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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 9 + Giveaway! (closed)

Park Seo-joon harvesting clams on a beach in Secretary Kim
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We open back at the first kiss. MS turns away but YJ pulls her into a big hug where they stay for a moment. Then he lightly pushes her back and looks at her, he moves in to kiss her, but he has a nightmare “lets go together, I don’t want to leave by myself, go with me” he grows scared for a moment, but then MS pulls him that last half inch to kiss her.

They lightly kiss and then pull away. He looks at her and then kisses her again. they share a long passionate kiss outside under the stars.

Later on, they both walk down the street.

YJ – Wait, why don’t we make sure, us, we start dating.

MS – That’s right.

YJ – Thats right! If someone heres it then you will be on a quiz show MC, why are you so stiff

MS – Because, that’s right.

YJ – Wait for me….my woman! Let’s go together! My Woman! Let’s go!

they happily continue walking up the street, then we cut to him dropping her off at her place. She tells him, safe driving. he looks at her intently.

MS – Why are you looking at me like that?

YJ – Because I don’t want to leave you. Secretary Kim, I tild you before, I am smart handsome, rich, and have ability, so please marry me as soon as possible.

MS – We only dated for one hour but you are proposing to me? You are in a hurry.

He mutters about who is in a hurry, but then he just smiles and tells her to go in. She does.
While driving home, YJ remembers little MS playing in her yard. She is running around and laughing as he watches her smiling. She tells him it is fun, Oppa, you try it. Because it is you Oppa, you can use it. Miso will marry you Oppa!


Yes, you are like a prince! Promise!

Later, I will come back to see you again.

YJ is so happy with the thought that he busts a U-y and goes back to her place. He tells her that he is there because she will miss him all night, she knows that, I don’t give second chances, but I want to give you 2-3 times more chances. The chance that you can see me. Dont you feel honored to be a special person to see me?

Yes, it is my honor.

have a good dream secretary Kim, you know what a good dream is?

Of course, I will ahve your dream.

Let me hug you one more time.

he looks at her happily and immediately hugs her. She is a little taken aback.

YJ – I think I will have good dreams tonight.

MS – You have a board meeting tomorrow, so you should go home and sleep tight tonight.

Yj – It is nice to see you ask me to do something. (Nice to hear your nitpicking)

MS – Good night.

he turns to walk away but turns back again. they playfully look at each other as he reluctantly gets into his car. She goes inside her place and looks out the window, he dos not leave until he is sure she is safe inside.

She smiles as she watches him leave. he goes inside with his smile. He tells the corners of his mouth to go down and points at it in the mirror, but he can’t do it so he gives up.

That night, he smiles as he sleeps.

In MS’s room, she is also having a pleasant dream. She dreams about her Oppa, he promises to meet her again, she says she will never forget his name, Lee Sung-yeon Oppa.

She wakes up and thinks, yes, it was Sung-yeon Oppa.
YS comes out of YJ’s office muttering that YJ must be sick, he is doing something something that he has not done before. he is still sleeping.

MS asks, really? He almost missed the board meeting before because he almost slept over.

YS wonders what is going on, he has never been this relaxed before.

She asks him if he wants to see something fun.

They go inside and sneak around while YJ is sleeping. he answers questions in his sleep. YS asks him if he likes appa or Umma. They both laugh as he bubbles something. YS and MS talks about how weird this is for a moment, but then YS’s secretary calls so he has to leave.

MS puts a blanket over YJ and then sits next to him on the couch and she warmly stares at him. She remembers him having a nightmare previously when she watched him sleep before.

VO – Back then, he woke up from a nightmare, but now he looks comfortable.

She walks away but he grabs her arm.

YJ – Where are you going, watching your lover?

he pulls her onto his lap and hugs her. She wonders, what if someone sees them? He tells her that no one comes into this room without permission. She woke up his sleepng desire, so she has to be ready for this.

MS – Sleeping what?
YJ – D-e-s-i-r-e.

MS – How can you use that word like it is nothing.

YJ – Be ready, I am not going to control my speed anymore.

MS asks him if he is sick, he has never done this before, but he slept. he tells her that he has been comfortable ever since last night, he wont have any more nightmares. Call the doctor, he wont have to perscribe my medicine again anymore.

MS looks at him in a certain way, so he asks her why he is looking at him like that. She says she has a question, that Oppa she is looking for, was it really that writer?

He asks her why he is asking her that sure thing.

