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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 7

Outside at a park a lot of office workers stare at something shocking in Secretary Kim
The secrets are strong with this show! Tell them to me! We left off with secretary Kim finding an old hiring folder in JY’s office filled with resume’s. JY came in so she asked him why he picked her; she was the least qualified out of everyone by a mile. The VP could barely get out that he hired her because she was Kim Miso. That was it. Well Mr. VP, you gots some explaining to do (because that is not much of an explanation) and I have my popcorn ready to hear it!

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In the library, YJ asks MS if she is wondering why he picked her back then. She is startled by the question at first but then says, yes. He slowly takes a couple steps to her and takes a gulp as he says, becasue it was Miso….becasue it was Kim Miso.

Miso asks what that means. Perhaps you knew me before?

Of course not.

I was always wondering, sunbae recommended this to me when i was a parttimer, I thought I would never get the job, I wanted to know what it meant.

It means nothing, I hired you because you are Kim Miso. Because your spec was the worse. I picked someone to go to America together so the good people won’t last, that is why i picked the worst spec so that person will never quit.

Miso is a bit annoyed,….I thought you had another reason. She goes back to put the notebook back on the shelf.

Later, YJ walks MS out, he asks her if she talked about her (his?) past with his brother. How does she feel meeting the oppa she was looking for? She says she is happy and it felt surreal.


It is a bit difficult for YJ to speak, he says, of course he talked about me, I left him over there, that is why he suffered.

Yes, I heard you lost all the memories of that time…..lost memories mean that it was so difficult that you want to forget it. So don’t blame yourself.

YJ looks at her longingly, she smiles and tells him goodbye, see you tomorrow.

He blinks a few times and lets her leave.

MS gets home and sits on her bed with a deep sigh. She sees her notebook diary that says “to my oppa” inside and flips through it. She stops on one page and reads it “I am going to find you oppa…..”

At YJ’s house, he sits in his library and reads MS’s resume. He thinks back to MS saying, do you know me before? Flashback to MS’s first day. YJ watches her drink with her collegues. Another man comes to him and talks to him. He says he does not have to come to the employees meeting. YJ says it is part of his work experience. I think it was good to come here.

he walks over to the table and sits next to MS. He smiles and asks her name. She says her name is Kim Miso. he smiles again and asks her if she knows who he is. She smiles and says yes, you are the son of the chairman! But his face falls. She asks him if he is not? He says he is.

Later on YJ meets with another employee and tells him that he knows a parttimer, can you tell her to apply for the position? The man says yes and leaves. YJ looks out his window thinking. Then MS comes in after greeting him and enthusiastically says that she is his secretary Kim Miso! She bows very deeply and stays there. He tells her that she can raise her head so she says okay in a cutely stunned way of not knowing what to do.

YJ smiles at his thoughts and sits back.

YS sits with MS, they talk about how the man she met when she was little was actually SY as a boy and not YJ. YS asks her if she was dissapointed. You look a little sad about it. She says she isn’t sad! She just wanted to correct it, she hopes he will pretend like he does not know about it. Okay…..she leaves.

YS mutters, it was not YJ, it was hyung? Ah….my boss has a bit of difficulty. he takes a call about lunch but he is too busy. He calls to his secretary ME, but she is not there.

She is actually sitting with all the other secretaries and sipping tea. The secretaries talk about their once a year company workshop. They must do it! The VP will be happy if we all go there! Especially because of the art exhibit. We can go there and rest and drink! It will be super nice to drink somewhere with nice air! Lets go together!

The secretaries talk about doing all the grocereies and getting all the meat. YS comes in and says that he has never seen his secretary so active and wanting to do things! His secretary pops up. She happily says that she should have called him. He wants her to find the documents but she is all like the meeting is Friday. He says, today is Friday! She is all like, huh? Okay! She runs off.

YS mutters about how it’s okay, shemakes one mistake a day.

