodles at the precinct with his officer pals looking at him and thinking that he needs to do something otherwise he will get sued. The Captain tells him as much. But Yongsik says he is fine, Dongbaek will take care of it. He is perfectly happy.

The Captain thinks that this is strange. Why are the women getting so tough right now?

Meanwhile, Dong-baek gets to her building and sees a sign that says it is For Rent By Owner!!!!

She sighs and goes inside but she gets a call from Ja-young so she goes out to meet with her. Ja-young tells her that she scanned all her book and emailed it to her becuase she needs an electronic copy of it. Dong-baek asks if she is really going to help her? Ja-young tells her yes, you are a person of rumor so you are always disadvantaged due to that. Right now you need to have an advantage.

She hands her the usb and tells her to think of it as a sword on her waste. If someone messes with you, don’t think of it as a small move. Just bite that person.

The word starts to spread about how Dong-baek has a record of all the bad things done to her. It gets all the way to the mayor so he is being briefed on it. The mayor is all like, oh no! I was just drunk that night! It was a cocktail! What did I do?

His secretary says he did not do anything wrong, he just signed the wall. he thinks it should not be too bad. But the secretary says that what he wrote can be a little….um….dirty. Flashback to him writing the letter. He wrote that Dong-baek’s leg is 100 million dollar leg – signed the Mayor.

Cut to Kyu-tae walking up the market street awkwardly because everyone knows what happened. The ajummas start to happily talk to him about going to jail. Kyu-tae tells him that it is a political attack! They all laugh at him and they are all his noonas so they just like giving him a hard time.

Kyu-tae goes to the camellia to look for the evidence book, but he can’t find it. Hyuang-mi tells him that eunie left with the book. Are you going to try and steal it? Also, I would like my airplane money by Friday. He sighs at all the stress and asks if he should do a Shaman ceremony.

But then Dong-baeks mom comes in and hits him, she tells him to go away, I have dementia.




Dong-baek is still with ja-young having coffee. She asks her why she is so nice to her. Ja-young says that Dong-baek just has a way to make people turn their heads to her.

Dong-baek leaves the lawyers office and is immediately startled by Kyu-tae who runs up to her to ask why she is seeing his wife! Dong-baek explains that she just went there for law advice. he yells at her and says that they should eat Papingsu! 

So they go to eat papingsu (Korean icecream) at a spot. Kyu-tae says that he will sue Yong-sik! My implant broke! He tells her that she should not do this to her landlord. But she says that she can and starts to use banmal to him.

DB – if you use banmal, then I will use banmal, that is my life motto.

KT – People avoid poop because it is scary (dirty), not because it is dirty (scary)! What the F! ( he actually mixed up the words so he curses).

he tries to compLain to Dongbaek about how he doesn’t have his tooth so apologize! But she just casually says that she won’t. She gets up to leave. He tries to grab her book so it is a tug-a-thon for a moment. But she tells him that she scanned it so she has a copy in her email. See you in court.

She starts to walk off, he starts to clench his fist and then finally stands up and yells I AM SORRY! I am sorry also appears on the ceiling like stone popping out. She tells him not to use banmal to her. So he says it again with jongdaemal. Dong-baek tells him, from now on, Don’t act Up (like the Gabulgi note). She says that the old Dong-baek is dead. if you even say p of peanuts then you are gone.

Kyu-taek is so shocked with Dong-baek and asks her if she got a drug from a psychiatrist? Dong-baek just tells him that she can shoot him. She starts to walk away thinking that shooting all of a sudden is not actually easy. She walks up the market street with her book behind her back. Everyone is looking at her because they all know about the information on all the men that she has in it. They are impressed actually.


Yong-sik and the Captain ask someone why he wants them to find out who all wears 260 cm shoes? That means it is for 15 years olds and older. The man tells them to work hard with it. This guy might be  detective.

Yong-sik grabs his shoes off and tells him that he wears 260 so that means that he is the number one suspect!

Yong-sik and The Captain walk away complaining about this because Yong-sik does not want to measure everyones shoes in the area! He gives all the paperwork to the captain and tells him to measure all the shoe sizes, I will do my own investigation!

The Captain is all like, how can you do your own investigation? What do you have that they don’t have? Yong-sik looks off with determination and says, I have what they don’t have, I was born in Ongsan.





