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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 14 (27-28) Live Recap

Recap When the Camellia Blooms episode 14 (27-28)
When the Camellia Blooms Recap episode 14 (27-28)

Yesterday’s episode kicked the stakes way up a notch. Now that Dong-baek has a threat on her life, things should drastically change for our couple. Besides getting married of course, since Yong-sik did propose at the end of the last episode. I see his mama not being too happy with that and might cause even more of an issue for our two’s happiness than Gabuli ever could.

Recap will start at 1pm CST!

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Deok-soon runs to the hospital after hearing that Yong-sik got injured trying to save DOng-baek.


Deok-soon runs along a bridge as she gets to a man who was died in a fire. She falls to the ground and cries at the ambulance. At the funeral, seh sits in all white as the shaman does his dance and the mourners cry. 

Deok-soon literally holds Yong-siks name in her hands and the shaman doing the ceremonic dance might have had the spirit of the husband enter his body. He pretends to be the husband and says that the long living fate he had was not as strong as the widows fate.

They continue with the ceremony and start to wrap the husbands clothing. Deok-soon holds him back, she asks why her husband would use jelado dialect? He has never been to Jelado at all. Why are you lying? You are not the father. He is dead because of me. Because I have that widow fate that killed my husband? How can you say that!

The other ladies try to pull her away.

Cut to Deok-soon opening her business without spending 49 days for mourning. They speak bad about her. But she comes outside and throws water on them both and yells as she asks them if the 4 of them should die from hunger!

The lady says that they just pity her a lot. Deok-soon yells, how dare you talk about my fate! Do you have three sons? if you want to comfort your own luck by saving that I have bad lukc, then at least buy on guk bap per person. She throws the water at them again then tells herself that she will not die. She will save her son.


Deok-soon gets to the hospital and looks around for Yong-sik. She pulls away Yong-sik’s curtain and says, how hot it was? How hot? it is the same thing she said to her husband. He tells her that it is nothing. Dong-baek shows up here. She tries to hold her hand. But Deok-soon yanks it away and tells her to leave. You, go.

Yong-sik tells his mother to stop, but she just dotes on him and says that he has never been hurt like this in his life.

Dong-baek leaves.

VO – People carve their own age.

DB’s mother looks on and then leaves.

VO – Whatever they see when they are growing up, if they like it or not, it makes calluses. I hated people talking bout my destiny. But we had to be cowards.




The firemen say that this scene is 100% arson. The police say that the CCTV is all erased. They found a lighter that might have been used for the fire, but it is all broken so they might not get a finger print. The captain asks if the lighter is green, again?

Cut to the killer who is looking at the Ongsan University hospital’s emergency room phone number in his notebook. He scratched out an entire page of the notebook. One thing that is not scratched out fully is, “I will see after making the fire”

He puts the notebook under his desk and then Hong-sik comes in. Hong-sik tells him that here was a fire at the market. Did you know that? Appa, please, don’t do anything. Please.

His father turns around and asks if they are alive? Hong-sik asks, huh? The appa tells him, see, that is why I say that you will know when you eat fire. Humans die, but witches do not die.


DB tells her mother to dress her properly if she was going to stop and buy medicine to bring. I am embarrassed that my shoes don’t match. 

The mother tells Dong-baek not to hang out with Yong-sik, the mother does not like you. DB thinks that her son almost died because of her so of course she would not like me. I am not that great anyway.

Umma asks her why? Becasue you are an orphan? A single mother? Being an orphan is my fault. With your look and this era, you don’t have to get married at all. You deserve things. 

Dong-baek asks her, are you on my side now? her mother sighs.

But then a man comes into the hospital that stops when he sees Dong-baeks mother. The mother looks at him and then pulls Dong-baek away.

Meanwhile, the cops are talking to Yong-sik about the fire case. He tells them that gas was everywhere, it is arson.

Dong-baek continues to be pulled away by her mother and asks Dog-baek if she is going to see her to an old man, which sends the mother into a flashback to pulling Dong-baek by the arm as a kid. She tells her not to talk about Oppa one more time or I will die. I will seel you to an old man selling coal.

In the present, Dong-baek asks her mother if she knows that old man? I am glad that you at least recognize loan sharks.

DB’s mom says that it drives her crazy if she does not know much about her own kid. The scene changes to YS’s mom who says that knowing too much about her kid drives her crazy.