She says it sounds weird but she thinks he is that oppa, you have a nightmare and you have those marks on your legs.

He tells her that he has nothing to do with that oppa, but oppa or not, would that change your heart?

She says it would not change her heart, I like you…..so….rest more.

She walks out awkwardly holding her hands out. he smiles as he watches her, but then his face falls into contemplation.
Outside at the desk, JA tells MS that she is moving today. her parents are paying for her to move since she just got a job. MS tells her that she wants to be a career woman like MS, so she will live close and work hard. But it is meeting time right! i will focus on work and leave now! JA runs off.

SY calls MS at that moment. MS looks at the phone, but decides not to pick it up. It goes to voicemail. SY is sitting in the cafe and sighs, he meets with another woman who talks about how the book concert was very great. She asks him if he will work from now on. He does not want to. She tells him that it was great, his confession was wonderful, that person was there right? She should be so moved. But he just stares at her like a sad puppy and doesnt mention it.

Meanwhile, YS talks to his secretary about doing work, she smiles and says that she will do it! he happily asks her if she is taking him to hell, she smiles and says, of course not!

Elsewhere, YJ looks at MS outside and calls her inside. She walks in. he asks her if she can eat lunch with him? She tells him it is possible, he doesnt’ have a meeting. he tells her that this is their first meal where they are a couple, so we need to reserve a special place where we have not been to. he asks to prepare a cake also. She says she can prepare his favorite cake!

But, something is weird, both of them think this is not how couples should be….this is my job…..but this feels strange.

Cut to their lunch date. it is a lot more like a boss and secretary meeting than a couple, they both feel weird but don’t know how to articulate it. She pours him water, but it is so strange that he chokes a bit.

the chef comes out and asks them how their meal is, they say it is ncie. he tells them that they are a great couple, if someone sees them, they will think that they are secretary and boss. Both of their moods drop even more.

Afterward, YJ asks her if she would like to do anything else like date? But MS does not want to. She mentions something about not dating at work or something like that. He tells her that this is weird that she is like a secretary right now. He holds her hand and tells her that now she is like his lover, it is strange. they need to clear up their relationship.

Clearing up?

Yes, from now on, you can stop giving me water or preparing a mans hankerchief and stuff, that is not a normal couples behavior right?

I can’t help it, my job is making you comfortable before you do it.

Lets clear this up, you aonly do my work back up, I will do everything else myself

Well that is….

Don’t say anything else, I can’t help being a selfish boss, but i dont’ want to be a selfish lover.

they walk off.
YS and his secretary, ME are driving around. YS looks scared but ME says she knows the city well, she can close her eyes and drive everywhere! He tells her that it is bad to colse your eyes forever right? Dont make a mistake, I feel uncomfortable. He smiles at her.

She stops at a light and suddenly sees his ex wife happily walking across the street with another man. the secretary sees it too and mentions that this is his ex-wife? She tries to laugh it off and says that the guy might just be her friend that is a guy. Then she tells him that she didnt’ make a mistake today, she is sorry about that. he tells her that he is okay, dont’ worry about it, but he blinks back tears.

YJ is working and is about to call Secretary Kim, but he doesn’t call her. he goes outside and MS stands up right away, she asks him if he needs anything. He says she does not have to pay attention to him and don’t work that hard.

He goes to the copying machine.

All the other employees come out of their meeting and see him copying. it is like the ned of the world! they all run to him, do you need help!

he says that he mastered making copies, small copies, big copies, every type of copies, he can do it himself. He staples it and walks off with everyone bowing to him as he walks by. they are so confused.

MS comes out in this state of confusion, they tell him that YJ made his own copy! I almost had a heart attack! My heart is not pumping right now….

MS wonders what is going on and walks back to her desk, she looks at YJ through the window, he smiles back at her and points happily at the copies thta he made himself. MS smiles back but wonders what this situation is.

Later on, CI and SR go to the break area for something to eat. YJ is in there grabbing a cookie which makes them all stop in their tracks like they just saw a ghost. he asks them if they want one. he says, no! We don’t need any cookies! YJ leaves happily.

MS sees him walking away with his own snack and runs to the break room. What is going on? CI and SR are trying to figure this out, why would he make his own snack food! What should I do? Will he ire us? My daughters birthday is coming up….I have a mortgage! JH tells them to remake their specs like his before he gets fired. The intern might be okay though…..they all ask MS if they are really going to get fired, is this the quet before the storm?

