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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 5 (9 & 10) Live Recap

Episode 5 (9&10) recap for When the Camellia Blooms on Netflix
Episode 5 (9&10) recap for When the Camellia Blooms on Netflix

The last time on When the Camellia Blooms, we got a lot of insight into the serial Killer which led to a lot of speculation on the internet. Dong-baek might have also realized that she might like Yong-sik based on how she is only mean to him and no one else. Yong-sik also realized that the famous Kang Jong-reok might just be the baby daddy. But he is not deterred! In fact, his passion might be even more ignited. The last episode ended with Dong-baeks heart bleeding all over the table at all the nice words Yong-sik uses with her (compliments y’all, they mean a lot). So, let’s see where we start today!

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We open with Yong-sik and Dong-baek walking in the rain up the market street. While they are walking, we revisit the heartfelt converation they had at the end of the last episode.

YS – Well, do you like mandu?

DB – Pilgoo likes it no one hates mandu

YS – Next weekend would you like to eat mandu with me?

DB – We don’t have to go to that island just to eat mandu

YS – Not just for mandu, what about it then?

DB – we have so many mandu places, we don’t have to go to an island, it is too old fashioned to miss the boat and stuff

YS – Dong-baek, it has been 10 years since we had a bridge to that isald

DB – really?

YS – Yes, it used to be an island, but now you can drive there. or walk

They get to DOng-baeks house and we see the son waiting there with an angry face umbrella. Hi face is similarly angry. He walks with his mother and asks her if she is friends with him? Yong-sik now has to hold the angry umbrella.

Pilgoo asks if Yongsik likes his mother? If so then don’t come to our store anymore. All the men that hit on my mom, I hate them. All those guys say that they like my mom, but no one helps my mom when those ajummas push her. those ajusshis are like that.

Dongbaek asks Pilgoo why he brings this up and how he knows so much. Yongsik tries to tell Pilgoo that he is not like those other guys. Pilgoo says that men are all the same. Umma told him that his appa is tall and handsome and has like 10 PhDs in China. I had a great dad, but he still lives in China. So I hate all the men that like my mom.

They keep walking home, Yongsik keeps following them


Meanwhile, JR is amazed that Jessica used $5,000 for pilates. He asks if she is going to be on the National pilates team? She says that she did it with her mother. But he is just dumfounded, how can you spend 5,000 on pilates? She says it was for private lessons. Do you expect her to go to pilates with others.

He sighs and says yes, because you are Jessica. the mother is there and tells JR that she didn’t want to tell him this, but all those rich politicians want Jessica as a daughter in law. You took this little girl that only new about school and house. But you have the courage to take this credit card bill to your daughter in laws house?

He says it isn’t about that, it is just that some kids don’t go to CHina because they don’t have $480. They ask him if he is drunk? Just go to bed. He keeps mumbling that he payed $5000 for his wifes pilates, but some kids can’t go to competitions because they don’t have $480. It drives me crazy.

Back in the town, we see No Kyu-tae driving with Hyang-mi. She tells him he is super great and super smart. He says he is just a normal person. She says that, actually, she thought he would buy something with a payment plan, but he paid for it all at once, like Hyundai’s chairman. Kyu-taes chest is all puffed out. Hyang-mi tells him that if he runs for mayor then she will vote for him. She respects him.

He is so happy and tells her to think of him as a mentor. She says yes, I feel friendly between you and me. He is all like, between you and me?

Elsewhere, Yong-sik tells Pilgoo that if he doesn’t want him to do it then he would not. Pilgoo says yes, don’t come to the cafe and don’t notice me at the arcade. Yongsik says he worked so hard to protect his mother at his age, so he knows how hard it is. So he will do as he says.

Pilgoo says he did not have to protect his mother, she is strong. Pilgoo says that what he wants to say is for Pilgoo to eat a lot and study a lot. he won’t be a stain on his 8 year old life. He agrees with Pilgoo and will try to get points from him in his own way.

