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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 3 (5-6) Live Recap

RECAP: Episode 3 (or 5+6 in Korea) recap for When the Camellia Blooms
Episode 3 on Netflix (or 5+6 in Korea) recap for When the Camellia Blooms

Last time on When the Camellia Blooms, Dong-baek had a hard time of it. Not only did she get yelled at in the street by some ajummas, Gong-baek’s old baseball flame also came to his home town to film Superman and found out that he has a son that he never knew about. She had to open up to him about this in a cafe and let him know that she doesn’t still have feeling for him, even though she very so much does. I mean, she did move to his hometown.

Young-sik was also able to kind of let Dong-baek know his feelings for her in a lovely, yet albeit bumbling, rain filled confession that culminated in Dong-baek holding his hand after seeing her ex at her bar. All our mains where outside that bar to witness this, including the jealous peanut man. I think we might start today’s episode at that last scene.

We will get started with the episode around 8:00 CST. Check our twitter for updates!

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Yong-sik and Dong-baek tun into Kyu-tae as they are trying to walk away. He asks, are you two dating? This is news to Yong-sik as well as he asks, are we dating? Then everyone starts to come out of the bar and sees the two holding hands. The music is great during this scene. They all look at them and pause. But then they start to walk away.

Dong-baek lets go of Yong-siks hands and the original four are alone again. Kyu-tae says Dong-baek needs to pay her rent. Yong-sik tells her that he is sorry to change his words, but, I don’t think I can be friends with you.

DB – The airplane bomber started, there are no secrets in the world.


Dong-baek walks up the street in the morning while people talk and laugh at the situatio with Dong-baek and Yong-sik. They talk about how Deok-soon will have a daughter in law now.

Dong-bae stops by the ladies that always give her a hard time who tell her that she looks good and what did you do last night. She says she didn’t sleep last night so they all exclaim, woah, you didn’t sleep last night? They also talk about the money that Hyang-mi should repay, Dong-baek says that she will tell Hyang-mi about it.

Dong-baek keeps walking off and sees Yong-sik. She nods to him but then hurries away. So of course he runs after her to talk. She asks why he is following her! And holds her hands out to stop him. He looks at her hands and says that they need to talk about holding hands, I couldn’t sleep at all and I just thought about this hand and holding hands and thought over and over again and thought that this means that we should open our hands to each other.

He looks at Dong-baek after that rambling, she tells him that they should talk somewhere quiet, so they walk off somewhere to be alone.

Dong-bae tells him that she is sorry, it was her mistake. She can’t explain everything to him, but she was in a hurry…hmm..

He says that is right, well, the hand is spontaneous…hand holding. Man and women relationships are spontaneous as well. We don’t have to think too much about it, the people who use brains or not, it is the same.

She asks why it is the same? He says that he realized that peoples hearts can be changed in 3 seconds. When he saw her in the bookstore, he realized that in 3 seconds. She says that she didn’t do anything to him, mmm, you don’t really know me, mmmm.

He says that he fell in love at first sight, he doesn’t know a plan or whatever, but if she is not married then he wants to go all in to her. She tells him that he should be more thoughtful. But he says that putting himself 100% in is better than being thoughtful. He thinks that his Dong-baek diamond might run away. so, when he is sure, he should more forward.

She thinks she is not a diamond and thinks that he is more than straight, like a shot putter.

Yong-sik says that they shouldn’t talk about this next to a sign that says, don’t pee on the wall (it is right next to them). How about we go eat somewhere and talk? She asks if he is going to confess to her then? he is a bit embarrassed.

Dong-baek says that she will dump him in advance and then walks away to bumbling music.


Meanwhile, the market ajummas talk to each other about whether they think that their chairman ajumma knows what is going on? They have a good relationship so we might be in big trouble. But the other one thinks that being nice to a woman in town and having that woman marry your son is different. Completely different.

But then the chairman walks up (Deok-soon). They ask her if she has any type of woman that she would want as a daughter in law? Deok-soon says that it does not matter at all. This is a new age, just so long as they love each other.

Elsewhere, Yong-sik says that Dong-baek shouldn’t dump him with no reason at all. At elast give me something. Dong-baek turns around and tells Yong-sik that she has an idea of a man she likes. you know, a single guy says that he likes a single mom, so is that it? Plus you are not my style.

