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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 2 (3&4) Live Recap

Episode 2 (1&2) recap for the kdrama When the Camellia Blooms
Episode 2 Recap of When the Camellia Blooms, image Netflix

Yesterday’s episode of When the Camellia Blooms was quirky and cute with a bit of murder mystery thrown in (that can go on ahead and be thrown out as well). I really enjoyed this drama and loved how quickly our lead fell for Dong-baek, the honest, genuine single mother/small business owner who is just trying to make it in this world.

Episode 1 of When the Camellia Blooms had a high of 8% ratings while airing, which is amazing in today’s ratings scale. Lets see how episode 2 will do!

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We open on that same desolate blue faded scene with the body that was just pulled from the harbor. Yong-sik cautiously approaches the body and bravely pulls the sheet from it. Then we cut away to see him sitting and staring at the marsh around the area, blank faced and breathing hard. 

The CSI person tells the captain that they found this note in the victims pocket.

Note: I told you 5 years ago…don’t brag (or don’t do too much).


Dong-baek asks Young-sik if he is going a certain way? It is the same night and Yong-sik is still holding the wallet Dong-baek is trying to see which way he is walking becuase she has to go back to the store to grab something. He says yes, actually, well, I am patrolling this area.

YS – An exceptionally pretty person like you walking on the street like that, you  know, as a police officer, um, that really concerns me and draws my attention

DB – Are you…drunk?

YS – *thinking* Just…the smell *backs away* lets go…which way *fans the air*

She starts to walk and he runs to catch up and tells her that she can think of him as a police officer on duty. Just take me like that, haha hmm. She thinks to herself that he is a really strange person. She asks him why he is holding Kyu-tae’s wallet. He mutters that it just happened so he asks if he took it from him? Yong-sik says that he is a police officer!


Kyu-tae tells the cops to follow the law! As he bangs his hand on the police desk. The captain slowly pulls him away and tells him that these things can happen after drinking, you know. Kyu-tae looks over his shoulder to Yong-sik, young-sik tries not to pay attention and then all of a sudden starts to talk about the puppy that was born and who owns it.

Kyu-tae yells that he should worry about himself! Yong-sik puts water out for the puppy and the captain tells him that he is going to become the mayor so he needs to think about himself. We are all on the same side you know.

Kyu-tae wonders, so, I shouldn’t sue someone who stole my wallet? The captain is fretting and scratching his back with a back scratcher as he thinks about his situation right now.


At the bar, Dong-baek and Hyang-mi sit and watch that same variety show with Kang Jong-ryeol. Dong-baek thinks that they are showing this show too often, too many reruns. Hyang-mi  thinks their is no use to show a baby a dolphin, she won’t remember. Dong-bek tells her that people say that he is crazy about his daughter.


Hyang-mi asks Dong-baeik who pilgu’s appa is. DOng-baek is pretty taken aback that she asked so directly. She smiles. Hyang-mi says that she has nothing stopping her mouth. Dong-baek says that is why she likes her, but she is muttering so it is hard to hear. Dong-baek says that if she wants to, he could call the father right now. She gets up and leaves.

Hyung-mi thinks that this eunnie is quietly crazy.


Outside the police station, the captain tells Yong-sik that everyone has borrowed money from Kyu-tae. Young-sik is all like, what? is he trying to buy our votes? The captain pats him on the shoulder and says that, in our city, he is the easiest person to borrow money from.

They sit as the captain says that Kyu-tae is an emotional person so he just has to say, I respect you, and he will lend you money. 

Back inside the polcie station we see Kyu-tae happily asking a police officer if he is from Boan. the officer says no, my grandmothers distance relative is from Boan. But that is all he needs, Kyu-tae shakes his hand and says he is on his side.

In a voice over we hear the captain says that Kyu-tae is a simple guy, he likes to put people on his side.

Captain Byun – he likes to be treated special and then he becomes super childish. he is angry because Dong-baek does not play this game.