Pilgoo goes inside. Dong-baek tells Yong-sik that she will take the mandu. She grabs it and goes inside.

Then we see Kyu-tae ask Hyang-mi if she likes fish….JR thinks that mom and kid make him concerned….and Yong-sik thinks mom is so cute….

On the screen it shows a caption next to all three mens faces.

No Kyu-tae – AFFAIR (WIND)

Kang Jong-ryeol – AFFAIR (WIND)

Hwang Yong-sik – TURMOIL

While walking, Yong-sik hears a beeper sound. he walks around the corner and sees the shadow of a person walking away. His spidey sense is on as he wonders why that person was standing there.

Cut to Kyu-tae and Hyang-mi talking in the car still. He is so happy that he is her respected person. She asks him, if he becomes mayor, will I be your first lady? he is al llike, what? She tells him that they are dating now. It is day one. I am Ong-sang’s #1 Lady (First Lady). He looks at her, shocked, and then he starts to laugh and says that she is funny.

But she says that it is not a joke. You are going far away with someone that you don’t even date? His face grows serious and concerned. At home, his wife looks out the window as she thinks that today, she has today’s sun.

She broods as she looks out the window and thinks that he did not come home last night. I am not the Hong Ja-young of yesterday anymore. She then starts to track where her husband went last night.


Out somewhere, Kyu-tae tries to explain to Hyang-mi that he is just an oppa that she respects, he will give her advice. This skiing was just skiing. 

They are both eating outside while his car is being worked on. She repeats what he said, we went skiing but we didn’t spend the night. She is not really believing this. he tries to say that water skiing is a sport. Hyang-mi asks why he came there with her and not his wife? We are here because we are dating.

Hyang-mi casually sips her drink and tells him that the world is not that righteous. Kyu-tae starts to think that he stepped on a landmine.


Meanwhile, Deok-soon (Yong-sik’s mom) is laying in her place looking miserable as the other ajummas say that if they knew it then they would have told her. Perhaps Dong-baek gave Yong-sik peanut service. Deok-soon yells at them all to leave.


The captain kind of naps as Yong-sik tells him that they need to find more evidence like finger prints or saliva or something. the captain tries to tell him that they are not Miami CSI. Yong-sik has a bottle that he picked up outside the Camellia and has a feeling about it. He really wonders. The Captain tells him that the CSI team is not like Mythbusters for you!

Yong-sik says he saw footsteps all around in that spot! He shuffles his feet around like the footsteps look. To shut him up, the captain gives Yong-sik the Gabuli files. 

At home, Kyu-tae starts to eat his breakfast when his wife comes in and asks if he is done? Does my mothers fish soup taste good? He mutters that it is good while trying to keep his heart inside his chest. She looks like she is in a thriller as she explains the excuse that Kyu-tae gave her about having to go to a last minute funeral. She thinks to himself that she used to like him because it looked like he did not think.


We flashback to an SAT hogwan where Kyu-tae is being hit by his mother for not studying. Ja-young was there looking so young and just like she does now. She thought that he was so different than her because it was so easy to figure out his heart, which is different from her. But now, he cannot even hide his affair.

In the present, Ja-young sits at the table and tells the mummbling Kyu-tae that he put on sunscreen, why did you do that? You went to the funeral home with sunscreen on? He starts to cough up his food as she tells him that he is dead if he does this kind of thing.


Yong-sik starts to look at the case file for Gabuli. He sees footsteps in a photo. The size is 250mm which might be a woman’s size. The note says that it might be a co-conspirator.


Dong-baek and Hyang-mi clean up the recycling bottles outside. Dong-baek wonders who is throwing away the energy drink bottle in their recycling. Hyang-mi tells her that her and the officer are a big topic there. Dong-baek thinks that is so embarrassing. How can I see Deok-soon again?

