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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 17 (33-34) Live Recap

Recap When the Camellia Blooms Episode 17 (33 & 34)
When the Camellia Blooms Episode 17 (33 & 34) Recap

Okay, let’s see how tear jerking this show will be today.

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We open on Hyang-mi’s brother. he is talking to somoene on the phone and tells them that he does not care whatever trouble Hyang-mi has. But the person on the phone says that they have to tell him about her. They mention her old ID name which was Chae Go-eun. She changed it to Hyang-mi. 

Cut to Hyang-mi’s things all laid out in the CSI room.

In Copenhagen, the brothers family gets the last package from Hyang-mi. The wife asks why she always sends socks, we have enough socks. But he brother knows why, it is because he never had socks when they were kids.

In the police station, Dong-baek looks at all of Hyangmi’s things in the CSI room. She starts to cry and thinks that Hyang-mi left so lonely and without anything.

Dong-baek cries and cries and falls to the floor and keeps crying.

Yong-sik yells at someone to go away and then goes inside to the room and sees Dong-baek all on the floor and tries to hold her and tell her that she does not have to see these things.

Later on, she sits at a computer with Dong-baek, she needs to make up the image of the killer.

VO – We all had the same thought.

Cut to Kyu-tae asking, why did she die?

VO – We all thought our neighbor or anyone shouldn’t die liket hat.

The neighborhood ajummas are all talking about this and wondering if Hyang-mi really died because of DOng-baek? Does that mean Gabuli is targeting Dong-baek? I would feel bad if something happened to DOng-baek. We spent 6 years together, we are family. Chan-sook tells them that they should not just let Dong-baek die.

The retro music kicks in.

VO – The bad guys rage wakes up the normal heroes hearts.

CS – One jerk is looking down on Ong-san. We rule the crab dishes in Ong San. Lets just kill that guy.

KJY – Hey, Seung-hee, you are the head of the class in fighting, what did you do the best?

They all put their hands in the circel in unity.

VO – Ong San’s little heroes started to move. In an unexpected way.




Yong-sik and the Captain talk to their boss in his office. the boss is upset with them becuase they did all this investigation and they are just neighborhood police. Why are they trying to chase Gabuli?

But Yong-sik corrects the proverb that the boss says. The captain thinks that Yong-sik is not intimidated by 4 flowers.

Yong-sik’s music kicks in.

Yong-sik says that he is not giving them the answer because it shows my will of not stopping the investigation. The captain also thinks that he has no fear. The boss tells them, why dont’ you do the press conference for me too then?

The captain asks, who found the camera? Who found the hagwon owner? Who guessed that the victim is in Ongsan lake? The people under you could not do this for 6 years. he solved everything in a few months. So I think Yong-sik is better than the main branch.

yong-sik sniffs away his tears. Their boss tells them to write their apology letter.


Back at the Camellia, Yong-sik helps Dong-baek pack all of Hyang-mi’s things. Dong-baek is sad that Hyang-mi stole so much but did not have anything of her own. Why did she have to do the delivery? She cries.

Yong-sik tells her that the killer is responsible for her death, not you. If you blame yourself then the murderer is happy. You should not be timid, we have to catch him okay?

Dong-baek says yes, all that she remembers is his cough. if she hears it again, then she will remember it. Yong-sik says that it could be a tick. Maybe he only does it when he is excited.

They look to the right and see Seung-hee standing there looking at them. They wonder why noona is there. Seung-hee tells them that she is in charge of her reccycling from today, so do it properly.

Yong-sik is all like, huh, what is going on. Are the Ong-san generals starting a quiet riot?

hen Gwi-ryun shows up and tells her that tuby goes bad tomorrow, so instead of throwing it away, I will just bring it here. Keep your doors locked ell, okay!

Then Jae-young comes by and tells her that she should not throw away left over food. If she does that they she will go to hell. When do you go home?

Cut to Yong-sik walking Dong-baek home. Then they stop and see the ajummas all out working out in all their different outfits and practicing their kicks. So many ajummas are there in workout outfits.

They tell Dong-baek to stay next to Yong-sik all the time, okay!

VO – They look like gangsters, but they are actually protecting Dong-baek with their time.

The next morning they all gather and asks if she is still alive? yes! She came tot he morning market! Deok-soon comes rolling up. Chan-sook tells her that they are not on her side, they just want to keep her alive at least.

So they also have the meeting at Dong-baeks place from now on.

DB – This is the first time this store is filled with women since it opened.

