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When the Camellia Blooms: Episode 10 (19 & 20) Live Recap

Episode 10 (19 & 20) recap for When the Camellia Blooms
When the Camellia Blooms episode 10 (19&20) Recap, image Hancinema

Oh, no! Dong-baek has decided to reopen her shop and Gaebuli decided to pay her a visit soon after! But is this visit the visit, you know the last visit? I also wonder if that raspy cough will come back to warn Dong-baek that Gabuli is in her shop. The writer said that it is a happy ending (or at least someone said that the writer said that it is a happy ending) so hopefully everything works out.

We finally have our character chart up! So if you want to look at it to see all the drama characters that could be possible Gabuli suspects, have a look!

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Shorthand Character Chart: When the Camellia Blooms Character Chart

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Dong-baek dusts off her welcome mat and puts it outside the building. Yong-sik thinks that he is crazy about Dong-baek. She runs to him and they have a giddy hand holding time celebrating. She kisses him on the cheek so he grows a bit nervous, but then decides that he doesn’t want to be a good man anymore and leans in to kiss her.

VO – Even though it doesn’t make sense, I think the air stopped, and I think Ii saw snow.

The news report says that they had snow.

The two of them go to eat mandu in a special moment and continue to think about mandu and their kiss.


Yong-sik walks Dong-baek home and continuously says goodbye as he bashfully walks backward off her steps. He tells her that he likes her. She says she knows, everyone in Ongsang knows. He smiles and says that people tell him to save this word until the last moment, but he does not think that he should wait and wait and wait.

She asks what he wants to say, he takes a step forward and says that it is not that he just likes her it is more like he almost….~. But she stops him and says that he does not have to say anymore. But he wants to so he takes another step forward and says, um, well, it is that…~.

But then the delivery guy comes up. Yong-sik knows this guy so he greets him and the mother comes out to receive the delivery. She casks Yong-sik why he is stuttering. Then she goes back inside. Dong-baek tells Yong-sik that she won’t be timid, she will live her life the way she wants.

Cut to the three family members eating at the table. Pilgoo is eating and watching tv, Dong-baek talks about how she can be strong and have a lot of future events where she can smile. Her mother thinks she is drunkenly mumbling. 

Dong-baek tells her that she will live her life each season. She will live it in Fall and in winter, she can even live like a street dog. She will remodel the rest of her life. Mom looks a bit happy at hearing this. It seems like she does not have dementia.

That night, everyone is asleep except the mother who is secretly looking in drawers in the bedroom.


Everyone looks at Dong-baek walking up the street in her bright red baby doll dress and red high heel shoes. Every single person is looking at her in amazement. She greets the neighborhood ajummas and says that yesterday was the first snow, *they nod* do you have the neighborhood meeting? *they nod* I will be there *they nod again*.

Dong-baek walks off and the neighborhood ajummas wonder if she was always this pretty? She has never smiled like that before.


Dong-baek walks into a business confidently. This might be a bank or the real-estate office or something else.

She comes up later on with a scooter. Yong-sik and Hyang-mi are at the store where YS is asking about cat food. But then they all stop when they see the scooter. Dong-baek tells them that she will deliver food now. 

She got it for $300. But it should cost $500. Hyangmi told her that that woman got it for $150 last year, you paid extra. Yong-sik looks at the helmet and asks why that kind of helmet and do you know how to ride it? Dong-baek says that the woman that sold it to her said that if you ride a bicycle then you can ride it.

He asks for her phone number and says that this looks like a con job. He touches the back and it falls off. Yong-sik thinks that this is a little salt to start the fire, but she keeps burning it and burning it. He looks off and sees the cat food refilled.

Then he runs off to the Precinct.


Yong-sik goes straight to his computer and starts to talk about how the hardware person cleaned one of the buildings and Ingoo also knows about the building and he is his cousin so he will call them. They tell him that his network is better than the police network.

Cut to them all looking at the CCTV. The owner says that no one goes in and out of the building and there is only one way in and out. The video footage looks like someone opened the window by hand.


The boys at school are sitting at PE and talking about Pilgoo in front of him. They say that he has two fathers and one mom and all those things. One kid says he can be Hwang Pilgoo now, not Kang Pilgoo. They start to chuckle.

Pilgoo calls one of the kids pig belly and runs up to punch him.

Elsewhere, two firemen talk about another fire in another building. It is the building where the window was opened and closed. The boss fireman says that this was an accident after remodeling. But the younger person says that he saw it. The fireman tells him not to talk about it if you are not sure.