Cut to Yong-sik trying to put on his socks to leave the hospital and yelling about killing that guy for trying to hurt Dong-baek! Umma come in and asks if that is why your eyes turn over like that? This happened because yo were following Dong-baek around?



JR tells his manager or someone that he thinks he will be suspended from sports. he thinks he will cause a lot of trouble right now. He drives off and the reporters follow him in their car. But they are stopped by JR when they try to leave the parking lot.

JR has his bat with him and breaks off their mirror with it. The reporters are terrified and say not to open the door! JR asks about the mirror, tell me how much you want for it?


The captain wants Yong-sik to stay hospitalized so it does not increase the chance of infection. But Yong-sik wants to search the harbor so they both ask questions about the clothing they found and if a woman saw someone wearing them around?

The lady says that she does not know and the CCTV is broken this week. It happened Tuesday or Wednesday. The captain thinks that is a problem. he pulls Yong-sik to the side and says that this is a big thing. The market CCTV broke around that time as well. Tuesday and & Wednesday.

Yong-sik asks if he still thinks it is an accident?

In a boat near them, an old man picks up a helmet out of the water. it is Hyang-mi’s helmet. Yong-sik looks at it and wonders if the red part he sees on it is blood. Not from the head, but from the neck. Can you call the scooba diving police team?

While driving back, Yong-sik tells the Captain not to say anything to Dong-baek because if it really happened to Hyang-mi then it happened becuse Hyang-mi went out for a delivery instead of Dong-baek. It would be too harsh for her.

The captain thinks that Dong-baek should know because it could be Gabuli. But Yong-sik says that he wants to make her worry less. When I told her not to deliver – well, I was thinking that Dong-baek doesn’t have to be careful, I can just catch him. that is it. Why does Dong-baek have to be careful all the time?

The Captain tells him that he knows that he has no plans and is fearless, but you are not a match to Gabuli. Yong-sik says that he will catch him. He will catch him until he catches him.


Dong-baek sits with her mother outside the Camellia as her mother prepares vegetables.

Dong-baek and her talk about other peoples lives and those kind of things. Her mother says that people have their own fight, no ones life is easy. At least you don’t have a drunken father or a mother with an affair. 

Dong-baek asks if she is comforting her? Even though people say it is all the same, I am the only restaurant owner that cannot deliver food becuase o Gabuli. Her mother asks if she wants her to catch gabuli? Dong-baek tells her to just peel the garlic.

Her mother says that I can do one thing for you. Do you want me to catch him or kill him? Dong-baek asks her if she has a criminal history? You can tell me.

The mother looks up and sees a woman, dressed very nicely, looking at them. She stands by a bright red car.



JR talks to the bad reporters in their car. The reporter thinks that an extra marital son is a big thing. You won’t be able to eat in restaurants with that. They keep debating about the situation. The reporter threatens him with releasing it. JR gets more and more upset until the reporter leaves and JR screams and bangs his car. 

He tells the reporter that he will only do news interviews with him and give him all breaking news. Just don’t touch my kid. The reporter tells him that he has to move his heart. I hate lucky and handsome guys like you. JR tells him, if you hate me, just hate me. I did not do anything for my son. You should not ruin his life. So, just go after me only. Don’t touch my kid.

The reporter tells him that he looks like a father now. So listen to me. You talk about money just like now, okay? he gets back into his car and leaves. JR clenches his fist.


The woman who is dressed nicely is pulled away by the mother. Dong-baek asks who she is. The woman says, I am her daughter. Dong-baek isa ll like, wait a minute? You are the one that send mom here? This woman with dementia was abandoned by her own daughter? And abandoned to the abandoned daughter?

The woman asks, did you just say dementia? She looks at her mother and tells her that she at least has a conscience. Yeah, it is difficult to come back to an abandoned daughter with a sane mind.

Then Pilgoo walks up. The mother tells Dong-baek to go inside with Pilgoo. She pulls he woman away.


Yong-sik calls Hyang-mi’s brother and asks if he has talked to his sister in awhile? He asks about her debt? Yong-sik says that it is not about that, she is missing. He brings up the debt again and says that he does not have to pay it if she has it right? Yong-sik asks, what? Then he says that he will not have to pay the debt, but can you at least report her missing? We cannot investigate with only circumstantial evidence.

