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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 11 (21 & 22) Live Recap

When the Camellia Blooms Episode 11 (21 & 22) Recap
When the Camellia Blooms Episode 11 (21&22) Recap

We are half way through this TV show and I, for the life of me, don’t know where else we can go from here. If it where a 16 (32) episode drama then it feels like we are on the right track. But it’s a 20 (40) episode drama so that should mean that we still have a lot more story to tell, or at least a lot more minutes in to which to tell this story. Perhaps this fire starter story will take up a lot of screen time? Hmm.

We have our character chart up! So if you want to look at it to see all the drama characters that could be possible Gabuli suspects, have a look!

We have also switched our recap order. We are recapping Extraordinary You first and then will recap When the Camellia Blooms around lunchtime!

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Shorthand Character Chart: When the Camellia Blooms Character Chart

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Yong-sik sits against a tree and thinks.

YS – (The Gabuli that came back 5 years later – killed Hyang-mi).

The captain comes up frustrated.

Captain – Why did Dong-baek disappear in this moment?

YS – (Dong-baek is alive).

Yong-sik stands and tells the Captain that Hyang-mi came there 2 years ago. But the message says that he told her 5 years ago not to act up. Yong-sik thinks that this was a warning to Dong-baek. He did all of this to show Dong-baek. But he doesn’t know why. Maybe he had a reason to kill Hyangmi?

Cut to Hyangmi talking to the person that is feeding the cats. She tells him thta Yong-sik wondered who was feeding the cats. is it fun to feed the cats? It is actually cold today. By the way, how many rooms do you have? It is getting so cold to sleep in the store. You give free food to cats so think of me as a homeless cat.

Hyang mi starts to walk off with her things as she follows Gabuli. She tells Gabuli that no one knows where she lives. Dongbaek thinks that she likes in an apartment. But No one will care about me if I die on the street.

Gabuli stops somewhere so Hyangmii asks if they are already here? Is this the backdoor? She is let inside and thinks that this room is so warm. It is warm to dry pepper in here. Can I use this room one in awhile?

She keeps takling and tells Gabuli to keep this secret from everyone becuase Dong-baek should not know that she already spent the rent money. Gabuli does not talk during any of this. Though we did see Gabuli’s toes peeking out from their sandals.

Hyangmi drops something and sees the bottom of a table that looks like it has been burned. She wonders why it looks like that. Gabuli stops pouring water. Hyangmi then gets alarmed and wonders if someone else is in the house? A door creeks closed.


At home, the mom searches for something as she wonders where Dongbaek keeps her stamps. She looks at Dongbaek sleeping and then uses Dongbaek’s finger to put a stamp on a sheet of paper. So that will also qualify as a signature or stamp.



Dong-baek eats at breakfast but Pilgoo thinks that she might be bleeding because her nose is all read. Her mother quickly wipes Dongbaeks nose and says that she probably picked her now. But the red is from the stamp that the mother used last night.

The subject changes to Pilgoo’s baseball game. Mother wears a thick gold necklace that says “Show me the money” on it to give Pilgoo confidence. The Mother wants to give kimbap to the coach. Dong-baek tells her to stop pretending like she is a good mom by calling Pilgoo Dongbaek. I still will not forgive you.

Umma says that she will take a half day off. Dongbaek tells her that she cannot take a half day off. She starts to eat the kimbap but her mother hits her hand and tells her to only eat the outside of the kimbap! (not the really pretty center cut sections of kimbap).


Jessica talks to her mother about how she does not want to live with Jong-ryeol if he is the one in that rumor! She stars to use saturi. The mother asks if she is young and pretty? jessica says that if she is younger than her than Jong-ryeol is not a human.

The mother asks if she is pretty or not? Jessica says that she does not know and this is not the Joseon dynasty, I cannot just not do anything. The umma says that they need to use this chance. Are you going to divorce and get whatever money you can? You need to get evidence so you can get all the money you can.

Jessica asks if she should divorce him? Her mother says that she has no skills and is not educated, how can you raise your little baby? But how can you live with that guy in the rumor? Don’t do anything right now. You can get divorced when you have solid evidence.

