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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 15 (29-30) Live Recap

Recap When the Camellia Blooms Episode 15 (29+30)
When the Camellia Blooms recap Episode 15 (29+30)

Yong-sik is recovering from the fire injury and is on the case to find Gabuli while on the other side of town Dong-baek broke up with her mom, so, yeah, the problems are building in Ongsan. And on top of it all, Yong-sik’s mama really does not want him with Dong-baek and makes everyone feel guilty with how nice she is about it.

Recap will start at 12 pm CST! We can only do the first half right now. We will do the second half later on today!

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Yong-sik stands outside Teh Camellia and wonders, what is this guy? he sees a green lighter. He grabs it and wonders what he can do. How can I catch and kill this guy?

Then he sees Dong-baek come up all teary eyed. She gives him a big hug and sys that she hates her mother. I really hate her. Do you really think mom wants my kidney? She is the worst mother in the world, she makes me so mad.

Cut to Dong-baek and Yongsik sitting at the steps on the top of the town and talking. It is the same scene as the poster. Dong-baek says that her head hurts. Getting revenge makes me mad.

He tells her that getting revenge should make her happy. She abandoned you and now wants your kidney, that is not human. That is super mackjang. She hits him and asks if he is talking bad about her mother?

He sighs and tells her that she is not good. Your system is a little simpler than others and transparent. You cannot love other people. In the next life, you should live well. But in this life, just keep doing what you are doing. Where is the meat place?

Dong-baek starts cying again and says that her mom makes her mad. I hate her.


Three police officers say that the mother left the barbecue station. So they have to find her and they have to find Hyang-mi and they have to catch gabuli, sigh, Yong-sik has a hard life. He got stabbed and shot by pepper spray and stabbed and extinguished fire with his bare hands, he is Ong san’s Thanos.

Yong-sik is sitting at his desk thinking hard and giving himself a nose bleed as he keeps thinking. he thinks that he mother disappeared, Dong-baek is alone. One of the cops says that she has Pilgoo. But they say that Pilgoo is more like half a person.

Yong-sik drives around and ask one of the men if he still steals vending machines? This man looks like a delivery person. The man sys no! I don’t do that anymore!

YS – Really?

Man – Really!

YS – Really?

Man – Really!!!

YS – Really?

Man – Really!!!!

So Yong-sik tells him to take chicken. the delivery guy is all mad and leaves. Yong-sik falls asleep in his car and wakes up when Dong-baek knocks on his window. She asks if he is undercover? He asks how she knows he is there?

Cut to Yong-sik giving away that he knew what delivery she ordered and that it was chicken. So they go eat together outside and share candy. She asks why he is giving her this candy? He says that it will make her feel good. He wants to make her feel good.

She says that she is energetic and feels good, she already has chicken. After abandoning my mother, I am still eating chicken.

Yong-sik tells her that it is not her bad, it is just life. Life is not just a daily TV show where you stay in bed. She says that is good, if she was alone then she would be in bed, but because she has others, she can live.


She tells Yong-sik that sometimes you live with an extra battery. She wants to prepare her son’s meals and worries about Yong-sik’s dinner as well. Yong-sik asks, so that means you have Pilgoo and chicken and the next extra battery is me, Hwang Yong-sik right?

She says that when seh became a mother, she thought that one sided mothers love is bad. Kids can make their parents die, but they still eat soup at the funeral.

Cut to Deok-soo making soup for Yong-sik.

VO – In CHinese, Mom is still mama. Umma, mama, mother…they all sound similar right? Maybe it is a spell.

DB’s mother goes to a dialysis center and wonders if Dong Baek froze the gomtang well.

VO – From now on, don’t live as Deok-soon, Jung-soo, Dong-baek…just live as a mom. Maybe that is the spell.

Flashback to all the moms having a hard time.

VO – Everyone becomes dumb when kids say Mom…mom…because they give everything and still do it.

TITLE: Umma (Korean), Mama (Chinese), Mother (English)


Jong-rok watches his son practicing baseball and thinks that one son is scarier than a million anti’s. he is sitting with Seung-yeob talking about kids things and parents support. It looks like JR does not want to pay for kids whose parents can support them. Then he says that he wants to have a relationship with Pilgoo.