He asks what her style is? I will be your style!

She says Gong-yoo type. So Goblin (ddokebi) music starts to play, lol. She says that she likes bad guys. You look like you are nice enough to lend money to anyone. I like cranky men with good style (Korean drama men). She asks him if he knows those types of men. Then he wonders why he is not saying anything.

He is actually muttering to himself….ddokebi, ddokebi, how can a man be a ddokebi? Then he says he has to patrol around and starts to walk away slowly. She wonders if she went to far with Gong Yoo. Then he stops so she wonders why he stopped.

Yong-sik turns around and says a curious dog is a dog that eats poop. You know, you will get a sunburn under a spring sun and with a little rain, you can get wet without noticing it. Later, don’t follow me around and says that you love me!

He almost runs off around the corner. She grows warm and wonders if he is confessing to her? She awlks back to her bar, fanning herself. Hyang-mi asks her why she is fanning herself. Hyang-mi is drinking right now.

Dong-baek tells her that they need to pay that ajusshi back, but Hyang-mi says she doesn’t have any money. Dong-baek says she can pay her in advance.

Her son hears all of this in the back as he watches YV.

At home, Kyu-tae talks to his wife about being so cranky about his mother visiting. She doesn’t comea ll the time. But his wife is actually upset that he did not pay $8 for peanuts at a bar and the polcie caught him. Kyu-tae says that this guy was a newcomer in the police station. She asks if he is going to sue him? he says it is not about suing, it is about his authority and dignity.

She turns around and shows him the eye cream that is buy one get one for free. He should have bought a larger one to get this one for free. She throws it in the trash and then tells her husband not to sue. She is okay if he is embarrassed outside, but at least do not make my face dirty. I can live with you if I at least maintain my dignity.


Ja-young goes to work and is approached by the two market ajummas who want to talk about the Camellia bae which is one of their tenants. They ask if she is going to extend the rent? Time is almost coming. She says that her husband will take care of it. The ajummas think that she should get involved with it, you should think about our neighbors. Ja-young keeps saying that her husband will take care of it. But the ajummas say that he lives in that place, he might not do it properly.

They keep following Ja-young around and tell her that her husband is the only one that buys whiskey in Camellia and say all the bad things about Camellia and how her husband was the dumbest in their high school. Ja-young starts to chuckle. the ajummas keep talking about their reputation and the single mother and all that.

Ja-young slams her door and tells them that whoever will have an affair, will have an affair, you know. tracking the GPS and navigation and all that, whatever you do, whoever will have an affair, will have one. And whoever will not have one, will not have one. My husband will not have an affair, even if there is a truck full of Dong-baeks. Please excuse me.

They open her door and nod that she is so cool as she drives away. then they think that their lawyer is like a general. Kyu-tae must have a hard time living with her. But on eof them thinks that she is timid, she doesn’t even know where Camellia is, but she knows Dong-baeks name.

Cut to Ja-young driving off. She stopped at a yellow so a man yells at her in another car about stopping at a yellow. he yells a lot of things. She holds up her index finger as if she is flipping him off and tells him that she is married.


Meanwhile, the police station interview is taking place with the captain. he is amazingly nervous and does not talk normally as he says that the hardest thing about the investigation with the serial killer is that they could not pinpoint the victims. The first one was a hostess, we thought it was sexual harrassment, but it wasn’t. SO we thought it was hatred toward woman.

There was a man who was a Chinese food delivery guy that was the second victim. 

The third victim was part of a homeowners association chairwoman.

the fourth was a primary school boy.

The last one, was a skin care person.

There was no comonality between the victims. Only the note that said Ka-bul-ji-ma (kind of translates to: don’t do too much or don’t act up).

It was the same writing on each of the notes. He wanted us to know that he did it. The interviewer says that everyone knows about this note. Do you have anything else? Like when the last skin care person died, there was a survivor, but it was buried. Can I see that person? We can protect them and pay them.

The Captain says that she should not do anything with the survivor or witness. This is news to Yong-sik, he didn’t know that there was a survivor.


Elsewhere, hang-mi asks Kyu-tae when he is going to fix the sink? he says he will call a guy, but…are they really dating? She says that they are not little kids, holding hands does not mean that they are dating. Kyu-tae is all into this conversation and asks why they would hold hands, he is not her style. Hyang-mi says it is nothing, just stop. But Kyu-tae wonders, if it is nothing, then why won’t she hold my hand!