Jessica sadly asks, what about Ms. Kang Jong-ryeol? Cut to her advertising on Instagram about her job with Mrs. kang Jong-ryeol beauty shop. People online think that her only job is as Mrs. Kang Jong-ryeol. Jessica thinks that they are speaking facts and actually does not know who she is anymore.

Meanwhile, JR is texting the coach to see if both parents come to the baseball game usually? The coach says yes, of course, why are you so interested? JR thinks that Dong-baek does not even go to the game so he will be alone. How can he let that happen?

Then Jessica comes into his workout room and asks if he will do the face pack? he says that he will not because it gave him skin issues the last time he did. he asks why she came here. Don’t do anything. She asks what she should do then? Then she asks who he is texting and asks why he won’t put on the pack?

She is so overcome and starts to cry and asks what she should do with her pack. he looks compassionate and asks what she is doing right now. She starts to talk in super saturi and says that only to sell these little things her name does not work. She needs his title as his wife. She starts to cry and says that she already has the contract with her.

JR looks at her and thinks that he really wants to cry as well.



Dong-baek peels a lot of onions and thinks that Hyang-mi is late, where is she, she is never late. Yong-sik tells her that she should go to the game. DB says that her nickname was orphan back home. Everyone called her that, even the kids. She doesn’t want Pilgoo to be known as the son of famous Dong-baek or to be called that guy without a father or that guy with the bar mother.

Umma tells her to leave. Stop making someone angry. DOng-baek wonders why kids like kimbap so much, she hates kimbap the most.

Flashback to Dong-baek s a kid. She is looking at kimbap being rolled. There is another little girl watching the kimbap being rolled. She tells DOngbaek that her parents dont have time to roll kimbap for her.

So they go to school and sit and eat something alone. Some other parents wonder if they should call them over to eat with them, but they think that they shouldn’t. The ladies mention that one of the kids is an orphan at the Mary orphanage and the other kid is forget me not flower, her mother runs a bar. You know, those kids are more cruel and bad. She lies all the time.

Cut to Dong-baek in class. the teacher is looking for a thief and tells Dongbaek and the other girl to go to the teachers room. The girls give their assignment to the teacher. Hyangmi just drew a lot of lines and squigglies. Dong-baek wrote a note that says that seh hopes the teacher will trust her, she did not steal the money.

Dong-baek catches the teachers talking about how they have two students with no parents around. One is so dark and the other, you know.

Dong-baek runs off and cries to some rabbits about how she did not steal anything, she doesn’t even pick up coins on the floor. The kids continue talking about the kids that are bad. The other girl yells at one of the kids and asks if they saw Dong-baek stealing anything! Do you have evidence?

VO – The environment kills people. One cannot grow up and the other argues.

In the present, Dong-baek finishes telling her story about how she does not want to make Pilgoo the son of someone at a bar. The parents are rich bcause you have to be rich to splay sports. So I don’t want Pilgoo to feel bad.

Yong-sik struggles to say something smart and says that she and Pilgoo are different, he has the best mother. He got so much love and is a bright little guy and is different from them. So just go. If I were Pilgoo it would be more embarrassing if my mother did not come.

Yong-sik keeps helping out with the onions. Dong-baek asks her mother if she is going to ear that hat? Then Hyang-mi shows up and tells them that she had a good sleep in a warm room last night.


Cut to the kids baseball game. The three ladies walk up with the mother wearing her bright pink hat, Dong-baek wearing huge shades, and Hyang-mi in her baby blue sports wear. Dong-baek asks Hyangmi why she is following her? Someone needs to peel the onions.

But Hyang Mi says that outnumbering the other parents is the most important. The three of them can outnumber one father. Even though we look like scary mercenaries. With our look, we are the best here. The mother flips her hair and says that Ongsan does not deserve her.

They make it to the stands and wave at all the other parents they know from the neighborhood. Everyone has a camera and is taking photos of their kids. But Dong-baek didn’t bring anything. One family even has a drone that is flying around. They take out their cell phones.

Pilgoo sees his mom and yells so happily that he will hit a home run for her! he is so happy so Dong-baek happily waves back and nods to him.

High in the stands sits JR with a hoodie pulled way over his head as he looks at the game. One of the coaches ont he other eam tells the umpire to be fair during this game, it is a kids game. But in the same breath he says that he will bring a lot of people to his galbi store.