Hyang-mi thinks that Dong-baek is looking at her watch because she is waiting for Yong-sik, she smiles as she asks her that. Dong-baek asks how much work she did. Hyang-mi explains that no one listens to their mother in this era. Hyang-mi asks who Pilgoo’s appa is so Dong-baek asks why she is always so interested in his father.

Hyangmi wants her to release her stress by telling it to her. She doens’t have a good memory anyway. Dong-baek thinks there are no good byes in the world, they are all bad byes. 


She tells us that she was not welcomed anywhere since she was young, so she gave up. Her friends parents did not like orphans. They think it is like a contagious disease. Everyone called me a poor girl, but they did not open their car door to me.


VO – So at 22, I met him. I did the kind of dating that only a 22 year old can do. 

Dong-baek and Jong-ryeol have a crying session together as he says he will never gamble anymore! I can’t live without you! 

VO – I didn’t see anything except him. then I forgot that he also has a mother, like everyone has.


Dong-baek sits with JR’s mother. They are at a cafe. She tells her that she has no money to give her and she does not know how to talk BS, but I can say that I hate you, very much, I hate you so much. How can I see you, I hate you so much. Dong-baek just sits there and takes it. The mother asks her why she looks so sad and why she is like this to her son? 

Later on, Dong-baek and Jong-ryeol talk in a small apartment. She says that it is hard to be hated by his mother. It is not like she doesn’t have a mother because she doesn’t want one. She thinks back to the mother telling her that she is like a big germ. So she tells that to Jong-ryeol and says that meeting his mom reminded her of her own mother. She wonders if she had a mother, if she would be okay.

In the present, Hyang-mi asks her if she gave up because of the mother? Dong-baek says no, finally, the man was the reason. Hyang-mi asks, what? Did he have an affair? that son of a B. Dong-baek says it wasn’t an affair. She does not even blame him. She thinks it is good enough that he left Pilgoo to her.

Hyangmi asks if she really likes Pilgoo that much? Dong-baek tells her to give birth, then she will understand.


Meanwhile, Yong-sik is hopping out of the police station and flagged down his captain for a chat. he asks him about the trouble between a mother in law and a daughter in law. The captain tells him to think about walking before running, so get a woman first. Yong-sik thinks it would be nice to have a wife and mother who likes each other.

The captain says that is idealistic. The world would be half happier without mother and daughter in law problems. There is no house without that problem. That is like a fairytale story. 

They both go eat at Deok-soon’s pace. The Captain asks if this is Hyang-mi? I have a good feeling about it. Yong-sik says it is Dong-baek ,he fell in love with her, everyone knows about it. The Captain is shocked and asks if his mother knows about it? Then Deok-soon walks by and elbows Yong-sik in the head. The captain realizes that she must know.

Elsewhere, Ja-young is walking around the town stoically.

JY – I wanted to hide this feeling of humiliation. But now I cannot pretend that I am ice anymore.

She looks at a local dry cleaning and smiles, one of the clothing items is from The Camellia.

Ja-young then goes and drives off with the mother in law. The mother in law says that her friends daughter in law prepared a super big birthday meal for her. Ja-young says she is not preparing a huge thing right now, she will take her to a buffet instead. The mtoehr in law starts to talk about how her birthday is not important, her daughter in laws feelings are the important ones.

Ja-young is this close to explaining to her mother in law that her husband had an affair, but she stops herself. The mother says to just tell her. Ja-young tells her mother-in-law that the time that her husband gave hr ring to that other woman was around the same age as your son, right? The mother bites her lip and asks what she is talking about? Kyu-tae is like me. Ja-young tells her that this is what she is talking about.

Ja-young wants to drop the mother in law off on the street for her to walk somewhere. Because she needs to go somewhere very important herself, the hair salon.


Deok-soon chops and chops and chops veggies at her place while Yong-sik siddles up to her to kind of say that Dong-baek is a nice person. Deok-soon asks him if it is umma or Dong-baek! Why are you doing this to me! 