Hyang-mi says he bothers her so much with peanuts and all that. He says he is the only one buying whiskey, is it so difficult to give him peanuts? She says that they give free peanuts, he is the only one that they did not give free peanuts to. She gave free ones to Yong-sik.

Cut to a note that Yong sik wrote on the wall: 

To Dong-baek,

Thank you for my peanut service.

PS. (I will tell you thank you all the time).



They are both looking at the letter on the wall. Hyang-mi says that they give fre peaches for free as well to one cutsomer. They only order soju, but we give them that. Kyu-tae is so upset, so he is the only one that does not get free service?

She sees the face cream and asks why he has it? Are you going to give it to eunnie? he says no. She says it is expensive Chanel. But he says it is not expensive, it is buy one get one (one plus one). She takes it happily and says that he is A-listed. She starts to put on the cream and says that he is smart and owns buildings and has a lot of hair, you are double A-listed.

He says that his wife looks down on him, but not her. She says that she respects him. This makes him so happy.

VO – Why did that one word move my heart?

She tells him that this is so expensive. He says that she is the first woman that told him that she respects him. Hyang-mi tells someone that they are not open yet. Kyu-tae also says they are not open, but then he looks to the side and sees that it is his wife. She asks him, so you live here?

Meanwhile, the interviewer wants to find out who the witness is. She thinks they can talk to the cops about Gabuli (Dont-act-up serial killer). the camera man says that they did not catch Gabuli, so if they reveal the witness, it could be dangerous.

But the interview woman says that no one knows if Gabuli wanted to kill that person or not. there is only one survivor, that is strange.

Inside Camellia, Kyu-tae talks with his wife. She thinks he is here unexpectedly, but he says this is his building. She tells him that this building is under both their names and I make more money than you. Why don’t you just not renew this building? It bothers me. Everything about it bothers me. It is dirty.

Kyu-tae says that they cannot just tell them to empty the store. Kyu-tae asks, they cant? They cant? Kyu-tae wonders why she is bothering her husbands business so much? This is my job to take care of my tenants. She asks if he won’t kick them out? He says that he will take care of it as the owner of the building.

She sees the eye cream and tells him that when she sees his behavior, she thinks that this building will be hers soon. She leaves.



The Captain stands outside his building and says that he has a feeling that Gabuli is still here. Yong-sik asks what the lunch menu is. The captain dramatically says that it is 5 years past and people talk about him again, he will have the urge. Yong-sik says he made a reservation, which definitely breaks the dramatic mood. 

The Captain tells him to ask his mother for free service. Yong-sik says actually, the crab price does not go down because it is lunchtime. The Captain says he is just like his mother.

So they go to Camellia instead of Yong-sik’s mothers restaurant. He says that pork is better than salted crab, you know, ha ha. The other cop smiles brightly and nods toward Dong-baek. 

Dong-baek brings over their lunch so they ask if she made it special for them? Then Yong-sik tells her that she only opens at night so it is like a bar, but if you open in the daytime then it is like a restaurant. She nods and smiles and then goes back to take care of her business.

The Captain smiles and says he has a feeling – do you like Yang-mi? You can’t trick me. He is smiling as if he has figured it out. Yong-sik just sighs and tells him to just eat.

But then Kyu-tae comes in and starts to take photos of all the dirty areas in the place and making a big deal about it. Like the broken tile and the sink and all that. He brought a hardware store person in to fix it all so he tells Hung-sik to fix the tile and the sink. 

The hardware guy finds a lot of hair in the sink, Hyang-mi shh’s him and asks if he would like a special drink? Kyu-tae keeps walking around and seeing all the broken things in the place like broken walls and nails in the wall and how a tenant that stays somewhere for a long time will break it.

Yong-sik glares at him and says that this place i smore like storage, how can they have no windows! That thing is not a window, you have to have sunshine. This whole issue is in how bad the landlord it. Some people don’t know about the new law about protecting the tenants! They have to go to jail to realize it!

You know, you should not hang out with criminals, you know, boss. And do you know what kind of world it is right now, taking advantage of tenants send people to jail!

