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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 12 (23 & 24) Live Recap

When the Camellia Blooms Recap episode 12 (23 & 24) #WhenTheCamelliaBlooms
When the Camellia Blooms episode 12 (23 & 24) Recap, image Hancinema

Do we get a kiss this episode? Because that would be great. I am still a bit thrown by yesterday’s episode which really switched thing up a lot by saying who the woman in the harbor is, during the opening. I did a double take, um, did they just say who the woman is? Did that just happen?

I wonder why they chose to tell us so upfront like that and kind of wonder if it has something to do with ratings. Like, they want to interest as many people as possible in the very beginning of the episode so they dropped that huge bomb. But then the rest of the episode was pretty calm and serene like most of their episodes are. If that was the goal then it definitely worked because yesterday’s ratings were at 16.9%, yes really. That is crazy.

We have our character chart up! So if you want to look at it to see all the drama characters that could be possible Gabuli suspects, have a look!

We have also switched our recap order. We are recapping Extraordinary You first and then will recap When the Camellia Blooms around lunchtime!

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The bad guy holds Hyang-mi and is about to hit her when Yong-sik runs up to stop him, but then Dong-baek hits the man across the head really hard with a pot and yells that she has a temper. I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE! I HAVE A TEMPER AND SHE HAS A TEMPER, WE ALL HAVE TEMPERS!

Yong-sik is so startled but then he sees seomeone int he background, it is the hardware man. He is holding cat food and looking on.

The bad guy gets up and is bout to grab Dong-baek again. But then the music kicks in and Yong-sik grips this mans arm super hard, making him cumplt back from it. He says that he should not strangle Dong-baek!

He is all like, I did not do that. But Dong-baek is all like, he strangled me and the mom is all like I saw it and Hyang-mi comes back up and backs them all up. 

Cut to the Police startion where the man has a huge scratch on his neck that is all read and bloody. He tries to tell the cops that she hit him with a weapon!

The mother stands up and says that he strangled her first! You are an attempted murder suspect! The four Camellia people are all sitting together and glaring at him.

The man tells the captain that they should have an agreement. But the Captain tells him that he should just leave. he knows that he has a record with murder and violence against women. He says that he is not a human and should leave.

The man says, fine, if I am not a human then I dont’ ahve to behave as one. He tells Dong-baek that he has his eye on her. Yong-sik asks if he is threatening her! he says yes, he is threatening her. Another fight is about to break out.

But hen Hyangmi tells the bad guy to come out. Outside, she tells him not to touch this place. She will come see him at the end of the month, then you don’t have to come back anymore. He tells her that she has a weakness now. That is good. You have roots now.

She tells him that this is not her home, she is a stranger to her. The man sys that home is if you feel good and comfortable and like it, then that is home. Now I don’t have to work hard to find you anymore.

Cut to the Camellia people walking home. Yong-sik holds Dong-baeks hand and tells her to stick close to him. That thug guy and the cat food guy, a lot of it bothers him. The mother tells them to hurry up, the restaurant will close soon.

They get to the restaurant, the mother tells them that they all did a good job and pours alcohol for all of them. Dong-baek says her mother is so much like a gangster. then Pilgoo comes in so they all call him over and ask how the hogwan was.

The conversation is pleasant as they share food and meat all around. Hyang-mi thinks that a house is a place to feel comfortable and nice in. Hyangmi thinks that she has a really strange house as she looks around at the mother and says she is the mother that abandoned her daughter and looks at Yong-sik and says that the country boy embraced someone else kid and this little boy (Pilgoo) who is the oasis of the house, and Dong-baek who all these people love.

They all tell Hyangmi to eat. The clock turns to a new hour and then a countdown starts to possibly when Hyang Mi is about to meet her end.



Dong-baek does Hyangmi’s hair at the Camellia Bar. Hyang-mi asks if she is going to ask her about that thug from earlier? You know my name and age and past history is all a lie. Dong-baek tells her that she has nowhere else to go.