MS gets her resolve and goes back to her desk. She watches YJ in his room happily making and drinking his own tea. he makes the first tea and is about to drink it, but he thinks, this is the first tea I have made in my entire life, I will give it to Secretary Kim. He calls her inside.

She goes inside determined and asks him, you called me? He tells her to sit down and says that he wants to give her his first tea. She wants to tell him something. He says that she should drink first, then his first home made tea wont get cold.

She says okay and starts to drink it, but she burns her toungue so he runs to her side and asks her if she is okay, are you okay! It is a loving moment that grows awkward as they look outside and see several employees looking at them.

Cut to YJ lining the employees up to tell them something important. Today is a very special day for him…..it is a day where he will have a conversation to his secretary team. You guys work so hard, so I will have eye contact with all of you and show my thankfulness! She is the first!

he points to MS.

The next person he will have conversational eye contact with is CI! He has eye contact with CI and then moves on down the line to JA, JA happily makes eye contact with him.

MS has seen enough and tells him that he has something else to do that is important, he needs to work hard at it.

YJ tells them all to wait for next years secretary conversation day. they all clap joyfully and splendidly as they walk out.

YJ takes a deep breath and smiles in relief as this crisis was averted.

the secretaries wonder why they need secretary eye contact day? Maybe it is all becaue of……Secretary Kim! What are you doing keeping secrets from us!

MS gulps, but SR’s mood changes and tells MS that this was all her idea! You shouldn’t have done it! he won’t fire us now since he is taking care of us like this! they are all happy once again. But they are still confused about todays mood.

YJ laughs in his office, secretary communication day? How can you come up with that idea Young-joon? MS comes back in and tells YJ that it makes her uncomfortable for him to do his personal work himself.

he thinks it whould make her comfortable, not uncomfortable.

She thinks it hurts her pride for him to do this work, she has done it for 9 years. Please let her continue doing it.

he understands, but he does not want o give her this nothing work.

She says it is part of her job, so she will do this work perfectly, but she is sad now because of what he just told her about it being unimportant.

He says he is sad too, he always got support from others, this is the first time he wanted to do it for someone else, this was very difficult for him.

She tells him not to do it anymore. From now on, seh will do it this way and draw a line between ecretary Kim and Kim Miso.

he tells her that she is too rational.

She tells him that she is leaveing, and leaves.

He thinks that what she said is right, but why do I feel like this?

At her desk, JA looks at YJ, he is steady staring at MS. She asks MS if she did somthign wrong with the VP? It seems like it is so, can you apologize, the mood is so….~. MS says she did not do anything wrong. JA says that she might not have done anything wrong, but she should humor him.

YJ walks out, looks at MS momentarliy in a sad way, and walks off.
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YJ goes to YS’s office. He tells him that he does not understand, how is she so perfect, she is a super workaholic.

YS – rational and perfect and workaholic Kim Miso, you like her that way, that is why you were with her for 9 years.

YJ – She does not know man…maybe because she never dated?

YS – It is your first time also

YJ – We were just happy, but I feel a little fire became a big dissaster

YS – he just ignores me….whatever, dating is just like that, a little differenc ein thinking brings a big argument, but if you have any mroe of those times then you will quit sadly and badly like me.

YJ – We just started dating, are you cursing us!

YS – Young-joon, don’t bring the fight for too long, you will seperate like me.

YS stnds up and taps YJ on the knee like a father that just gave him wisdom. Then he gets in his seat and rolls it around to stare at the window and sighs. YJ wonders why he is doing that.

MS washes up and thinks about what JA told her. She should humor VP even if she did nothing wrong. MS thinks she used to be able to do that before, but not now, should she?

She goes back to her desk. JA tells asks her if she can go home early today to move so MS tells her that she can. She leves.

YJ comes up to her sheepishly and asks her if her work today is all done (JUST TELL ME THAT WE HAVE ANOTHER SCHEDULE).


YJ – Okay, you should go home (DONT GO HOME, NO, TELL ME NOT TO GO HOME)


YJ – Okay, Bye-bye



But they aren’t talking to each other and they both seperate back to their desks. They are both bummed.
JA moves herself in. She leaves her fan outside so she can pick it up later. GN walks by with his new tablet and sees the fan, he thinks it works fine so he takes it. JA runs out looking for her fan, the owner tells her that the rooftop guy took it. JA looks up with a huff.

On the rooftop, GN reall y loves his new fan. he works outside with the fan and tells it that he will give it a name. JA bursts upstairs and tells him that he took her fan! Why did you take my fan!

