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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 4 (7-8) Live-ish Recap

LIVE RECAP: Episode 4 (7+8) recap for When the Camellia Blooms
Episode 4 (7+8) recap for When the Camellia Blooms

Episode 3 of When the Camellia Blooms gave us several revelations into the serial killer and his relationship with Dong-bae. Not only was Dong-baek a witness to the serial killer in action (or she at least saw his back after the action?) she might also be a possible target due to the literal writings on the wall. Though rejected by Dong-baek, Yong-sik is doubling down on his will to protect her and stick to her like glue until this serial killer is found. Which would be annoying in any other situation, but when you put life and death stakes on the line, a cop with a spidey sense for crime is actually your best hope.

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Board – You are my only love (or I only love you)

JR looks at Yong-sik pull Dong-baek into the Camellia Bar. He thinks they look so happy, so it makes him mad. Then Hyang-mi sees JR and knocks on his window. She says that he came there again? He says yes but he won’t go inside this time. She thinks he is wearing a black hat and kind of hiding. It is so trange. if you go inside then you are a customer, if you hesitate then it is one of two things: Either you came here to borrow money, or you miss someone inside.

HM – Does superman have any reason not to go inside DOng-baeks?

JR – You are good at business

He unbluckles his seat belt.

Inside, Dong-bae tells Yong-sik that he gives her a headache. Then JR and Hyang-mi come inside. Hyang-mi tells everyone that she is not sure why superman is back. She then gives him something to eat. He says he can’t eat it all, she tells him that it is the smallest size and walks off.

JR looks at the plate and wonders how this is the same as ten years ago. then cut to him basically licking the pot clean as he finishes it all up. He tells Hyang-mi that he asked for another rice bowl. Hyang-mi says that they are making rice now, then wonders if this guy is a pig? Does he eat at home?

Dong-baek comes over to the table so JR asks her where her kid is so late with her working. She asks him if he has ever raised an eight year old? Eight year olds are very busy right now. I do everything for Pilgoo. He gets to do everything because I sell all this pork. You just take your daughter to a dolphin show and don’t do anything stupid here.

he asks her if she watches it? You said you forgot about me. Dong-baek mutters that it is always showing as a rerun all day long. Then she spills something so JR asks if she is okay.

But Yong-sik shows up and shows off his signature and then starts to sing his theme song or something and smiles so brightly at JR.

JR – (Dong-baek likes this kind of guy?)

DB – (Yong-sik shows all his cards at this first meeting.)

Yong-sik sits at the table and tells JR that he is his biggest fan! He also asks Dong-baek if she knows him? She says that she does not follow baseball. Yong-sik decides he should fill them all in on JR’s accomplishments. Ten years ago he led Korea against Japan in the final! He didn’t run to second or third base and screwed up the game. that is why he had 10 million anti fans (lol) that is why he is 10 million Jong-ryeol. See I know everything!

JR – Yes, well that was 8 years ago.

Yong-sik thinks, it was 8 years ago. Ah, and did you go to my school? We should have peanut service! But Dong-baek says she will not give him peanuts. Why are you getting involved in my business? This gives JR hope that they are not in that kind of relationship.

Later on, Yong-sik takes a selfie with JR outside the building and asks if they can be friends on social media. Fong-baek says something about yong-sik not passing the police exam and yet becoming a policeman. Yong-sik does not answer and just turns to talk to JR again and show all his lvoe to him.

JR mentions that Yong-sik is comfortable and so country-chic. Dong-baek says that can be a detrmental charm for women. You said that the cutest dog is a dog that eats poop. There are a lot of good looking thugs around. A country boy has a good heart.

Yong-sik is so happy to hear it and even repeats detrimental to himself. R stares at him as the three of them continue to stand there outside the Camellia Bar.

Caption: The biggest hit of 2019


Caption: I will give you my everything



Later on, Yong-sik walks Dong-baek back to her house along the river. She asks if he is really going to commute with her? He says he has to! I am detrimental! …. and a policeman, you know.

DB – Actually, the graffiti did  not just happen overnight. Gabuli did not kill me 5 years ago, so he won’t be able to do it now.

YS – Why not? Because you have Hwang Young-sik?

DB – No, because I am an ajumma raising an 8 year old alone. If I do one on one with him, I would win. I survived back then and gabuli stopped murdering.