Hyang-mi says that she saw the post for part-timer and Dong-baek was the only one to accept her. Cut to Hyangmi laying on the floor and asking Dong-baek why she is so nice. DB tells her that she will pay her more so she can get a bank account. Hyangmi wonders if she can buy a house and family with that salary increase.

Dong-baek is peeling sweet potato’s as Hyangmi talks about how she should just give up this life since she was born with bad cards. Why should she pretend working hard, it makes her miserable. DB tells her to just live her life. Hyangmi keeps talking about how people always suspect people without family members first whenever they lose a wallet or something.

They keep talking, Hyangmi tells her that she does not know shame, but Dong-baek makes her shameful. Poeple hide their weaknesses, I am leaving, I want to leave.

Dong-baek thiks that some people hide their weakness but some peoples weakness is so obvious.


Yong-sik goes up to the hardware guy and asks him if he still likes cats? The hardware guy, hong-sik, is filling up food for cats. Yong-sik asks if he has to use gloves while doing it? Hong-sik says that it makes others uncomfortable. Then he goes off to say something to his appa.

Yong-sik says that he made a mistake. Then he collects some of the food.

Yong-sik goes to talk to Hong-sik who is locking the door of the hardare store. He asks if it is okay to lock his father in. Hong-sik says it is better, the world is scary. ong-sik thinks that is another mistake.

Yong-sik continues to think that the hardware guy has such a nice look. Hong-sik asks about the scary guy from yesterday and comments on his scary look. Yong-sik thinks that he knows about scary looks of people.

Hong-sik continues to talk abut Hyang-mi so Yong-sik asks if he likes Hyangmi? The hardware guy smiles and says that it is really hard to like someone. Then he walks off. Yong-sik wonders if it is really hard to get to know people.


Yong-sik looks online about poisoned cat food and how he wants to send it to the national laboratory (but he says it on the slide by reading an article). The captain asks him if he wants to send this cat food to a national laboratory?! 

He gets up and asks how he knows that the person who put it out put the poison or if someone added it later? Yong-sik holds up the package he just collected and says that they can send it to the laboratory later.

They are currently trying to find a woman named Jung-sook who was born in the 60s. But they wonder how they can find her because there are so many of them. But then they mention that the future son in law can find it.

Yong-sik goes to the Camellia bar with flowers and looks at the mother. he wonders how he can ask when she was born. The mother and Dong-baek are preparing for the meal tonight while Yong-sik eats. 

Hyang-mi comes in with  huge package for Pilgoo. A lot of toys are inside and they are all from Jong-ryeol.


Cut to Yong-sik coughing outside and Dong-baek hitting his back. She asks why he ate so fast. He says it was so delicious. Then he tells her that he has some extra money so he can buy Pilgoo’s backback. He is a gongwon (government worker) and the heir to a restaurant, even though he has to share is with his brothers. He relaly makes a good like in Ongsan, you know.

He coughs a lot. Dong-baek holds his hands. This makes him cough more. He says well actually, I am kind of mad. Why do I have to compete with this 1.2 million salary guy. I don’t even have 100k. She kisses his hand so he asks why she did that to his hand, I am mad, you should have done that to my mouth.

He is about to kiss her but she stars to talk so he stops quickly. She says that she doesn’t even have 12,000 dollars. She has to move out soon. But after she saw that VIP credit card, I thought about one thing. Why does Yong-sik eat so fast? Maybe he is mad?

He says that he is not getting mad. She tells him, who revieves flowers everyday? You give me flowers everyday and I dont’ charge you for your dumping lunch. We have a pretty luxurious relationship right?

He quickly kisses her and then tells her that he is so angry. You know that you are pretty. You look like a honeybun.

They go inside the Camellia and talk happily about the flowers and how they are so pretty. Hyangmi tells him to just give her money, they don’t have any more vases here. Yong-sik tells her that she has a lot of vases, you can use this snack can as a vase, just like how DOng-baek wears rubber boots, it is still sexy.

He opens the can and a ton of lighters falls out. Yong-sik is so surprised. He says that he thought it was acorns. Dong-baek asks why Hyangmi steals lighters all the time. She sys that she does not know, she just feels good with whatever she steals.