Yong-sik is in Hyang-mi’s place and sees a bank statement. Then he asks when his birthday is.

Yong-sik then tells the captain that the password to Hyang-mi’s bank account was her brothers birthday. They did not have a transaction in a few days. But it is almost like voice fishing. As soon as she makes money, she sends it overseas.

The Captain thinks that she sent it with her heart. Yong-sik says that that guy was only worried about whether the sister had debt. They sigh that he is a bad guy.

Then they see another person on the bank account that is there, No Kyu-tae.



Ja-young looks blisfully happy as she stands outside the court house. The mother asks if she is happy? ja-young turns to leave. Kyu-tae tells his mother not to follow them around, it is not a wedding.

The mother tells ja-young that she came from a smart poor family, he is from a dumb rich family. Did you marry for that? Ja-young tells her that she married him becuase she liked him. Not like me who is detailed for everything, he was not like that so that was cute.

Kyu-tae asks why they have to get divorced then? The mother asks if she would get married to him if he was poor? She says that she is telling them this now, my blind date candidates were at least ship owners. I am actually better than you think. I have great ability so why do I have to care with tiny money?

The mother asks, what? Tiny money? Then give the house back to us. Ja -young tells her, omonim, I paid for all the living expenses so if I bought a house then it would be mine already. Because you son never paid for anything.

The mother gasps and says that it is a good divorce, we will not have a granddaughter from her anyway. 

Ja-young tells her that they are done here. In the future meet a woman that listens well and likes money. She leaves.

Kyu-tae whines to his mother about yelling. Umma, what are you? Are you the main female character in my life? Ja Yong is the female character. If you want to see me living my own life, then become the supporting cast!

They btoh drive off. But the mother complains about Ja-young being so big and adjusts the seat. Then she feels the side and feels chewing gum there. He is shcoked but they think that Ja-yong is not that kind of person. Why did you have an affair with a woman that puts chewing gum on the car seat?


Back at the camellia, Dong-baek and Pilgoo look at the expensive red car and take photos of it. Pilgoo tells her that grandmother calls him Pilgoo when she is not around. She is not dementia, she is the smartestt of us. Dong-baek asks who said that? Pilgoo says that everyone says that.

Flashback to the three of them talking to two neighborhood ajummas. the neighborhood ajummas talk about how Dong-baek is gaining weight in her cheeks becuase she is living with her mother now. the grandmother tells them that she is not coming there anymore and pulls pigoo away. The ajummas think that she does not have dementia. Dong-baeks mother is acting and her mother is getting tricked.

In the present at home, Dong-baek sees that her mother did not use what she bought her at all. She then looks at the fridge and how it is super well organized. She tells Pilgoo that their life is actually easier with halmoni. Why do you think seh came to us? Pilgoo says, to make food?


The daughter talks on the phone about unimportant things like her cats surgery. The mother asks if she is really her daughter? or are you the daughter of a hooker? Just hang up, don’t treat me like an invisible man.

The daughter gets off the phone and asks her mother waht she is doing? I am talking to someone so you should watch your manners. The mother asks if she still thinks she is less than her cat? The daughter says that cats know favor. 

The mother tells her that she spent 10 years as a maid in her house. All of your siblings treat me as a hooker, so why are you here? the daughter asks her why she is doing this? We are lawfully mother and daughter.




Kyu-tae sits at the car wash when Yong-sik comes up with the captain. Yong-sik asks if he is washing his car because he has to hide something? The captain tells him not to do an investigation like that. You should not be that direct.

So yong-sik starts looking around Kyu-taes car. the attendent tells him that the gum came out but the steering wheel stain will not. Yong-sik tells him that that is blood. Kyu-tae is surprised, why is blood there?

Yong-sik asks what he did at 24, 22:00? Lets go to the police station.


Yong-sik tells him that he is the only person who gained advantage with Gabuli and he is the only person who hung out with that hogwan guy and you are the only person who sent money to Hyang-mi who disappeared and we have blood here.

Kyu-tae says that he might have had a nose bleed! How long do I hve to listen to this detective play? The captain says it is becuase they cannot contact Hyangmi.

He yells that she ran away with someone elses money, of course.

Yong-sik asks what he did that night? he says that he drank. YS ask show an alibi. He tells them to talk to his mother in law. They tell him to tell them what happened so you will not be a suspect.