Yong-sik walks off with his uniform on, with determination, and thinks that he knows everyone here. He lived here from grade school. All the ajummas tell me everything. It is all the same. He is like the head of the mafia. 

While walking and thinking, ajummas give Yong-sik things and tell him things. He thinks that ajummas have pride in their land here. So Yong-sik goes to meet with several of the ajummas to talk about Gabuli and how these detectives don’t care about them, they just make their house price go down, so don’t tell them anything.

Yong-sik is happily sitting with them like one of the ajummas. They tell him that they know everything about this town. He is all like, you don’t know everything. They tell him that they do so he asks them who Gabuli is then? Thell all lean in, the room grows dark, and they say, Gabuli is…


Cut to JR at home with Jessica. he looks all kinds of stressed about his home life and is taking indegestion medicine. She tells him to take care of himself, they are doing the home purification system together. She leaves. he follows her and asks how she can be in the commercial with him? Several people with cameras follow them around.

He is confused about so much. She says that she is an influencer and has so many likes on her posts. She will go to Switzerland to go to a modeling course. He asks if she is abandoning her daughter to do this? Jessica says that she is no abandoning her, she has her father and her mother. She won’t remember it anyway, do you remember what you were doing at one year old? A famous mother will make a happy kid anyway.


The entire room is dark as they talk. The ajummas think that the delivery guy at the Chinese restaurant could be one. But the issue is that the delivery guy is dead. He was the second victim of Gabuli. So it was a misunderstanding. But they also think it could be another guy. That guy that comes in and out of the restaurant and looks bad. You know, whenever he comes to our town, we have an incident.

Yong-sik tells them that this makes sense. But one of the ladies says that he went on an overseas fishing boat. So when people died in Ongsan, he was actually in Norway on a fishing boat. He was actually working hard. 

Yong-sik is all like, why are you talking about all the nonsense about people who look suspicious. Give me something good, stop talking abotu Norway! One of the other ajummas looks seriously and says, if I know this much, why should I sell rice cakes here? You are the police. Yong-sik sighs and tells them, okay okay okay. 

The lights turn on as Yong-sik tells them all to go back to their business. But then they say that there is one thing. Kyu-tae. Yong-sik is all like, huh? No Kyu-tae?

In a voice over they tell him that Kyu-tae was hitting on the woman that ran the skin care place. He owns that building and it will be turned into a bus terminal. Maybe Kyu-tae is good at money or maybe it is something else.




Meanwhile, JR argues with Jessica about why she has to leave to Amsterdam. She says that she is a NewYorker. he is all like, you studied 3 months of English in NewYork and that makes you a NewYorker? He says something about him being from China then. They keep arguing. JR wants her to stay with the daughter, Rebecca. JR tells her that her name is not Rebecca! And your name is Park Sang-mi! You will be so embarrassed after a couple years. Just grow up.

She yells for him to stop the car and hops out angrily. He drives off just as angrily while muttering that he should not go there, I should not, I should not. But, he ends up driving to the town.


Dong-baek goes to school to talk to Pilgoo’s teacher about his math scores. He is not doing well in it so she says that he has to work well at it now or he will ahve problems later. Dongbaek says that he is better at math then she was and she actually wants him to work on something else. 

she really wants him to make friends and have a good social network. Though he fights often. The teacher assures her know that Pilgoo is not the person getting hit.

Meanwhile, JR emerges from the school bathroom with a handful of toilet paper. His friend Seung-yeob is there and asks him why he is in town. JR looks all messed up and says that he can always poop at this school. His brain might be blank, but his intestines work. His heart is trembling, but he feels calm. 

His friend is all like, um, you came all the way here to poop? But then they see Pilgoo kicking a wall in the hallway so they go to him. Pilgoo is so upset that Koreans have to write their diary in English. he complains about that and then leaves.

Seung-yeob thinks that kid is always angry and crazy. JR tells him not to say that! Then angrily walks off. Seung-yeob is left confused. JR looks around Pilgoos room and sees a drawing he made where he says that he will be a major league baseball player and he will buy a building for his mother. JR wonders how this little boy can be such a man.




Outside the school, The Captain and Yong-sik put up a sign that says to remember to drive slowly in front of the school. They are talking about Kyu-tae while doing it. Yong-sik thinks if could be Kyu-tae but The Captain does not think so. Kyu-tae hit a cat on the street and almost went crazy with regret about it and had to have a shamanistic ceremony.