Yong-sik and The Captain walk up and asks what he saw. Yong-sik takes photos (and shows how cool the Galaxy Note phone is). The firemen and officers talk about the fire. The fireman says that when they extinguished the fire, there were things floating around which means that something was put there to start the fire.

Yong-sik and The Captain go outside. The captain is thinking about the remainder of the lighter and how it is strange. Yong-sik thinks about the cat food that is refilled on the corner. He thinks that is really strange. He saw a lot of cats when he grew up, but there are no cats now. However, someone refills the food, that is so strange.



Jessica takes a lot of selfies at an event she is at with wives of baseball player. They all look like they really like each other as Jessica takes a lot of photos for instagram. But after taking the video, they all ignore each other and look at their phone and wonder who Mr. K is who is having an affair.

They heard that this person is on their team and they also heard that it is someone who goes to Ongsan in the super countryside. Jessica looks like she knows that town name.


JR is actually at the kids baseball practice and sees Pilgoo walking away. he runs out of his car to inspect him because it looks like he was in a fight. Pilgoo is walking with his friend and points to the other kid that started the fight.

JR starts to walk off with Pilgoo and his friend and starts to try and comfort Pilgoo but he doesn’t really know how to comfort an 8 year old. Pilgoo tells him that his nickname is two fathers and one mom, that is why they call me Tubu. So I should him if he says that to me right!

JR understands now and runs off to grab those other kids. But he ends up buying them a lot of food and tells them that they should be good friends. Don’t call him pig don’t call him tubu (tofu). But the kids all run off for more food.

Pilgoo is left with JR at the table. JR inspects his mouth to see if he is bleeding anywhere and then tells him that he should get braces now. You shouldn’t do it when you get older or it will be harder to eat.

Pilgoo starts to cry and tells him that he does not like LA galbi. I hate you, I hate everything, why are you talking to me! I said no! Why! Why do you buy me good food and things! 

JR drops his spoon and realizes that this kid knows.


Dong-baek writes that they serve mandu on a new menu. Hyang-mi tells her that Yong-sik likes Mandu so their place is becoming a  mandu place instead of a pork place. Dong-baek says that she also likes mandu.

The mother is preparing mandu in the background. Ong-baek tells Hyangmi that she is lonely, she was ostracized her entire life. Hyang-mi tells her that she is too honest sometimes. Dong-baek thinks that she can be frank with Yong-sik because he is so honest.

But Hyangmi thinks that he might find another Dong-baek. If he saw me first, then he might be unconscious right now. Dong-baek starts to laugh.


On the street, Yong-sik continues to look up cat food on the street. The Captain tells him that before Gabuli killed people, they had 4 fires in town. They were tiny fires but it was not evaluated. They had a big fire in the public bathtub and then had their first victim.

Yong-sik tells him that he should have told him! But then the sign board falls and almost hits them both. They are able to run away in time with their lives intact. But then they both notice something. There is a mark where someone took off a CCTV. When he took out the CCTV from Dong-baek’s place, it was just like that.


Yong-sik goes to Dong-baeks to have a meal and looks at the CCTV. He sits at a table with Hyangmi who talks about a woman who had cancer when she drank too much. He kind of nods along and asks if she is gathering money for her high school friend? You are loyal.

Dong-baek tells him that Hyangmi didn’t go to high school. How can you listen to everything Hyangmi says and agree with her right away. She wants $100 from you. her friend Sooki who she is talking about saved a lot of money and started a norebang somewhere. Hyangmi says it is a drinking place not a norebang.

So they were testing Yong-sik with this story to see if he would give away $100. Because before Yong-sik shows up, Hyangmi said that it would only take her 5 minutes to get $100. 

Yong-sik realizes that he is an easy target and takes another huge gulp of his drink.


Elsewhere, JR and Pilgoo sit on the seaside rocks and talk about how he is actually his father. JR wonders what he thinks about it? Pilgoo says that he has never seen him so he has never missed him. JR asks why he doesn’t like him so much. Pilgoo says it is strange because he is superman on TV. His friends father got a divorce after his business failed, you live in a good apartment and are crazy about your daughter, that is strange.

JR sighs and takes a deep breathe, then he tells him that if he knew about him he would never leave him. He would not have just done nothing. Pilgoo says it is not about him, it is about his umma. Why did you leave my umma alone, that is whats bad.

Flashback to little Pilgoo watching TV.

VO – I hated it when people talked about their appa.

