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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 13 (25-26) Live Recap

Recap When the Camellia Blooms Episode 13 (25-26)
When the Camellia Blooms Recap Episode 13 (25-26), image Hancinema

We found out last week that the person who was in the harbor was (spoiler alert) our favorite part-timer (end spoiler). Which was a bummer because they then spent the next two episodes on making us care about her even more than we already did (cue sob back story that I tried my hardest not to care about). So here is a happy smiling photo of Yong-sik for your day.

But where do we go from here? If I was Dong-baek then I would get on the first train out of town. If she actually stays in Ongsan then they need to give us a really good reason why. Being brave is not a good enough reason. Hopefully the market ajummas will start to band together and use their wits to find out who Gabuli is because that is definitely a show that I would watch. Korean drama neighborhood ajummas know everything, y’all.

Recap starts at noon CST!

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Hyun-mi leaves on the scooter to deliver the food.

VO – That night, everyone saw her last moment.

Jong-ryeol sits in his car and sees her drive up. He mutters that that thief came back to the place where she will die. Then he starts up his car and drives off after her.

Another person is looking at her as well in another car and says, okay, let’s go. He starts driving off after her.

Hyun-mi stops at a light. In one of the cars at the light is Jessica who yells, I WILL KILL YOU. She sees Hyun-mi driving off and starts to follow as well. So 3 cars are following Hyun-mi now.

Kyu-tae gets out of his car on the side of the road and is drinking. Hyun-mi honks at him and throws up heart fingers as she drives. he curses and says that she is looking down on him.

VO – That night, everyone saw Hyang-mi’s last moment.

Dong-baek’s mother gets a call and then takes a taxi. Dongbaek asks her why she is taking a taxi so late? her mother tells her to go home with your kid, don’t make him sleep alone. She asks where she is going again. Her mother tells her, don’t walk around too late.

She leaves.

VO – And, all of them said…

Mother – you will die if you act up

Gangster – Even if your dead body is floating in the lake

JR – Should I just kill her

Ja Young – My anger will not be satisfied by legal methods

Kyu-tae – I can’t just kill her

Jessica – I will kill you

VO – …they all have their own motives.

Cut to Hyang-mi already dead inside a room. But she pinches her hand a bit, so maybe she is not fully dead yet. She is still wearing her helmet and blood is all over the floor.


Dong-baek knocks on Hyang-mi’s door. A lady asks why she is at her house? They go inside and the woman says that Hyang-mi already spent all the money. She has a lot of learning Dutch posters and travel books up. Dong-baek thinks that Hyang-mi spent the money that she gave her. Did she really go to Copenhagen?


The captain tells Yong-sik that they found poison in the cat food. All the officers start to clean their hands as they talk about how it is super strong poison. All the cat food has it. Or at least 13 out of 14. There was only one side they did not see it. It is a pesticide poison that people who want to commit suicide take.

This pesticide is banned from being sold now. Yong-sik thinks that they need to find this person right away. if the poison is not even for sale now, then since 2012, that person has been killing all the cats and still has this dangerous poison. The diligence is scary. I will kill that person.

Everyone says, his eyes his eyes! What is up with his eyes again!

Then Dong-baek comes in.

Cut to JR and Jessica at a car cleaning place. She hit her car against someone and he is cleaning his car. He tells her that he cancelled the commercial. She asks why he cancelled the commercial. He tells her that he is his son. Pilgoo is my son. If we get divorced I want to take him with me.

Jessica tells him to shut up. He says that he will give her whatever she wants and he will continue raising their daughter, so nothing will change. We have never been a married couple, I don’t even remember when we ate dinner together.

She yells for him to stop talking about meals! If I eat then I will get fat! People say that I am getting fat sucking up all your money! That is what people are saying so what should I do? I am also dead in water if I want.


Dong-baek tells the captain that Hyang-mi took 30,000 from her and then came back. She wants to know if there was a report of an accident? They say that they should report her for stealing not as missing.

Yong-sik thinks that she might have met Gabuli late at night when she went out! He storms out angrily and asks Dong-baek why she delivers food at night? No one told you to do that! Are you happy to make me worry like this! Just don’t deliver late at night.