Flashback to the captain and another police officer who are at the building and scene of the crime. they found a murder weapon and there is also a woman who is alive at the scene.

They run into the scene.

The officer says that in the scene, Gabuli was super confused. They think that she is the factor because she was embarrassed. She migh tbe the variable for Gabuli. They peak around the corner and we see Dong-baek sitting on a seat looking spooked as all get out. She is a bit wet and covered by a large jacket.

In the present, Yong-sik tells her that she pretends to be strong, but she was scared right? She asks if he has ever seen him? No one saw him in person. But I am the one that saw him coughing and talking in front of me. I still see him. When I see him in my dream, I can’t digest my food and have a headache.


DB – Well, after I saw his note on the wall, I had goosebumps

YS – I shouldn’t have shown her….Well, if you are super scared, maybe you could close the store?

DB – No, back then everyone said I was the Gabuli witness, but I did not close my store for 5 years. One crazy man won’t make me timid. I have beeb showing him that for 5 years.

Yong-sik smiles and starts walking after her again. He says that people there are so dumb, they don’t know you have claws and try to give you a hard time. She asks, claw? he says yes, actually timid dogs bark more. When they have a tiny heart, they try to fight while shaking. But Dong-baek, you look like the most timid dog, but actually, you have a biiiiig heart.

She starts to chuckle and says that no one told her that. Yong-sik tells her that he is just doing this to protect her. But he does know that she is not a woman that needs protection by someone.

She says that she hit guys until she was in 4th grade. He tells her that she is sexier like this. She hits him super hard and says he is crazy, then grabs her bag and walks away.


Meanwhile, Hyang-mi is washing her hair in the sink nand has clogged it up again. She tries to unclog it. The lights are off in the building as she gets ready to sleep. The door is also unlocked.

Hwang-mi looks around the place and wonders if she should tell DOng-baek that she uses her tiny room? No, if she knows that I lost all the money that she lent to me for the house, then she will be super angry. But when do I make $100,000, when can I go to Copenhagen?

She rolls over and starts to play with her phone. Then, in the back, we see that someone in a mask is sitting there and stands up. (Ack, so creepy!)



She ends up sending Kyu-tae a text. His name is My Respect Bro in her phone.


The next morning, we see Kyu-tae looking at the text message and thinking about Hwang-mi telling him that she respects him. He repeats that word respect over and over again. (He also has a “I am Mayor” book to read).

His wife is riding a bike indoors. She looks at her phone and sees a message from her husband that says this is No Kyu-tae who is cleaner inside than Ongsan’s crab (but it should be field) and the hard working No Kyu-tae that knows our citizens leeds (but it should be needs).

She is all like, what is this? So she gets off her bike and goes to talk to him about his text message and corrects all his grammar and spelling in it. She tells him that if he does not know, then just use Korean!

He asks why his wife is looking at his KaTalk profile? She asks why she shouldn’t, so he says it was just a type, he can change it anytime. he also starts to talk about how she does not respect him, he is so small in that house, and it is her fault that his family name stopped there.


The two cops go to inspect the note on the wall and see that it has been burned off. They are super shocked to see this, so they ask Hyang-mi if she did it? She says no. So the captain wants to ask Dong-baek if she did, but Yong-tae interrupts him and says that it is nothing, don’t worry about it.

She asks them why they look so uncomfortable? They say nothing, its nothing and try to sit and look normal. But Yong-sik’s leg is shaking so much. So Dong-baek knows that something is wrong. She pulls the table back and (perhaps on accident) sees that the note is burned off the wall.

The Captain and Yong-sik go outside to tak about this. They wonder why someone would only burn that off. Yong-sik thinks that they can get the CCTV first. Dong-baeks safety is the first thing! The Captain asks him if he is the captain now? Did you go find out about that littl edo?

Yong-sik yells, Can you stop talking about that dog! So the captain tells him not to yell at his captain. Yong-sik is upset that the captain told Dong-baek about the CCTV and all that, he could have said it was nothing! I made her brave and you made her afraid.

Captain Byun asks why he is making deer eyes? Pilgoo starts to mumble about how people have the right to live happily in Korea and not be timid… The captain tells him that he is almost a policeman now! You have a good vocation!