Pilgoo turns it from an appa tv show to the news.

VO – I didn’t want to see appa because my mom would cry.

Pilgoo is on stage and sees all the appas and mammas around his mom. She is all alone and starts to cry. He looks at her from the stage.

VO – I couldn’t finish my tv show, I couldn’t finish singing, ajusshi, you made umma cry more than 100 times. So, I don’t like appas from the beginning. You bought me a new phone. So I don’t like new phones. Appa, you are really bad.

Pilgoo gets up and leaves. JR stays on the pier and cries.




Ja-young is cutting food for her mother-in-law during her mother-in-laws get together with her friends. Her mother-in-law and her friend talk very well about Ja-young as she cuts all the meat for them. The mom says that she likes her son so much. Ja-young stops and starts to talk to them all.

JY – I cannot give you professional advice in this setting without information. Omonim asked me to stop by. I did not expect to feed you eel or give you free advice. So I will stop this unplanned event. she gets up and leaves.


Outside the Camellia, JR catches up with Pilgoo and starts to fix his uniform for him. Pilgoo tells him to leave him alone. But JR wants to fix it so he tells him to just receive everything from him. Don’t say anything, you are a kid, you can say anything you want ajusshi will get hurt.

He fixes his belt and makes sure his uniform is straight. Yong-sik watches this from an alley across the way and starts to get contemplative. He walks away, still contemplative, and runs right into Dong-baek who is still in her bright red baby doll dress. She tells him that she bought something to add to their menu. She says she will hurry back to prepare it.

But he tells her that maybe she should try to make it tomorrow. Right now is…not…um…~. She guesses that Kang Jang Ryeol is there. She asks if he is going to avoid him all the time? Yong-sik says no, but Pilgoo is there. 

Dong-baek thinks that he is a nice person, she doesn’t even acknowledge him as the father. Yong-sik says that isn’t it, it is just that Pilgoo is like him. He used to envy kids who had fathers, even if their father was a drunk or something. 

Dong-baek walks back to the Camellia and sees JR still straightening out Pilgoo’s outfit. Pilgoo asks him why he also cried. JR tells him that when he grows up and sees his own kid, then he can tell him how he feels. He finishes up and tells him not to grow up too quickly. Dong-baek watches all of this.

Back in the alley, Yong-sik tries to tell himself that JR is the father, just the father. Then he sees his mother trying to carry something heavy and grabs it. He tells her to stop acting like she is super young.

Back with Dong-baek, JR tells her that Pilgoo knows that he is his father.

Yong-sik stays and fixes one of the lights in his mothers place and then has a huge meal there (even though she said that she wouldn’t feed him anything). 


Yong-sik also asks his mother why she is still wearing a 2002 world cup T-shirt. She tells him that it is still good, why throw it away? They start to talk about old clothes and how she likes to keep things and has a lot of his old clothes too that are still fine.

Yong-sik gets upset that she keeps old things. She tells him to stop screaming and says that her kimchi is well fermented and nice right now, so just eat it.

He asks who she is going to give all her money too in order to buy new shoes and new clothes. You are saving all your money to give it to your kids, but that makes your kids sad. If you keep wearing this old t-shirt and die then I will be sad whenever the World Cup comes. So please, stop hurting your son. Just spend your money, okay?


Dong-baek asks Pilgoo how he fell at school. Pilgoo tells his mom that he met his appa, that 10 million ajusshi. He bought me food and a new cell phone and everything, so it was so obvious. she tells him that she does not know what to say. She needs to think.

He says that she does not need to say anything, just know that I know everything. He says that he lied to her and said that he got 50 out of 100 in a hogwan exam. But in his dream she found 47/100 papers everywhere. So from now on he will not lie. But you have to do the same. So I just want to tell you that I know it. 

She asks if he is okay. He tells her not to ask him that again. He is always can’t swallow because of her. It’s unfair.

VO – I am a sinner to my kids all the time.

Cut to Deok-soon who takes off the world cup shirt and tells Helena to use it as a rag from now on. She mutters to herself that her son hurts her for 30 years but can’t take getting hurt by one thing. But if that is the only thing that will hurt him then…

VO – All the mom’s love to their kids is great, but it is not always right.

Cut to Kyu-tae and Ja-young eating with his mother at their house. She starts to serve Ja-young food and mentions the consultation things that Ja-young bragged about. Ja-young asks her if she is happy that her daughter is a lawyer or not happy? You call me to your friends gathering to brag but then hate the daughter in law that is better than your own son. So what kind of daughter in law do you want to be?