Dong-baek asks him if she should close her store early and not deliver and do whatever makes him happy only? He says no. She tells him that he knows her situation, it is my life. It is not so good. But it is my life delivering food and someone taking my money. Everything in my life I am responsible for so please respect that.

He tells her that she is not an Idol. Should I just support you and look at you and be happy? I am getting tired. She asks, you are getting tired?

VO – Someone not being loved has a bad habit. If something goes wrong then I can hold tighter. But being insecure, I want to get confirmation. Even though I am scared inside, I pretend. 

There is a flashback where she and JR break up.

VO – I screw up everything….

DB – Are you getting tired? Then you should meet someone who does not make you tired. Someone without kids and you don’t have to worry about her making a living.

YS – The reason I like you more is because I don’t owe you anything. So don’t use those words as a weapon.

VO – I am getting even more insecure.

YS – You can go…

VO – Maybe I like him more than he likes me.




The captain tells his team to check the CCTV for Hyangmi and to find out the name of the thug. Yong-sik comes back in. The captain grumbles about Dong-baek’s life which makes Yong-sik go off. He yells STOP TALKING ABOUT DONGBAEK’S LIFE. IS IT SUPER BAD? EVERYONE IN THE WORLD SAYS IT IS BAD. I WILL SHOW YOU ALL HOW DONG BAEK CAN BE SUPER DUPER HAPPY. AIGO!

The captain asks if he is telling this to him?

Yong-sik asks what they should do. The captain tells him that they will check the footage so you find Gabuli. they give him a key or something.


A man thinks back to JR and the mystery woman calling him Pilgoo’s appa while at the commercial. he starts to follow her around. He takes photos of her at the bus and follows her to the town. Hyang-mi kind of feels like someone is watching her and turns back one two separate occasions. The photographer hides.

that night, the reporter tries to get a photo of JR and Hyangmi together. They follow the two of them as they are driving off together. He is behind her, she is on her scooter. A flash goes off which catches the eye of JR. 

The reporters kick themselves and then start to drive ahead of JR.

Later on, the reporters sit in front of the Camellia Bar and wait for Jong-ryoel. they see Pilgoo and hope out to talk to him. One of them recognizes this kid.


Kyu-tae’s mother asks how her daughter in law is. He says that he does not know. he is still drinking and says he does not know what happened. His mom tell shim that now is not the time to drink. The mom yells that she will commit suicide if the rumor spreads that he committed adultery and got a divorce!

He curls away from her and tries to sleep. She tells him that she did all of that because he is not good. He asks why she likes his brother in law so much? Noona is worse than me.

Kyu-tae says that if my brother in law is here, then my sister in law is here. then I am here and Ja-young is way up here. Do you see? She is way way up here. She is this good. You should buy a house for her.

His umma asks why he had an affair if you know that much!


Jong-sik is out and about looking at all the evidence he has and trying to put it all together. He is in front of Kyu-taes place and looking around. Kyu-tae sees him and gets out of his car. he asks him why he is at his place!

Yong-sik tells him that he is there to interrogate him. You know the hogwan owner right? I heard that you were super close friends, brothers even. KT asks if he has a warrant. He tries to go inside his place.

Yong-sik asks him if he is embarrassed? I got yo right now right? You can’t even stand up? Kyu-tae tells him that they were on the ship before. The duck boat. Have you ridden int he duck boat before? Do I have to prove this? My wife left home. Why do I have to prove the duck boat too?

He starts sobbing. Yong-sik asks him why he is crying? I didn’t even do anything to you. Kyu-tae tells him not to investigate the hogwan, if he does then Ongsan will draw a lot of blood.



The reporters go to the local ajummas and ask them about the Camellia bar around the corner and if they know about it? They say yes, there is only one in this town. The men ask why they have that nice bar in this town? Do you know the woman there?

Chan-sook looks at them suspiciously and sees their notebook. The reporters keep asking questions about the woman and the boy. Chan-sook asks them why they are speaking banmal? Do you know is? Another woman asks, why are you eating my dduk? What are you recording? Do you think all the country people are computer illiterate?