YS – Does he have a complex?

B – Of course! His wife is so smart so ofcourse he does.


Kyu-tae is sitting an eating dinner with his wife. He tells her that he has to ask her about a lawsuit, not about him, just someone he knows during his morning soccer game. She asks if someone did not make him the boss again?

He looks at her as if she knows everything. he starts to talk, but makes a language mistake so his wife corrects him. he continues and says that this person does not know him but his wife continues to correct his Korean. He asks her if she is King Sejong? (the person that invented written Korean) Are you my personal Korean correcter? I just want to tell you this.

He gets up angrily as she asks if he is going to ask her the question? He says NO!

At the police station, the captain says that Kyu-tae at least wants to be the boss outside the house, so can’t you just play his game? Young-sik does not want to. the captain tells him that he respects him for catching bad guys, but that is not all, sometimes you have to support a few dumb people as well.

Young-sik is annoyed. Byun asks him if he knows the difference between Iron Man and the Incredible hulk? Flexibility. Iron Man has flexibility, that is why he is rich. The Hulk does not, that is why he is naked. We should be flexible.

Young-sik stands up angrily and corrects that word to another word. the captain says it is right and says the better word. Young-sik then says that he likes the Hulk better! he is cool!


Meanwhile, Dong-baek asks her son if he would like to see dolphins while they are walking to or from school. Her son is in his baseball uniform. he says that he is not a little kid, he would actually like to do something else (like have a game console). She asks him if he wonders about his father? he says not much.

She asks if he still goes to the arcade and those things? He continues to talk about the game console and says that if he had one and someone took it from him then he would go crazy. But if he does not have it from the begining, then he is okay.

Pilgoo – My friends parents got divorced and his father went to Seoul, so actually, I am better off than my friend.

Dong-baek sniffs and says okay, we are in the middle, lets go. They cross the street happily.



The captain tells Kyu-tae that Yong-sik said he is sorry and it was his mistake. Kyu-tae asks if he has his own mouth? Young-sik starts to stutter up a response and says that he is sorry, they were all drunk last night, he actually does not want to cause trouble here. So, future mayor, lets all be comfortable together.

The captain then says that Yong-sik is new and he is one of your votes, you know. Kyu-tae kind of mutters that he accepts the apology. then Byun tells them that they should all go eat some soup!


Cut to the three of them sitting at a local ajumma place for soup. Young-sik does not really want to be there. Kyu-tae smiles and says that he understands him, he wants to a good person in front of Dong-baek. But you should not mistaken her looking down on me, she did it on purpose.

Young-sik has to take so many drinks of his drink and his leg shakes so much to keep himself from talking, but he finally has to speak! He tells him that they are the worst guys! The kind of men that makes the woman you like low! Dong-baek is not a bar hostess! She is the owner of a restaurant. She does not have any reason to give you free nuts and she has no reason to hear those things from you!

Kyu-tae asks if he is her guardian or husband! Young-sik tells Kyu-tae that he is dead. And then gets up to leave. Kyu-tae tries to follow, but the captain pulls him back to his seat.

Meanwhile, Pil-goo and one of his friends play games at the arcade. The friend tells his pilgoo that baseball player Kang Jong-ryeol comes to shoot his superman show. Pilgoo says that his mother doesn’t like him that much. 

Then Deok-soon shows up (Yong-sik’s mother) and tells the little boys that she told him that he would be dead if she caught him playing games again. But it looks playful. She brings him to her restaurant to feed him.

Outside in the ajumma street, Yang Seung-yeob walks and speaks a bit of English as he tries to talk to a Ukranian employee on the street. But Deoksoon comes out to him and tells him something about if he was half the baseball player of Jong-ryeol or something and then tells the Ukranian to go back inside and do something cafe related. 

Then they start to talk about the Ukranian, Seung-yeob says that her Korean has not improved, but Deok-soon says that he Korean has improved, she just does not want to talk to you. The conversation changes to Young-sik and the kind of woman he might marry. He tells Doek-soon that Young-sik is courting a lawyer! the mother is shocked to hear this.