The mother-in-law tells her not to start with this now. If I was a man then I would not like you. This is why you don’t have a kid now. You make Kyu-tae small all the time. Ja-young says that is not because of her.

The mother asks her, how dare you say that about your husband? Ja-young says that he had an affair. The mother blinks. Ja-young continues and says, if that woman is good and famous and listens well then do you want to exchange her with me?

The mother starts to stutter about nonsense. Ja-young says that she works at a bar. So the mother looks at Kyu-tae and asks, really? She slaps Kyu-tae and tells him that he is just like his father.

Ja-young tells her that she is a lawyer so she thinks a lot about this case. Her anger will not be extinguished in a lawful way.



The baseball wives are now getting their hair done (I think its the baseball wives). One of them says that JR goes to Ongsan three times a week. One of the ladies says that she might have spread the story, she told a magazine person about it while drunk. 

One woman says that the first person to talk about it was my best friend in Ongsan. She is my best friend and is on a little sabbatical. Then a man comes out from getting his hair washed. It kind of seems like all these women might be gold diggers. This man looks at this woman for a long uncomfortable time. This might be her husband?

The man asks her if it is her best friend in Ongsan? His smile is uncomfortable.

Cut to Hyang-mi getting a phone call. She looks very worried and hangs up. Then she goes to the freezer and grabs all the money in the clam package. She thinks that uni is not so smart, why did she put this money here?

Hyang-mi goes to her room and looks at her phone. She looks at Jessica and thinks that she is the stupidest one. So she sends her a message.

Jessica is in a JR’s car looking up Ongsan things on his recent travel list. he does not see the message from Hyang-mi.


The kids that made fun of Pilgoo run to him and says that his mother wanted to invite him over for dinner. Pilgoo says bye to his friends and then sees JR’s car.

He knocks on the door but it is Jessica in the car, not JR. So he leaves. Jessica gets out and asks if he knows her? He says no. So she asks why he tried to open the car door? He says that it belongs to someone he knows. She asks if he really did not see her somewhere?

Pilgoo looks like he really does not know her. Then Dong-baek calls Pilgoo over to them. She recognizes Jessica as JR’s wife in Superman and stares at her.


Jessica asks JR what all the pictures are on his CyWorld. He tells her to stop looking at his CyWorld. What is the folder that says Sunshine. Let me see it!

Jessica opens the folder and sees photos of Dong-baek, she asks if she is his sunshine?

In the present, Jessica recognizes Dong-baek as JR’s sunshine that he looks for all the time when he is drunk. She bites her lip as she watches Dong-baek walking away.

Dong-baek holds Pilgoo’s hand tightly as she walks back to the Camellia bar. She thinks that this is not the kind of place that they can invade.

When she gets back to the Camellia, she sees a very fancy car parked in front. She tells Pilgoo to go with grandma. Pilgoo tells her hat if someone makes her angry, punch them in the nose.


Dong-baek goes up to the fancy car which is Pilgoo’s car. he has a lot of food inside it once again. Dong-baek asks why he did not call her first. And she also says that his wife came there. He looks distraught and tells her that he does not know how he lives his life.

She tells him to call a driver to go back. He asks if she would like to have a drink? Somewhere else though. JR thinks that’s good because she has a crazy person in her place.

Inside, Grandmother goes inside and tells Hyang-mi she better not eat that clam, or you will die. Don’t act up. Hyangmi says that she won’t act up. Grandmother says that she can do anything for Dong-baek. Hyang-mi asks her why she is pretending to have dementia.

But then Yong-sik comes in with flowers and is greeted by Pilgoo who tells him that Dong-baek went out. Young-sik says okay and is stuck on repeat with saying “okay, okay”.

Meanwhile, Dong-baek and JR talk about how she gave birth to Pilgoo all alone and suffered a lot. But she tried her hardest and revived her life. So don’t affect my life anymore. I can be a single mother, but I don’t want to be an affair woman. 

He tells her to wait a little bit, he does not want her to be an affair woman. She says that she is not waiting.

Meanwhile, Yong-sik is waiting as he sits on his hands and rocks back and forth looking at the door for Dong-baek to come in. The grandmother says that he is a good boy, he is nice and has no gut. Are you giving him a chance because he is the father? Yong-sik asks if she knows?