The reporter starts to mumble, why is this on. They laugh and tells them that they do not know why he is pocking around with Dong-baek, she is not alone. Her husband is a violence team officer. He will kill you if he finds this out. he catches people with his bare hands.

The reporters starts to stutter and ask if they are all good friends? Chan-sook says they are eunnies that give a hard time to our sister and don’t let others give a hard time to our sister. We are all eunnies. The women in our town move in a group. If you don’t want to face anything bad then just leave.

They all stand and asks, can’t you listen? Are your ears all blocked or do we need to open it for you? One of the ajummas kicks and it is an amazing kick so the reporters are startled back.


Kyu-tae sees that his wife is back. he looks at her car and sees that it is super muddy, she wonders where she went.

He goes inside and sees his wife’s high heels. He wonders what he should say.

Then he sees her, she looks normal. he wonders if he should ignore it? She tells him not to take off his clothing, they have to go somewhere together. I have stamped it already. Your stamp is ready to go.

He looks to the side and sees some divorce documents. He thinks she is bluffing. She tells him that they need to go there before the court closes. he asks if she is really divorcing him? She asks if he thinks she isn’t serious? She shows her ring finger, it is sans ring.

He starts to talk about her mother and how she doens’t know things about the divorce. She asks if he really cares about her mother? You never cared before.

He tells her to stop pretending to be strong. I know that you cried! She asks if he still plays computer games? Do you think that you have a way not to get divorced? I am a divorce lawyer. 

He asks, what if when I become the mayor, don’t you want to be the first lady of Ongsan? I promised to you when I proposed to you that I would make you Ongsan’s first lady.

She nods and says that she will give him her last bit of advice. Don’t just buy drinks here and there. Kyu tae tells her that everyone says that they will vote for him. I haven’t seen anyone that won’t.

She tells him to get his ID ready. i am a Katalk friend with the mayor, if you don’t come then I will tell him that you had an affair.



The reporter thinks that Dong-baek just works at the Camellia and shows Dong-baek all the photos abotu Hyangmi and where she went and all that. Dong-baek wonders what Hyangmi was doing. She also wonders why they are taking a photo of her son.

The reporter asks if Dong-baek knows JR? Dong-baek asks how to erase the photos? She starts to erase them and tells them that they should not take a photo of her kid. He says that they will put something over his face.

She asks why he is taking a photo of her son! he is my son! So the reporter kind of senses that there is a story here. Dong-baek throws the camera to the ground, it breaks into several pieces. She tells them not to touch her son. You will all die.

Then she calls JR and tells him that they took a picture of her son! Why are you bothering our life! Don’t use your brain, just protect him with everything you have!

JR is at practice and breaks his bat over his knee as he calls them a-holes.




KT and JY are driving to the courthouse. They are in front of a sangyupsal place. Kyu-tae thinks that divorced people cannot even eat samgyupsal. This is punishment. 

She tells him to drive. Cars honk at them. He says that he will not divorce her because he is hungry. Let’s have our final meal. Can I have samgyupsal with you? I heard that people on death row can eat whatever they want before they are executed.

She sighs and wonders what she liked about him.

They go inside the restaurant and eat the Samgyupsal. He starts to say Korean proverbs, she corrects him, he says that he is physically innocent, he did not even hold her hand and Hyang-mi is not my style.

Ja-young says that his attempted affair was the trigger. He asks if she has to use big words right now? JY tells him that most of the people getting a divorce have different personalities. He asks if they have to break their family only because of that? She corrects him again.

He tells her that is why. You never say that your husband is the best. You always look down on me. No one wants to live with King Sae Jong (who made Hangul). 

She says that correcting grammar is not looking down on someone? Do you think that is it? We did not have difficulty getting kids, it was birth control. How many years did we live as roommates? We lived together as if we didn’t want to order one serving for delivery. You always say the wrong thing and I correct it, so what can we do? Stop enduring it.

He asks if she can take her revenge on her while they live together? She says that Hyang-mi is enough revenge for her.