The game starts. Seung-yeob thinks they were given a strike when they shouldn’t have been. Then he tells JR that he is a baseball player, not a taekwondo player. he also wonders if he should let him go to back because he is a trouble maker.

Pilgoo walks up to back with swagger and settles in to hit. He says, actually, the hero appears last (like the title).

Dong-baek is so nervous and says that this is the first time she is seeing his game! he looks like a real baseball player! JR looks on and says that the other coahces son is nothing, you are my son.

The first bas gets through, it is a super duper foul ball, but the umpire calls it a strike. Pilgoo stares at him. But he settles back in to bat. The next one is called a strike so Pilgoo yells at the umpire, how can this be a strike? It was a ball.

So Pilgoo gets ready for the last bat. The ball hits him in the leg. Pilgoo falls to the grounda nd rolls around. Then he sees that the other kid did it on purpose so he runs to the pitching mound ready to take him out.

Everyone in the stands is all like, oh snap! 

Then the benches clear and all the kids start to prepare to fight. Pilgoo winds up his fist and runs and swings at the pitcher. Dong-baek is worried but the grandma is all like, kill him! Hyang mi thinks Pilgoo is really good at punching in the nose.

A drunk guy says that this is why kids games are fun. Umma yells at him to shut up!

On the field, the question is whether Pilgoo should be out or not. Pilgoo keeps yelling at them so he gets hit by the other coach. The grandmother is all like, oh hells no. She stands up and and starts wrapping her purse around her fists. I bet she has Vaseline in her purse as well and I’m pretty sure she is about to take out her earrings.

Dong-baek tells her not to do anything and then heads to the field. On the field, Pilgoo yells that this hyung threw that dangerous ball at me and stuck his tongue out at me! He starts to cry.

Then a man comes swaggering up with the drone. Everyone stops to look at him. Cut to his face, it is Yong-sik!

Yong-sik walks all the way up to the mound and hits the pitcher in the face.

Pilgoo – The Hero shows up last.



Yong-sik tells this little kid that baseball code is not a place to stick your tongue out! If you play like that then you shouldn’t throw your ball to hit someones thigh! The other coach pushes Yong-sik. Yong-sik yells at him too. The coach asks, is this your son? Yong-sik yells YES HE IS MY SON!

JR stands up in the crowd and everyone notices himand starts to film him.

Yong-sik yells that he better not hit his son again! The coach says that he did not! So Yong-sik tells him that his super great camera recorded all of this! Lets go to the polcie station then! The man says fine! Lets go!

Yong-sik yells, I AM THE POLICE, I AM HERE. So lets go! Lets go to the polcie station! You need to know that other kids are precious if you think your kid is precious. How dare you hit my kid!

Pilgoo says it hurt so much. Yong-sik holds his head to his chest and yells at the others not to touch my kid! I have a DRONE! Then he pulls Pilgoo away very cooly and they walk off into the sunset. Pilgoo looks like she is won over.

Later on, the team relaxes and Dong-baek talks to Yong-sik. He says he took a half day off to come. He also says that he had to get the drone to have a wide shot and show everything. he smils.

Cut to the red coach still talking to the empire and walking into a room. JR is there. He tells him that he should not make his son play baseball. The red coach is JR’s sunbae. JR tells him that he better not touch Pilgoo again. If you touch him one more time then no middle school will pick your son. I know a lot of people. Also, I grew up alone.

He leaves and Pilgoo comes running righth by him and yelling ajusshi! But he passes right by JR and runs outside to Yong-sik. He asks him if he can go to his friends? They want to see your drone. They want to see it at least one time. Yong-sik is all like, um, they want to see the drone? Hmm. 

Dong-baek says that it might be too expensive. Pilgoo asks if it is too expensive? Yong-sik leans down and tells her that it won’t be the entire team, it can be only ten people. Okay? SO Pilgoo happily runs off and grabs ten friends.

Dong-baek is amazed that Yongsik is at the same level as her Pilgoo. YS says that he could show it to al of them, but things like this are all about power and having fun. Dong-baek is amazed that fathers are like this. I only give him a lot of hugs. I never saw him play so happily before. Thank you Yong-sik.

Yong-sik smiles and says that Pilgoo will go crazy playing with him.