The coach says that Pilgoo is not leaving his mother. It is not about good or bad, he just will not leave his mother. But JR says that he wants to pick Pilgoo. The friend says that he favors Pilgoo a lot, Pilgoo is my favorite student, I will raise him.

JR sighs and ays that Pilgoo is my son. Lion King music starts to play and Seung-yeobs eyes get big. HR tells him that he wants to raise him and train him and send him to study. I will do everything for him. Seung-yeob is so shocked and says that he was raising a lion King (this is meta because the actor who plays Seung-yeob was a baseball player in real life and his nickname was Lion King).


JR takes Pilgoo out to eat and gives him a gift. Pilgoo tells him that he will not forgive him only with this game. Never ever. Though he does open it to look at it though. JR tells him that he misses his father when he is with him.

Pilgoo tells him not to come to school. The kids think you are fired from your school. JR asks why he hates him so much. So Pilgoo says because of his mother. JR is all like, yeah, you are so honest. Look, I looked at my father as you looked at me. You will regret this in the future.

Pilgoo says his father at least raised him. JR hangs his head ands ys that Pilgoo is so logical. So Pilgoo tells him that he hates him as Superman. JR says he will quit. Pilgoo hates the the ajumma that only wears tights. JR says that is an adult problem. Pilgoo says that he has a kid that poops all the time. JR says that she is your sister even though seh poops. Pilgoo asks why he does not apologize to him? Umma always tells me sorry even though she buys me lots of things. You never apologize to me ajusshi.

JR tells him that he didn’t know. If I knew about you then I would not leave you alone. Pilgoo says that when they do not do their homework then they have one minute on the time out chair. if I say that I did not know about it, then 5 minutes in the chair.

JR asks what he wants him to do? 100 mintues in time out? He sighs.


Meanwhile, Yong-sik is looking around the crime scene and thinking about the investigation at the hogwan. He thinks that the famous serial murder went to his own crime scene and memorized the crime. that is how he could survive when he did not kill people. So all those smelly guys are suspcious.

He thinks about Kyu-tae telling him not to investigate the hogwan, it will draw big blood in Ongsan. he also remembers Kyu-tae telling him to come to his work place and he will learn about statue of limitations, then he will think about telling him or not.

Yong-sik keeps looking around and says that the crime scene always tells you something. he goes back to the car accident location and looksa t the CCTV. He thinks that crime reflects what is going on in Korea.

He goes to a plant nursery and thinks about his mother saying that radish are so expensive, like gold. So Yong-sik thinks that radish is expensive so they should have a security camera.

Then he hears someone dragging metal. He gets out of the car and talks to a local farmer. (lol, is this the woman from Parasite?).

The Chief sees this and runs out YO-O-O-O-OUNG S-I-I-I-I-I-K.

Yong-shik talks to this woman as the captain runs to him likea  crazy man. Yong-sik asks if he can have a recording from a certain day and time. The woman tells him that everything is like karma so dont’ be angry at whatever happens to you. I learned it from my dog.

The captain finally gets to them huffing and puffing. he calls her Yong-sim. This is actually the woman that we have heard about all the time with the dog problem that Byeon wanted him to check out and he kept yelling that he will not check it out! Stop talking about Young-sim!

So in the present, Yong-sim tells him that a small favor should be repaid with a big favor *sarcasticly*. She tells him that he needs to bring a warrant!

Yong-sik thinks that the little dog problem has come back as karma.



No Kyu-tae consults with someone and says that divorce is not an optional thing, she is already singly.

Kyu take looks on and says that he did not know that his wife was this cool. Ja Young smiles ands ys that it was good marketing for a divorce lawyer to get divorced.

She is talking to her client.  She asks if she is lonely? Ja Young says that she is lonely, but strangley, she is less lonely then when there were two. Living with a ghost is a less lonely thing.

The woman tells her that her aunts son came back from divorce. he has no kids and is an accountant. Why dont’ you go on a blind date?

But Kyu-tae breaks in right then and asks for a consultation.


