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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 16 (31-32) Live Recap

Recap When the Camellia Blooms episodes 16 (31+32)
When the Camellia Blooms Recap 16 (31+32)

Now that they have made me love the mama, I am amazingly worried for her. I hope she lives.

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We open on a sign that says “No Swimming” at the lake. There are divers eating jajangmyum on the side of lake. 

VO – Whatever the depth of the water may be, they are still hungry.

Cut to the rich daughter telling somoene on the phone about how that apartment is so expensive, how come it is in auction! I have a place to get money! She is yelling this into the phone.

VO – Dignity or whatever, you need money.

At the camellia, Dong-baek keeps working. A huge soccer team is inside.

VO – Even if the world collapses tomorrow, I still have to sell my pork.

Yong-sik is there and and is grumbling about this sovver team and why they have celebrate today. Just take that flag away!

VO – To get out of yesterday’s mental collapse is todays mental collapse.

Jong-ryeong drives up to Pilgoo and tells him to just get in already. I am not somone to beg like this. A lot of kids ask to take photos with me. Pilgoo plays on his phone and tells JR that he is not their appa.

JR yells, just get in! I will give you Dinosaru blade!

Pilgoo comes back and starts to play Dinosaur blade at a park. Though he tells JR to stop luring him with these toys. JR says yes, yes, but I need to tell you something. Can you focus on it? Pilgoo tells him to tell him, I do not play with my ears.

JR asks, Pilgoo, can you live with me? I don’t have good skills to talk indirectly. This is the first time I had an 8 year old boy as a son. So, just being straight, can you live with me? You can at least give me a chance. You lived with you mom so if you live with me, maybe you will like me. You know. If you keep seeing the baby pooping as she lays down, then maybe you will like her.

Pilgoo starts to unpack all the toys and says that he is not taking his things. He walks away. JR jogs after him. Pilgoo is starting to cry and says that Mom is Mom and toys are toys so why cant I live with my Mom. I would not exchange you even if I have 100,000 or you! Now I hate you the most in the world!




Yong-sik and Dong-baek walk around outside. Yong-sik complains about all those animal likek guys coming in today. DB says that she sold the most today. So that makes Yong-sik happy. She says that it is like a lucky day. (Korea has a famous short story called Lucky Day).

Dong-baek starts to explain the book. She says that Mr. Kim runs a man propelled taxi and I sell pork. (But this story has a sad ending because the wife dies. He was so happy to buy a lot of things for the wife before he knew that).

Yong-sik says that he will find her mother, don’t worry. DB tells him, when you find my mother, tell her that I will never forgive her. She abandoned her daughter in an orphanage and then made me buy $1 Kimbap on the street and made me give birth toPilgoo alone and work alone and now she comes back and is dying and stuff. She is bad.

Yong-sik holds her hands. Dong-baek tells her to tell her mother that the insurance money is not enough to repay what she did to her so just tell her to live with her.


Pilgoo looks at a starry sky in his room.

Dong-baek folds clothing

VO – The son came back home without his backpack. Mother left home. I am not myself, but I still fold clothes.

DB – Well, you still do everything that you have to do.

Yong-sik watched the soccer game in his car.

VO – Life is half automatic, so I can still live.

Pilgoo comes out and sits at the table with Dongbaek. She asks what he is doing? Can you not sleep becuase you are so soleda? Don’t forget mother after going to China.

Pilgoo asks, if you like Yong-sik ajusshi a lot, will you forget me? Then he slumps his head on the table and ays he can’t sleep because he has a headache.

Dong-baek tells Yong-sik that she won’t be able to go out because Pilgoo became a baby all of a sudden. Yong-sik you go home, your mother is worrying about you.

When Yong-sik reads the texts her starts to write what happened….then erases….then I can wait…..but erases….

Dong-baek says that his mother will have an endless amount of worry for him.

Cut to Deok-soon putting all Yong-sik’s food in the fridge.