Chan-sook says that they eat a lot and things so they don’t have to use another person’s place so they can just use Dong-baeks place from now on. Dong-baek starts to sniff. Gwi-ryun tells them that she is doing it again. Don’t cry eating deok bok gi on the street. it does not make Hyang-mi come back. You should think about surviving!

Dong-baekk asks, so are you protecting me now?

They tell her, We are busy! You find your own way to survive! Dont’ talk nonsense! They all start to talk about how skinny she is, you dont’ eat anything, that is why Gabuli attacks you. So we need to make you fat. You are the personal trainer. Gwi-ryun says okay, I can do that.

Dong-baek thinks that she will live there until she is 100. She is so happy thta she cries. So they tell her not to cry! I have a habit of crying ic somoene else is crying! Chan-sook pats her on the back an then says We are the heart of Ong San!




The mom is there telling everyone that she saw Gabuli. You need to investigate Hong-sik! I saw his eyes and remember his smell! But the detectives do not believe her.

Flashabck to that night that the mother was walking up the alley and a man was following her. She asked him if he was following her to kill her? Then the man came out. It was Hong-sik. He asks her, my eyes….my smell….my servile smile….I hate it all. I don’t live like this because I want to. I beg you, just don’t do anything. I will guarantee everything. Please….

She passes out. He runs up and catches her before she hits the ground.

In the ambulance, the EMTs tell her that she needs to get her dialysis or she will die. She is half awake and asks Hong-sik, who are you? He is still in the ambulance.

In the police station, the detectives still do not believe her and know that she has dementia so they aren’t taking her too seriously. But another detective comes in and says that they have DNA evidence under Hyang-mi’s nails. So the detectives are super happy and all leave. They think they can go home early.

Before the last one leaves, the mother pleads with him to check Hong-sik.


Yong-sik gets his team together to start to find Gabuli. He calls this station the home base! There are only like 4 of them working on it though. But then the mother comes in and tells them that she will help find Gabuli. Yong-sik and everyone are so shocked because she has been missing for days. She tells them that she will sleep there. That stupid girl can’t know I am back or she will give me her kidney. I will find Gabuli before I leave town. Then she asks the Captain to make her a coffee because his tastes the best.

In the other station, Kyu-tae agrees to use a lie detector. When he leaves, Ja-young yells at him for agreeing to do a lie detector. Even normal peoples heart pounds during lie detectors. How do you think you can do it?

He says to just trust him. But she yells that hse does not trust him! You will just be dumb. he tells her that this is why she liked him, you are like mom, you can’t ignore your kid that is in trouble. I am sorry that I made you into a mom. You wanted to be a woman, but I made you into a mom all the time. Sorry. But it was love that you yelled at me. Going against you was also love. Because I wanted to be a man in front of you, that is why I became even more stupid. I am sorry, Ja-young.

She asks why he is doing this? Did you really kill somoene?



Meanwhile, Dong-baek tells Chan-sook that she has to go to the police to completel the picture….I can’t postpone it….

Chan-sook asks if she wants her to take care of Pilgoo? Is that it? You are to polite! Everyone knows that they are best friends! Why is this the first time yuo are asking me to take care of him! Why is this so difficult!

Dong-baek asks, so can you do it?

Chan-sook yells, if you ask me about Pilgoo first, then I can ask you about my son as well! Stop being so shy! Listen to me, people get closer together when you argue and do things together!

Dog-baek asks, so, can you feed Pilgo?

We can not only feed him! We can wipe his poop!

Dong-baek smiles and says thank you.

Elsewhere, Ja-young waits outside for Kyu-tae to take the lie detector. She gave him a pep talk before he goes in. But then the officer comes out and says that he wants Ja-young to come in for the last three questions.

So they start to ask the questions.

  1. Was hyang-mi your lover? No. (True)
  2. Have you ever gone into a hotel room? No, never ever! On my mother and fathers name! (True)
  3. And, do you love your wife? Yes.

Ja-young looks at this and sighs. He looks at her and says that he loves and respects her. I only love you. the detective says that he really must love his wife. Let him go.

Ja-young goes to the trash and throws away the candy she was holding. It looks like she crushed it from her hand gripping it so much.


The captain thinks that Kyu-tae’s car had blood on the steering wheel that was Hyang-mi’s. Cut to a big conference where the officer says that Hyang-mi called Jong-ryeol 14 times but he never answered it, that is suspicious. Cut back to the captain who says they have 30,000 that was sent after Hyang-mi’s death. Cut to the boss who asks if Jong-ryeol sent the money? So we can get his DNA? the detective says that his wife sent the money. It is either money for an affair or revenge or something, but it is a motive. But the don’t know if Gabuli really killed her or if someone copycat killed her to hide their motive. The boss tell them to never call him if they dont know anything.