Yong-sik asks his captain if he did not pass the police exam and become a policeman? Right?


Dong-bae keeps looking at he burned off sign area while she prepares her food. Hyang-mi tells her that she is so brave. Dong-baek says that when you have kids, the scariest thing is not Gabuli, but my kids Hogwan money. Pilgoo is eating breakfast right now and tells her that he is ready to go.

Cut to the kids at baseball practice. JR is still there as the assistant. he is handing out bread and gives Pilgoo two breads. Pilgoo takes his breads and goes to eat alone on the playground. SO JR goes to join him.

JR – So, you aren’t going to China? Why not?

PG – I don’t want to go there.

JR – Why?

PG – Even if I don’t go to that baseball summer camp, I will be better than all those other guys.

JR – really?

PG – Everyone says I am born with a good sense of baseball.

PG – it is not real training, they are just going there for fun.

JR – it is good to go there for fun and eat lamb BBQ

PG – But at $480, I can eat all the lamb BBQ and go to a theme park, I can do everything. With that money, I can go to an arcade everyday. I can go to America. And mom does not have to sell spicy pork.

JR – This is driving me crazy

They keep talking about China. Pilgoo thinks it is super dumb to go to that summer camp. He will never go there.




There is a photo op at a volunteer group meeting with all the famous people in the town. Kyu-tae is there in the photo as well, though he wants to be in the center of the photo so he goes to the center and gives the mayor a piggy back. 

Later on, the mayor says he is not drunk and not super old, so why did you give me a piggy back ride? I am normal. Kyu-tae apologizes and says he did it for him. The mayor says he did it for the camera. If you pretend like you are friends with me in front of the camera, do you think you will get a ticket to be mayor? hey, I am havng a hard time already.

Kyu-tae starts to say that he can treat him to a meal. But the mayor says that he does not even know Hangul that well, how can you be mayor? And you live with a lawyer? Go.

Kyu-tae bows the mayor off, but then he sees Captain Byul and Yong-sik who pretend like they are not looking. But later on they all talk. KT says that he will not show him the CCTV of his building, do you have a warrant?

The Captain says that someone entered the Camellia after hours. Dong-baek is safe. Kyu-taek asks ….. how…… Hyang-mi is. Dong-baek is  not the only person there. they say that Hyang-mi is okay. Now can you show me the CCTV? He sys that he cannot show it to them. Because it is….fake.

The captain is all like, what??? So KT tells him that there is no reason to put a CCTV on that street. Yong-sik yells, IS YOUR LIFE ALSO FAKE? KT tells him that even though it is fake, it works.


Jong-ryeol walks with the baseball team and tells them never ever to put a bad reply on his name in the commets! Okay? They all say yes and keep walking with him. Then JR asks Pilgoo if he likes beef BBQ? Pilgoo doesn’t want to be bothered. JR tries to tell him that he just wants to know if he likes it?

PG asks if he is going to pay for it? JR asks if he thinks he is going to ask him to pay for it? So PG smiles and says he is not going to have baby back ribs.

Cut to them all walking to a restaurant. He wants marinated crab from Deok-soon. Pilgoo tells JR that even though he eats there free all the time, that halmoni is a good person.

Inside Deok-soon’s restaurant, we see that she has made her son Yong-sik peel garlic. He complains about it a little bit until he sees Jong-ryeol and then gets super happy. He also asks his friend Seung-yeob why he walks around with al these kids like the Pied Piper.

They all gets tarted eating at the restaurant. JR is all into what Pilgoo is eating. He likes to eat the same things as JR, so JR puffs his chest out a bit. Yong-sik tells him that he has to eat to grow. JR tells him that he will grow late, he will be over 6 feet tall. Yong-sik is all like, how do you know? JR just says that he knows.

Outside, Pilgoo talks to the coach about paying for every kids trip to China. he can do it as a scholarship.

Later on, Yong-sik carries Pilgoo’s backpack home as an excuse to walk her home. When he sees his mother he runs up and hugs his mother  to tell her that they have a scholarship so they all can go to China! We will have so much fun and go to a theme park! Don-baek asks if he really wanted to go? He says yes, he just didn’t want to tell her because they dont have money. They start talking about money for a little bit. Pilgoo says that JR ajusshi is crazy, he is paying for everyone!