DB’s mom is in he hospital. She is sleeping. The doctor says that she is in shock. Her numbers are pretty bad so they are amazed that she is still alive.

VO – Why can’t they be sick at all? Why do they worry all the time?

Cut to Jessica eating even more and now sleeping in bed. Her mother comes in and tells her to get up, if your father finds out then he wil lbe so upset. Jessica does not care. Her mother pulls her up and tells her to look at me, look at me! What is that thing you told me?

Flashback to Jessica saying that she hit her.

Jessica says that she does not know. The mother asks about her car, why didn’t you fix it? What are you not telling me? You even said eventually that you will go to Hawaii but actually took fat from your thigh and put it in your chest. Why won’t you say it?

Jessica tells her, umma, what should I do? The mom asks, was it that day?

Flashback to Jessica following Hyang-mi and running her off the street in her car. That is when she sees a drunk Kyu-tae come walking up. He checks to see if Hyang-mi is dead. She is not, she sits up and takes off her helmet. She tells him to catch that guy. But she also tells him to give her his hand.

So he gives her his hand and starts to lift her up. Her hand is bloody, so that is why he got blood on his steering wheel. But he lets go when Jessica gets out of her car. Hyang-mi goes falling back to the ground and has to crawl out herself.

Jessica drives off witout seeing Hyangmi crawling out. Jessica then calls JR to tell him that she hit someone with her car. 

Meanwhile, Kyu-tae and Hyang-mi argue about why they are there. He is super drunk and tells her that she is all bloody. The customer will be surprised to see her. She says this is her first delivery, she should not make trouble. She says that she will pay back his money tomorrow, but she needs to get going.

he tells her that she is super bleeding, don’t go. But she starts the scooter up and is happy that it restarts. She says that this stupid broken scooter started up again. If this can start up again, then so can I. I can start over. She drives off with determination. Kyu-tae says that she really grew up, I heard that when someone really grows up, they die. Then he drinks his drink.



Later on, JR comes to Jessica and asks who she hit? he searches the bushes. She is more concerned with how he came there so fast? Where you already here? Jessica looks to be in shock and just starts to say that she is Jessica. She is Kang Jong-ryeols Jessica. Jessica that does not have self esteem, only self pride and looks for attention. 

JR asks if she is drunk? She says that she was a little timid, but she thinks she did a good job since he came in 10 minutes. It was good to kill her. He asks if she is just pretending? Tell me what happened!

Jessica says that he should look for the body and I will kill Dong-baek and all of them if you make me angry. When poop like me explodes, it is a weapon.

She drives off. JR yells that she can’t just leave like this. But she is gone and crying a river as she drives off.

Hyang-mi drives to the persons house. Across the street, Ja-young waits in all black for her.


All the baseball kids are getting ready to leave to go on their trip. Pilgoo doesn’t want to leave and tells DOng-baek that she better be there when he gets back. He wll be back in 4 nights. He will be back in their house, okay?

Pilgoo asks if he thinks he will not see her again? He says that he doesn’t know, his stomach just hurts.

Yong-sik is there as well and asys, a long time ago when you were dumped by a girl, I didnt make fun of you. Seung-yeob calls him a crazy guy, why are you bringing that up! Yong-sik continues and says that day when you were drunk and pooped on a mat. I did nto tell your sister. SY tells him, so what! 

Then Pilgoo runs up so Yong-sik tells him that he must have back pain because he has wings on his back, ha ha ha. Pilgoo motions for him to lean closer.

Meanwhile, Chan-sook talks to Dongbaek about how her kid was like that when she would send him to the grandparents. He would follow me around and all that. that is separation anxiety. If you don’t do anything then it will cause depression.

Dong-baek looks at Pilgoo talking to Yong-sik. He is whispering something in his ear.