Yong-sik shows up soon after and starts to eat at the restaurant. Deok-soon kind of sort of tries to ask him if he is dating anyone. Meanwhile, Deok-soon is eating at the table next to them. Yong-sik tells his mother that if he wants a daughter in law then she has to change the sign at her door because no one wants to marry the daughter of a restaurant owner. Byt he way, who is that kid? Why is he coming to eat alone?

His mother tells him that he is the only one on their restaurants history that eats for free. Yong-sik is all like, wah? Really? Deok-soon tells him that you should feed a hungry stomach first.


In a different ajumma restaurant, two ajummas prepare vegetables at a table and talk about their children. They say that before Camellia showed up, her son was a really good boy. Seung-yeok asks her why she is blaming Dong-baek for why her son is not studying?

The ajummas also say that their building price went down when she came. She is ruining out town. So it is basically just pile on Dong-baek right now. One woman asks what would happen if they have another bar show up. One woman says it isn’t exactly a bar-bar with women. 

Seung-yeob tells them that maybe Dong-baek is not the cause of this! His sister throws vegetables at him and yells at him to leave.

At the same time, Park Chan-sook sees the bill from Camellia and curses.

Outside on the ajumma market street, Deok-soon brags to another ajumma about how her son is dating a lawyer! He was last in his class at school. Isn’t that funny? Kim Jae-young says okay, it’s funny. Deok-soon continues and says that Young-sik is so great, he is ambitios. The ajumma says she is so happy, you are bragging a lot about your son today. Deok-soon asks where Joong-ki is, I want to tell him.

The ajumma says that the went to Dong-baek.

Cut to Chan-sook telling Dong-baek not to sell things to her husband. It is a bit of a scene. She also tells her that she is not paying for this, give me the money for it. her husband tells her that this is a crime. But he doesn’t look like he carries much weight.

Chan-sook snaps at Dong-baek to give her the money, it is around $80. Dong-baek asks her, what about $50? Some of the other ajummas think that is pretty stupid. But then Deok-soo comes to the rescue and yells at Chan-sook.

DS – What about your husband! Is he innocent! Why yell at Dong-baek! Is it illegal to sell alcohol in a bar! There is  no reason for Dong-baek to hit on that guy!

CS – What about my husband!

DS – You have a good relationship!

CS – Why are you doing this! She isnt your daughter in law!

DS – Don’t you know the truth? This is spitting on your own face!

Deok-soon yells at her to not do this anymore! Otherwise you will not be able to do your business on this street! Chan-sook is super angry, but Deok-baek is pretty happy as she walks off with Deok-soon.

As they walk away, Deok-soon tells Dong-baek to to not give the $50 back, that is dumb. And stop selling him $80, just sell him $30. Dong-baek smiles and calls Deok-soon chairman. 

DB – Chairman, you are the highest person I have ever known. At school, I was never friends with the head of the classroom. You are my biggest supporter. *smiles*

DS – *sigh* You have a lot of things to smile about.

DB – Yeah, I have a lot to smile about *smiles*

DS – DO you have kimchi?

Cut to them making kimchi together. Deok-soon tells Dong-baek that she had a lot of difficulty selling intestine soup and things in the past. It was unheard of back then. A lot of men hit on her and a lot of wives blamed her, she cried a lot. But what can she do? She had to survive, she had three kids. So she told them to bark over there and she would do her own thing.

Dong-baek smiles and says she wishes that she had a mother like her. Deoksoon says that if he had a son, she would give him to her. Dong-baek asks about her third son, I heard he is not married. But she said it like a joke. Even though Deok-soon looked momentarily serious.



Elsewhere, Young-sik is pacing around the front of Camellia. He mutters to himself that he wants to see her all the time and sighs. Then he sees some little boys running. His spidey sense goes off. he follows.