Yong-sik is pretty serious all of a sudden and asks if Hong-sik comes there everyday? Dong-baek says that he comes there every single day. Yong-sik thinks about the wall message that says that Gabuli is looking at her every day since that day.

Hyangmi wonders if they had that lighter burn mark before? Flashback to Dong-baek asking Hyangmi if she made that mark. In the present she says that she thinks she saw that lighter mark somewhere. Would someone do that to their own dinner table?

Yong-sik asks her where she saw it? She says that she saw it at her friends place. He asks what friend? You saw something there? But she asks him why he is so interested, she has her privacy.


Cut to a letter from JR to Hyangmi. It is about defamation of character. Hyangmi reads it and thinks that this guy is really keeping herself as herself. She was about to grow up.

11:45:40 – Hyangmi takes a bis to Seoul.


Jong-ryeol practices his lines when Hyangmi walks right up to him wearing red high heels. Someone asks her why she is here. She says that she took the bus. The woman says that only related people can come in. She says that she is related.

She calls for JR, he stars to leave but then she calls him Pilgoo’s appa so he stops and wonders if he should just kill her.

They go to a back room to talk. He tells her that he won’t give her anymore. If he does it once then he is her ATM. She tells him to tell Jessica to check her messages. Also, why did you give me that lawsuit?

He asks her why she lives her life like this? She tells him that he does not know things so she will use banmal and says that someone who owns a lot vs someone who owns a little will always lose. The person who owns a little will always win against someone like that. This is your punishment, you shuold not have abandoned a nice woman like Dong-baek.

He asks why she is talking about his life, do you really want to die?

Hyangmi tells him that those people who don’t things should taste poop, then they will know what poop is and what dwenjang is.

Cut to Kyu-tae looking miserable while eating at home. His mother tells him to just apologize to her, she is a divorce lawyer, she knows how to get everything. They start to argue. She asks if he wants to be homeless? Just give her everything. He says that he can give her anything. His umma asks what this is, are you a lover now? Why weren’t you nice to her when she was around?

The mother gets a phone call and starts to yelling into the phone because the caller ID says that it is “my karma from last like”. KT asks her why she is talking to appa like that? Then he thinks that this might be his future.



Hyangmi is about to get on a bus and gets a text from Kyu-tae to meet at a lake at 3pm. Hyangmi texts back why? He says he will push her in. She thinks that so many people want to kill her. She looks back at some ajusshis and then gets in the bus.

07:05:32 at Ong San Lake

Hyangmi stands at Ongsan and Kyutae comes peddling up to her in a swan paddleboat. She is all like, seriously?

She gets in and he paddles. He tells her that she should paddle though because he really looks like he is working hard. But she won’t. So he tells her that the mayors secretary saw them at the cafe. Eyes are everywhere. People already know everything so I am not giving you anything.

She asks, if you are so confident then why are you peddling so hard?

He stops and tells her that she saw his wife, if you want to survive then you should listen to me. Tell her the truth, not a lie.

Hyangmi asks if he put her in this paddle boat to say that? Just KaTalk me. He tells her that she must say that he went to the hotel but did not get into the room. She sys that she drank but didn’t drink and drive.

She also mentions that he never talked about his wife and now he talks about his wife? He says that she also does not want to get her life tangled with him also!

She asks him why he is so mad?

Cut to Kyu-tae walking up the steps belaboredly as his legs look spent. Shea sks why he gave her the eye cream. he says that it was for Dong-baek. I couldn’t give it to her and I didn’t want to throw it away so I gave it to you.

She sys that he asked her to water skii and he started the oppa dong-sang thing. He says that he didn’t’ want to have an affair, he just wanted to feel confident. Everyone looks down on him, but you are just like me so I felt good.

She asks how he can think that they are the same. he says that she acts super cool and like she knows things, but when he sees her, she is just like a street dog that is not loved.

She asks, what?