Dong-baek calls the other sister to ask about her mother. The sister asks if she asked her to call? Tell that umma person not to pretend. Soon I will see her with evidence. Dong-baek asks, what? Hello? Hello? But she hung up. Dong-baek wonders how she led her life.

Chan-sook comes in then and asks if she is coming to their business meeting? She gives her a form of what they will discuss and says that she just has to say yes. But DB is hesitant to go because of the chairman.

Chan-sook says that they have to see each other and talk and get back together. If you hesitate then it will be worse. So just come and pretend like you are crazy.


Deok-soon checks on her soup. She made duck soup. Yong-sik walks up and holds his back as if he did a lot of manual labor. he tells her that he has been pulling radishes for Young-sim.

Then he sees the soup and wonders, is this duck! Or ostrich? She says that she boiled it for many days, so if you eat it then you will have new skin. He asks how this is related? then he tells her that she feeds him so well so he never has sick leave.

He sits to eat the duck. She tells him that seh raised him so carefully that he never had any injuries. He asks what she is talking about? I have like 5 scars on my head.

She asks him if he would do the same thing if she was in a fire? he asks if she is jealous? Umma says not to rescue me. If you rescue me than I will kill you. AND DON’T RESCUE DONG BAEK. Just stop here.

Yong-sik tells him mom that she likes Dong-baek. But is she okay as a friend and not okay as a daughter in law? Are you this shallow of a person? Deok-soon says yes, she is! What kind of  mother would like their son that jumps into a fire.

He says, Umma, I proposed to her. And then he leans way back. He tells her that he was about to die. if he goes back to that day then he will do it 100 time, 1000 times, I do not care about the fire. I must live with her together!

She tells him, the more you do this, the more you make me hate her.


Dong-baek comes to the meeting. She bows her hed to bot be noticed. Chan-sook gives the paperworkd she gave to Dong-baek to Deok-soon. they are all so uncomfortble.

A year earlier, everyone is so happy and the room is bright as they chat and ask if anyone disagrees. Deok soon raises her hand and pokes Dong-baek to raise her hand as well. So she raises her hand. The other ladies are all like, Dong-baek doens’ even know what is going on. Are you just going to listen to Deok Soon? You were sleeping! Tell us why you oppose this!

Deok-soon tells them thta they don’t need any reasons, I just poked her. Chan-sook says that this is not a democratic way! They tell Dong-baek that she is on a good line. Deok-soon says that they are together. Dong-baek says tey are like FINKLE. Another ajumma sys that they are like the King and his scary wife.

Back to the present, everything is so dark and cold in the room. Deok Soon tells them to do what they want and leaves.

Deok-soon runs out and asks to talk to Deoksoon. Deoksoon says that her points don’t matter so she left. Then she says that she hates the entire thing. It makes her sad thinking about Yong-sik raising someone elses kid. He gets hurt following you. My heart collapses. So, can you give me a break?

Deok-soon says that she likes him a lot. She really does not know what to do. He is so warm and seh does not want to be alone. Deok soon says that Yong-sik is a good boy. She raised him like that. She saw all the dirty things in the world and gave him all the pretty things. I spent my entire life like that. So why are you making my son dark.

Dong-baek asks if she is a shadow for him? Deoksoon says that Yong-sik has no trouble in his life except for you. With my son’s happy life and your bad luck life, what mother will say yes to that?

She walks away.


Kyu tae has a meeting with His ex-wife to discuss things. She says that he did all the things that not good guys do. Kyu-tae mentions the statue of limitations so his ex asks why he is turing himself in now? if you dont’ tell me then I will not consult with you.

He says that he has his reasons. That person disappeared. Hyang-mi. Ja young drops her food. Kyu-tae says that she disappeared over night and a lot of people have trouble. Ja young asks if this case is official for the people investigating it?

Kyu tae says, case? What case? Do you know anything? Ja-young ignores the question.


The chief tells Yong-sik that Young-sim came by and told me to tell you to be nice to your mom. Cut to Deok-soon calling Young-sim and asking her if she made her son pull radishes? You did? Okay…well, I know your situation. Do you drive? Give the CCTV footage to the police right now.