They finish eating and he gets back into the car, but he locks her door. He tells her that she is cool because she is King Sae Jong. I don’t know why I am this bad. You said that I am cute. I love you.

Then he drives off and leaves her there. She yells, that jashik!



Yong-sik waits outside the Camellia and wonders if Dong-baek is inside. Then he is startled by her mother who comes up behind him and makes him scream. he has a bouquet so she asks him if he knows how to run a family? You cant even eat that.

He says it is an investment in his future. She sighs and tells him that he is so innocent. He says that he heard that you can’t buy happiness with money. She tells him that you can’t make money with happiness but you can buy happiness with money, a couple times. It was so difficult to make money, that is how I had to abandon my own kid.

Flashback to Dong-baek and her mother living in a public bathroom. She yelled that she was so hungry. Her mother hugs her and asks for her to stop being so hungry.

In the present, she says that she just wanted her kid to be full. To live well and not worry about other people. A nice guy like you is always a little unsure.

Yong-sik asks, Omoni, I am not going to make Dong-baek starve. i can also make her happy. She asks how? What about your mother? See, good guys are always quiet. Don’t make my daughter into a small person. She always has to worry about other people. Why does she have to be like that in front of you?

Quit if you want to be nice and in the middle. Your life will fly by if you wait too long. She goes inside the Camellia. Yong-sik looks at his flowers and thinks.

Then he walks to his mother’s place and starts to pump himself up as he thinks outside. He leads with his bouquet out and says, UMMA, I AM…

But then we cut to Dong-baeks place where all the towns men are there having a fun time. Dong-baek and her mother are in the back cleaning. Dong-baek asks her mother where she went at night? her mother tells her that she hated her mother this much but now she asks about her?

Dong-baek says that Hyangmi is not coming and she is not answering. Maybe she is cutting ties with me only for that $30,000. Her mother tells her that Hyangmi is not coming back anymore, don’t wait for a person who will not come back.

Dong-baek asks how she knows? But she has to go back into the eating area. Then Dong-baek’s mother removes her glove and we see a big bruise on her forearm.


Deok-soon’s mother asks if he forgot his fathers memorial day even though he is crazy about Dong-baek? His brother is there peeling vegetables. He asks what he is crazy about?

VO – He was a fishing ship sailor. Whenever he came home, he asked, how many hits do you want?

Cut t the second brother standing up and flexing his muscles.

VO – He is a jujitsu practitioner.

Taekwndo brother (TB)  – Is Yong-sik giving you problems, mother?

Sister in law – He brouthg flowers, maybe he is really dating someone.

TB – Are you dating someone? talk to Hyung about it.

Yong-sik says that he has someone. So TB starts to talk about Seung-yeobs noona and how Yong-sik used to follower her around all the time. YS says it is not like that now!

Deok-soon tells him to change his clothing. The brothers ask who this lady is? he says she is a small business owner. They keep asking him questions so he tells them that she is the store of the Camellia.



Dong-baek looks at the door as she waits for Yong-sik to come. Her mother asks her if she is a dog? You turn your head every time the bell rings.

Dong-baek says that she has been alone her entire life so she is happy to have attention. Her  mother asks if she is saying that she is doing this to her because she grew up unloved?

DB explains that women who grew up being loved even have a pretty dating life. But to me, I am like one or the other. I try not to get hurt and I try hard to protect myself. But after loving someone I just give everything. But what can i do, that is me.

She looks at the door again so her mother tells her not to look at the door, just call him. She tells her mom that she is suppressing things with her conscience, why doesn’t Yong-sik have any blemishes? He is so good that I can’t even hit him because he is so perfect.



Yong-sik is sitting as his brothers yell at him but then stands abruptly and has his crazy eyes when he heard that last part. He yells DONT’ TALK BAD ABOUT HER.

The brother is all like, his eyes turned over again. The other brother yells for him to make his eyes go normal! The mother yells at them to leave him alone. The brothers tell their umma that she favors him too much, that is why he does not behave. 