He tells her not to curse. She says that she gave birth to him after his father died. It was so difficult to raise you. I did so many things for you with all your trouble. I had to go to the temple all the time to pray. 

Yong-sik says that Dong-baek is a good person. Umma says that she is good and pitiful, but at least she should not have a boy! Am I asking for something that does not make sense? Yong-sik tells his mother to think about one stone getting two birds. You will have a daughter in law and grandson at the same time.

Deok-soon says that she does not want to talk to Camellia, she knows that he is the one that is crazy about her. So I will torture you only! Just one or the other!

The argument goes outside. He tells his mom that he likes her so much. When he opens his eyes, he wants to see her. My foot is North and Camellia is South, it is like that (like magnetic attraction). She tells him not to see Dong-baek for 2 months, then I will think about it!

He says his heart is not for only two months, it is forever!




Ja-young goes to the hairsalon, but tells the stylist that she wants her boss. They tell her that they have to reserve two weeks in advance, she is really good. Ja-young says that she knows they are good, but she has to see her husbands affair woman toay. The ladies rushh to the back and the boss comes out.

Boss – The last line that you should keep is your pride, I don’t want to care about Dong-baek. I really really wanted to ignore her. 


She goes to see Dong-bae with her new hairstyle. Dong-baek greets her and asks why she is here, I thought you don’t go to your buildings? Ja-young says that she is good at smiling, do you think you are pretty? I don’t think you say it, but I think you think it.

She smiles and says that she does not think she is pretty, she just does not think she is a hate-able person. Ja-young tells her that, customarily, she wants to tell her this. She needs to empty the store at the due date in December. I am following the law.

Dong-baek nd Hyang-mi are both quiet. Dong-baek asks if she wants to increas rent? Ja-young says that she does not want to increas the rent. This building does not have windows so if you leave then it will be used as dried seafood storage. I will get less than a quarter. it is not about money. This conversation is over so continue what you were doing. She walks away.

Dong-baek looks at Hyang-mi who mutters something about Kyutae wanting to go somewhere. Dong-baek then runs after Ja-young, who is in her car now, and tells her that her husband did not say anything to her. Ja-young is upset that she is talking about her husband in front of her? i want to keep my dignity, but if you make me crazy then I will become honest. So be careful. I hate everything about you, but especially your facial expression. That bothers me the most.

She rolls up her window and drives off.

Dong-baek goes walking back to her cafe looking miserable. Yong-sik asks why she looks like that! because I worried about you, I brought you these hot pepper flakes! (it seems like he stole them from his mom for her, lol).

Elsewhere, Pilgoo leaves a bookreading expo. Everyone is there with their parents, but he is there alone and struggling to hold his books. But then Hyangmi shows up. JR is there looking along as well and starts driving his car behind them so slowly as he follows.

Pilgoo asks Hyang-mi if she reads, she says no. Then they start to talk about DOng-baek and if she is alone and the polcie man and how Pilgoo hates him and all those things. All the while, JR keeps driving so sloooooowly behind them.

Pilgoo tells Hyang-mi that he hates the policeman, he is #4 in the people he hates. No Kyu-tae is first, Joong-ki’s father is next, then the rice cake ajusshi, then Yong-sik. He stops and asks why his mother is so pretty? Why is she only 48 kg? My mother is the prettiest in this town. It makes me so tired.

Hyang mi riffles his hair and says that she should have had a boy. Lets go.

Meanwhile, JR wonders if they have a car? he really wants them to get in a car. Hyangmi asks Pilgoo if he wants to ride in a car and turns around and yells, Kang Jong-ryeol! 

JR is so shocked.



Yong-sik hangs out with Dong-baek in the camellia bar. But Dong-baek says that Pilgoo and his own mother don’t like it, so he shoud stop. he says that he is supposed to stop for two months, but he is not a grade school student, it would be bad for your future as well, so I will retract it.

Dong-baek says that she realized a long time ago that no one liked Dong-baek. he says he likes her. She says no, I would even hate it if Pilgoo liked someone like me. I am used to it so “that is okay”. It is nothing.