You made my son that has a burn wound work hard under the son. When Yong-siks army superior hit him, I went to the army base with 300 chicken. Deok-soon is behind Yong-sik. If you touch Yong-sik, then I become a mountain hog. If you don’t want to ruin your future then you need to find that footage.

In the police station, it looks like they got the CCTV. Yong-sik smiles and laughs and tells the captain that he is not hatable. In school and in the army people cannot hate me for too long as they look at the footage.

The captain looks at the footage and tells Yong-sik to look at this! it is a scooter right? And a car is following. But why are they driving so fast on this narrow street? Yong-sik thinks it is JR’s car. They wonder why he is following Hyang-mi.

So Yong-sik calls him and asks what he was doing on the 24th at 22 o’clock. JR asks, is she dead? Yong-sik asks, why do you think she is dead.




Jessica sits at the dinner table and eats and drinks everything she probably hasn’t eaten in years and years. Her mother comes in asking her if she has gone crazy. Jessica says that she wants to be Mrs. Kang Jong-ryeol and she wants to be in the commercial. 

The mother tells her that she is driving her crazy. Jessica says that she still wants to be recognized. She wants people to recognize that hs has a good life. Her mother asks why she cares so much about other people.

Jessica says that if other people don’t tell her that she is pretty, then she does not fee, pretty. If people don’t tell me that they envy me, then I feel like a loser. I feel like I am nobody.

She thinks about what Hyan-mi told her, they are the same. You want attention and love.

Jessica says that no one should know about it.


Kyu-tae says that her cellphone is in the middle of the lake! What should I do if something happens. He is talking to his ex-wife and pouting as if he is about to cry.

Jessica tells her mother that she hit her.

Jong-ryeol looks at his cellphone with confusion as he remembers Yong-sik ask where he was on the 24th.

Kyu- tae asks, what if the body floats up? Ja-young tells him that head bodies don’t float quickly.

Cut to DB’s mother talking on a payphone at night and asking if she can report a murder with suspicion only.


Yong-sik tells the captain that it seems like there are many suspects, not just one. Do you think Hyang-mi was murdered by Gabuli? The chief says that it is different to want to kill someone and actually killing them.

Yong-sik asks if the scooba team is working? The captain tells him to just wait. Yong-sik asks if the lighter was clean? The captain tell shim if Gabuli put his finger print on something so easily then they would have caught him years ago.

Yong-sik tells the captain that they had her clothes and the lighter and blood was on Kyu-tae’s steering wheel. What if something really happened to Hyang-mi?

Then they see Kyu-tae sitting on the curb. They ask why he is there. He pitifully stands up and pouts that he is turning himself in.


Dong-baek finds her mothers secret bag and thinks that she was really a con artist. Then she finds an alarm on a cell phone. It was a lunch medicine alarm. Dong-baek looks through the phone and wonders why her mother takes pictures of flowers so much. 

On one of the pictures there is a phone number on a van next to a phrase that says Help Closely (or Help is Close).

Dong-baek wonders where this place is.


Kyu-tae sits at the station and says that it is 5 years for the statute of limitations. June 29th, 2014. 

The captain asks, what? That day Gabuli killed Kim Woobi?!

Yong-sik asks, are you really Gabuli!

The Captain yells, ya-ima! I told you not to investigate things like that!

Kyu-tae lifts his head and says, well actually, I was there.


Kyu-tae eats with his friend at an illegal gambling place. it looks like this is the fake hogwan that the friend owned. it is packed with everyone’s husband from the town gambling.

One person opens the window and dusts his cigarrette out the window. Another man tells him to close the window!

There is a voice over of an ajumma that says that she never saw any kids going into that place.

Cut to a police siren going off and everyone hiding. The owner goes to the rooftop and tells his parttimer that they are all done if the police want to see the security camera (for the other crime that they heard the siren for).

So they unravel a large poster sign board over the side of the building. This covered the CCTV. 

In the present Yong-sik looks at the photos and thinks that they should have hung it to cover up things! He puffs out his chest happily and says that he knew it. The captain tells him that he actually did a good investigation.

Yong-sik and the captain ask where his friend is. Kyu-tae says that they already have him, gambling. 