The grandmother asks, why doesn’t he just let them live as a family. Yong-sik says that he trusts Dong-baek, she will take care of it. But the grandmother starts talking again and says that if he wants to be polite, then he should just give up. The guy that thinks of everything and tries to be polite is not sexy. She will not come if you wait for her to come. Guys who defend will not win against the intruder.

Yong-sik is left to think about that.

In the other bar, Dong-baek tells JR to live his life. He has a question for her and asks, why Ongsan? 

Flashback to JR walking with Dong-baek up a street. They eat ice-cream and talk about how JR wants to raise his family in Ongsan. He lived there for a little bit. It is a strange town, they all know each other. When it is time to eat, you can go to anyones house. People don’t ask anything and just give yo a spoon. It is almost as if the entire town is a family. they are not kind, but they are kind of warm.

We see a flashback montage of the town people helping Dong-baek from time to time.

In the present, Dong-baek tells JR that he came there because he told her about Ongsan. Back then, you were not married and we were only broken up for two years, so there is nothing wrong with waiting for you. Of course I had so many stupid wishes. Sometimes I tried not to look for you, but you would be on the news for one reason or another.

She took Pilgoo to the hospital with Pneumonia and wanted to call him for help and say that she was so scared. But she did not. So, you don’t deserve to matter in my life.

JR tells her that he misses her. She just disappeared one day. I was only 27. If I was 37 then I would not have let you go like that. She tells him that she is happy that he said that. She wanted to hear it just once. He wants to try again. She says that they are 34 years old now. She is not that 24 year old Dongbaek that he misses, we cannot go back.


Outside, Yong-sik has found JR’s car and waits outside the building and thinks about turning back. But then he thinks about all the moments that he turned away.

He takes a deep breath and thinks about how angry he is right now.

Elsewhere, we see a person adding cat food to a bowl in the alley. Hyangmi walks up and says that Yong-sik wonders who gives all this food. She starts to walks away and then turns to say something else, but we don’t know what.

Meanwhile, Dong-baek and JR keep taking. JR asks if she wants him to get an official divorce and show her the paperwork? Dong-baek says no. He asks if it is the police officer? I used to be just like him. I would ditch my away games to see you when you were sick. Why do you trust him so much?

But then we see Yong-sik standing right behind them. He asks them, did you confess? Don’t think that you are s**t so that means that everyone else is s**t.

I the Camellia bar, the grandmother thinks that that dumb boy is actually a man.

YS – Even though you are dog s**t, you are still the father. I think I gave you enough respect for that. But after that, right here, my respect is only as far as this noodle shop. So don’t do this to her.

His music cuts on.

JR – Who are you, why are you meddling with us?

YS – Me? I am the current. 

JR – What?

YS – You know, the super old old-star players are not as good as the current players. I am the current for Dong-baek. Dong-baek likes me, not you. Dong-baek and Pilgoo are not a drink you kept on the shelf. 

JR – Are you crazy? How dare you talk about my son!

YS – Dong-baek, Dong-baek, listen to me, don’t eat guksool with Jong-ryeol and don’t share a drink from the same table and don’t let him into your store, okay? There is no, this just happened, no no no, I don’t like it okay, so don’t do it. I did , you know, that thing with you so I deserve to say this.

JR – Thing? What did you do!

YS – And…I have a lot of jealously. So, just hold my hand.

JR – What the F?

YS – Come here, hold my hand. Let’s go.

Dong-baek walks to Yong-sik and takes his hand. They walk off together.

YS – So…from now on…behave and I will do my own way from now on.

Italian music plays.

DB – So are you stopping being a nice guy?

YS – No more nice guy, I will live my life the way I want (like Dong-baek said)

DB  – So now you are going to do it properly?

YS – Let’s go to that corner of the street and kiss

DB – *pushes him*

YS – Are you happy?

DB – I feel really bad now, Gabuli is under my chin. The store contract has almost ended and the kids father is really bad and I showed my birth secret. *smiles*

YS – So why are you so happy?

DB – Strangely, I smile the most now. It is not the situation that is important, it is the person that is important. I am really happy now. I like you Yong-sik. 

YS – Dong-baek shi, Lets close the store early today.

They happily run off together.

Hyang-mi is still in the alley with the mystery cat person. She says that she is getting prettier. That shows how her life has changed. If I go to Copenhagen, and live my life getting loved like her, like my pretty name~.


The Captain looks t the birthdate on the ID and then looks at Yong-sik who is staring off and saying no, no, not dead. The Captain walks up to him and shows him the ID. He says it is Cha Go-eun, do you recognize it? He looks at it and gasps.

