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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 8

Park Seo-joon and Kim Min-young are about to Kiss for the first time in Secretary Kim
This show has me in it’s grasp! Don’t let gooooooo! I love it when I can’t wait for an episode to air and scrounge the internet to look for everything about it (or hide from the internet to keep from being spoiled). The secrets are trinkled out like Hansel and Gretel leading me to the witches house. I know something scary is at the other end, but I have to follow! It should at least be candy coated right?

We have something fun planned for next week during Secretary Kim! I Can’t Wait! (See, Young-joon, we can keep secrets too…)

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They are on the bridge, YJ tells her that he will accept what she wants to know, she can do everything that she wants to do.

YJ – I am confident that I can handle everything.

He looks at her charmingly and tells her that where she has to be is here, anyway. He smiles.

She laughs and they walk off together.

It’s night byt the time they get back. She says that he willa ccept everything that she wants to know, she has a question. He tells her to tell him.

When we were about to kiss, why did you push me away? You said you can handle everything, why did you do that. Yo unevr do anything unintentionally.

YJ – Well….um…..when I close my eyes, I see ghosts sometimes.

MS – What? For how long? Is that related to your nightmare?

YJ – Why, are you going to call an exorcist?

MS – This is not the time – .

YJ – Ghost!!!!

He points to the forest, but it was a joke. MS gets a little upset at him, but she is also spooked now and runs away. He yells for her to wait up!

Everyone is back at the pensive and drinking and eating outside. GN is working and eating at the table. YC is not drinking though becasue he is not sure when an emergency will happen. They tell him he is just like secretary Kim (?). SR is so into YC now. They ask him what kind of girl he likes and he says he likes a cute girl. They all ooooo and ahhhhh.

MS and YJ get back. They wonder where they were. MS tries to say that they were working. But The secretaries think they have a strange mood, they were one team and came back extra late……maybe…..you guys…….ATE BEEF! We are eating pork here.

Are you hungry? We can make you some BBQ.

They go to make the BBQ, but they don’t have any left, they ate it all and are pretty embarrassed that they don’t have any food for the VP. CI says he was in the special forces so he can go catch catfish. Someone (GN?) else says they can go get some, but it is a 1 hour return trip.

MS notices the ramen so she says they can eat it GN and CI compete to see who can boil the water for the VP. They both run into the house.
MS and YJ wait for the ramen at their own table outside. MS says this is his first workshop, so she hoped he could eat BBQ outside. Their ramen is ready so they start to eat it, but it is too hot. MS folds the top of the ramen into a cone and tells him to eat it there, when you put the cup ramen into the cone then it can cool it off.

YJ starts to do exactly as she says. She tells him it isn’t hot right? He says it is great, but can you put Kimchi here for me? It is more delicious when you put kimchi here. She puts a kimchi on his ramen and he happily eats it.

Later on inside, The ladies are getting ready for bed. MS turns off the light, but seh gets a text:

YJ: Good night, I will let you have my dream (grant you my dream).

MS: Thank you for your permission.

YJ is outside reading the text. He smiles and says that he will hang out with her in her dreams tonight.

MS walks around outside and sees that the VP’s car is not there. SHe calls him. He tells her that he is meeting a buyer, but it is a schedule that she does not know about. She tells him that he should have told her. But he says that her work is to have fun at the workshop, so just relax, bye bye.

YJ: if it bothers you that much then you can come to my house later. A big present will wait for you.

SR asks MS what she is doing. MS hops and hids her phone. SR asks why she is so embarrassed, is it a date? MS tells her that it is a text message from the grocery store, chilly shrimp is for sale! i am going to buy it! She runs off.

YJ looks at his phone and wonders why it is so slow. YC thinks he is talking about him and tells him that he is driving the speed limit. YJ tells him he is doing a good job. Then MS texts YJ back.

MS: i will visit your house with a lot of expectations.

YJ smiles so happily and stretches his mouth out like a loony.
YJ is meeting with his company people. They are setting up a long term relationship with them. When the people leave, YS does a little happy dance and says that he is hosting their store! He treis to hug YJ, but YJ refuses so YS bows instead.