Yong-sik stands quietly by and then shows off that he is holding the bag.

Inside, Yong-sik has been put to work, presumably doing all the work that Hyang-mi should be doing. Dong-baek says that she is going to see her friend. Yong-sik wonders who this friend is? Hyang-mi tells him that it is the strongest friend in town.

Much later, Pilgoo is happily doing his homework and we also see that he failed his other exam. But he is happy because of going to China. Dong-baek says that she does not feel good about it. What if you just think about going to the arcade and skipping hogwon? I hope you dont worry about how much I have to sell. Little boys shouldn’t think about those things.

Meanwhile, Yong-sik continues to help his mother with her work in her restaurant. They talk about her giving only people she likes kimchi. Deok-soon says this kimchi is for her bestfriend, not just everyone. Then she tells him that her best friend is Dong-baek.

Yong-siks head whips around in shock and then hears Dong-baek calling for Deok-soon, so his head whips to the front.





KT pulls up in front of Hyang-mi and tells her to hop in. She is all like, um…I am almost there. He tells her to hop in again.

In Deok-soon’s place, we see that Yong-sik is hiding somewhere while Deok-soon and Dong-baek talk about where her youngest son is. She talks about how he was the last in his class and is just like that. DB says that men are just like that. There is an ajusshi that comes to her store, but he is like a beer.

Deok-soon tells her not to hang out with those bears. Dongbaek says that some bears are cute, like Winnie the Pooh bear. The conversation changes to her dress that Deok-soon thinks is pretty. She also thinks that Dong-baek should get married. 

She says that being a single mom is hard for kids as well. When you rkids leave the nest, you only have your skin left. So, if that person has already been married, marry them anyway. It is a lonely life as a single mom.

Yong-sik listens to it all in his hiding place.

Elsewhere, Kyu-tae and Hyang-mi sit in his car and talk. Though he only wants to talk about who else she respects in the city. it turns out that she does not respect any man around.

He tells her to open the glove compartment box. She she opens in and takes out a flyer to a ski resort. He is all like, you can go separate or with me or whatever. She has no idea what this is, water skiing? He says it is just skiing, skiing is skiing. It is not kissing. But then he wonders, oh no, what did I say? So he changes kiss to skii. 

She asks if they are having some? Why are you so flushed?




Meanwhile, DB and YS talk outside. She does not want him to follow her around because it is difficult to be in rumors all the time. She says she is not a woman raising a little baby. She wants him to respect her as a mother. He says okay and starts to back away.

But he still calls her name so she sighs and turns to listen. 

YS – If man and woman does it behind the scenes, then it is a rumor, but if it is out in the open, and I say that I love Dong-baek, then I can brag about it! If I say that then they can’t say anything, right? I think that is more respectable to the other person.

DB – (In retrospect, I never…)

Flashback to her walking with Jong-ryeol. She wanted to go to a wedding with him, but he says that they would be in a scandal.

DB – (…I have never been someones pride).

DB – Why does he smile like that?


Dong-baek walks around the market buying things, but thinks it is too expensive. Then Yong-sik walks up and says that this is mysterious, my mother bought this at $7, so why charge $8 to Dong-baek?

The woman says that it is okay to like Dong-baek, but I wiped all your boogers when you were young. Are you making me into a criminal? he is embarrased and asks why he is talking about that.

Then the other ajummas walk up to talk about them and how he is following Dong-baek around and how he should not do this to them. If your mother knew then she would be so sad. Yong-sik was not ready for the ajumma swarm and tells them, if you over charge then I will go to the city and buy a huge case of radish!

They walk away, DOngbaek says that they always talk about her no matter what. If I buy new shoes then they will say I am trying to seduce you. He says that they are looking at her for one reason. She asks if he is going to say that she is pretty? he says of course she is pretty, but they are jealous of you because you are special.

he keeps talking about DOng-baek and how she can’t be dumber than him. Why don’t you know my heart? All the dogs know it, how come you don’t know it? She asks if he is confessing to her without the proper build up?

Meanwhile, the ajummas are talking about how Yong-sik is so sprung. he is a romanticist. Deok-soon comes out and tells them to leave her son alone. He is kind of foxy, I thought he did not know women but he is ambitious, he is seducing a lawyer right now. Do you have dduk? I want to make dduk for my ambitious boy. She happily goes into her cafe.