Yong-sik thinks he is strange though, he is right between a bad guy and a stupid guy you know? The Captain thinks he is timid and his brain is small. So they would have a lot of evidence if he was it.

They talk about how Kyu-tae bought that building after the murder. So he is the benefactor. The Captain says that it was half the price due to the murder. He would buy it as well. Yong-sik still thinks there is something there, but then he sees Pilgoo running with his team.

Cut to baseball practice. JR is still there and decides to give Pilgoo a super private lesson while he bats. All the other kids are all like, um, what is this? Pilgoo is annoyed because it is almost like he is being picked on my JR. So he throws his helmet on the ground and asks JR why he smells his helmet before he hits his ball, that is a dirty routine!

JR thinks to himself that he heard that teachers cannot teach their own kid. Then Pilgoo runs off to his mother and all the other kids run off after him. 

All the kids run up to Dong-baek who was just walking along. She says that she actually didn’t hear him walking and she looks pretty as she walks around. Pilgoo tells his friends that he told them that his mother was so pretty. She is prettier when she puts her hair up. You should put your hair on top of your head umma. They keep telling her compliments. She gives them all icecream that she brought and notices that JR is there.

So, she asks him if he wants an icecream. They end up sitting on a bench. Yong-sik coems with icecream and sees the kids already eating icecream and he also sees JR sitting with Dong-baek, so he turns and leaves without making notice of himself.

DB tells JR that he is doing a bad thing to his wife. He tells her that he is also going crazy. Dong-baek tells him not to come here anymore. He tells her that he gets paid a lot, you can find out if you look on the internet about me. I heard you have to move your cafe.

She asks him if he can stop doing the superman thing? You go to the aquarium and all those things with your daughter, can you do one thing for my Pilgoo? If he knows that the guy on the TV that is crazy about his daughter is his father, he will get hurt. You can do whatever else you want. But just not this, I beg you.

He asks, does it hurt your heart also? Why are you here now? You should have been there when I was looking for you. Do you think I can live now after seeing you and him? 

Dong-baek tells him that he is the same, he is still a thug.


Later on that evening, JR continues to drink with Dong-baek at her place and asks why he is a thug. She tells him that Pilgoo is almost home. She also tells him that her life is not his. Her life is hers, her excuse is hers, you are not involved. he tells her that she is kind of cool now. She tells him that she has always been cool. She is 173 cm tall and has 8 head ratio (like saying your body has a good ratio to its head).

He asks if that country boy made her cool? then that country boy shows up happily with Hong-sik (the Hardware store owner). They see JR and stop talking immediately. In the back, Hyang-mi takes a photo of the five of them in their awkward pose.

yang-mi is so happy that she got a job here. the mother is chopping lettuce and tells her, if you act up, you are dead (like Gabuli).

Meanwhile, Hong-sik puts up a security camera inside the Camellia. Yong-sik and Dong-baek look on happily. Dong-baek thanks him for this because she was worried about when Pilgoo would be there alone. Thank you.

JR thanks him as well and we have a western stand off as Yong-sik tells him that he does not have to thank him. The standoff moves to a noodle stand off as they eat together.

JR asks Youngsik why he likes a single mother. YS asks why he is asking him that. JR thinks it is something that he can ask. YS tells him, it is because he is Pilgoo’s father, that is why he thinks he deserves something? JR tells him not to shake her or give pity to her. YS asks if he likes someone because they are pitied? You are super stupid, don’t you know how shiny Dong-baek is when she is by herself? You dumped her to get everything. But me, I am okay with Dongbaek even if I lose everything. Dong-baek is a great person, you know that, that is why you are here.

JR says he does know that and that is why he is here so he will not let her live like this anymore. YS tells him that JR is actually the poorest person there. You already lost Dong-baek and Pilgoo is not your son. YS walks away.

JR grans his shoulder and says, how dare you talk about if he is my son or not. YS tells him, if you hold my shoulder again, then we will put your million dollar arm on the table.

They keep talking about how JR is just playing with his memory in his free time. But I am putting everything I have into this relationship to love Dong-baek like a fool. So dont’ come here anymore, or I will kill you, really. He walks away. JR thinks YS is just like he was when he was 25 years old.