Umma tells them that they at least had love from their father, so why are you giving him such a  hard time, he never ever saw his father. As a brother yo should comfort him and convince him. Don’t yell at him, that makes me sad!

Yong-sik starts to sniffle. His brother yells for him to stop crying. Yong-sik sniffs and says that he likes Umma and he likes his brothers and he likes Dong-baek, what can I do!


Cut to Dong-baek heading from her house to the market. her mother asks her where she is going with her cart? To the market? You look like you are going there since you are fully dressed. Are you wearing that and buying fish?

Dongbaek tells her that she does not know their market style. Umma tells her that they can go together and runs upstairs to change. Dong-baek runs away. The mother looks at er and smiles.

5:30 AM

Yong-sik’s alarm goes off. Under the alarm is a book that is titled: the psychopath is in front of you.

Yong-sik wakes to find his mother in his place (or maybe they live together) and preparing him an early morning breakfast. She tells him not to go against his brothers or he will get hit. Do you go to the market early for Dongbaek? You guys sit on the back of the bus and hold hands.

Yong-sik starts to cough. His mother tells him that the entire town are her spies. Yong-sik starts to talk annoyingly about these ajummas. How can they broadcast us everywhere, we are over 30!

His umma tells him not to go today. Yong-sik asks if he thinks the will separate? he likes her too much. But the umma tells him that his father was in her dream, he was standing alone in the market and did not look happy, so let’s just eat together. Eat with your mother this morning.

But then Dong-baek gets a call from his Captain about Ongsan lake.



Dong-baek waits at the bus stop and imagines Yong-sik running up to her with his usual happy love clumsy self and joking with her. She thinks it is difficult to wake up in the morning. if he is always the same, then he is not human. It is like that.

Flashback to Dong-baek from years ago. She rides the bus alone 

VO – I didn’t like riding on a bus where I had to sit together

She orders food as one person.

VO – I hated spicy chicken that I had to eat together.

In the present she thinks that she is alone as one person. But now she does not want to sit alone anymore. She gets on the bus.


The Captain and Yong-sik and two firemen are looking at a fire. They wonder why they have a fire out here? Were kids playing? There is sawdust there so they say that they saw this at the kids school also.

But then Yong-sik recognizes the clothes that burned and says that this is Dong-baek’s. He stands and asks, you said six years ago there were 4 fires and someone died?

The Captain says that this is a little fire. Why call for this fire this early in the morning, is it a prank call? Yong-sik is looking around and putting things together and tells the Captain that he thinks he should not be here.

He runs off and calls Dongbaek right away and asks where she is? On the bus? Are a lot of people there? Is anyone suspicious? I am on my way there. She says that she is getting off now. What is up?

When she gets off the camera scrolls in on writing on a sign that says, “There are no witches that don’t burn.”


Dong-baek walks around the fishmarket. On a broadcast someone tells the Camellia owner that she lost her receipts. One of the ajummas tells her to keep her receipts, taxes are scary things.

Cut to the broadcast station where there is a post ip that says that the camellia owner should keep her receipt. One of the men there asks who wrote this?

Dong-baek goes upstairs to the broadcast office. She knocks and enters and shuts the door behind her. No one is around.

Downstairs, someone is walking around the fish market in all black and with a black hoodie on. Some one says that there is a burning smell, who burned things? This smell gives me a headache.

The man keeps walking.


Upstairs, Dong-baek wonders why no one is around and she also wonders what this smell is? Is it the heater? they need to circulate air better.

But then the fire alarm goes off. Dong-baek tries to go out, but her door is locked.

Cut to everyone running out of the fish market. The lighter guy in all black is walking off as well.

Dong-baek is upstairs and trapped inside the room. She cannot get out. the fire is blazing now. She yells and knocks on the door for someone to help her. But the door is locked with a pad lock. She yells for anyone outside to help her.

Yong-sik gets to the fish market and helps direct people out as he runs up to the top floor. This is the floor where the fire is. He sees Dong-baek’s carrier outside the door and tries his hardest to get there. But smoke and fire are everywhere.