Fade Out 


Another lovely episode. No complaints here with this show. It is a slow moving show, but new things happen in each moment to move the story forward so I’m enjoying it.

I enjoy how Yong-sik and Dong-baek’s lives mirrored each other this episode and the last episode. They both are starting to live their life with how they want to be, and although it is different from their true core nature of being very nice, they will both try and step out of that to be the person that they want to be for themselves but also for the persons that they love.


DB – Umma, are you going to Pilgoo’s game? Are you crazy?

VO – You don’t know? You just transferred to this school? She is an orphan.

DB – Being timid is really bad

YS – Pilgoo should be different because he got so much love

PG – Umma, I will hit a home run!

JR – Yay!

Jessica – Who is that boy!

Ajumma – It was suspicious, there was a lot of gambling debt

Captain – Be careful, if you face Gabuli, shoot him.

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  1. jod
    October 17, 2019 / 11:42 am

    Thanks for the recap DM!
    I am always so happy to see our Dongbaek bloom into a more confident and strong woman, with each episode and development with Yongshik. As the title goes “When the Camellia Blooms” — she has found herself good soil and a nurturing hand that is showering her with love and nutrients of ‘you are so much more’.

    I have spent the past hour swirling about the interwebs trying to figure for myself who the Joker would be (though realistically, at ep 10 I am sure the show would not have left THAT much information, so the search would be useless). With the final reveal of the name at the end, I am set on the victim as Hyang Mi, or would really like it to be her.

    There are many suspicions to DB’s mum. Sure, it seems she faked her dementia around DB (and is there to protect her at any cost) and we don’t exactly know her motives, or what she had done previously, etc. She is constantly finding things around DB’s house. and leaves mid-day to somewhere we don’t know. She is also surprisingly fierce and alert with all the small things. I am curious to the purpose of her character, which we will perhaps understand soon.

    Hyang Mi is actually such an eccentric character, it’s scary. She’s more than just a klepto waitress. She is strangely manipulative, and even to the boss that showers compassion on her, there is a certain sense of envy which will override that gratitude she has (to DB). In a way, her character is one that seeks trouble. Even in the sense of other victims of the Joker (except for the beautician?) Hyang Mi matches as one that is more ‘promiscuous’ since she really is trying to set men into her trap for money. She also has past ties that are tracking her down for money, so….

    Anyway, as for the identity of the Joker. The shoes, gloves, knowledge of CCTV location, owning of paints and equipments (inc. those the Joker used). All of these point to Heung Shik, or possibly his dad. In this ep, Hyang Mi talked to the cat-feeder in casual form, suggesting he is someone of a younger age. (Then again, Heung Shik doesn’t seem to be the type who visits alone, but the Joker comes to Camellia alone).

    Who could it be? We will only find out next time. So many clues but still no leads.

  2. Jay
    October 17, 2019 / 7:26 pm

    Thanks for the recap!
    We already in the middle of this series and up to this moment, i still cannot clearly pinpoint who could be Gabuli.

    Several characters can easily be the suspect.
    But maybe it is just to mislead its viewers.

    I think DB mother was there to protect DB & PG, so for me she is not Gabuli. But she seems to be the one who refill the cat food container. My guess is to lure the real Gabuli. Cats maybe will give us clue soon. I dont know but i have this feeling that Gabuli has an allergy with cats fur (that’s why he cough). And having Cats will make him vulnerable. I also think the mom is the one inside the OK Aesthetic, but she was there not to lookout for YS, but Gabuli himself. Which sometimes bring me to conclusion that it could be the Chief, since he was always with YS when he investigates. but because i dont have enough evidence, i am not confident on my suspicion.

    Some more there are other characters which havent introduced properly.. like the hardware man’s father, the person who YS suppose to visit due to its dog (or is it a cat?), and DB father (which may give as hint on why her mother left DB in the orphanage).

    • V
      October 17, 2019 / 7:42 pm

      I really feel like it has to be a character that was not pinpointed yet!

  3. amy
    October 19, 2019 / 1:37 am

    Did anyone else notice that the DOB on the ID in the epilogue says 861224? DB said her real DOB was 24 December 1986… But since she put the bracelet away and Hyangmi is a klepto, maybe she stole her bracelet and wore it, also conveniently had DB’s wallet on her when the Joker acted.

    • V
      October 19, 2019 / 5:04 pm

      So intriguing! I wonder if she will get the bracelet back at some point?

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