Jessica is fretting at home while searching Ongsan Gabuli on her phone. her mom tells her that she was almost gabuli’d! Why did you send her money! The bank account has your name on it! What will you do!

Jessica asks her mother what she should do! She said she would reveal everything! I did not want her to sue me as a hit and run! I was thinking about it! 

her mother asks her why she thinks! Just look at me. Wake up and look at Omma, you did not kill her, you will never be able to kill anyone. Umma will take care of it so dont’ think about anything. 

Jessica asks why she can’t think. You always take care of everything so I became stupid. Umma asks, so do you hate mom?

Then the bell rings. It is JR, he tells them that his mother came. he told her everything. he talked to his family about it. The mother asks what he told her! You have to think carefully about this!

JR says that he heard that Jessica went to Ongsan. he kneels on the floor in front of her and tells her and tells her that they will get a divorce, I am really sorry. the mother asks what the F he is talking about? He says that their marriage already ended. 

he mother yells and starts to hit him. She says, if you destroy my daughters life then I will destroy your life!

He walks away. She catches up to him int he garage  and asks if he is going to Ongsan again? He asks her why she is doing things that she never did before? She remembers him saying that he does not want to leave his son over there anymore. So Jessica steps to him and tells him to bring his son here. I will take it like I am adopting a nephew.

He asks what she is talking about? She says that she is going to move all her stuff to his house. They can live together forever. he sighs and says that she can go to Milan and do what she wants. She says she will not go to Milan. he tells her that they should not see each others bottom. 

She says that she will raise Rebecca if they get a divorce. Rebecca is mine. I am Jessica and Rebecca is mine and Mrs. Kang Ryeol is mine. Bring him here.





Pilgoo is on his way home on the baseball bus. He talks to his friend about why he does not like Yong-sik and how he has the biggest headache among 8 year olds.

Everyone gets off the bus happily looking for their mothers. Chan-sook happily greets him and tells him that his mother is busy, come to my house.

In the market, he ajummas prepare kimchi and talk about Dong-baek to Deok-soon. They basically say things like she and Dong-baek are either family or enemies. Just let her be. Either hate her or like her.

Deok-soon says a lot and tells them that she should not have an 8 year old son at least!

Pilgoo hears it all and leaves Chan-sook’s place angrily. Everyone sees him leaving and tries to stop him. Deok-soon tries to stop as well. Pilgoo asks her, AM I A BURDEN? She does not answer.

he goes home and tries to get inside his home, but the password changed. So he bangs on the door and tells his mom to open!

His mom is with Yong-sik at the police department. Dong-baek is on her way out and tells Yong-sik that she wants to look for her mother and is worried about her and her dialysis. She fells bad that she told her that she is fat, but actually she was swollen. Then she gets a ring.

Dong-baek goes home to find Pilgoo there waiting outside. Yong-sik is there too. Pilgoo is all upset that they changed the password and asks Dong-baek why Yong-sik knows their password? Are you marrying him! AJUSSHI AND ME LIVING TOGETHER IS A LOT WORSE THEN YOU AND ME LIVING TOGETHER!

Dong-baek hits him and tells him that he should dont talk like that! Pilgoo starts to cry and says that she did not pick him up and he thought the world collapsed when she changed the password!

Elsewhere, Kyu-tae and Ja-young drive home. He tells her she can have all his land. She tells him that he did not kIll Hyang-mi. I am not saying that because I trust you. I trust myself. On that day, I think I saw her. You saw her on the way to the delivery, but I saw her at the fishing site. So, she did not die on the road.

Kyu-tae asks why she did not tell the police? She asks if he trusts them? They only care about themselves, that is why they want to involve you so much. So should we tell them that your ex-wife saw Hyang-mi before she died?

Jyu-tae asksk if she trusts that country boy? He is just stupid! Ja-young says that the country boy without fear is better than those tricky guys. That is why I married you. But I chopped my own foot.

She goes into the police station and sees all the neighborhood cops and DB’s mama eating. They all stand surprised. Ja-young says that everyone knows that the famous word here is that Yong-sik is better than the main branch. So dont’ make me mistake that I am on your side. On the night of the 24th, I saw Chae Hyang-mi!

Umma stands up surprised and eats an egg.

Flashback to that night.

VO – I could not take my eyes off of her. Because I was so hungry.

Ja-young looks at Hyang-mi deliverying something. She thinks that if it was Dong-baek, she would have ordered soup. She thinks that she is still hungry and won’t be able to lose weight before her divorce.

That night, she slept there by the water and saw a man driving out from the house. The scooter was in the back of the car. She wondered why they were taking the scooter and why the lights were off on the car.