YJ wants to know if YS has time, he is going to have a BBQ, so lets buy meat.

They go to the grocery store to buy meat, but YS does literally all the work and explains it all to YJ. he talks about how you have to cook different meats differents and cook them with certain veggies. At the end, he tlls him that he bought all the great things with your best friend! Maybe we can buy veggies?

But YJ is already in his car. He tells him thank you, see you tomorrow. then he drives off with YS yelling, you just used me!!!!!

Everyone gets back from the retreat. GN goes back inside to check dociments. MS has an appointment so she leaves. The other girls think MS is suspicious, like she is going ona date. But she never has time to hang out with anyone because she is with VP. Maybe……she is with VP! They tell JA that this is her future, when MS leaves, this will be her life. JA looks concerned about her life ending.

Everyone leaves, CI has no one to hang out with.

MS thinks it is not a special day, she will just be normal. But she is not doing anything normal. She curls her hair and applie makeup, curls her lashes, puts on lip gloss and checks outfit after outfit as she finds the perfect one. She finally finds the perfect one and tells herself that she will just wear this adn not pay it too much attention.

She looks at her stuffed cow, but he is all burried under all the other clothes. She tries to dig him out but tell him that she will clean up later, then she leaves the house in anticipation.

She arrives to the VPs house on her own and lets herself in. She sees him outside trying to BBQ, but he is coughing at all the smoke in his face. She says his name and walks out to see him with a charming smile. He is mesmerized, time stops and all he can see is her smile.

He tells her she looks pretty. She thanks him and asks him what this is. He tells hre that she was waiting for a BBQ at the retreat so he prepared all this for her. He happily smiles and throws some salt on the grill. But it starts to burn. She tells him that she has to flip it, but it is too late.

And actually, they don’t hve any meat left because he burned it all. She is all like huh? But he says that it is his first time cooking, but they can buy more meat. Are you angry? She says No…..I am not.

Are you super angry?

Her face falls.

Cut to a pizza delivery. They sit on his couch and start to eat the pizza as they try to give each slice to each other. They laugh and then they both take a bite. But MS has something on her lip, so YJ tells her about it and then wipes it off. Both their hearts beat like a drum. Their music kicks in as they look at each other he closes his eyes to kiss her.

But he starts to remember his nightmare. He opens his eyes quickly in alarm, and looks at MS who also opens her eyes.

She laughs and asks him which direction he will push her this time. This way? That way?

He is about to tell her something serious,

But then YS comes in. YOU DUMPED ME!!!!!

They both hope up and jump away from each other. But YS sees the situation and tells them, you are both doing something, I will leave. But MS hops up and says that she will leave. She runs away.

YS walks over to YJ in sadness and ashame and tells him, sorry, it was my mistake.

YJ stares at him in rage.

Outside, MS walks away thinking about these two times she was about to kiss YJ. She thinks something is there with (his nightmares).
YS hops int he elevator with MS and asks her sheepishly if she bothered them both last night. She quickkly says that she does not know what he was thinking but nothing happened like what he is thinking about.

They get off the elevator, but YS trips. he tells her that his ankle doesn’t sprain because he does anjle excercises! MS asks him if he saw YJ’s ankle wound before? YS only saw it once. When they studied together abroad and when they played football, he always changed himself. But he saw it before, he had a scar on both feet. It looked very old like he was tied up.

Can it be a scar?

When I saw a TV animal program, a dog had a leash that was never taken off, the dog grew and the leash cut off his blood and it left a big mark.

MS tells him to stop tellin her!

He says that he thought the scar was related to the kidnapping, but it wasn’t him, it was his brother, who do you think it could be?

Later on, MS tries to figure it out. What could this scar be, for tying something up? It shouldn’t be common.

YJ shows up and gives MS a little look, a strange look. then he goes inside his office. Inside, he wonders what her facial expression was. is it because he didn’t kiss her, he wanted to kiss her also!

JA comes in and asks him what he would like to do.