Kyu-tae yells that they have to turn the wall back today! Dong-baek asks how she can do it today? I have to find someone to fix it. Yong-sik stands up and tells her not to worry about it! We have three interior designers to fix it! Like me! Yong-sik!

His captain tells him to just work on the dog problem. But Yong-sik says that he will fix it all! I can fix all of this in two hours! Hung-sik, do you sell paint? I am going to erase all of these notes on the wall!

Dong-baek then asks him if he would like to eat lunch? I made a lot of rice. This makes Kyu-tae super jealous so he yells, why didn’t you tell me that you have a lot of rice! Why! Why! he storms out like a toddler.


Later on, we see Yong-sik painting the wall happily as Dong-baek watches. he looks back at her several times to smile as he busily runs the brush across the wall.

She tells him that she can pay him for this, but he says noooo, it is between us. But she is adamant that she can pay him. SO he says, well, okay, if you want to. He also tells her that she can go to the other side to get away from the paint smell.

She walks back to the kitchen area and tells Hyang-mi that this guy become so soft and timid whenever I say something. he is like Pil-goo’s age. Hyang-mi asks, if he is like Pil-goo, then why do you make Misoogaru (a crushed grain drink).

Dong-baek says he is working so hard! Look at him. Hyangmi tells her that she is so strange. You are kind of cranky to him for no reason. This is the first time I have seen you speak straightly. Dong-baek asks, do you think so? Maybe I am mistreating him? Hyang mi says that he is easy for her. DOng-baek says he is difficult.

In the eating area, Yong-sik thinks she is a difficult woman as well.

In the back, Hyang-mi tries to explain her feelings and the kinds of women that men like the most? The women who say that they dont’ like him. Dong-baek asks if she is drinking beer again. Hyang-mi continues and says that these stupid guys around here, when a woman says that they like them, they should be thankful, but when she says she does not, now, they want that woman.

Dong-baek tells her to stop drinking during the day.

In the painting area, Yong-sik reads a few of the writings. One of them talks about DOng-baeks pretty legs so he covers it up angrily. He thinks he needs to find this guy. he starts to thing that he will compare all the writing on the wall. But that is when he sees a certain writing and walks over to it. It is the note that the serial killer writes. “Don’t act up, Dong-baek.”

Yong-sik stops and stares at it.




Yong-sik sees the note that was written, that is the signature writing of the serial killer. Yong-sik starts to breath hard and takes a photo of it. But he covers it up with a table when DOng-baek comes with the drink. She says it is free and it isn’t only for him, it is for everyone.

But Yong-sik looks spooked and asks her how long she has been there? Six years right?


Yong-sik runs all the way to his captain in his office and asks where the investigation file is. The captain jumps and asks why he is like this right now?

Cut to Yong-sik looking though the file and asking if Gabuli started killing poeple 6 years ago? the Captain asks him why he is doing this? Work on the dog case. You know, if I didn’t like you way back then when you got the bank robber then I wouldn’t be living like this. Whenever you move your nose, my heart pounds. SO, what is going on?

Yong-sik says that he took this photo on the wall and the writing was similar. The Captain says that they have over 200 reports of the Gabuli pattern. Everyone says that is was Gabuli and they all had the same writing style. They can copy the writing pattern.

But then he sees the note on the wall and asks if he saw it in Dong-baeks place? he is very serious all of a sudden. Yong-sik asks what he is doing? The Captain takes off. Yong-sik asks what is going on? What is the relationship between Dong-baek and Gabuli?

The Captain will not tell him and says that he needs to just not do anything right now!

Elsewhere, Jong-ryeol (JR) looks at photos of his son while he gets ready for a game. He wonders why this boy does not have a father, ah, what should I do! On the bus ride to the game, JR asks one of his eam members about what if your first love….but then the friend asks about Dong-baek, are you talking about her again? ALl the teammates talk about it as well and start to say DOng-baek, ah, Dong-baek.

JR is all like, um, why do you all know about her? The baseball guy tells him to stop drinking or you will bring this up to your wife. I don’t even know your wifes name, but I know Dong-baek.

Flashback to JR talking about Dong-baek to all his friends and teammates as he drinks. He even talked to the air about Dong-baek and asys that girls prettier than Dong-baek are actually not Dong-baek. They are not Dong-baek….