Cut to jail where they all meet with the gambling guy behind the voice mirror. Yong-sik looks like he is on Miami Vice with his huge shades. The Captain tells Yong-sik to just not say anything.

So the captain starts to talk to the man about where the CCTV is. The man says that he felt bad about it later. He did not know that it was a murder case. I dind’t feel good about what I did so I couldn’t erase the footage from that day.

He tells Kyu tae to go to his wife’s store and get his laptop. In the movie folder look for Whale Hunting (this is a real movie name that was very famous). That is that day.

The music cuts in and the captain and Yong-sik walk out like they are Miami Vice police officers. They both have on their dark shaes and shke their hair out in slow motion. Kyu tae comes out as well and puts on a scarf. 

The Captain says, get ready to get specially promoted!

Yong-sik says, I told you, I catch until I catch!

Kyu-tae happily smiles and says, this is fun, I fell like I am watching Conan (a little kid detective anime from Japan, not the US Conan the Barbarian).

All three walk off in slow motion.

They get the CCTV and see a man on the screen. Yong-sik says, it is 100% him! The captain says that it is not recognizable. But they think that this is big! We know his height and his body type and his walking pattern! We can aalyze everything! Lets call the investigating TV show! We have to analyze everything!

The Captain says, we have to report it!

But then Kyu-tae says that there is one more person.

Cut to the CCTV showing a person walking up that kind of looks like it could be Dong-baek’s mother.


Dong-baek goes to the phone number. it is a place for single mothers. She sees the flower bed that was on the photos. Nuns run this place so a nin tells Dong-baek that her mother was a kind and gentle person. She used to serve as a baby care taker in an orphanage. She was really good.

Dong-baek asks if this was 2014? Teh nun asks if she knows that place? Dong-baek mutters that she hates her mother.

Then she gets on the phone with Yong-sik. he tells her that she has to see something. DOng-baek asks if it is something surprising? I don’t think I would be surprised if she has a criminal record.

She goes to the station and asks, Gabuli’s footage? Yong-sik tells her yes, but there were two people.


Hong-sik goes to his store and asks someone if they need anything. this someone is DB’s mother. She tells him that he has a lot of tools to kill someone here. Then she asys that it was you, right? Gabuli. She removes her hat and says, don’t you remember me? We met on that day.

THAT DAY, 2014 JUNE 29

Dong-baek and her friend are at the single mother place. Dong-baek waves at Pilgoo who is playing happily at the single other place. then seh walks off with her friend.

The friend says that everyone in the town likes her. But if he doesn’t like me, then why did he give me his umbrella? They joke and says that she should date him. He is better than *a famous singer*. The friend asks, how dare you compate him to *the famous singer*.

The mother watches Dong-baek walk off. Then one of the nuns asks her why she lieks Pilgoo so much? The mother says that this is the only place she can see this cutie. I live in hell, but at least you make my Sundays the best. You are just like Dong-baek. Did yout alk to your mother about Halmoni? Do you think I can see her?

The mother puts on lipstick so the nun asks if she is going somewhere? The mother says that it is a nice day so she is going to see her daughter. she has a good life. Every Sunday she gets skin care.

A woman comes in and says that they have a lot of new followers, I wonder if it is about Gabuli.


That night, the mother waits in front of the skin care place. Right next door, all the men are at the illegal gambling place. One of them notices the mother standing outside and wonders who she is. Could seh be a new customer? Should I go out and get her.

The owner says that those timid customers cause big trouble when they lose money.

Mother grows more and more worried about Dong-baek.


In the present, Yong-sik asks if she recognizes her? I think she was around you all the time.

In the hardware store, Hong-sik asks, so , you saw me that night? Why do you think that was me?

She tells him, if you wear a coat and mask in the middle of summer, do you think I won’t recognize you?

In the falshback, the mother drinks something. But the killer bumps into her. She apologizes and tries to wipe the drink off of him but he hits her hand away and keeps going.

She tells him that she smelled the spray paint on him even on that wet day. So she followed him.

VO – I heard that God can’t be everywhere, that is why they made Moms. Mom knows instinctively who will cause harm to their kids.