He puts his hands on his head and tries to use ESP to tell MS that he wants to have a meeting. A MEETING!

JA is all like, huh? he snaps out of it and tells her something to get her to leave. Then he goes to thinking about his meeting. HIS MEETING.

JA runs into the secretary room and tells CI that the VP wants him to do a weekly report. CI hurries and puts hi jacket on. he says he dos this every week, but he is still not used to it.

he goes out and gives his weekly report to YJ. One is a Yoom Young Land theme park festival. It will have a romantic night kissing theme. YJ immediately thinks about his kiss with MS and accidentally scrunches up the paper. CI thinks he hates it, he apologizes profusely. But YJ tells him it is good, he can continue. CI bows and runs out.

YJ is left thinking about the kiss. He thinks she won’t understand, how can he explain this to her? Hmm.
SR comes back from somehwere and is so tired. She sees a macaroon on her desk and wonders who gave it to her. Then YC comes in with his hot drink. SHe looks at him like he is the Prince from her dreams. She also has a flashback to the day he rescued her from embarrasment and gave her pad back to her. She thinks, YC, I will enjoy this.

She starts eating it deliciously. YO shows up and asks her if she is eating the macaroon. SR smiles and says it is because someone gave it to me. It is so embarrassing. But YO tells her that hubae liking sunbae is normal. ME gaev it to you. SR is all like, huh? They smiles, one of the guys is all like, did you think a man gave it to you? SR tries to play it off and says, no, never!

She gets up and leaves in embarrasment and runs into YC. She tries to avoid him and they do the little dance that they normall y do. She finally gets past him but he asks her what she is eating. She says that she can enjoy it! And runs away. YC is puzzled, but decides to leave.

SR looks at him and wonders, if he is like this, then why did he pick up her padding? She remembers that he liked cute woman and thinks up a plan.

Meanwhile, YJ is thinking about what to do with Secretary Kim to explain it.

He starts typing a text that appears like floating letters above his head.

He first tries to text: Secretary Kim…next time….sweet kiss

But he blows it away

Text: Secretary Kim….I have trauma….

But he hits that one away

Then he just stares out the window in defeat.

Elsewhere, MS sits at her desk with JA. She tells him that her and GN won the game so they get the tablets. She gives her the tablets and asks her to give one to GN. JA’s face falls at the thought that she will have to meet GN. She reluctantly walks off to do her job.

MS is hungry and tries to eat soemthing. YJ comes out, MS asks him if he needs anything. He snatches the candy from her and eats it right away, but it is the last one. She looks at it longingly, but she says that it is nothing. YJ awkwardly leaves, but he turns and tells her that he will get over it, there is nothing he can not overcome.

He turns and goes back into his office.

JA delivers the prize to GN. He smiles and tells her that she should be thankful to him, he found two and she found one. Does it make sense that seh recieves this tablet PC? They should divide their money 2 to 1. She should be thankful. He let her run away while they were finding it and he did a lot for her so she should keep his secret until she goes to hell. She hells that she is going to go to Heaven!

he asks her when she is moving in. SH says a few days later. He tells her when seh orders food -. She cuts him off, do you want to eat with me! She says no, just cut your delivery food in half and give it to me. He walks off confidently. JA is so annoyed, how can he say that so comfortably!

Meanwhile, SR is trying to look super cute at her desk. She braided her hair like Pippy Long Stockings or Anne of Green Gables and tries to do a lot of aegyo. CI thinks this hairstyle is so familiar, it is like his mothers graduation hairstyle. It is like han Ga-in’s hairstyle from the movies!

YC chuckles. CI thinks that is amazing. YC never talks or smiles but agrees him. SR thinks she is about to die and goes to the bathroom. She takes her hair down and says this is not her style, she will just be her own style!

SY is at home reading MS’s diary. He goes to sit with his mother. She says he is always in the library reading something, what is it? He tells her that the kid that was kidnapped with him wrote a diary, they were together. Back then, he was not kidnapped alone, a girl was kidnapped also.