Around the corner, we see Pil-goo telling some other kids not to call his mother Dong-baek! they say that everyone calls her Dong-baek. He tells them that their mother sells insurance or something, my mother sells alcohol! What about it!

This gives Yong-sik a flashback to his childhood. He yells at some kids that his mother sells intestine soup! My big brother has a blackbelt! My second brother had to take another grade again!

In the present, Pilgoo tells these kids that his mother also sells Soju! the fight is about to start. That is when Young-sik shows up and yells at the kids about not starting fights! But then all three of them start to cry which throws him off, lol. He ends up buying them all snacks.

While the two other kids walk up ahead, Pilgoo walks with young-sik and tells him to forget about it. Eight year olds get into fights and all that. Pilgoo says that those kids are older than him so they are technically hyungs so I won that fight.

Yong-sik thinks that he knows what an eight year old needs in this case. he gives him all the snacks. Pilgoo tells him that he has to go to hogwan so Young-sik tells him bye and gets out a lot of coins to play at the arcade. He makes a lot of noise with the coins, so Pilgoo asks if he is going to the arcade? You are an adult.

Yong-sik is all like, yeah. Pilgoo is confused, he is going to the arcade and this little boy is going to a hogwan (study school). Yong-sik conmes back out and telsl him that he learned a lot in the arcade. The feeling of losing, the feeling of winning, the feeling of acomplishment, those things are not learned in a hogwan.

Cut to Yong-sik filling the coin machine with dollars and getting a lot of coins back.

VO – This was the most movie like moment in his eight year old life.


Meanwhile, Dong-baek gets a call from the hogwan telling her that her son did not go there again today. Dong-baek thinks that he must have gone to the arcade. 

Cut to the arcade, yep, he is still there. Yong-sik is still there playing along with him too.

YS – I could be your fathers age, how old is your father

PG – I don’t know

YS – How can’t you know your own fathers age?

PG – I guess my father doesn’t even know my age also

YS – No father?

PG – Why are you asking me this so directly like that?

YS – Not having a father is not a secret

Caption : The tighter the space, the closer the relationship, the magical time.

PS – I didn’t have a father, everyone doesn’t have a father you know.

PG – I am the only one without a father in my class. But there are two guys in the other class.

PS – See! Those people who think that everyone has a father, or when you say that you son’t have a father and they look at you pitifully, those are poor people. You should look at them poorly. Okay?

Pilgoo holds up the coins and smiles, then they start to play some more.

PG – Ajusshi, come by our store, I will give you three refills for popcorn

YS – Where is your store?

PG – The end of the street.

YS – The end of the street where?


They both stand up and look at Dong-baek. Young-sik is stunned.






Outside the cafe, Dong-baek says that that ajusshi changed $10 at the arcade! What could I do? I had no time to go to the hogwan. It was $10. 

VO – That was actually convincing.

DB – WHy are you giving game money for someone elses kid? This is a strange ajusshi, lets go.

She pulls her son away and asks if Pilgoo spent all that money

VO – I became a strange ajusshi. I’m not a strange ajusshi, I am not married.

While walking back, Pilgoo says that tht ajusshi is not strange. He is a police man. Dong-baek says that she knows. Pilgoo says that he was on his side when he was fighting with those kids. Dongbaek asks if he fought him again? Why are you fighting again? Pilgoo tells her that she doesn’t have to know.


In the police station, the captain practices in front of the mirror about what he will say about the serial murderer. he thinks he is still in town, the reason is…

But then Yong-sik steps in front of th emirror and tells him not to do that, they will have a bad response if you give the interview. The captain pushes him away and then wonders if he should powder his face for the interview.

Yong-sik asks why he is doing an interview when he could not catch the criminal back then? Captain Byun explains that he does not need advice from a former policeman, so take off your uniform (implying that he is fired). Yong-sik sighs and walks away angrily. But then the captain says that Kyu-tae filed a lawsuit, what are you going to do?