He says that if he gave her his hand then she will say look at me, look at me and show him her belly and to get attention she will make the room into a mess. He thought he gave her his hand, but now he is in a mess right now. if you really want someone to give you eyecream, then don’t live your life like that, it is embarrassing to your life. You and I should stop getting embarrassed.

Hyangmi asks why he wanted to give Dong-baek eyecream? Why is it all DOng-baek? What is the difference between her and me? We are the same. He says that they are not the same. I told her that she can stay in his building if she fires Her, but she said that she would take you with her. Loyalty does not pay the rent, but she was so stubborn. You, live your life as a human. But then he sighs and asks why he is giving advice.

She is left to think about it all. She wonders, if I live as a human, then who will be the animal? She gets a phone call just then from an international call and asks how much? Then she says, what? $30,000? I dont’ have that much money.



Grandma and Pilgoo walk up the street. he has a new bag so she asks who he likes more, the appa that bought him the new bag? he says he can’t tell her who he likes more, but who he hates more. Shea sks who he hates more? Pilgoo says he hates superman ajusshi more. She asks why?

Pilgoo says that he saw everything. That ajusshi is the biggest fool about his daughter. That grl on TV, are we oppa and dongsang?

The grandma wonders what she should say and then ends up feeding him. Pilgoo asks, that girl that poops in the bed. Grandma says that all babies are the same. Pilgoo says that people say that she is a princess, but to me she is just a popping machine. To me it is unfair. Why does he only like her and pock me?

Grandmother wonders why he had to do superman. Pilgoo says that he super hates Superman ajusshi and just normally hates Yong-sik ajusshi.

Grandma tells Pilgoo that he knows what line to stand on. Pilgoo asks, do you know my name? Why do you call me Dong-baek in front of umma? She sighs and tells him that he should not be this smart.


Meanwhile, Jessica and her mother are hiding in a car and looking out their window at the Camellia. Jessica wonders why her mother wants to see him here. She says it is all about the case, they need DNA and hair and all that. Jessica says that they don’t look alike at all. But the umma says that he is the carbon copy!

They go inside to eat and Pilgoo serves them. They ask for one serving of pork. Pilgoo says that there are two people. So they ask for two. But then the mother asks how old he is, 8 years old? His grandmother calls him back.

Pilgoo tells Jessica that she is the superman ajumma. You came to my school but why are you in a pork place even though you don’t eat pork?

The mother is about to grab some of his hair. But then the grandmother yanks her back by the hair and says, how dare you touch him!

She throws them out and tells them that she is crazy with dementia! Officially getting married is not getting married. and he lived with Dongbaek more than you! If it is not lawful then DOngbaeks life is nothing?

jessica asks if she was the original wife? Are you saying that? Grandma says that they dont need him. Don’t ever come here again you dirty affair women. So you want me to make you the wife of a jobless person?

Jessica says that they should not talk to a dimentia woman. Lets go talk to the main lady they start to head out. The mother spits towards them and heads back inside. But then Hyangmi sees them.

She goes to their car and says that she is the first informer of JR. She takes them to a cafe where the owners think that Hyangmi is so busy now.

Hyangmi tells Jessica that she does not check her messages so she is like this now. She also starts to tell Jessica that she will look the worst in the is situation and has the most to lose. You want to keep your title the most. Are you really going to divorce him? The most important thing is if Dong-baek is meeting JR or not.

Don’t you want to get comments like, I envy you, or Cheer up Eunnie? Among your 80,000 followers I think 50,000 want you to fail. If you want to maintain your SNS life of envy, then you have to pay for it.

The mother asks, so if we don’t want to get embarrassed then we have to pay? Why does Dong-baek have no normal people around her? 

Hyangmi writes down $30,000 and says that is a big discount for today only.  To keep your dignity jessica, you should pay for it, okay?

They all head out. Hyangmi tells her that she needs to pay for it now. I am in a hurry. Jessica rolls her eyes and tells Hyangmi that she is Jessica. You cannot do anything with someone like me. How dare you cheap copycat who doesn’t know that this is embarrassing your life do this with no concern?