Dong-baek isi about to pass out inside the room. Yong-sik gets to her room and sees Dong-baek through the door because a hole has been burned into it. He tries to open it but burns himself. So he has to douse himself in water from a cooler and then he rams the door open.

Dong-baek is inside and passed out. Yong-sik yells her name.


Cut to the hospital where Dong-baek is sitting in one of the rooms with a bandage on her hand. One of the doctors or nurses says that he just broke the door, he is crazy.

Dong-baek pulls a curtain away and sees Yong-sik laying there with both his arms heavily bandaged.

But then, a man calls and asks if the patient is dead? Not dead? It looks like this man is the killer. he has the poison on his desk.

In the curtained room, Yong-sik wakes up. Dong-baek cries and asks if he is okay? He tries to talk and asks to check her hand. Hurry, hurry.

So he looks at her hand and then lays back down.

She asks, Yong-sik, are you stupid? Can’t you see what is going on? You hurt your body so much. Do you think you are a super hero? Do you think you won’t die? I am nothing, I hate this.

He sits up and one of his bandages falls to the floor. It looks like only one of his arms is heavily bandaged. He tells her that he can’t continue this anymore. He is tired. He won’t do it anymore.

YS – I can’t do my work because I worry about you. I am not living my life.

VO – I knew this would happen because of me.

YS – I want to have an easier life now.

Dong-baek sits on the bed.

DB – Yong-sik you are growing up now. Yes, you should run away from me. Yong-sik, my unlucky fate is contagious. 

YS – Lets stop some. We – should get married.

She looks at him.

YS – I can’t live because I worry about you so much. And you are too too cute. I want to put you next to me until I die.

DB – You are crazy.

YS – You said that destiny s contagious. Dong-baek, mine is really really good. I will give all mine to you.

DB – You are crazy. Really crazy.

VO – My age is 34, it is the first time someone proposed to me.

YS – I am not even scared of the fire. We should live together. Let’s do it.

VO – All my life long insecurity for not being loved I just said it without worrying

DB – Yong-sik, I love you.

YS – *smiles* I knew this.

He pulls her jacket to him and kisses her. Then they smile and start to kiss deeply.

Fade Out


This episode was great in establishing that several people could have a hand in killing Hyang-mi. It might not actually be Gabuli. And good Lord, did the stakes just hop up to inferno levels. If Yong-sik was not there, then Dong-baek might not have survived that fire. It all depends on when the firemen get there!

Wow, there is so much going on. I am really interested in tomorrow’s episode now!


Translated Preview for episodes 27 and 28 of When the Camellia Blooms

Fireman – This is 100% arson.

OJ – I found a little lighter

Captain – is it green?

YS – Whoever challenges Dong-baek, I will catch them.

DS – You became like this chasing Gabuli or Dongbaek?

YS – Umma!

DB – Umma, you do not have dimentia right? Do you have a criminal history? Actually, I am a little scared of you.

Woman – I will kill them all!


KT – Kill?

YS – What did you do here at 24-22 o’clock?

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  1. Jay
    October 30, 2019 / 11:28 pm

    Thanks for the recap!!!! I am really scared for the otp and i hope PG will be safe from all this danger!

    Indeed the writer did well on making several persons as suspected killer of HM. But i feel that Gabuli is not among these people.

    I still have strange feeling about the hardware shop owner (father & son), the dog owner, and even DB mom. Sometimes JY & even the Chief, gives me a negative vibe!

    Oh not to mention the building owner & loan shark man! Sorry i have poor memory on character’s name….

    • V
      October 31, 2019 / 12:19 am

      I think the hardware shop owner might still be Gabuli, but it could be someone else! So many people feel like potential murderers in this show, it is crazy!

  2. Sharan
    October 31, 2019 / 12:34 am

    First ever drama made us to do all guess still unable to conclude who is the Gabuli.. all other characters.. sply Dongbaek’s mom is really suspicious in someway ..today episode will reveal all … Thanks for covering it .. even before Netflix updates ..your updates really helped … Fighting 👍

    • V
      October 31, 2019 / 11:00 am

      So glad they help ☺️

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