He says that he blacked out, he doesn’t even know how he got home.


Flashback to Kyu-tae drinking at a local spot. He apologizes to his mother in law who runs this place and asks if his Ja-young is really not there? She says that she is not there, why are you looking for Ja-young here?

He whines that he is trash! She tells him to take this and might give him kimchi or snack food in a cooler. He puts it in his car which is when Hyang-mi drives by and givs him heart fingers. 

He stumbles into the road and almost gets hit by another car that is zooming by. This other car is Jessica who is honking like crazy at Hyang-mi and muttering, I will kill you!

This makes Hyang-mi crash her scooter. She flies over the hedge, but she is okay. She tells Oppa to catch that person. He is happy that she is not dead and he is actually super drunk.

Jessica runs her car into a post and gets out of the car.

In the police station, all the cops are sitting around Kyu-tae listening closely. Kyu-tae asks if she is really missing? Lets go, there isa  cell phone seller on the street. He caught a lot of people who ran away after taking my money, lets go.

They go to cell phone guy and look at google maps and see that the last known location for Hyang-mi is in the middle of the lake. Kyu-tae wonders how she can be there? Did she throw her cellphone into the lake? Yong-sik asks how she can throw that far?

They wonder if it could be by paddle boat. The cell phone dude tells him that it does not have to be directly in the middle. There could be a margin of error.

The Captain says that it would be a big deal to send the diving team. Are we going to do that? Yong-sik thinks that they have the location, should we not do anything?

They both leave. Yongsik asks the captain to keep looking for Hyang-mi. Kyu-tae tells them that he can’t even kill a spider at home. He can’t even kill a bug! He starts to cry so the captain asks him if he is crying? Kyu-tae says that he can’t even kill a bug? How can I – to Hyang-mi?

Yong-sik tells him not to go to the airport or he will be arrested. Kyu-tae falls on the ground. The captain tells him not to be so mean to Kyu tae. Then they take him with them to look at the scene o the crime.

While there, Kyu-tae wonders if he killed her, actually, I wanted to kill her.

Jessica is there right now and wonders why the cops are at this location so quickly?


Kyu-tae says that he wanted to kill her because she kept asking for money like he was a bank account, so he at least wanted to hit her.

Yong-sik asks, so did you kill her or not kill her?

Kyu-tae says that even thogh he was drunk, he does not think that he would kill her. Did I kill her?

Yong-sik and the captain argue over how to treat Kyu-tae right now. The Captain thinks that Kyu-tae couldn’t have done it because criminals usually have good brains.

Yong-sik asks Kyu-tae why he said that Ongsan would be in blood if they investigated the hogwan. Kyu-tae asks him if he knows about the statue of limitations? If I get advice about the statue of limitations then I will decide whether to tell you or not.


The mother goes back to DOng-baek as if everything is fine. She tells Dong-baek that it would be nice to feed Dong-baek before school. Sh starts to prepare food.

DB asks her why she is here? I don’t even care about you abandoning me. The mtoher says that she just wanted to do one thing for her. DB asks if she did it? The mother says yes. So Dong-baek asks what that was?

The mother says that she wanted to tell her when the time was right, but Dong-baek tells her that she does not want to hear about her story. It will break my heart becuase I am so stupid, I don’t want to forget how much I hate you so don’t tell me your story, I don’t care about it at all.

She leaves to her room.

The mother thinks DB is so dumb, why can’t you just say, leave me house.


Yong-sik is happy that Dong-baek is coming to the hospital with him. He smiles happily and says his arm hurts but he is happy to be there with her. 

DB tells him to stop saying nice things about her in front of his mtoher. She can go on hating her. Yong-sik says no, I will tell her that I will marry you.

Dong-baek whines why he is doing this? You do things without any plans.

He says that if he does things with his brain then do you think that the most deathly attractice woman in Ongsan would be attracted to me? She sighs and keeps walking off. He tells her that, actually, I am a smart guy. She says, you are.

He stops her and asks if she can come to his house tonight? Because I am special now.

She says, I thought you lived alone. 

He says that is why he is asking her, because I live alone. If I had my mother around, why would I call you. So, Dong-baek, *fixes her hair* you have innocence and sexiness all at the same time. You make a good person go bad.

She smiles and walks away.