Hyangmi asks if she thinks they are different? You are like me. You are a woman that is never loved who wants attention. For a lucky life, you became Jessica. When it is unlucky, youa re CHai Hyang-mi, that is it.


Her mother runs out and asks what is wrong. Jessica says that she will not give her money.

While walking away, Hyangmi asks, what? Cheap copycat? That young thing dropped the truth on her? But then she suddenly turns around and a timer shows up on screen.

TIMER: 05:04:25.


Later on, Hyangmi walks with Pilgoo and asks to hold his hand because noona is having a hard time. You are my extra battery. He sighs and holds her hand and says that everyone in the house bothers him. Hyangmi says, did I just say our house? I don’t deserve it. 

Then she asks if he is going to the math hogwan? I will take you there. But you should play baseball, and make your mother happy, do not betray her.

Hyangmi goes to the kitchen and gets the money out of the clams. The bad guy calls her at the same time. Hyangmi is a bit sad to do this and says that this is the problem. Why do you keep your money here and why do you accept trash like me?


The ajummas all go to the salon and thinks that they want their hair like Dong-baeks. They keep talking about hwo Dong-baek looks so happy now after dating. Deok-soon is there as well and starts muttering things to them and tells them to be careful about their own daughters. Then she says somethings about their daughters like smoking too young or swinging their butts around.

Pilgoo’s friend is there as well so he say hi. Deok-soon asks why she does not see Pilgoo anymore? The friend says that he takes a long detour now so that is why we separate at this spot. Shea sks why he does that and then realizes that this is because of her. She thinks she is being tortured to death.

So she goes and finds Pilgoo and asks him who the #1 is in Ongsan? He says Halmoni. She says yes, I own Ongsan. In life, you should not avoid things, you should attack them. So come and eat Dongkasu and not think.

He goes to her place to eat the fried pork cuttlet. Deok-soon comments on his backpack and says that it is probably fun to go to school now. She also heard that his mother delivers, is it good for bsiness? This looks expensive.

Pilgoo says that ajusshi got it for him. Deoksoo says that he doesn’t even care that his mothers carrier is broken. But Pilgoo says that this is not from Yong-sik ajusshi. Deoksoon asks which ajusshi gave it to him then?

Cut to JR running and grabbing food from Dong-baek and asking if she delivers food now? How much money do you need? How much?

She is all like, hey, we have Won Bin here (because that is a famous line from Autumn in My Heart). She asks about his money. He has to pay for Jessica’s study in Milan and that is $100,000s. he can at least give that much to his son.

Dong-baek goes to get the money but sees that it is gone. She thinks, oh no, it is gone, completely gone, my life plays with me again.

In the eating area, we see Yong-sik talking to her about how he really really hates her to be with him. DOng-baek cries and asks why her life is like this.

Both guys are all like, why are you crying? what is wrong! So she blubbers that all the money is gone.


Hyangmi calls the person and says that she wired the money. Why do you tell me not to come? I have no where to go now.

In the camellia, Dong-baek keeps crying about how all the money is gone. JR is upset that she didn’t’ use it, why put it in the fridge. Yong-sik says that he is the bad guy since he made her cry! It is all my fault, my intestines are melting away when I see you sigh. I can’t leave when you cry Dong-baek.

JR is all like, what the F? this is not your problem, that is our money. But now you say we? Are you going crazy because she is so pretty?

Yong-sik tells him that Dong-baek is pretty because she is with me. Think about it, she was always sad when she was with you. She is pretty and smiling when she is with me. I am not like you. I am going to make Dong-baek grow into old age only eating honey.

Dong-baek chuckles and hits him, why did you say that?


But then we cut to Hyangmi who is talking to someone on the phone. Shee says that she already sent more than $100,000. She is in her halmoni’s hospital room and asks why he is delaying things.

This guy tells her that he knows how she makes money and what she does in Korea, noona. Are you going to do the same thing here? Our immigrant society is so small, that is why I am so scared. And my wife does not know that I have a noona, and my inlaws do not know.

She asks if he did not tell them because he is embarrassed? Your house and living and her hospital bill, I am paying for it all but your wife does not know that I exist? I am so stupid.