Later on, DB and YS walk along the water. He asks her why she won’t just get a part-timer. I would feel better if you did that. She says that she feels a little sick because her body might finally be relaxeed now that Pilgoo is on his trip. Yong-sik thinks she has a fever, lets go to the hospital. But she says that she can rest at home. Ii want to sleep in bed.

VO – Recently, Dong-baek looks like a boxer who can take a punch.

Yong-sik hops upt to her and holds her hand. He says that he will go to her place later. She is all like, uhhh. He tell sher, there is no Pilgoo. She says, o-o-kay. 

YS – I am not doing this because it is my chance.

DB – Okay

YS – I am not sleezy

DB – You can stop talking

YS – Can I have your password? When you sleep, Ii want to bring Juk and medicine. Ii am really not sleezy like that

DB – 2580

He sighs and leaves.

DB – Where are you going?

YS – You shouldn’t put your password as 2580! I have to catch gabuli soon!

Her password is the name of an investigative TV show called Current Events Magazine 2580. So he walks away thinking that he has to catch Gabuli.




he captain asks Yong-sik how he knows that place? YS says that he was a taxi driver that caught a hit and run person back in the day. 

Flashback to Yong-sik in the taxi and telling his customer that he saw something! So they both go to try and find this criminal.

Yong-sik goes back to this professor and gets his help to solve the case. This professor just so happens to be a criminal investigations professor. So he knows how to find he height andn weight of the person in the CCTV.

But whatever the profesor says, Yong-sik also says that he also knew that. Though he actually didnt’ know it. The captain tells him to just be quiet.

The professor says that this person came here to commit a crime but does not even look around so that means that he knows everything about this place. He even knows that the camera is there becuse he is leaning his head away.

They all start to lean their heads in various directions. The professor thinks that the murder weapon should fit in the pocket. he should be used to using it so he can use it in his left hand also.

The professor then asks who this person is. So the cops start to mutter a lot about how they have a robbery case and things. The professor tells Yong-sik to calm down a bit, Dont act up too much.

Yong-sik and the Captain walk away and the captain wonders if they can do this private investigation stuff. YS says that he does not beleive in the bigger investigation teams with the police. They are not good. I don’t trust them at all, especially when they asked us to find the 160 mm shoes.



YS tells the captain that he will really catch Gabuli for Dong-baek. he lists all the people that he has caught and assk if the captain thinks he can’t catch him? My fortune tellher says that we should be careful! Jsust hold my hand!

The captain tells him that he will put it all in to him for his entire life! You either special promote me or get me fired! Do whatever you want to do!


Yong-sik changes the door lock while DB sleeps. Then he goes inside her place and covers her with another blanket.

She slowly starts to wake up as he puts heats around her and delivers her breakfast of juk while she sleeps. She is actually, really sick. It looks like she might have a fever.

So we see a montage of Yong-sik quietly taking care of her and then telling her goodbye and goodnight. But he doesn’t leave. he looks at her for a moment and thinks about staying with her in her bed. He even lays his head on her pillow and pretends to be asleep as she rolls over. But she doesn’t notice he is there.

YS – Dong-baek, are you pretending to be asleep?

He kisses her on the forehead and she kind of smiles.





Dong-baek and Yong-sik eat in the morning. He dotes on her. She tells him that it feels good to be worried about and to worry about someone. He tells her not to be too moved by this, his tsunami of love has not started yet.

he tells her that he does not know how she lived her life, but be ready that the rest of your life will be a festival like a rich person. I will make everything like a festival for you. So don’t worry.

She tells him about those kids that have nice hairdo’s and smell good and have a nice pencil case and smile so prettily, I only looked at them and envied them. I wanted to live like that, with no worries.

She starts to cry.

VO – her back is like my palm. What kind of burdens did she have growing up? I like her so much, it hurts so much.

They both start crying.

She asks why he is crying? Then she cries more.

They sleep in her tiny bed together again. She wakes up and sees Yong-sik sleeping and tells him that he sleeps so well in her house.