That makes Yong-sik stop in his tracks, he really did it? That bums him out, big time.

While on patrol, Yong-sik tries to look up what the sentence is for hitting and stealing. He is also still sitting outside the law offices.

In the ajumma street, Two ajummas talk about thier husbands and where they are spending their money. Dong-baek comes up and asks how much their dduk is. Chan-sook says it is $3. But Dong-baek sees the sign and it says $2. The other woman comes up and sells her dduk for $2. 

But then another ajumma says that the baseball player came! Jong-ryeol! DOng-baek hurries off in a rush.


At the same time, Jong-ryeol is filming the variety show and shows his daughter his old school. But there are a group of little kids that might be angry nearby because they cannot play their game. The PD tells this to Jong-ryeol. 

Jong-ryeol asks how he can’t pay attention to them? they are just sitting there like that. We see the kids looking all upset and looking at them whil ein their full baseball gear. Then Pilgoo runs up to him and tells him that this is not his field! Will you be responsible if we lose our game tomorrow! Would you be happy if I took your field away! Why are you laughing!

Jong-ryeol tells him that he is being too serious so he is trying to make the mood lighter. This hyung is trying to be polite. Pilgoo tells him that he is not hyung! You are ajusshi! Jong-ryeol tells him that he is a troublesome boy.

Then his head turns to Dong-baek who is running across the field to Pilgoo. Jong-ryeol is shocked to see her and also shocked to see that hse has a son. He looks from her to Pilgoo.

Cut to the two of them sitting in a restaurant. 


VO – He has all 108 troubles on his face.

JR is trying to be calm, but his leg is shaking and he can’t really say anything. But then he starts to talk and says that he is a primary school student, so, the age is…

Dong-baek says yes, he is my son. Well actually, your son.


In the law office, Yong-sik speaks with Kyu-tae’s lawyer wife about the things that happened that night when he took the wallet from Kyu-tae. But Yong-sik says there were other circumstances because he did not pay his bill. She says there could be a countersuit from the restaurant.

Yong-sik does not know that this woman is Kyu-tae’s wife so he starts to say that this person is strange. His cousins sisters uncle (la la distance relative) is about to get married to the family of the head of the police. (now she knows that he is talking about her husband). So now he will have a lot of power.

The wife removes her glasses and asks if he ran away without paying $8? Yong-sik says yes, this case started with that bad guy not paying $8. She asks if the restaurant is Camellia? He asks how she knows? She then says that she is that guys wife.

He stands up in alarm and says that he really did not know that! She tells him that the case is closed, Kyu-tae will not sue you. if he does that, then I will divorce him. 

Yong-sik sits again and says that he feels like he became an informaer, unintentionally. She asks him a question, why did you get Dong-baek’s money and give it back to her? I wonder who she is.


Meanwhile, JR is stuttering up an response to what Dong-baek told him. -R-r-r-r-r-really? How can you do this thing? You said it was not? She thinks that he knows her, how couldn’t she?

Flashback to the two of them, she voices over that she was a 23 year old girl who had only one wish, to have a family. They are playing the claw game where he tries to grab a stuffed animal. She tells him that she wants a family and wants to have five kids. If she has a kid, she will never abandon him.

He gets a gift from the crane, it is a bracelet, the bracelet that is found on the murder victim. She smiles and puts it on. 

VO – She was alone in the world. I was the first person on her side.

Dong-baek tells JR that it is pretty! I heard germanium is good for health. They both smile.

Back in the cafe, JR is still trying to process all of this. He asks why she came to this town! Because I am from here? She tells him that he does not own this place. JR remembers Pilgoo telling him that he does not own the ground.

DB – Are you afraid that I am here to drag you down?

JR – Tell me why you are here!

DB – Hey JR, don’t get timid. 

DB – (I am too busy to make a living, so I don’t have time to think about the past or memories).

DB – My husband is so nice to me so I already forgot about you.

JR – you are married?