The ajummas all think she heard something wrong.



Back with the love birds, Dong-baek thinks that Yong-sik is making her into a joke. They are going to say that she is seducing a single man. She asks if she has to teach him everything like she teaches Pilgoo?

He says that he will headbut everyone that makes her into a joke. She asks if he can just pretend like he does not like her? He says that when he does something behind the scenes, it only causes problems. You know how people say something is nothing and do something behind the scenes? Thos people are thugs, so I will do things my own way.

She asks why he is doing things his own way….why are you opening your eyes like that? (his eyes are so intense).

YS – I will make sure that no one in Ongsang says you are seducing me or spreading rumors! I will do it!

He turns and walks away with determination. She calls his name and asks whre he is going. 

He is actually walking all the way back to the ajummas.


A woman comes up and says that she will charge $7 for radish, so can you be quiet? But he says that they are not doing anything bad! I LIE HER, I LIKE HER, I LIKE HEEEEEEEEEEEER!

VO – Yong-sik came out like that.

YS – You raised me together, so you should like DOng-baek because I like Dong-baek.

A tiger growls and his mother comes out of the building.

YS – Um, mom, why are you coming out from there?

Mon glares at Yong-sik, Yong-sik spins around to looks at Dong-baek.

DB – (What? Mom? I am going to lose my best friend on my side. Now I have become the biggest trouble friend. My line changed like that).

While walking back, Yong-sik cowers a bit like a dog with its tail between his legs. He tells his mother that she said yong-sik is only all of nothing, so I decided that Dong-baek is the one.

She throws her bag of food at him and keeps walking.




Dong-baek gets back to her place and has a drink. She asks Hyang-mi who she is going water skiing with? Hyang mi asks why she is drinking? Aren’t you going to a small business meeting? Dong-baek says she is not going there anymore, she lost her supporter. Even if I was her, I would hate it. Who would like DOng-baek.

Hyang-mi tells her to close the shop early today and gets up to leave. Then we see JR coming in so Hyang-mi mutters that Dong-baek wont drink alone at least.

Cut to then drinking soju together. She asks why he is paying for the trip and he asks why she is making that little boy worry about money. She asks why he is worried about how she is raising her kid, she is not as popular as superman. He asks why she opened this business? It is not like you?

She says it is because of him. You always say the same thing when I make soup or ddukbogi. You always say the same thing.


The two of them are sitting in a small house and about to eat. She asks why he drinks while eating. He asks how he can’t? Whatever you drink makes me want to eat. You have the best sidedishes! Then he gives her lots of kisses.

In the present, she tells him that was the first time someone told her that she was the best at something. So people do what they are the best at. You play baseball and I opened this place. He asks why he can affect her life so much. She says that she had no family so what he said was everything to her. 

He tells her that he shouldnt’ have said that and mentions that she is drivingn him crazy. We also see another flashback of her explaining to Hyang-mi why she sells alcohol at her place. It is for the margins she can make with money. She is doing it all for Pilgoo. When he goes to the major leagues, then she will give him a lot of money.

In the present, he asks why she doesn’t just live well. She tells him that he can live his life and she will live hers. he asks why she has that bracelet still? She says that it is habit and she wears it for her health.

They both talk about them living their own lives. But JR says he can’t go back now that he knows that Pilgoo is his son. JR he thinks he (JR) has not lived a good life. he sighs.

Dong-baek looks at him and says that she didn’t fully forget him. Sometimes she would think about him. that is just how people are. I can’t stop thinking, we can just live our life. JR tells her, if you live your life, how can I ignore you? DO you know why I am 10 million Jong-ryeol? Because I did not run from 2nd to 3rd base. The day I did not have a soul? That was 2012 March 12.

She sniffs. He says he is so sick and tired of it and rubs his head as he sits at the table. Later on, he rubs his head outside as he sits outside the Camellia Bar wondering why this good girl is not living well. He sniffs a bit.

But then Yong-sik walks up so he stands and wipes his tears quickly. Yong-sik asks if he drank? JR says he is fine to drive.

But Yong-sik asks why he is there. he stares seriously at JR as if he has a feeling about everything.

YS – I strangely don’t feel good about his.