They all walk away from the game. One of the ladies says that this is a nice scene, but what if YS’s mother finds out. Dong-baek thinks that the ladies might tell the chairman that he came there. YS actually looks like he worries as well.

Then Dong-baeks Umma says, so what if she knows? Does she have this great son? You are not the only one with a mother! She walks aggressively by. DB tells YS that he knows she is not all there. 


Umma goes to DOng-baeks mothes place to eat and mutters to herself that she thought YS was a rich persons son since they call her chairman. But this is not a big restaurant. having one kid is not a big blemish.

Deok-soon wonders why this lady is mumbling alone.

Umma continues thinking that all these restaurants are fake. 

Deok-soon asks if this ajumma is saying this for her to hear it? Who are you?

DB’s umma stands up and shakes her hair out before saying that she is DB’s mother. To me, how dare your son go after my daughter. Even though Madonna is old, seh won’t marry a country boy. She flips her hair and leaves. Deoksoon asks Helena what that lady said. helena is all like, I don’t know, I’m a foreigner.


The captain tells YS that there is no CCTV at that building. If there was CCTV then they would have gotten it already. We are not dumb! Yong-sik says, okay, but on that day, 2014, this date is 2012. Who goes to this kind of Hagwon? I think they had to put this banner here to hide something.

He tells him to look at this. Do you know the road view? Well I rewound each years road view and watched it over and over again. The captain is all like, huh, you did all this? YS tells him to listen. He tells him that he saw a CCTV at the 2013 road view. he shows him the photo. then he tells him that if it is not CCTV, what can it be?


Cut to market street where DB’s umma is still talking to herself about Madonna. Three ajummas stand very near her. Umma says that Madonna is born in 1958 and has 2 kids but dates a 30 year old model. You know, people say that she is a witch and a cougar…

The ladies are all like, um, can she walk around alone?

….she is good because she is so pretty and stands out. You know, she lives a life that stands out so there is no problem. Why not?

She looks at the ladies and then flips her toothpick as she walks off. The ladies all wonder where she came from.


Back at the police station, Yong-sik is headed out. The captain tells him that he needs to take his gun with him at all times now. If you see Gabuli then shoot him. The captain is very serious about this, he tells him not to kick or hit him, just shoot him. YS tells him that he knows.

Yongsik goes to talk to the realestate lady about the sign and the building. She heard that the sign stuck around for a long time even tough no kids were around. And she also heard that the halabogi that ran the place had a lot of gambling debt but one day somehow paid off one years rent at one time. 

YS asks if she has his contact? She sys no but she says that Kyu-tae should know more because he and that person where close friends. They called themselves hyung and dong-sang.

YS thinks that No Kyu-tae is the end of everything.



Kyu-tae goes to the camellia bar. He tells DOng-baek that he heard he will stay in the city. She says that she will stay in Ongsan but will find a new location for the Camellia.

Kyu tae tells her that he can make a deal with her. I will not increase the rent, but as a favor to me you need to fire Hyang-mi. I want to burn everything to catch a little bug so can you just fire her?

Cut to a form scrolling across the screen. It is about Hyangmi sending money to Chae hae-hoon in COpenhagen. Hyangmi is filling out the form now. She gives it to the Bank.

The teller tells her that she has to make sure it is not voice fishing when you send money overseas. Hyangmi says that it is fishing because she has done this her entire life.

In the bar, Kyu-tae is trying to convince Dong-baek to fire Hyang-mi. DB says that she is not going to kick her out. She is moving with hyang-mi. KT asks why she is not firing her? Why hire someone like her? I will give you some advice, you need to be careful with her…she…

Cut to outside the bar where we see Ji-young watching the bar from outside. She wonders if her husband is here again? Then she sees Hyang-mi walking to the bar and thinks that her anger will not be satisfied through legal ways. Sh erevs her engine and drives toward Hyangmi.

But then she breaks. HM asks why she is driving so fast? JY rolls down her window and says, yes, I could have killed you.

They go to a coffee shop. The coffee shop owner says that Ongsan’s King Solomon and Ongsans biggest troublemaker are together. 

JY thinks that she doesn’t want to win over her.

We see HM steal the spoon she is using.

JY thinks to herself that she feels no fire to win with her.