DB – Do you think I only think about you and don’t get married? SO don’t be timid. You are not a super first love.

She head out and talks to herself.

VO – Actually, he was a super first love. that is why I didn’t want to see him anymore, especially not like this.


In the ajumma street, Chan-sook talks with Hyang-mi about money she borrowed from another ajummas husband. Hyang-mi wonders why she is asking her about that becuase it is not her husband.

Dong-baek shows up to these scene right when Chan-sook yells about what Hyang-mi is doing to this town! Yong-sik show sup right then too after all that comottion, as well as other people. Chan-sook thinks that Dong-baek should fire Hyang-mi because she hooked an innocent man.

Dong-baek says that hyang-mi is not that kind of person and she does not want to fire her. That is when Jae-young says that Dong-baek is the same, she is like a hostess of a bar. Yong-sik tells them to stop, but he is pushed out of the way by this ajumma.

The ajumma says all sorts of things to Dong-baek about how she trusted her and was betrayed. Yong-sik pulls her away. Dong-baek asks what she did wrong? She did nothing. She just works hard. Why does everyone say it is my fault? Just leave me alone. She starts to cry.

They are kind of suprised that she is speaking. All the women think that crying does not solve anything and continue on with the berating. Yong-sik tries to pull all the woman away. But then Pilgoo shows up and threatens the mother, if you hit my mother like that then I will hit your son every day and step on him and break him! See if I can’t do it!

Dong-baek pulls her son away. Yong-sik looks stunned as if he sees himself inthis little boy.

At the Camella, Dong-baek tells her son not to threaten people like that, that is why people say he is a rooster. He says he is a rooster because of her. Why should I protect you? You should protect me, I am only in first grade, why should a first grader protect his mom? I don’t want to do it, I have to do it. Because everyone else in the world hates you but me. I am the only one that likes you. Everyone hates you and gives you a hard time. So I can’t play baseball, I have to protect you sometimes. I am tired of it. But you are my mom.

Yong-sik is watching all of this in the corner at his own table. he is pretty sad actually. Pilgoo starts to cry and Dong-baek starts to cry and Yong-si looks like he wants to cry as well.



Meanwhile, JR helps out Seung-yeob cleaning up all the baseballs on the field and says he wants to help out his hometown coach. But Seung-yeob just scoffs and said he came here in 5th grade, he wasn’t even here all that long.

JR asks him if he knows of any good kids background on the team. Seung-yeob is wary and asks why JR is so interested in this all of a sudden, tell me. JR asks if he heard anything? Seung-yeob says he knows….JR is about to tell him about his kid, but then Seung-yeob says that his polularity went down and his variety show is not that great so his next focus is community service.


Dong-baek gives Yong-sik free peanuts and thanks him for being on Pilgoo’s side when he was arguing with his friends. You are the only adult in this town on his side.

Yong-sik mummbles happily that he is an officer so he should be fair.

Later on, we see Dong-baek walking around my herself with Yong-sik walking behind her. She turns and asks why he is following her, are you patrolling again? He says that he just wondered where she was going. She asks why? Why do you wonder about my business, why did you stop the fight and why did you find $8.

He says that he just did it without noticing. She asks if he is doing it because she is the most pitiful in this town? I have my own pride. About what happened, I feel like you are always there when I am the most embarrassed. It is uncomfortable that you see all my most embarrassing moments, it makes me mad, so don’t matte rin my business.

She starts to walk away, he starts to follow her. She tells her not to follow her! He says that he just feels nervoise! Just nervous! She asks if he thinks she will just jump in water and leave her kid behind? He says he knows that she won’t do it, so she asks what he is nervous about?

He says just inc ase you cry! You know, the only thing you can do is cry on a corner!

She is all embarrased and like, okay, but it doesn’ tmatter if I cry or not.

He says that he doesn’ tlike it when strangers cry. She calls him a strange ajusshi and walks away. he tells her that he will jsut follow her like air, so just think that I am a dog following her. She tells him that dogs are at least cute!