He asks why she left it on the street?

She says she did not leave it on the street! She is moving. it is this good! Why would someone throw it away.

GN starts listing things people threw away that are perfectly good that he took, like his table. But he tells her that he will give it back.

She is all like, IT is mine! I don’t have to ask you to give it back.

MS leaves work for the day, her sister calls her. MS tells her that she does not feel like drinking today.

At the same time, YJ drives home in a huff.

JA is so happy to eat on moving day. But she gets a ring on the door and opens it. GN is there with 5 tomatoes in a ziplock bag. He tells her that he raised these tomatoes himself, they are like his children, just take them. She asks why he is giving this precious thing to her. He tells her that he was sorry. This is the price for borrowing your fan and for congratulating your move as a sunbae. Bye-bye.

he leaves. She is a little taken aback and wonders if she was too harsh to him. She goes back into her room and looks at the Chinese food. Then seh thinks abck to him telling her that if she eats delivery food by herself. seh needs to separate half and give it to him, then she won’t have to throw any away.

JA thinks about this seriously, cut to her giving him half her food. He asks her what this is? She tells him that it was too much to eat by herself so she is giving him half of it in advance. So…

He tells her not to leave yet….from now on, seh should eat shrimp fried rice, I like that better, and I like dipping the sauce, not pouring it.

Give it back to me.

She moves to grab it, but he tells her that this was just a formality. She tells him she likes big tomatoes not small tomatoes! He says, give this food to me, I will give you other tomatoes! I’m hungry!
SY is at home looking at his book. The signature says: the relationship that started as a coincidence, but became fate. Serious classical music plays in the background.

VO – If I was alone then I wouldnt’ have survived, but she was together with me, I will protect her with everything that I have.

SY looks at his phone and is about to text her….but doesn’t .

MS is bored and looking at her phone. She thinks the VP isn’t even calling her. She gets a Ding Dong from her door and lazily gets up to see who it is.

She is stunned to open it and have YJ right in front of her looking nervous.

MS – VP!

THE VP can’t really look at her and clears his throat.

YJ – Were you sleeping?

MS – Well, it is too early to sleep.

Yj – Well…..today….


The delivery man runs up and gives it to MS. It is kimchi. YJ asks, you deliver Kimchi? MS says it is a homeshopping steady seller, it is really tasty.

YJ is all like….ah…..can I have some. Lets eat together, with this!

he holds up a package. She asks him what this is, he says it is her favorite food. She tells him….well….you can come in….or not. And walks inside.

They sit at her table. She asks him if he went all the way over there to get it? he says he cooked it himself so she has this imagination tht he tried to cook it and failed horribly.

He tells her that the owner remembers him and gave him something….he pulls out bandaegi (little bugs). MS laughs as he grossily throws it on the table, he says his girlfriend has weird tastes. Are you happy to have me here?

She smiles and says that she is happy to ahve him there.

Why are you so rational at work?

Well at work there is your position and my position so I want to keep our line more than usual….I’m sorry to make you sad VP.

He smiles bashfully but then says he does not like it. You…call me Oppa from now on.

She can’t believe this and stumbles a bit, maybe we should still use our regular terms.

He tells her that he will call her Miso and she should call him Oppa

YJ – Miso-ya….call me O-ppa…..

He waits for her to say it. They both look at each other intently, he tries to nod to encourage her to say it.

MS – O-o-o-o-o-not today! tomorrow! We can just do it slowly…

They both nod, but all of a sudden, MS’s sisters show up.

SISTERS – MS!!!! Eunnies are here!

YJ – I should greet them.

He straightens his suit but seh tells him, not today! She pulls him away and hides him in her closet like there in Pretty Noona. He is all like, I am the VP of your company! She tells him, not today! You are my boyfriend today!

She closes the door and runs to get her sisters.

Her sister wonder what took her so long and tells her that they brought something she will like! Pig Skin!

But then they see two plates out on her table.

Eunnie – What! the VP came again!

MS – He ate and left!

Eunnie – He is a chaebol but he has nowhere to eat! Why is he so cheap!

MS – He bought it for me!

Eunnie – It is not like prime steak! Why is he so cheap! I told you, he is another class than you, if you love each other, his family will refuse you, they will give you a bag of money first, what if they throw money in your face.

YJ is steaming in the closet.

MS – You watch too much dramas.

Eunnie – You said he is selfish and only knows himself! He is impotent and can’teven kiss! Tell him to visit my clinic!