HM thinks to herself if she should poke this eunnie? She has more real power than Kyutae.

JY – Hey, do you know what marriage is?

Hyanmi steals the sugar as well.

HM  yes, I heard about it a lot. The traditional wife power comes out.

JY – marriage is, I picked kyu-tae as a gold ring but after living with him I realized he is worse than a brass ring. The worst is that my parents in law think that they gave me a diamond ring. They didn’t give me anything. I can ruin No Kyutae’s life and I can get any little thing from you for having an affair. But you will not be too timid so it does not make me excited.

HM – Yeah, no one will be happy. 

JY – So you guys can have fun but all of us should have a happy ending.

He door opens and Kyu-tae comes in. He sees them drinking togather. JY sips her coffee casually.



DB asks JR if he is coming to the store? He can come get his money back. Dong-baek thinks back to Kyu-tae telling her to be careful with Hyangmi because she smells money so well.

Her mother asks her why she is watching the clams, why not open it. DB also hears her little kid voice that said that she does not steal things. She puts it back in the fridge.

Her mother asks her if she is checking it? DB says no. Her mother tells her that it is not like a little thief becomes a cow thief. When they see a needle, they steal a needle, when they see a cow, they steal a cow. That is how they are.

DB says that she is not that kind of person. When I say she is not, then she is not.


JY tells her that when she saw her stealing a little spoon, she thinks that she is a gift to her. I think my husband met his soulmate. HM is all like what? We just enjoyed water skiing. KT says that they did nto cross the line.

JY tells him that he does not decide the line. 

HM thinks that she had a feeling at that moment that she is not in her league at all and that she would die in that moment if she did anything.

JY tells HM that she will be grateful to her if she takes Kyu-tae and all other things from her. HM tells her that they should solve the issue as wife and husband, not me. But JY says that she will give KT to her like a shamanic ceremony. I think my life will be better without him. HM is all like, what? Kyu-tae can’t do anything.

Cut to the ajummas who are also talking about Kyu-tae and whether they think he is Gabuli or not. They are having a samgyupsal party and Yong-sik is right there with them asking them questions.

YS asks them, with the Gabuli case, KT got the building almost for free. The ajummas feed him as he talks. Yong-sik scratches his finger a lot and says that Kyu-tae was friends with this guy that owns the business.

The ajumma says that Kyu-tae isbrothers with everyone. You are the only person who is not friends with Kyutae. Dont decide who is a criminal based on your personal grudge.

Yong-sik asks them who they think is Gabuli then? The ladies look at the photos from 2013 and wonder what happened to the window. they hid it with a box? My husband does that when he does interiors.

Yong-sik says that he thought that he blocked it so the kids could concentrate. They tell him that blocking it like that means that the outside cannot see inside, not that the inside cannot see outside.

Another ajumma comes up and says that this place is not a hogwan, it is always closed. he scratches his fingers again so they ask him why he is scratching it to much. Go to the hospital or it will spread to Dong-baek. They all laugh and says that love comes with skin disease.



Hyangmi is at the Camellia and looking at the clam box. She wonders why DOng-baek accepted a bad girl like her.

Flashback to a time where it snowed. The radio says that they had unexpected snow. On the door to the bar is says that they are looking for help. Hyang min is looking at the sign. She sees the kids stickers on the door.

Suddenly we are sent to antoher internal flashback of Hyangmi as a little kid looking at her parents place that also has stickers on the door. So she steps into the Camellia bar and sees Dong-baek with a little Pilgoo.

Pilgoo gives her a towel to wipe her hair with. Hyang-mi tells her that she looks familiar to her, though she might have a common face. Dong-baek says she knows and then tells her that she can sit and they can eat together.

Hyangmi remembers eating at palces and never being asked to eat with someone. Perhaps the bar she used to work at didnt’ let her share cups with them.

But with Dong-baeks bar, she is happily allowed to share. She decides to work there and tells her old bar that she is quitting. But she tells her that if Nok-kun calls, then she is not there.

The lady says that Dong-baek is a normal person, it is just a part time job. Can you live with minimum wage? Hyangmi says that she can try it, she is tired so she can try it.

In the present, Hyangmi looks at the money in the clam box. She remembers the other owner saying that all people have a past life. DOn’t let it drag you.