He keeps following her around. She wonders if he is really a dog, how can he follow her without saying anything?

Then he catches up and says that she has to think about her kid! Why are you here at the train station so late? She says she will just sit here. He asks why she is sitting here? You are not homeless. She tells him that is her gas station, she needs to fill up so don’t follow me.

He asks why she has to fill up at a train station? She says that she will have a different job. He is so confused, different job?


Meanwhile, JR and Seung-yeob show up at Camellia. Seung-yeob brought him there to fill up. JR looks at the name and sighs.

At the train station, Yong-sik guesses what kind of job Dong-baek is going to get, hot dogs, soup? Conductor? What do you want to do the most?

She asks why she would drive a train? He asks what her next job is. She says she will not tell him. He tells her that words have power, so you need to say what you want and tell your real secret to a stranger.

She asks who said that, he says Hwang Yong-sik said that, then smiles. He tells her to just say the first word. She asks why he is so interested in it. He says Yong-sik is really into it. So just tell me.


Dong-baek is too nervous to say. But she says it is government worker. Just a train department government worker. Yong-sik says, ah! Government worker! Yeah! yeah! You are ambitious! 

She points over to the booth that says lost and found and says that she wants to sit over there. He asks why so she says that if you find something then people tell you thank you. They say thank you. In my life, I heard a lot of people saying I’m sorry, I love you, but no one tells me thank you. that lost and found, that person is the biggest angel in the world. Cell phones, kids toys, she finds all of them. People tell her thank you two or three times, over and over again. I don’t know what that would feel like.

Yong-sik looks at her and thinks deeply.

VO – Strangely, I had hot things coming out from my stomach, like anger or sorry, something hot.

Later on, it starts to rain when they are about to leave the train station.

YS – Dong-baek, don’t come here when you are hurt. Just forget about what people say. When you get hurt all the time, you can’t live.

DB – Well, I can’t control my heart, it hits me all the time and it still hurts. It feels like someone is cutting your heart like they cut tofu.

YS – Don’t be tofu, you should be the sculpture. Just kick all those bad guys a$$. 

DB – I don’t have to do it, it just happens

YS – Why are you so nice?

DB – People come to drink when they are sick of their life. They are all depressed. So I want to be nice to poeple. We can be a little nice to each other. But people treat me too badly. Sometimes…

Yong-sik has that bruning feeling building in his chest.

YS – DOng-baek, you are very pretty, but sometimes, you are good at making me angry! Agh.

Later on, Yong-sik pulls out an umbrella that he bought for $8 so they are walking closely together to avoid the rain. He is getting mostly wet becasue he wants to cover her with the umbrella. She tells him they can share if farelly. But he doesn’ want her to waste her money that she gets by selling peanuts all day.


Meanwhile, JR asks his friend about #3, Pilgoo. Seung-yeob asks why he wants to know about Pilgoo, but then he says that he is talented, he stands out from the crowd. JR is happy and shocked to hear it. 

Elsewhere, Yong-sik and Dong-baek keep walking. The rain has stopped. YS tells her that when you are angry and eat raw fish and soju then it affects your frontal lobe…

But she says that she does not drink with strangers. He says he is not a stranger, he is Yong-sik, Hwang Yong-sik. But he says no soju then, but if you go to a train station, go with me. I won’t say anything, I will just sit next to you.

She asks why he is following her. You get involved in other peoples business well.

He stops and asks if they can be in a relationship where he can matter in her life?

DB – What?

YS – Lets do it…that thing….friends. Let’s be friends.

DB – *smiles* Well, you are the first person to be friends with me.

YS – I don’t say that I want to be friends with any other women.

DB – Then why me…

YS – Lets be friends. If we become friends…when we become friends….then I can be on your and Pilgoo’s side publically, right? I can be on your side-side. 

DB – My side?

YS – Yes. I am not asking to date, just, you know, comrades, close comrades, just friends. For now.