In the present, she says that she felt weary about that when she heard that Hyang-mi disappeared.



The officers think that they took the scooter so that means that Hyang-mi was not in a condition where she could drive. Did you see the driver? The truch number? Ja-young says that it was dark and the truck light was off. The captain says that he criminal turned off the light so if we find the truck then it is all done.

DB’s mother says, why did I see that truck? The person that stole the scooter, I saw it that night.

Flashback to the night that the mama left. She takes a taxi to go to the hospital possibly for dialysis. On the way out, she saw the truck with their scooter on the back. She wondered if Hyang-mi even sold their scooter. The taxi driver asked her if she wants to follow it?

Later on, she told Db that Hyangmi was not coming back, dont’ wait for her.

In the present, DB’s mom says that she thought Hyang-mi was not coming back. Yong-sik asks if she remembers the taxi number? But she does not. Ja-young says that black box should have footage of the truck. Kyu-tae yells, lets investigate it! My uncle runs a taxi company! But everyone ignores him.

Then DB’s mom says that she saw JR!

Yong-sik has a little spasm and thinks, this is a jackpot!

Cut back to Jong-ryeol looking for the woman that his wife hit. But he sees nothing and is so upset and screams and punches the ground which is why his hands were all bloody. DB’s mom drives by right then to see him yelling and everything. She tells them that Jong-ryeol was screaming like a crazy guy.

Kyu-tae starts ordering everyone around. he tells one person to get th eblack box, you sue the country, and me, I will show my innocence!

Yong-sik says that the concusion is….*everyone turns to look at him*….that night, the people that saw Hyang-mi are not suspects, they are all witnesses. he hits the board on each witness name and throws his pen at it. there are five witnesses. 

Then his eyes go crazy and he turns to look at them. He says that he has five hwatu aces. When I put them all together, I will get Gabuli! the captain tells one of them to stop studying, come here, you will get a special promotion! 


Dong-baek and Pilgoo eat breakfast. Dong-baek thinks abotu the note that Gabuli write her. Pilgoo also has a flashback abotu Deok-soon asying that he is a burden. Dong-baek tells him not to walk around alone anymore. really listen to me. 

Pilgoo asks where Halmoni is and where Hyangmi noona is? Are they all not coming back because of you? Where you okay when I was in CHina? Was your life easier? Dong-baek tells him not to talk about nonsense. He tells her that when he grows up and marries, I shoul dnot live with you right? That is the rule?

She asks why? Are you afraid that I will want to live with you? Pilgoo says that everyone does not live together. No one lives with grandma. Dong-Baek says that she will not ask him to take care of her when they are married. Are you upset because I hit your back? I couldn’t even sleep after that. He asks if she thinks a little kid can sleep well?




Cut to a man hypnotizing Kyu-tae. Yong-sik sighs and thinks that all his cards where not aces. The captain tells him that Kyu-tae wants to do something as an ace card. Yong-sik tells him that all those dumb students do the ghost ceremony right before he SAT.

Kyu-tae tells the hypnotist that Hyang-mi gave him a heart over his head that made him angry. then he says that he saw a hit and run woman. He then starts to say 4-8….4-8….8….4-8-8…

Yon-sik runs in and yells, 4905!

They all leave, Yong-sik asks, what the F! What is 488! If you dont’ know anything then don’t say anything! Kyu-tae yells that he hypnotized himself so that he would be under hypnosis!

Yong-sik goes to see Jong-ryeol and thinks to himself – some aces I do not want to touch. He holds out his hand and gets the memory card from Jong-ryeol. Then they start to talk about the case and if Yong-sik can really catch gabuli. Yong-sik asks Jong-ryeol if he has ever caught criminals? Gabuli is still Gabuli becuase he did not meet me, Hwang Yong-sik!

But they stop talking about it and Jong-ryeol mentions Dong-baek. JR tells him that he did not ask him about Dong-baek, I can just see her myself! I am good friends with her. hey both start posturing in front of each other and who knows Dong-baek the best and who has the brightest future with her.

Then Yong-sik says anyways, thanks him, and goes back inside.

Cut to Pilgoo walking to school with his friends. they want to play his video game so he sighs and lets them. two of the friends play the game and wonder if Pilgoo is rich now. Then DB’s mom walks up to them and asks them, how old do you think I am? For you, you have a 6th grade brother, but Pilgoo has a 57 year old grandma. 

they are about to give her the game. DB’s mom tells them to use this game until today, you better return it back to him. Remember, Pilgoo has a 57 year old grandma, always remember that.