He tells her that if she does not speak English then it will be hard to live there. She asks, do you speak English? Who made it so you can speak English? You studied overseas because I do all this dirty work that makes you embarrassed. I was supporting you from this sewer. I don’t need you anymore. Let’s not be related anymore.


In the bar, JR tells them that he does not care if they live together, just remove my son from your relationship. DB is all like what? Are you going to take him from me? He says that she will give Pilgoo to him.

Deoksoon walks Pilgoo back to the Camellia and hands him over to Halmoni. She asks Halmoni to watch him outside because she wants to say something to the adults inside that she does not want Pilgoo to hear. She will always treat her grandson well and I never mistreated your daughter. She is improtant for you, I know. But I cannot just leave becaue my Yong-sik is there and he is improtant for me.

Inside, JR says that Pilgoo wants to play baseball. Can you support him in that? Kids already tell him that he is tubu, two fathers and one mom. if he lives with you then he is just two fathers and one bar mother. If he lives with me then he is at least rich born.

Yong-sik stands up and tries to think of something to say. He says that he is really bad, not human, are you planning on taking Pilgoo from Dong-baek. JR says that eh knows that YS likes Dong-baek, but can you raise my son? What can you do more than me? He is my biological son. Can you give everything to the boy that is not your son? Do you have money?

Dong-baek yells, YAY!

Then Deok-soon comes in and yells that Yong-sik is stupid, why are you hear listening to these things?


Cut to Yong-sik following his mother outside though hiding behind Dong-baek. DS asks why she is following them and why is YS acting like this? I know that kids father is on TV and she is letting him come see her and date you at the same time!

Yong-sik says it is not like that. DS says he is the stupid guy that knows it all and is still doing it. Then she tells DB that she makes his son into Buddha, how do you think I would feel?


Hyangmi sits with her grandmother who looks unconscious and says that she bought couples pajamas but has no one to wear it with. Then she says that she knows that Denmark has free healthcare. I knew that but I still sent them money just so that they would have a good life.

She wonders about her brother and says that she cut ties with him. You know that he is stupid Halmoni. Flashback to her little brother running up to her at the bar. She always looked out for him.

She says that because he was dumb, it was problematic that he liked people so much. So what can she do, she needs to cut the ties with him and let him have good ties with his own family, like a human being. He can live like a human being.

She starts to cry in the hospital room.


Meanwhile, Yong-sik stands outside while his mother and girlfriend talk inside her place. DS says that she knows that if she gives DB a hard time then it will hurt her son, but she also knows that it is hard to raise a little boy. She tells them to do whatever they want and she will do whatever she wanst. I have a limit to how much I can ignore. But I have a limit to your sons father.

DB says that she did not see him all the time. DS says that she will get involved with him all the time because of his son. He looks like he has feelings. Why do you hurt my son like this? I do not want to see him suffering. His father died before he was born. To raise him happily I lived so hard. But now, sharing your past with my son – I cannot allow it.

Dong-baek understands it all. She cries quietly. DC tells her that don’t smile with your pretty face at him and don’t cry with your sad face to him, just don’t do anything related to my son at all.

DB leaves, Yong-sik is right there asking if she is okay? What did she say? Did she hurt you? Dong-baek says it is a long day, she is knocked out. Dont follow me today.


At the Camellia, Dongbaek gets a call for a delivery and says that she does not deliver dinner. But then she says that she can do it. In her mind she says that she has to at least keep on with her life.

Her mother tells her not to deliver on a day like today, just go home. But DB says that if she closes the store when she cries then Pilgoo can’t go t the hogwan. her mother thinks that her daughter is nothing like her, she is pretty and tall, but why is her life like hers. I should not have come here, I should not have seen her, I should have died alone.


Hyangmi rolls her bag up to the camellia dn thinks that Dong-baek will be upset at her, but what can she do, she has nowhere else to go. She sees Dongbaek trying to start her scooter and thinks that she makes her so upset. 