He says that he has to sleep. When it is the first day in the army, you still sleep. She tells him that today is not the first day of the army. He says, dont’ talk to me, I am sleeping now. 

So she rolls back over to sleep. But she keeps talking. She asks, have you dated anyone else except her (Seung-hee). YS tells her that he has a Jeep engine and Sedan manners. I don’t push my accelerator with someone that is sick. So dont’ think that I am a super honest guy. I am Hwang Yong-sik.

She rolls over and rolls her eyes as she mutters, why dont ‘you have any middle ground? He tells her that he can’t be in the middle in this situation. If you don’t finish the marathon, then don’t tie your shoes. She tells him to stop talking, okay?

VO – She had a good nights sleep.

YS wakes up while Dong-baek is still sleeping.

VO – I could not sleep at all. Ah, what a selfish woman, so selfish.

He walks away happily.

But then he sees a green lighter on his car and thinks that Gabuli is testing him. He throws it on the gorund and breaks it.

VO – I have to tell him, if you poke me then you are dead.

Inside, Dong-baek thinks that it is so hot under the covers. She tries to push them off and gets a phone call from an unknown number.



She says that the scooter is hers, she did not know that she left it there. Perhaps my friend left it there, I will pick it up.

She goes to the building where her scooter should be. The entire building is closed.

VO – Accidents happen when comfortableness overcomes the warning.

Flashback to Hyangmi driving when it starts to rain. She mutters that this is stopping her from delivering it.

VO – Even when the sky gives you a warning sign.

HM – Dong-baek, I will get you your 6 dollars. 

She continues on.

In the present, Dong-baek takes her fool self inside this abandoned building. She wonders why Hyangmi would take it here. Then she pulls out her phone and texts Yong-sik that she got a phone call to pick up the scooter so she will pick it up and come back.

She goes to the basement garage and sees the scooter across the garage.

Meanwhile, Yong-sik sees JR at the scene of the accident and thinks that the person who caused it will always come back. So he tells Jong-ryeol that he hit Hyang-mi here, otherwise why are you coming here?

JR says that he hit the post. But he also asks if she really disappeared? YS tells him that Hyang-mi disappeared. JR asks, so she is not dead yet?

Inside the abandoned buildings garage, Dong-baek sees a post it note on the scooter. Then she hears a noise and we see someone getting out of a car.



YS drives JR to the police station. He tells him that he is not sending him a wedding invitation. JR wishes him good luck, YS says he does not need that from him. They keep talking about Dong-baek and love and luck and the wedding all the way to the station. JR tells him to be good to her. His specialty is a game winning home run. If the defense gives me the chance then I will take it.

They get to the station. YS checks his text and sees Dong-baek’s message about the scooter, but he says that Dongbaek never put her phone number on the scooter.

Then all the alarms start to go off at once at the station. DB does not pick it her phone when YS calls to head out.


All the alarms are because they find Hyang-mi’s body in the lake. They do not know if this is Gabuli, but they think it is because of the note.

All the key people see the news about this.

Jessica sees it while at the beauty spa

DB’s mother hears about it and wakes up suddenly

Ja-yong hears about it and races somewhere in her car

Kyu-tae sees it and all the noodles fall out of his mouth. His m other yells at him. He gets a call. But he does not answer. His mother answers it though and puts it to his ear. He is shocked as he hears it, his eyes grow wide and his stomach turns over. he tells them that he will be there. His mother is alarmed and asks if he made another trouble? He says that his car saw scratched by another person. He heads out.

But then two cars drive up and arrest him. These are all investigators and tells him that he is as suspect for Hyang-mi’s murder case. Poor Kyu-tae is about to pass out, he asks how he can throw her in Ong-san? I can’t even lift her.

They start to drag him out.

But then Ja-young drives up like a detective super hero and drifts her car as she stops it. She gets out like a boss and asks if they have evidence? Is blood evidence? You are violating the law. He is denying the crime and you do not have a warrant. Listen up policemen, you have handcuffs and are restraining his body. This is an illegal arrest.