But then the door dings and the man from a previous show comes in. He asks Hyangmi if she wants to die? Hyangmii says that her past life has found her.

Dong-baek comes in then as well and feels that something is wrong.

HM and this man sit and chat inside. he says that he wants to have a legit business and also tells her that she is easy. She does not have parents or friends. No one will know if she disappears in the world. Hyang mi says that she told Ssooki to call the polcie with his name if she disappears.

The man says, even though this is a small town, how do you think I know this place? With only two thousand dollars, she told me everything. So now do you know your position? if your dead body pops up in a lake, then there is no trace and no ID and no one will give you a funeral. That is it.


YS goes to the doctor to have a look at his finger. The doctor asks if he went to Yong-sim’s place? they also came here with the same scratch after spraying pesticide on the field. It looks like pesticide poison. 

Yong-sik says he did not touch pesticide, perhaps he ate something bad? the doctor sys that eating will not do this, it should be touching something. Yong-sik thinks abut that.

While walking away, he wonders if he touches something unusual? Then he sees the cat food and thinks that this town surprisingly has no cats and someone fills the cat food.

In the Camellia, the bad guy asks Hyangmi what she thinks? She has to pay for his money until she dies. She says yes, she cannot run from her fate. But she cannot pack up and leave now. She will collect money and then follow him.

He asks if she thinks he is giving her a choice? YAY! 

Dong-baek hops and looks t them cautiously as she busies herself peeling something.

The man tells Hyangmi that if her life ends with no roots, then it will be sad.

Dong-baek walks over and sits next to them. the man asks why she is there? DB says that she wants to sit next to Hyangmi. Hayangmi has a place. I will call the polcie first if anything happens to Hyangmi, Kim Nak-kun.

The man kind of chuckles. Dong-baek tells him not to touch her shoulder. the man says that it is not hers, it all belongs to him. HM thinks about her messed up life in this critical moment.

The man tells DB to do her job when he tells her nicely. DB tells him to just leave now that she is telling her nicely. Just go.

HM thinks that this eunnie makes her mad.


Meanwhile, Kyu-tae runs after his wife to tell her that nothing happened. Trust me. She is lugging her luggage of of the house.

She slaps him and asks if he thinks that it is okay that he did not sleep with her? If you stop pooping while you poop, does that mean you dont’ want to poop? I wll never forget this. She drives off.


Jessica slaps JR and asks if he went to see that kid! She drops her cell phone.


The man drags Hyangmi outa and throws her on the ground. Dong-baek eyes her knife. But then she runs out and hits himover the head with her pot!


Yong-sik walks up on this, completely shocked. 

HM – (A hero shows up at the last minute).

YS – (My heart…at the last moment).

But then he looks off and sees Hoong-sik walking away with a bag in his hands. he takes off his hoodie and we see that he is holding cat food.

Fade Out


Hmm, I am not sure if I am onboard this new direction that this show is going in. I love the little moments that this story give us, like with Yong-sik and the baseball game, but then I get so annoyed with the bigger moments, like Dong-baeks flashback to her childhood with Hyang-mi. 

I really loved the mother in this episode, though. She was so bout it to protect Pilgoo during the baseball game! That was hilarious. The baseball game was probably my favorite part of this episode.

The Gabuli storyline is still continuing, but I think they told us that Hyang-mi died at the harbor, so….there’s that. I’m not sure why they would tell us that and then spend a full episode dedicated to us getting to know Hyang-mi. Why not spend the episode with us getting to know Hyang-mi and then telling us that in the epilogue at the end.

With how they did it, I kind of just tuned out to Hyang-mi’s story because I know she is about to die and I don’t want to get to involved with her characters life.


bad guy – Chae Hayang-mi has a weakness now?

HM – Don’t do anything here, 

HM – They are all strangers!

KT – I told her that if she fires you then she does not have to move out. But she said that she will take you with her.

Umma – Your son in law, your husband, we are not taking him, even for free! 

DS – Don’t ever come here and hit on her anymore!

DS – Don’t be involved with my son anymore!

HM – Why don’t you give me money now, I am in a hurry.

JR – Do you really want to die?

HM – I don’t know embarrassment, but now, eunnie, you are making me embarrassed.

HM – What should I do? I have to make her hate me.

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