In the bus, JR thinks about this as everyone else relaxes. The friend tells him, what if Dong-baek really shows up? One other guy tells him that he loves his kid so much so he won’t break his marriage. JR yells at them all and then covers his head for privacy.


On ajumma street, Deok-soon tries to talk to her son about Mom/son things like eating and rest and how he is tall and big. But his mind is preoccupied with Gobuli. He finally asks her why she is talking about beng tall and good looking?

But then Hellena comes out taling about how the rice cooker is broken again. She asks her if she knows jongdaemal?


At camellia, Dong-baek has started a lunch menu and is offering something to the interviewer and camera man. They must have had a tip to come there. the interviewer says that she is the witness right? Dong’baek looks at her son. The interviewer says that she knows that she does not want to be in public. Don-baek tells her to leave, please.

Cut to Dong-baek talking to her son outside about going straight home after school. Pil-goo asks if she wants him to hit them in the nose for her? He looks at the reporter. Dong-baek says that she can hit them in the nose herself and tells him not to go to the arcade after school.

While walking off, he runs into Yong-sik who asks him if he would like to go to the arcade? Pil-goo asks him, you are on our side right? My mom is the nicest person in the town, but she is also bullied. There is something that bothers me but I am a little kid so I have to go to the hogwan, so I want to ask you something, Ajusshi.

We see Yong-sik walking to Camellia. He sees the interviewer talking to her. Dong-baek says that she is not sure what they heard, but, it is not me. Then we see Yong-sik yelling at them both and asking why this reporter is there!

The reporter keeps talking to Dongbaek about keeping her identity confidential. The camera man says that they will pay her. But Dong-baek says that they should leave. the interviewer mutters that it is so difficult to have an interview with the witness. Yong-sik is shocked, so Dong-baek is the witness? he is speechless.

The interviewer says that they can protect her. But Dong-baek asks how they can protect her? Did you have my permission to be here? You are so rudely investigating me. What protection can you give me?

Everyone fades away like ghosts and we see other people appear just the same. There are cops all around so this looks like a flashback. The captain is there and asks if the they think that the next target is Dong-baek?

On the news, the woman says that this killer might be targeting people that work at a bar. In the first case, the criminal sprayed a fire extinguisher, this time, they activated the sprinkler. The polcie guess that the criminal did it to cover up the evidence. But there is not definite evidence yet.

Dong-baek listens to the news as she rocks little Pil-goo to sleep. Then she goes to her bar and says that she needs to open her business. There are policie men all around sitting in all the seats. One policemen says that her business is not that important, it is not like we are occupying all the space. 

She asks if they can come back tomorrow? The policeman says that she needs to see what is going on. You are not just a witness, you could be a target. the first woman worked in a norebang. The skin care victim used to work at a bar. So that is why we are here. If we don’t protect you as the witness, then we don’t know what will happen. If the case happens again, then we will be the one in trouble.

The Captain says that they are not saying that she is the target. She says that she is just a single mother. She is not a bar hostess or something. I just have this business to raise my son. 

Outside, the ajummas say that they pity her, but there are unlucky women everywhere. She brought this bad luck with her, that is why we have Gabuli here. If something happens, then our business is all bankrupt.

Dong-baek walks around the neighborhood and talks to some of the people. One of the men has cancelled his reservation for the soccer team. So her busniess is going way down. her lettuce has flies flying around it. Dong-baek just looks at it as her son plays.

Then she looks at her son playing with a car that is missing a wheel and asks him where his wheel is. She starts to cry as she looks for it. Pilgoo is only like 9-12 months old here. She apologizes to Pilgoo for their situation.

The next day, Dong-baek tells the cops not to protect her, if Gabuli wants to take her then she will be the one. She is more afraid of the police and reporters than Gabuli. This is not protection, it is invasion! This is my place. You don’t care about my life. I am not a woman in the sex industry, okay! I am not a woman with bad luck! I don’t have bad fate! they are making me unlucky! Can’t you just leave me alone so I can live with my kid! She starts to cry and they all fade away.

We are back to the present with the interviewers and Yong-sik. Dong-baek tells them that this is not protection, this is stigma. You should not do it. the interviewer says that she understands them, but it is a different time. Yong-sik steps between them and says that she told them that she is not doing it. He points at the camera man that he better not touch it, or he will break it.