Umma and Appa talk to SY about how he met a person. Appa laughs, a girl person? he says it is the fate that he had after missing it so many times. He smiles and walks off. Umma syas that everything her son says sounds good, maybe because he is a writer. Appa says their fate is also like that, but Umma just jokes that she would have been happy to pass that fate.

SY calls MS to have lunch, he thinks they have a lot that they can talk about. But MS is hesitant, she looks at YJ in apprehension. But then she goes inside to give him the work report they talked about. Then…..she tells him that JA will follow him today because she has another appointment. He wants to know what appointment she has. She tells him that writer SY wants to eat lunch with her. He says okay, but he clearly does not like that.
SY asks MS if she had a good nights sleep last night. He didn’t sleep, he couldn’t sleep because he was moved that he wasn’t alone in that scary and dark place. MS says she was also surprised that the oppa she was looking for was so close.

He asks her what she wanted to do the most when she found him. She says that she just wanted to find him. He playfully asks her if he was her first love, but she tells him it wasn’t like that….

He says, not first love, but you would help me find my memory?

Later on, MS and SY walk out and run right into YJ. She asks himw hy he is there. He tells her that they have a biomeeting. MS is all like, I just told you that JS is going there with you, but YJ retorts that they like to meet a familiar person. You always come with me.

MS does not argue and just tells SY that she has to go. YJ asks her to wait for him inthe car, he stays to talk to his brother.

Don’t meet her anymore

SY tells him not to get inbetween them

YJ tells him that they spent 9 years together

SY smiles, do you know that seh was looking for me for a lot longer than 9 years, she wanted to see me for a long time, it is like fate that she wanted to see me and finally we met.

Are you writing a new novel, that is so obvious that it won’t sell

Well, lets see if it is a book or real.

Later on, YJ and MS drive in the car. YJ asks her what see you later meant whyn SY told her that. She says that they will go to the remodeling area again later. YJ repeats, remodeling area?

MS explains that their real town became that theme park so we want to go to a remodeled area to regain our memories.

YJ tells her exxasperatedly, don’t go. But she says that she wants to go, she also wants to know a lot of things.
SR and JA come back after eating dwenjangchigae. GN sees them and walks up to them quickly he asks them if they ate. SR smiles and says she ate a salad. They playfully talk a little bit. SR invites him somewhere, but he says he is busy and walks away. But then CI comes up to them and says that he heard he had one clothes.

GN is all like, you told himmy secret! CI is all like, this is not a secret, do you think I will eat it? The reason you work overnight, the ginseng your mom sent you, that is why you work over night.

GN laughs and says that is correct, Ginseng extract! Maybe I should attend the workshop to find out more about work! He looks aggressively at JA and leaves. JA looks so miserable/confused.

MS goes to YJ’s office and tells him that JA will take him to the meeting. He asks her if she will go to that other place to regain her memories? He sends hr silent mental message to stay with him, don’t go, don’t go! But she didn’t get his ESP and leaves. He looks at her and says, how dare you leave….find a memory? You should build a memory with me instead.

Later on, YJ rides with YS as they are driven to another meeting. YS wants to know if something happene but YJ doesnt’ say anything. YS looks out the window and sees MS and SY together. He quickly covers YJ’s eyes. He says, who am I? YJ is all like, if you don’t remove your hands then you will be fired! YS won’t remove his hands. Remove your hands! But he won’t remove them until MS and SY are out of sight.

He removes them and asks YJ, who am I? YJ is so flustered and annoyed. YS tell shim he is not just his friend, he is his real friend that doesn’t want him to get hurt.

SY and MS talk about what happened. SY says the person that abducted them was the mistress of a man, do you remember how we escaped that house? MS says she does not remember, she just remembers that they held hands and he walked her home. SY is confused, did I walk you home? So, what did you call me?


Can you call me oppa again? then I can call you comfortably as well.

Cut to YJ beating up a punching bag as he thinks about MS and his brother eating. Then YS rolls into the room like a hedgehog and starts throwing some punches and kicks in the air. He tells YJ that his kicks dont have any edge to them. YJ punches the punching bag in frustration.