YJ is steady trying not to explode in the closet

Eunnie – Lets talk about it later, lets eat!

Later on, her sisters ate until they were full. MS is finally able to push them out of her place. She runs back to her closet and asks him ifhe is okay.

the door swings open, he is sitting in there suuuuuuper upset.

YJ – Secretary Kim, what did you say about me?

It is not like that

You didn’t say anything about my blockbuster scale date? You only talked about ramen? And I am selfish? If I am like that person then I won’t by your bugs and skin for you.

Sorry, I understand that you are angry.

Let’s stop here….

He swings his legs over to the front.

YJ – What if we fight again, we made up with each other finally.

He pulls her to sit on his lap.

YJ – You are so pretty so I can’t be too angry anymore.

She smiles and he kisses her very deeply as he holds her in his lap. They keep kissing all the way to the commercial break.

MS is happy at her desk. She gets a message.

SY: That day, I am feeling uncomfortable, maybe I made you uncomfortable. I will go to your workplace.

YJ comes out and tells MS, good morning. She hesitantly asks him if she can talk to SY for a moment. SHe wants to tell him how she feels. YJ smiles and says, okay.

MS goes to meet with him at a cafe. He asks her how she has been. he was a bit uncomfortable that she avoids his phone calls, he wanted to see her so he is happy that she came out. He is sorry he confessed back then, whee you surprised?

MS – Yes, because I did not see you with that kind of intention, you were a good oppa that helped me, I wanted to see you, but not as a lover. So, I can’t accept your heart.

SY – Is this because of my brother?

MS – Yes.

SY – Dont’ you know that I had sucha difficult time, don’t you know that I had to leave the country because of him.

YJ – Are you talking about htat again? How long will you talk about it?

MS and SY both stand when they see YJ behind them.

SY – This is like yesterday to me, it is so clear. You erased all your bad memories.

YJ – DOnt’ be so sarcastic and don’t call Miso to talk about nonsense, if you talk about this nonsense in front of her then I am not going to tolerate it even though you are my family.

YJ grabs MS’s hand and walks away with her.

they walk outside not talking to each other. But then MS talks first.

MS – The writer is suffering so much, don’t you feel sorry about it?

YJ – Hyung obbsession, the past that he is obsessed by, I don’t have it in my memory. How can I feel sorry without knowing what happened? That is just pretending…..I hope we don’t talk about what happened back then anymore.

MS – yes, I understand

They drove off together.

MS – Where are you going?

YJ – Driving….today I will be our secretary.

MS laughs.

YJ – You are definitely pretty when you smile. Do you have anywhere you want to go?

MS – I don’t know….I want to walk a little bit.

The morning turns to evening. MS and YJ walk around together. He asks her if she is feeling chilly. She says it might be chilly since they are near the river. He tells her to wait for a moment and walks off to his car. then he comes back with a cardigan.

YJ – You can put this on.

MS – thank you, you look good in burgundy.

Yj – No, I look good in everything, but I look better in burgundy. A designer told me, my Moms friend. He liked me a lot when i was little and made clothes for me sometimes. that designer told her that he does not make clothes for his own nephews, but he makes it especially for me.

VO – That designer made those clothes especially for him. Even though he was my own son, he was so handsome, his back was so pretty when he wore it that night.

YJ yawns, he tells her not to be mistaken, it is not that he is bored being with her, it is becaue he is so comfortable. He is sleepy all the time, maybe it is becaue he is relaxed now.

She asks him if he wants to take a nap in the car?

he says that is not mannerable on date night, but can I do it a little bit? She smiles and says, lets go.

He naps in the car and she smiles at him. But then she thinks about the burgundy cardigan and thinks back to all the clues that are in her mind about him being cold and the designer and her oppa’s name and all those things.

VO – That is right, she said Hyun….(talking about the mom) When we are little, we sometimes have trouble remembering, maybe I it was jsut a similar pronounciation?

(Ahhh! Techinical issues in these last few minutes! Will fill in later!)

MS – Lee Sung-Hyun….?

YJ – Yes…(in his sleep)

Fade Out



MS – I hope you don’t worry too much
YS – When you meet her family, just put your hands together…Ah ye ye ye ye.
YJ – Well, you heard that rich people are worse (stingier or do more), I am like that. I have a lot of meat inside.
MS – Who is Oppa between these two pictures?
MS – Oppa
YJ – Aup!
YJ – I am going to give assurance to your sisters, so don’t worry anymore. Don’t cry from now on.

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