JR – Let me tell you one more thing since you don’t feel good. Don’t play with Dong-baek.

YS – Dong baek?

JE – Her life is already hard. Even before someone like you is pocking her around.

JR leaves.



Inside, Dong-baek and Yong-sik sit at a table and talks over soju.

DB – How can I see your mom? Stop coming.

JR – Did you cry?…. Did you cry?

DB – Yes, I cried. I should cry from time to time.

JR – What happened?

DB – Alcohol just made me cry. I lost my best friend and looked like a joke.

JR – Why did you cry?

DB – It’s just…my life is embarrassing….so embarassing. Why is my life like this? At school, I was the only orphan. When I grew up, I was the only single mom who made my son think like an adult all over $480. I want to live a good life, but, you know, the world is so harsh to me. It embarrasses me all the time.

JR – Dongbaek-shi, don’t pretend like you are weak. Orphan single mom Dong-baek, people can say that you have no good luck, but honestly, you are super lucky right?

DB – Yeah, I have good luck *sarcasticly*

JR – You are an orphan and single mom and are raising Pilgoo who is such a good boy. You are the owner of a business and don’t blame others and live right. You are better than other people and work hard. You know, everyone should respect you.

DB – (This is the first time in my life someone complimented me).

JR – Someone would have already given up. But who talked bad about you. Dongbaek, in this town, you are the strongest and the best and you are a good good person.

DB – *Teary* why are you doing this to me? Don’t say those things to me. I am just holding on. But if someone is on my side then I will be like….don’t be on my side….don’t compliment me….why do you say I am pretty….why do you say I am proud….it is the first time I have heard those things….my heart is moving….why did you make someone cry who is living their life clenching her teeth!……*tears*…….then you will be like *tears*….

YS – I am different from Kang Jong-ryeol. I don’t care who Pilgoo’s father is. Pilgoo and Dongbaek, I am not going to make either one of you cry…….Everyday….I will tell you how great you are….so you won’t forget….so don’t say no….just receive it. Just.

DB – Yong-sik, what are you going to do if I like you for real? What are you going to do? *tears* What are you going to do? *tears*

Yong-sik tries not to cry himself as he looks all around.

Caption – Can a person be a miracle to another person?


Yong-sik is cpainting the wall and wondering why someone is not helping him and is just sitting there.

The camera scrolls away to a person with a lighter under the table. This person is rolling the lighter over and over again under the table. It ignites and turns off, then ignites and turns off.

Fade Out


Okay, I have more theories! (spoilers in theories if you dont’ like knowing or guessing things) On DC Inside, they talked about how the hardware guy might be the killer and he might be doing this with Hyang-mi. That is why Hyang-mi works in the store and it is also why she talks about saving a hundred thousand dollars and going to europe. Because now, with the movie, they are talking abotu Gabuli again so she wants to spit town. that is one theory on DC Inside.

Also, the person with the lighter in the Epilogue looked a lot like a woman’s hand to me. Did anyone else think so?

One funny thing, On DC inside, someone searched the Camellia flower and found out that there is an artist named Kang Jong-ryeol who mostly only draws Camellia flowers (or Dong-baek flowers).


YS – I don’t care about others, but if you say no then I won’t do it.

Ja-young – If you hit my last defense line and make me mad. I think I want to be very honest

YS – My mom likes you a lot Dong-baek. You are best friends you know.

DB – Who likes DOng-baek? No one will like me.

PG – Ajusshi, don’t you train? Why are you coming here everyday?

DB – Who threw this away here?

YS – Just formally request help for the investigation! 

YS – I am going to catch Gabuli and show who he is against.

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    • Casserole
      September 26, 2019 / 3:45 pm

      Ooooo. That’s a great theory! He’s always at the restaurant 🙂

      • V
        September 26, 2019 / 3:47 pm

        He does look suspicious! And did Hyang-mi and him have a little nod of acknowledgement or something?

        • Tutti
          September 26, 2019 / 3:58 pm

          I saw it in the Ep3 as well. Back then I thought the plumber looked at Hyang-mi because of her hair in the pipe. Also Hyang mi talked to herself about save up lots of money and travel to Europe somewhere. I guess Hyang mi is the serial killer’s girlfriend and they want to leave Korea.

          • V
            September 26, 2019 / 5:17 pm


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