Yong-sik tells her that she pokes at his heart, so it drives him crazy. She tells him to listen to his mother, she is the one that affects him the most. Dont behave like a  grade school student. Don’t come back.


Elsewhere, JR drives Hyang-mi and Pilgoo home. Pilgoo thinks that JR should be training. Hyang-mi starts to talk and says that their landlord wants to kick them out, so how about JR buys the building? JR is all like, why would I buy it? Hyang-mi is all like, I d-o-o-o-n’t know why-y-y-y. She smiles. Then she tells him to tell Jessica to be friends with her because they might see each other often.


Jessica notices that Jong-ryeol got a ticker while speeding in Ongsang. She wonders how this timid guy can get a ticket and also wonders where Ongsan is.


Yong-sik and the Captain start to talk about a file on the computer that looks like it is related to Gabuli. This file is about Dong-baek (he says it is the witness that he fell in love with at first sight). The Captain has a video file of the last victim and the witness. He tells Yong-sik to follow the footage. Gabuli should be in he video.

On the video, several people are in a Catholic church.

VO – I met eunnie at the church.

Dong-baek sits with her friend at the church. Later on, they walk off. Dong-baek says that she has to pick up Pilgoo. Her friend tells her that she should get a skin scare license and put Camellia as the name. You would have a nice professional job Dong-baek says that her talent is making spicy pork.

Cut to the spa that the eunnie owns. Dong-baek asks if she is practicing on her? The eunnie says no, this machine is over a $1000 and it is used. The phone rungs so the eunnie runs off to answer it. 

Dong-baek gets inside the spa machine that looks like a tanning booth where the top comes down over the person. 

The eunnie stays out while Dong-baek is in this skin machine. She looks at her luck on her astrology/fortune telling and thinks she might make some money today. Then the phone rungs so she thinks it is the person who just made an appointment.

But this person is Gabuli! he slowly walks inside dressed in all black. the eunnie asks if they are feeling hot in this summer? You are even wearing a mask. Gabuli takes their hand out of their pocket and starts to walk inside menacingly.

The music is playing so Gabuli turns it up and then chases after the eunnie. This person actually looks like it might be a woman. Dong-baek is still inside the skin booth while this is all going on. She thinks that she was supposed to be in there for seven minutes and that the music is so loud.

VO – That seven minutes I was with that person. In that seven minutes…eunnie died.

Gabuli comes back into the room and holds the wire in their hands. Then he or she turns off the music and turns on the lights. Dong-baek wonders if this is a customer?

VO – It was an unforgettable sound.

Gabuli leaves. The timer goes off on the spa machine. But then Gabuli comes back inside and is coughing.

VO – The cough sound sounded like scratching metal.

Gabuli looks around the room.

Cut to the CSI photographing everything and blocking off parts of the crime scene with tape. The Captain says that they do not have to search the list of customers, he thinks it is this persons first time coming there.

The Captain asks if he would think that someone was inside there? He did not even know what it was, so that guy was prbably the same. He killed the owner over there and searched everywhere, but he did not find Dong-baek. If she did not do anything, then she would be okay.

Flashback to Dong-baek opening the spa door and asking what happened to her eunnie. She says that seh is done. Eunnie, are you there?

Gabuli notices her and turns off all the lights and starts locks the door. Then he walks to the spa machine and starts coughing again.

VO – That strange coughing sound. I can’t forget it.

He opens the spa door. Dong-baek looks out and sees the chain first. But the door is broken and wont open all the way. he tries to pull it open, but it won’t open. Then the fire alarm goes off! he throws the murder weapon under the table and runs away through the window.

Dong-baek sees him hopping out the window.

At the crime scene, the CSO peopel find the note. One of the detectives thinks that Dong-baek was the variable for Gabuli.

Dong-baek is noticeably affected by this and on top of that, everyone who looks at her leave the crime scene says that she looks unlucky.