Umma is a bit alarmed. She tells him that he came to the police station alone. He says he went to the police station byt himself. he tells her that he dropped her off at her home. Umma does not like this and doesn’t think he should meet that person. But he says she knows her, it is Kim Miso.

Cut to Kim Miso working. She thinks about YJ telling her that he will overcome it and wonders what happened to him. She gets a call from YJ’s mother to meet for a second.

MS goes to meet with her. SHe says that she is sorry to call her because she is so busy, but she heard from SY that she was there with him together? She says yes, that is true. I was too little and wasn’t sure, but I saw what SY wrote. Umma asks her to tell her in detail about what happened.

MS thinks back. It was tiny and a very cold room…..in the room, Oppa was there that was abducted before me…..I can’t remember it…..as soon as I came back, he was angry at me and said I was stupid……he pitied me since I was abducted too and tried to comfort me since I was scared.

Umma starts to cry. MS gives her a hankerchief. SHe says she is okay, but tell her, how was it….how was our hyung?

MS tries to think about it. She says in her memory he was okay, after they came out of the house he took her home and promised to meet her again. In her memory, he was a brave oppa.

Umma said, wasn’t it too cold? he gets cold easily.

MS tells her that he was wearing a blue sky color shirt and jacket.

Umma says it was a cardigan, a designer made it for him. Even though he was my son, I thought he looked so pretty and handsome with those clothes on that day. If I put thicker clothes on him….I was suffering so much for the three days he was missing. After that, it was hell for our family. When they were together, SY wanted to hit YJ and YJ looked at him like his older brother, it was difficult for us.

MS says that she head that YJ lost his memory as a child, what happened?

Umma says that he had a hellish day and passed out at breakfast. When he woke up, he couldnt’ remember anything. Even though it was only on the surface, he came back to normal, but Miso ~.

SY comes in at thatt moment and tells her that she came, you should have told me that you were coming. Let’s eat dinner. She is busy though so he tells her that he will escort her out, just wait while i change clothes.

MS sees that he does not have a scar on his ankles.

Umma tells MS that she wanted to thank her for being next to him.
Later, SY escorts MS out. He tells her that the book concert is tomorrow. He regreted it at first, but it looks fun now. He could also meet her due to the concert. She smiles brightly. He comments that the summer is hot, he likes winter more. MS says he gets cold a lot right? But he says he does not get cold at all.

MS is confused. On the bus back, she remembers that Umma said that YJ gets cold a lot. She also knows that YJ gets cold easily. She thinks maybe…..but what is she thinking, this is nonsense.

Int he library, YJ looks at the diary at his parents house. He flips it open and reads it cautiously.

Little MS – Oppa, I bought some caramel, I bought it all for you. i wanted to eat them all, but I protected them…..this is our house, I want to marry you, promise me that we will get married.

Little Boy – I can’t, you have to marry someone that you love.

lMS – I can marry you.

Little boy – Okay, I can do it. I promise to come see you again.

They pinky promise.

In the present, YJ starts to tear up. SY comes in and tells him not to touch that book, it is very important to him.

YJ shuts it and starts walking out. SY thanks him and says that because of him, he can meet Miso, because you left me there and you picked Miso as secretary, it is all because of you. Thank you so much.

YJ looks at him and tells him fine, you can thank me in the future also, because you will get to see her …..next to me all time. He walks off. SY tells him that they will see who he is next to.

Umma tells YJ that he came. YJ says that he came to see if MS is still there, but, he hopes that his mother will not call her anymore. She is very busy. See you at the opening ceremony. He bows and leaves. Umma looks at him as if she does not like that request.
YS and YJ are at a lounge drinking, but YJ is not drinking. YS wonders if this is about MS, listen to me owner, dating is both people get naked and look at each other –

You pervert

No, listen to me. It is like one person is naked and the other person isn’t. I trust you to be naked so I feel betrayed. You have to remove everything. You are hiding something from her.

I don’t know what you are talking about.

After I dated my ex wife, I lied once but then I never hid anything else from her.