Then Pilgoo and his other friend run up to them and take the game back. The ther friends tell the halmoni that he just took it back! So Halmoni has to let Pilgoo know that she is still around. She turns around and smiles bashfully.




JR meets with Dong-baek outside the Camella and asks her if she is okay? Weren’t you scared? You get scared easily. How did you meet the murderer also? You should be super surprised. Listen, I am not asking you to live with me, just don’t die okay? Just live happily. 

they go inside to talk. He tells her that when he saw her after 8 years, he should not forget that she had the carpul tunnel bracelet on her wrist. It drives me crazy that you raise kids alone and have this business. Why…really, why…~.

She asks, why did I see the criminal?

He asks, why do you live like that in this life? Do you have special training?

She asks what he wants to say? He tells her, this is the last time I want to ask you, lets go to Seoul. Money isn’t everything, but it is easier. You can have a comfortable easy life. Can’t I make you have that?

Dong-baek tells him that she never worried about rent when she was with him, but she was not comfortable at all. She was always insecure and timid and worried abot people. Now I feel good. I have never been this brave in my life. So give me a break, you can just ignore us.

Yong-sik sighs and says that he will be an a-hole until the end. Give me Pilgoo. I don’t want my son to be raised in a place where a murderer comes in and out.

Cut to Pilgoo eating with Halmoni. She tells him that she just wanted to check to see if he was doing fine. This is a secret between you and me. He asks why she is not coming back, Halmoni is waiting for you, she likes you a lot. I know it. Halmoni asks if she said it? 

Pilgoo says that when mom is cranky to you, it is all lies. The real cranky things and what she does to you are different, her eyes and nose and everything she says are all different. After you left, she sighed while eating. When the delivery guy came, she jumped up to the door.

Halmoni says he is the best. he says that he knows, so come back to the house. I will live with my father while umma is sad.

Cut to Deok-soon asking Pilgoo if he is leaving because of her? Because she said he is a burden? He gives her a lot of treats and says that his mother is a good person. She is a good person. A very very good person.

He leaves.

Deo-soon mutters to herself that this mother son team is killing her.

Pilgoo tells his best friend that he is leaving. He tells him to tell his mother not to give his mother a hard time. He also give him the Nintendo. The friend says he does not want it! Without you, it does not matter! Pilgoo tells him to come visit him in Seoul.


The neighborhood officers look at JR’s CCTV and figure out the license plate number. It is a missing truck and was reported missing by Hyong-sik. 

An officer goes to ask for Hong-siks DNA, he asks if he can refuse it.

In the polcie department, Yong-sik calls someone he knows and asks them to cooperate. Then he sighs and grabs his gun and starts to head out. The Captain asks him, hey hey! What are you going to do with the gun! Just follow the plan! What are you going to tell him! Are you going to shoot him!

Yong-sik says that his plan is to fast track things! Everyone in Ongsan is my person! The Capain asks why he is doing this?

Then they see Pilgoo walking alone and wonder why he is there.

In the Camellia, Dong-baek stands up and asks JR why he is thinking of taking Pilgoo from her! Is a rich father all you need! This is not the 70s! 

JR gently says he is not taking Pilgoo from her, just let me help me help him. You have a murderer in this town. Just let me help him. She remembers the note from Gabuli. JR says that he is the second person int he world to worry about Pilgoo after Dongbaek.

Pilgoo comes in right then. Dong-baek tells JR to leave and not come back. She hugs Pilgoo and tells him to wash his hands and they can eat curry. He says that he will live with appa. I decided that. She is stunned.


Yong-sik runs up to Pilgoo and gives hima nuzzle on his head. He ask why he is at the station? Are you here for me?

PG – Why do you like mom so much?

YS – Ah, why are you asking me that?

PG – Why do you like a greedy person like mom?

YS – Your mom is not greedy

PG – Umma has son and umma has umma’s mom. Now she has a husband. I only have umma. I think that when I was 7, I was happy.

YS – Well, … is that before I came to Ongsan?

Pilgoo walks away without answering.

Fade Out



This show is so good when it focuses on the main storyline of catching Gabuli. I loved the scenes where each person was talking about what they saw and they were trying to figure out the timeline and Yong-sik deduced that all these suspects where actually witnesses.


Captain – Why does he put sawdust in someones mouth?

Man – Now we have even more strange things in the mouth

YS – Do you think you will be okay?

PG – I should spend some time with my father. 

PG – Do you want me to be a kid with no father?

DB – Well, me not having a husband does not mean that Pilgoo should not have a father.

YS – One is not, but the other is right.

Man – We will get the suspects whereabouts first and then move.

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