In the flashback, Dong-baek tells the police that she cannot continue to live like that. She has reporters around and shaman telling her that she has bad luck. I really really did not see anything, I only saw his back. So can you just catch the criminal without me? 

The Captain asks her one thing, when Gabuli was in front of you, the sprinkler system activated. So, it was not to hide the evidence but he also did not expect it, right? She starts mumbling about it, it all runs together for her. She says everything all happened at the same time, the sprinkler and guy and door banging. But she was sure that the guy was standing in front of her when it went off.

The captain says that the sprinkler saved her. DOng-baek wonders if that kind of coincidence happens.


The Captain says that everyone knew that Dong-baek was the witness, he feels nervous about it. Gabuli should also know this. Yong-sik is focused and asks if Gabuli stopped after seeing Dong-baek? The Captain says he does not know if he stopped or is taking abreak.

Yong-sik sighs and lowers his head. But then his eyes grow intense as he says that they have to go to the root and burn it! the captain is all like, why are your eyes like that? Yong-sik continues and says he does not rely on luck for Dong-baeks life. 

Captain – Hey, open your eyes normally

YS – Boss, I will catch Gabuli and show the world who he instigated

He takes off running with determination, but runs into his mother who tells him not to jaywalk. He ask where she is going this late? She says they had a robber! Someone took their red pepper! Yong-sik says it was him, he gave it to DOng-baek. She is all like, what!

He tells her that she can call the police, I actually did not want to say it because it is embarrassing (umma – then don’t tell me!) I cannot do the two months thing or whatever!

Umma grabs something huge and starts to hit him with it, but it is like a hug sponge so it does nothing. 

Umma – What! You pick DOng-baek over me, the one who raised you for over 30 years!

YS – Yes, it was 30 years, but if I don’t do anything then I will regret the net thirty years!

Umma – You jashik…why are your eyes like that?!

YS – I am really really sorry, Umma! But you lost for 30 years to me so just lose one more time!

He takes off running with her calling, you jashik! after him.


Meanwhile, Dong-baek walks home alone and someone follows her. They put an energy drink in a recycling as they do. Dong-baek gets to her place and thinks that they almost liked him. She cloes the gate as she goes inside.

Yong-sik runs up right then and starts to peek around the gate to find her. He wonders if she went home okay. But then he hears the beeper sound again and freezes for a moment. His spidey sense is on as he takes off running around the corner to Into the Spider Verse music as he chases this person around. 

He is able to catch this person so he grabs her arm and twists them around. It looks like it is – a woman?

Fade Out


Surprisingly, the Gabuli storyline is pulling me into this story now. I don’t know how this happened, but I am into it. There are a few other theories as to DOng-baek, some people think Hyang-mi is a co-conspirator with the mechanic. Right now, I kind of think Ja-young could be Gabuli because she is jealous of all her husbands flirtations with people. That is a long guess.

It still is not clear whether Gabuli is a woman or a man. In some shots, He looks feminine, but in other shots, he looks masculine. I’ll just go with man for now. But one thing is also clear, someone else is around during all these murders and this person might be trying to either help the victims by distracting the killer to let them escape somehow, or they are trying to help the murderer by getting rid of evidence from the crime scene.

However, it looks like this murderer does not even know this, which is why they ran away when the sprinklers came on. I think one of the tell tale signs that this is the same murderer is that the sprinklers always come on, right? So something is going on there. Any guesses?


DB – Recently, my life was really sweet, unlike my normal life.

HM – How come you acknowledge it now?

DB – Because it has all ended.

DS – I am only this much

DB – Nothing you worry about will happen, I promise it to you

YS – Dong-baek, don’t come anymore

HM – Oppa-a-a-a! If you want to put me anywhere, what about a hotel?

JY – Should I kill them all?

YS – I arrested someone last night

KT – Why do you cut what you are saying?

DB – Let me go! Release me and we can talk!

YS – I told you, don’t hold her wrist!

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