She tells the cops that she is going to defend him from now on. Kyu-tae is so happy and says that they can still lvoe each other! Then he asks her why she drifted her car? Ja-young tells them that she knows that he is not the kind of person that can kill someone.

Cut to the hardware store person telling his father that they found the body.

Flashback to Hyang-mi staying at the hardware store mans house. She looks over and asks if someone else isi there? Then she sees the father. She wants to fix the clock but he tells her not to do it, it is too noisy!

He asks his father why he brought her. Hong-sik tells him that he killed enough cats, dont’ do anything, just stay still. Then he remembers what DBs mother said about his eyes and tells his father that he hates his eyes because he has is appas eyes.



Meanwhile, Yong-sik searches for DOng-baek at her last known location. He sees the scooter and the camera scrolls to show Dong-baek still standing there looking off to the right. She see her take off running to the door.

Ah, so this might be what happened and how Yong-sik thinks it might have happened.

DB runs offand goes to the elevator. She takes it up. But it is not moving fast and she has no service inthe elevator. She tries to call Yong-sik. 

Gabuli walks up the stairs.

Dong-baek tries to pull the emergency break and then turns off the power to the elevator. Everything stops. Gabuli tries to get inside the elevator, but he can’t. 

She tries to call the alarm person and tells them that she is on the frist floor of the basement! Can someone come!

Yong-sik keeps walking up and tells his officers that he is on the 3rd floor of the basement. He found the scooter!

Dong-baek is still strapped in the elevator. She opens the note that says, “I am back, because of you, she died.”

DOng-baek cries int he elevator as she thinks about Hyang-mi. We see a flashback where DOng-baek looks into a box of old things. Db tells Hyang-mi that she does not have to steal things and hide them. Hyang-mi sys that she wants to be Dong-sik’s daughter in another life. they keep talking pleasantly. DB says that she doesnt charge her for drinking her beer, so just stay next to me, Stop drinking and stealing. i will see you give birth to a daughter just like you. So don’t look at me with that face.

Dongbaek drops her red sweater so Hyangmi puts on her sweater and tells her that they should eat crushed fish soup.

then Dong-baek pulls some strength from somewhere and turns the power back on. Outside, the place is crawling with cops. Sirens are going off everywhere. Yong-sik tries to keep it together. Everyone looks worried.

But then one of the officers looks up and tells the captain to look. 

Everyone starts to turn around and sees Dong-baek walking, stunned, out of the building.

Yong-sik sees her as well and immediatley hugs her. She is still holding the Gabulii note and tells him that Hyangmi is dead right? Like my eunnie?

Yong-sik looks at the note.

Note – You should have come, because of you she died. Everyone close to you dies.

Yong-sik takes a deep angry breath as he says – Dong-baek.

Dong-baek says that pilgoo will be back soon. I will just kill that guy.

VO – Dong-baek just pressed the accelerator. 

DB – Hyang-mi, that eunnie should not have died like that

VO – She announced that she is changing into a beast (beast-mode?).

DB – I should tell him who he is dealing with

YS – Well, I will teach him the lessong with the law.

She shakes her head.

DB – I am not running away. I will follow him and kill him.

YS – Dn’t think about killing poeple

DB – I saw him.


We find out what Pilgoo whispered to Young-sik

PG – Ajusshi, sleep in our house 3 nights. Do you understand?

He looks at his mom.

PG – Umma cannot even catch a mouse alone. Don’t you understand?

Fade Out


This show excels when they focus on the main storyline and not sob backstories. I loved loved loved todays episode!


Yes, we will try to come back and do it!

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  1. Odila
    November 7, 2019 / 9:04 pm

    I love today episode too!!!!

    • V
      November 8, 2019 / 1:23 pm

      It was great! It really has me looking forward to next week.

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