The mother looks at the building andn then sees two poeple coming outside. She asks them if they heard something? The woman and man says that no one came, that is why they closed early.

The lights all turn off upstairs. The mother remembers the nuns talking about Gabuli. She runs upstairs.

Dong-baek is in the light bed. Gabuli is trying to open it. The mother bangs on the door and then sets off the alarm and turns on the sprinklers.

VO – There is no coincidence like that in the world. Even cuckoo bird didn’t leave her own kid.

Dong-baek – Where is mother?

In the hardware store, Hong-sik asks if she saw him? This is just speculation. He is putting all his green lighters up. She tells him that she saw his eyes. They were not human. When you came to the store and had that smell of spray paint. When you were cowardly smiling. It triggered my gut and I thought, it was you.

Flashback to Hong-sik putting up the CCTV. The mother was upset that he got a free meal and called him suspicious.

The hardware guy still says that is suspicious. The mother says that she does not have evidence, but she also has no confusion or regrets. Even for animal mothers, they know who will harm their own kid from 100 miles away. And mothers will do anything for their kids. Do not be around Dong-baek. I will do at least this one thing for Dong-baek, whatever it is.

Meanwhile, Dong-baek walks home with Yong-sik. She starts to talk about how she felt like a defect returned by her mother her entire life. But now she feels like her life is less bad. he holds her hand reassuringly.

DB tells him that she always felt like an abandoned dog. I feel like I have an identification chip in my body now or something. She chuckles. But then they see the step daughter.

The step daughter sits in the Camellia and talks to Dongbaek about how her mother disappeared as soon as she got the diagnosis. Flashback to the woman telling the mother why she does that. We are lawfully family.

Dong-baek says that she did not even let her go to her fathers funeral. The daughter tells her, whatever, you shold have at least kept the least amount of conscience. You got my fathers money and are giving it to your daughter, do you think that is reasonable?

The daughter pulls out an insurance policy and shows it to DB’s mom. DB’s mother tells her that her father never paid her.

The sister tells Dongbaek that she slept and ate and worked at her place, so she should have gotten money from her father.

But DB’s mother told the daughter that she worked at that place and will give all that money to her daughter. She does not want that shameful money.

The woman says that they need to follow the law, in family registry, we are still family. DB asks, can’t I give my lifes money to my daughter? On the insurance police we see Oh Dong-baek.

Flashback to that night that the mother got Dong-baeks finger print. She got it to give all her life insurance to her daughter. Later on she told her daughter that her friend has an insurance policy or something like that and mentions that insurance is a good thing. Dong-baek kind of rolled her eyes and walked away. But the mother says that it was good for her friend, at least he paid the wife after death.

Dong-baeks mother tells the woman that she took this as payment to her daughter that she could not even feed for 27 years. Even if I don’t eat, I added money to that for 20 years! I WANT TO GIVE A LITTLE MONEY FOR FOOD TO MY DAUGHTER! WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS!

Dong-baek realizes that her mother did not come there to get her kidney, she came there to give her last insurance money to her. She gets up from the table and starts to leave. But the woman says that she heard that she is sick. if you don’t want her to go to jail as a gold digger, then make her behave. How dare she take our money.

Dong-baek slaps the woman and tells her, how dare you call her a gold digger. That is my mom. Someone like you cannot talk about her like that.


Dong-baeks mother walks up the road and has pain in her side. A suspicious man walks behind her.

The mother turns around, but the man disappears. She says, what, did you follow me to kill me? The man comes out. The umma looks shocked.

Fade Out


Oh, this is getting interesting once again. I hope Dong-baek’s mom is okay!


DB – it feels good to be worried.

YS – I like Dong-baek so much, and it hurts my heart so much

YS – I have to tell that suspicous guy that always come back to the scene.

YS – You hit Chae Hyang-mi!

News – This afternoon in Ong San lake, a woman in her 30s was found dead. There was a message from the serial killer from 5 years ago found.

Officer – You should come with us as a suspect with Hyang-mi’s murder case

HS – Don’t do anything.

DB – I think that friend left it there. I will pick it up.

YS – Dong-baek, I did not put any number on your notepad

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