In the checkup, Yong-sik tells Dong-baek, I live alone but he never used that good chance at all. He looks at Dong-baek. Then he tells her that he already proposed to her so she does not have to think about it that much. COme eto my place.

He is getting his burn dressed by the doctor and the nurse right now, so the doctor and nurse keep clearing their throats.

Dong-baek asks him if he is crazy? He asks if she is coming to his place? 

She asks how she can go to a bachelors house?

He says it is because he can’t hold it anymore.

So she leans in and asks, what time?

The doctor and nurse try hard not to listen. 

Yong-sik asks if she is going to ask what for? You just ask what time? She says it is king of stupid at her age to ask those things. Why else would you be calling me at night.

He says, how can I wash my own hair? I have a burn. You can at least do it for me right?

He doctor and nurse smile and chuckle.

Yong-sik says that he can’t let his hair go three days without washing it. She gets so embarrassed and walks out. He chuckles and tells her that she really wanted to come to his place!


While outside, she sees the mysterious man and goes somewhere to talk to him. He is actually a doctor. She asks him if her mother comes here every thursday?

He asks if she can make her come 3 days a week?

Dong-baek leaves the office, yong-sik finds her and asks about her mothers doctors visits. But she does not tell him and just takes his hand to leave.

Dong-baek goes home and sees her mother making kimchi. She asks her why she is so busy. Do you think that you have to do a lot for me? Umma?

There is a long pause, then seh tells her that they should eat samgyupsal.

So they go to a place pretty far off to eat. The mother tells her to ask her whatever. She starts to mention the person that came earlier. But Dong-baek sys that she does not care.

She gives her mother a fork and asks for sprite from the waitress. She tells her to eat the meat and if she wants to eat galbi also? She then tells her that eating meat is the most important thing, then you will get loved.

Flashback to her mother doing this exact thing to her when she was little. Word for word and action for action. Dong-baek is copying this exact thing as she eats with her mother.

Her mother starts to cry. Dong-baek tells her to eat more. You said to eat well and then you will get loved.

She asks how she can remember that? Dong-baek asks how she can forget that? The Samgyusal that you ordered when I was abandoned. The things you told me. Your smell. I remember everything. Do you understand how much I think about that day? I was younger than Pilgoo, I thought about the day I was abandoned 100,000 times.

But I can’t even hate you. I hate myself. Umma, why did you really come to me? If you say that you are sick, at least I would pity you.

Flashback to the doctor. He asked her if she is going to check tonight? I thought you came for that, your mother said. Internal flashback to the mother telling the doctor that her daughter will not let me die, she wants to give me her kidney. We don’t have to check, the daughter has good compatibility right?

In the present, Dong-baek asks her if she is there for her kidney? Do you really want to get that from the daughter that you did not even raise? Yes, yes, not everyone can abandon their own daughter. But why do you behave like a mother? I will give you waht the little girl had in her mind for 27 years.

Her umma asks why she remembers everything.

In a flashback, Umma tells Dong-baek that if anyone asks her name, tell them that you do not know my name.

Dong-baek tells her umma, I have a last request. If anyone asks your daughters name, tell them that you don’t know your daughters name. I beg you.

Dong-baek leaves and hops in a taxi just like her mother did. Though her mother cried before getting in the taxi as she saw her daughter in the reflection, but Dong-baek does not when she sees her mother in the reflection. 


Dong-baek goes home and runs into the arms of Yong-sik, she tells him that she hates her mother. Do you really think that my mother came here to take my kidney? Umma is super bad.

Yong-sik is confused and asks if she wants her to give her something?

Dong-baek sobs and mumbles into Yong-siks shoulder and then tells her that she waited for her mother for 27 years, what if she also does the same?

Then she hugs Yong-sik again and cries.


Deok-soon is in a restaurant. Dongbaeks mother is there with her baby and she has a bloody lip.

So Deoksoon makes DB’s mother something to eat and they chat abot babies happily. Deok-soon tries to say that soon her daughter will want to run away from her, you wll see. They talk about how Deoksoon has a third baby on the way. This is this womans first. 

Deoksoon asks the babies name, she says DOng-baek. Deok-soon smiles and says Dong-baek-i and they happily chat and cue about babies.

Dong-baek touches her tiny little foot to Deok-soon’s belly where Yong-sik is.

Fade Out


Yes, but I have to run! Hopefully we can get to it later.

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