What was the lie

I told her she was the first. But she figured it out on that first night. I want to tell you one thing. If you are hiding something from her, it is polite to throw it away first. Those underpants that you are wearing for so long. throw them away.

it is not that easy, some truths are painful to know.

MS is at home having a nightmare. She is crying and yelling for Oppa as she screams athat she is scared. The woman says that there is no Oppa, just spiders.

MS hops awake. She wonders what this dream is. She thought she would remember everything when she met Oppa, but now she can’t understand even more. She gets a text.

YJ: Are you sleeping
MS:I jsut woke up.
YJ: I saw your light on.

MS goes to her window and sees him outside standing by his car.

He waves a her happily. She smiles back at him and runs outside.

A soft song starts playing as they look at each other. He presents her with a present. She asks what it is so he tells her to open it. Inside is a lot of caramel. He says this is an apology for the caramel that I ate….I also wanted to see you…..So, you can go back inside and have good dreams.

he walks back to his car. She looks at him walk away. He turns toward her as she smile at him, then he gets into his car and drives off.

She looks at the caramels and tehn looks back at him.

VO – It is really strange, why do I feel like crying?

In the car, YJ drives off contemplating something. he is serious as he drives away.

The huge event is finally here. The ribbon cutting ceremony is cut as everyone claps. Then MS and YJ walk around the center. A man tells them that a theme is “Once in a life travel to find my fate” he smiles and leaves.

YJ tells MS that she did a very good job. She thanks him. SY walks up on them and secretly sees them together, but he does not make himself known.

Later on, MS finds him becasue he called for her. He asks her if she can read his script, he is nervous to talk in front of people. She says she can help and starts to read it.

Afterwards, she tells him it is good, they will know how he thinks and his principles and emotions. He is happy that she thinks that way. MS gets up to leave but SY grabs her wrist to stop her. YJ walks in and sees it which startles MS. She pulls her hand away from SY.

SY says something to his brother about his script, but YJ just tells MS that they can go. They walk out. MS wants to tell him something, but another person runs up and tells YJ that the chairman is looking for him.

A preson interviews SY on the stage about his best selling book. Umma and MS are in the auduence. Umma is so happy that SY has finally rvelaed his face, she thinks it is all because of MS. MS smiles but then sees YJ and goes to walk to her.

ON stage, the interveiwer asks him if he found someone like that in his life. SY mentions that he did, he says he met someone when he was alone in the dark and he will protect her with everything that he has.

MS stopped to listen to this as SY spoke directly to her. But then she turns to find YJ again.

He had left so she has to run after him.

She finds him so he asks her what’s up. She says she has to tell him somthing.

they walk outside and find a quiet spot to talk.

yJ – What do you want to say

It is a misunderstanding


What you heard, all the situation

You don’t have to explain, I can handle everything

No, I want to explain it

Why are you like this all of a sudden

I dont’ want to have any misunderstanding, I am afraid that you will misunderstnd and we will seperate further


Becasue I like you. I am sorry that I didn’t answer all your proposals. I like you VP.

She is teary eyed as she tells him this. She is about to leave, but he holds her and pulls hr into a hug. She sinks into th hug.

He softly pulls her away and is about to kiss her, but he can’t, he has another nightmare flash. But she holds his cheek and kisses him. His eyes are open, but he closes them.

Then keep kissing softly for a moment. But then they stop. he looks at her longingly and pulls her into a kiss. They kiss long and passionaltly outside on the patio.

Fade Out

What a glorious adorable kiss that was so simple and passionate. I love how she had to help him go that last inch and that he was actually able to close his eyes when their lips touched. It was all gravy from there. YJ does not look like he needs any help in the kissing department once he gets going.

YJ – I want to pick a special place becasue this is the first dinner since we became a couple.
MS – Okay, I will reserve a special place
Waiter – If someone sees you, they will think that you are a secretary
YJ – We need to clear things up a little bit
SR – He made copies by himsel!
MS – He made a copy!
YJ – Would you like to have some (a heart cookie)
Secretaries – AHHHHHHH!
SR – Tell us the truth, why are you guys keeping secrets from us?

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