So she tells her that she can do the delivery for her. She also tells her that she has to deliver two servings, not one serving from now on. DB thinks, so people who live alone can’t eat it? Hyangmi tells her that she is not in the position to worry about others food.

Dongbaek asks if she is crying? Hyangmi asks why she asks? Are you stupid. DB muttes, how can you cry? You can’t even run away with $30,000.  She giggles and asks if she is speaking in banmal now?

Hyangmi asks why Dong-baek embraces everything when she was never embraced. Dong-baek asks why Hyangmi took her bracelet, that is a cheap thing.

Hyangmi says that she got it to remember her. She took it becuse she does not want to forget Dong-baek. Youput a really nice name for your story because the dong baeks meaning, I only love you, means that your life will be good.

DB sniffs and says that all the flowers have a good meaning. HM says that Forgetmenots have a bad meaning. it means, don’t forget me. My Umma and brother all have a good life without me. At least you should remember me. Then I will feel like Ilived in this world.

Dong-baek asks why she is doing this, did something happen? What happened? Hyangmi takes the helmet and then tells DOng-baek to make some side dishes, if it tastes good then I will pay you your money back. Then she takes off to deliver the food.


Dong-baek makes the soup that Hyangmi wanted and wonders why it is taking Hyan-mi so long.

The time ticks to the end. Dong-baek gets a phone call.

Call – Do you deliver?

DB – Delivery? It is 10pm. 

He starts to cough.

Dong-baek asks, hello? hello?

00:00:00 time of Death, between 22:00-23:00 O’clock.

Fade Out


Aw man, well. Hyangmi had a nice send off episode with a lot of new information dropping about her life and family. By the end of the episode I was just spent thinking, wow, Hyangmi doesn’t really have a lot to live for. And now I am kind of worried about her grandmother in the hospital, who is going to help her out now? 

The mama drama is back full force with Deoksoon not wanting Yong-sik to have anything to do with Dong-baek. Though I understand where Deok-soon is coming from, I am so tired of that storyline. I just want to get past that storyline and get everyone on Dong-baek and Pilgoo’s side as they all face the world as one strong unit.


Captain – Circumstantially, she left town

DB – Did Hyangmi go to Copenhagen?

YS – the owner of the hagwan is friends with Kyu tae?

KT – Don’t investigate the Hogwan, you will have a super blood storm in Ongsan

YS – Dong-baek went out to deliver food on that night!

Grandma – She always worried about other people her entire life. She is innocent, so why does she care?

YS – Liking Dong-baek more does not mean that I owe Dongbaek

DB – [You] have to meet someone who doesn’t have to worry about raising kids or making you living.

YS – I want to have a peaceful life. Let’s stop here.

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  1. Fafa
    October 25, 2019 / 11:19 am

    Everyone in Ongsan is good person with unique characters. I hope the killer is someone from outside that neighborhood. Maybe the hiker who came early to Dongbaek restaurant. Because in the last episode hyangmi kinda stared at a group of hikers.
    Hyangmi’s story is so sad. At least she knows that there are people who cares about her even she likes to lie and steal.
    When yongshik’s mom told dongbaek to break up was really sad sad too.
    Even kyungtae in this episode looked so miserable without his wife. Actually i knw tht he cares for his wife when she cried. He seemed shocked and guilty.

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 11:34 am

      I really hope the killer is outside the neighborhood too! Though they did make the hardware guy look spooky in this episode, eep!

      • Fafa
        October 25, 2019 / 5:35 pm

        Yup. Really suspicious but he doesn’t hv cough n deep voice like the killer..

        Anyway thank you for live recapping. Even though i can watch the drama the day, i really enjoy to read it. 😊

  2. Angelica
    October 26, 2019 / 8:54 am

    will there be a next episode soon?

    • V
      October 26, 2019 / 9:10 am

      It airs on Mondays and Tuesdays!

  3. Jo
    October 27, 2019 / 3:04 am

    I think it’s the hardwareman dad

    • V
      October 28, 2019 / 10:16 am

      Oh wow! I wonder if it could be the hardware dads father!

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