They continue their walk awkwardly. He smiles when she looks at him but otherwise looks so uncomfortable.

They get back to the Camellia. Dong-baek says that pilgoo is sleeping, so they are standing outside. A person is smoking in the background so Young-sik tells him that there is no smoking. That person is JR. He looks so shocked to see DOng-baek with this man.

All the while, Yong-sik asks DOng-baek to wake up Pilgoo to bring him out with them. But then Dong-baek sees JR and is stunned as well. She holds Yong-sik’s hand. He stops talking and is so shcoked that she is holding his hand.

DB – Lets just leave.

YS – ( I realized that ten minutes after I became her friend…I can’t be her friend).

they start to walk, but then bump into Kyu-tae who brought the expensive cream and asks them what they are doing? Are you dating? 

This makes Yong-sik ask the same thing.

YS – Are we dating now?

DB – …..


Later on, we see Yong-sik change all the writing on the wall, that people scribbled, into Jongdaemal and mutters that Dong-baek is not your friend. Everyone was writing in banmal on the wall

Dong-baek gives Yong-sik peanuts at his table, so he wonders why he is giving her peanuts, his heart starts to beat harder and he rubs his chest. But then we see under the table that someone has written something esle there

Wall note – Dong-baek, you shuoldn’t do too much – 2013.7.9 (or act up or you should behave. The real word is gob-ul-ji-ma which is difficult to directly translate)

Fade Out


Oh no, the note is really for Dong-baek and the serial killer already left it on her wall! I kind of feel like this serial killer might be Kyu-tae, because he seems to want and need power in his life due to his lack of it in his home. I really hope this isn’t the kind of story that makes us love the heroine so that we will understand what a big loss it would be. That is not the kind of drama I want to sign up for.

But everything else in this show has me, I love the acting, all the acting is great. I also love the banter between people and the circumstances that brought everyone to this small town. Moving to a small town with a serial killer probably isn’t too smart, but she might not have known that going in.

Hopefully we get a happy ending? Can I still hope for that at this point? I feel like if this was a US production, then it would be a happy ending and we would just wonder who that woman was. But for a Korean drama, they really could just have the heroine die and make the nation mourn her loss. I know, I know, that’s so mean! But I have been burned by too many dramas this year so it is a possibility. Hopefully, that won’t happen.


YS – Because men and women relationships are spontaneous, that is why we have this prosperous world.

YS – If you it feels right, then I usually do it.

DB – Most of all, you are not my style.

KT – I was a very very nice landlord

YS – Ahhhh, someone still doesn’t know the rental protection law!

KT – Ya!

DB – You do more of this and people will talk about me more

YS – I told you, don’t matter in Dong-baeks life or I will kill you all (but not really killing).

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  1. Previewqueen
    September 19, 2019 / 3:10 pm

    I really sincerely hope that the hints of DB being killed is just a red herring. I don’t think I can handle the FL being killed off….Besides, that would make this story a tragedy rather than a rom/com…and all the promotion I have seen for the show says that it is a rom/com with thriller elements, nothing about tragedy…though the korean dramas tend to really mix up their stories with several different genres.
    But I notice that the dates on the warning messages…are these dates when the story is currently taking place or were they written then and the time is 2019?

    • V
      September 19, 2019 / 5:31 pm

      I am with you! I really want it to be a rom/com and not a tragedy, but I am wary because, as you were saying, Korean dramas often times do not stay in line with typical genre rules and don’t actually hold firm to one genre.

      I think the date on the wall might be around the time that this show is set. Though I think I need to look at their cell phones to find out exactly if it is in 2019 or 2013. The variety show the baseball player is on, The Return of Superman, started in September of 2013 and is still airing now.

      • V
        September 19, 2019 / 5:38 pm

        We went back and looked at the kids letter from school! It says it is August 5-9, 2019! So this is in the present time. That serial killer must have gone there in the first year after she opened the store, yikes!

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