Yong-sik goes back to Dong-baek and they start to walk back. She asks what they talked about. He says nothing, they just had Guksul together. She tells him that everyone should have a CyWorld page. Everyone has a secret to bury. But why did you figure out everything about me? You did not have to eat gugsoo with Pilgoo’s father you know.

YS – Dong-baek, the past is just the past. It has no power.

DB – Everyone says that, but men are the same.

YS – Eat some more peanut bread

DB – Men pretend like they are cool, but they are all the same. There are no cool guys.

YS – Dong-baek, how many men have you dated? JR is not all the men in the world. I am not the same as him. You want some…if everyone is the same then why do you have some with me.

DB – it is not that

YS – You didn’t do it with me

DB – What?

YS – If you properly date me, really, really…you will die. Everyday, you will be so happy that you will die. So, you don’t know anything about me so don’t put me in a group with douchbags. I can here at 5am only because I want to see you, so don’t make me angry, okay?

he starts to walk away.

She catches up.

DB – You are a very different Yongsik

YS – Huh

DB – You make my heart beat quickly everyday. *smiles* I never knew that buying fish would be this soleda.

He is angry but he smiles and tries not to smile.

DB – Shall I carry the peanut bread?

They sit on the bus together happily and eat. 

YS – Okay, I will reveal one of my past. My first love was Seung-yeobs sister. We grew up together, you know.

DB – Did you date her?

YS – yes. That noona went to middle school so she dumped me. While she dumped me, she told me that she wrote a letter that said, if you tell Seung-yeob then I will cut you. So, I have not told Seung-yeob to this date. SO, I have tis kind of love history in this town. But the real secret is, I don’t know why she dumped me. Women are difficult. But, Dong-baek, because I like you so much, it makes it more difficult. When you are snotty nosed kids, you know, sometimes you shrink and shrink. In those times, you know, I don’t know what to do except feed you these sweet things. It is so difficult. You know, I look dumb when I talk too long.

DB – I like it when you do it, you are an easy person.

YS – I am a difficult person.

DB – Everything is difficult in life, so it is nice if you are easy only for me.

They happily ride the bus and then happily walk back to the Camellia Bar. YS tells DB that the genie is the most devaluated super hero. Actually, he does not have a limit. He grants a few wishes and people think he is not good so he is not a part of the Avengers. Dongbaek asks him why he is talking about genies, I think you just say whatever comes to your mind. She smiles.

He smiles and tells her that he is like a genie to her, he can give her 100,000 wishes, he can be the easiest guy to her in the world.  She says that genies are fairies.  So you are like a fairy. He sighs and smiles.

They both go inside. Dongbaek says it is also so dark in there. He says it is nice and cosy. So he puts the fish on the table and then pauses because he sees soemthing on the wall. She comes up and talks about a flickering light. But he grabs her and pulls her to him in a hug as he stares at the wall. The wall has a note written huge and in red ink.

Wall Note – I told you, don’t act up. I have been watching you everyday since that day.

Fade Out



The newest rumor is that either Dong-baeks mother is the killer or the hardware guy is the killer. Anyone else have any theories? We’re all ears!


YS – I am sure this is someone we know. He knows the location of the camera.

DB – Pilgoo, would you like to move?

DB – Just because I want to raise you somewhere safer

DB – Mom, you can go your own way. 

DB – Think about it if you have another kid.

YS – I am afraid that this guy is someone we say hi to everyday

Umma – Everyone looked kind

Umma – Be careful with people

DB – No one wonders who the real one is

DB – Whatever exists is real

YS – Do you really think you can take care of Dong-baek and Pilgoo?

DB – I keep having goose bumps

DB – I will just stop here.

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  1. L
    October 9, 2019 / 10:33 am

    What a cliffhanger!!! Thanks for the awesome recap!

    • V
      October 9, 2019 / 10:34 am

      It was! Any thoughts on who Gabuli is? Some people think it might be the mother???

  2. Rei
    October 9, 2019 / 3:19 pm

    Hmmm or it could be kyu tae’s wife?
    I am not sure…. Does the killer have to be someone who wrote the note?
    Sorry I didn’t watch the show. So I might be a bit lost here….

    • V
      October 9, 2019 / 3:38 pm

      I think it could be Kyu-tae’s wife because I think it could be a woman. For some reason, one of the flashbacks of the serial killer looked like it might be a woman’s body to me, but maybe not.

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