Then he tells the interviewer not to poke around. Dongbaek is not alone, I am around her all the time. The interviewer says that he is nothing and this is supressing the media! he tells her she better not touch Dong-baek! If she touches Dong-baek, then he will ruin them all.


Later on, Dong-baek and Yong-sik eat at a coastal restaurant. He says he will pay for it all and asks if she really saw anything? She says that she only saw the back of him. He says that must have been so scary. He will just catch him.

She says that when she became the witness, she begged his captain not to talk about her being the witness. Don’t talk about it and hide it forever. I didnt want to make my Pilgoo into the son of an unlucky woman that is in a lot of rumors. 

Yong-sik says that she is not unlucky! But Dong-baek smiles and says that since she was young, people did not like her. She has a bit of sadness in her face. Also, she is unlucky. She did not want to be an orphan or a single mom.

Yong-sik asks who did this! She says that she also did not want to be like this. her life could be hard. But sometimes, when other people say it, she also thinks it. He tells her not to listen to that nonsense. She smiles and says it is all nonsense. She is lucky because no one has her Pilgoo, she is the only one with Pilgoo. If the god that gave kids, gave me the #1 in the world Kim Yoona or GD, I would not trade it for Pilgoo. I am a lucky person, so why should I. I am not unlucky. Why do they say that?

She scratches her head as the oodong comes. So they start to eat it quietly. But Yong-sik wants to say something.

YS – If princess Diana came back to life and hit on me, or if Im Soo-jung hit on me…

DB – Im Soo-jung would not do that to you

YS – I would not trade them with Dong-baek

She smiles and says shut up, I am not yours. He tells her that she will have to see what happens in the future. And they keep eating.

Later on, they walk back home. JR is sitting outside her place in a car, hoping to see her. Dong-baek tells Young-sik not to walk her home, she doesn’t like rumors. But he wanted to just in case she went to the train station again. He tells her, she needs to release all her anger. If someone slaps you then give me all your poop (that is a proverb in Korea). 

She tells him that people will talk about her more if he is like this. Why are you so into my life so much? I already dumped you. We are not friends or family or tenant and landlord. So why do you do this?

He asks her if she really wants the reason? Then come here. He takes her arm and pulls her inside. JR watched this all and thinks that they are living happily.

He takes her to the spot on the wall that has the Gabuljima mark. She gasps. He tells her that she needs to know this so she can be careful. I am a policeman in this town and you have this mark. So even if I am dumped, I am a policeman, so I will protect you no matter what. If the bad guy comes, then all the good guys gather together, like the avengers. It is tradition. So me, Hwang Yong-sik, it is my plan, okay?

She tells him that is just, hmm, strange ajusshi.

he says, if it is Gabuli or not, if the soldiers come, I will protect you Dong-baek!

She is growing warm again and getting embarrassed. She tells him that he gives her a headache.



Dong-baek gives this man free peanuts because he came here often. She smiles and drops the beer opener on the ground which makes her notice his very dirty shoes. She asks if he is from work? Enjoy.

The murderer starts to drink his drink and write on the wall. He writes, Dong-baek, you also don’t act up. 2013.7.9.

Fade Out



So it looks like the killer is not Kyu-tae? She gave the killer free peanuts and she never gives Kyu-tae free peanuts. Also, she would know what Kyu-tae looked like. Or perhaps that was way back when she first opened the bar so she would not remember, and that was the first and only time she gave him peanuts. Which is why he keeps asking for it now. I don’t know. All I know is that we have introduced a new woman that could be in the harbor – the reporter lady.


YS – *singing*

JR – You are attractive in a country-ish way

DB – I think that is a super detrimental thing for women.

DB – Ong-san men have that kind of tendency?

DS – Don’t hang out with those bear-like guys

DB – Winnie the Pooh is pretty cute

KT – In this house, I become small both physically and mentally! Do you respect me? 

KT – Who else do you respect in On-san?

DB – Hey, Yong-sik, you will make me into a joke if you continue to do this.

YS – I will make sure that no one talks about you seducing me!

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  2. Tutti
    September 25, 2019 / 11:18 am

    Thank you for the recap! It seems like now Dongbaek remembers who the serial killer is! And he is one of the people in the town who came to the Camellia regularly.

    • V
      September 26, 2019 / 11:02 am

      You’re welcome!

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