YS asks him if he would like asparring session? YJ comes up to him as if he really does want a sparring session which makes YS apologize imeddiately.

Cut to them both drinking water on the cage. YS basically says YJ is like this because of secretary Kim. YJ tries to deny it, but YS tells YJ to jus t go hold her, don’t do some! You are in a some relationship, you are not dating yet! Just go get her! You always get what you need! You ae a greedy guy! Ah….I take that word back, but just go, owner! (he calls him owner).
SY and MS are at a cafe, SY gives him her diary and hopes that is it helpful for him to recover his memory. SY tells MS that he blamed YJ a lot, it would not have ahappened without him. But that emotion dissapeared because you were next to me, we can share what happened, now I am thankful to YJ.

MS gets a call from the VP, it is an emergency.

Cut to YJ standing outside staring at the street. His eyes cut to SY and MS driving up. SY gets out and stands in front of his brother. he tells her he shoud not escort her by himself. SY tells him that he has good manners.

Then leave with your manners. We have an emergency.

You always have an emergency, becaue the VP isn’t good?

No it is the opposite, it is because the VP is so good so everyone marks them. Do you know how it feels to be marked becaue you are so good?

MS cuts in and says that they should be busy. Bye bye Oppa.

SY has a winners smile after hearing Oppa and leaves.

JY asks her, oppa? How can you says Oppa so easily?

Yes, becasue he is oppa.

He tells her they don’t have to go in, I am hungry now, my hunger is the emergency. Who am I? I decide everything about our group and our employees and family. I affect them. I am hungry so I can’t focus, it is an emergency. So give me ramen right now.

She looks at him with hateraid.

But they cut to a ramen house. He tells her that this is not the ramen that he wanted. She rails into him and says that he is always there, she wants to know her past. He tells her that she should bury it, she should live in the futre, not the past. Is it that important for you to hurt a mans emotions? I like you and you like me, we have some.


You accept it, we are having some. that oppa you are longing for, you want to know the past? Well that is not polite for you some man.

She clears her throat. That is not somthing that you can say here.

(He says something but it was hard to hear).

Cut to her house. He runs up to her and tells her that he is smart and handsome and has good ability, so just marry me. Don’t stand it anymore. This is different from what I told you earlier, back then I did it because I wanted to keep you at work. But now I am honest, lets stop “some” and date.

She looks at him and smiles, her eyes twinkle…..but seh says that is not good.

He asks why, we are having some…

Yes, we re having some

Why won’t you date me?

I don’t want to start dating because you are jealous, I don’t like this situation.

Ha, what?

Anyway, this is not the right time. She walks past him.

He tuns and points his hand, but it is me now! Now! Then he looks off and wonders how many times he has been dumped by one woman.

Inside, she wonders how he can jsut confess like that! She scoffs a bit.
All the secretaries hang out by an SUV as they wait for the retreat. ME shows up with all the meat She tells them that she didnt’ know what they all liked so she brought all different types of meat.

Did you bring veggies

She opens another luggage container, Tada!

Did you bring drinks?

Another container. Tada!

they all tell her that she is the best, if she worked like this then she would be promoted already!

Cut to them all looking at GN. He just showed up and is in a suit. They are all like, um….you are wearing a suit to the retreat? Okay. GN pulls JA aside and tells her that he is going to the workshop so she won’t spread rumors that he is cheap with only one suit. He is the #1 man in the company and does not want to destroy his image. She tells him that it is not a big deal! But he jsut tells her to zip it.

JA sighs, ahhhhh, why is he doing this?

They all drive off and go to a rest stop. SR sits by GN and tries to feed him, but he spills ketchup and GN! he yells, ahhh, my only clothes, my only clothes! Everyone is all like, you only have these clothes? Not 10? He smiles and tries to play it off by saying he has 10 but he wears each one like it is his only one.

CI comes in at that time, he was late because he couldnt’ decide between oodong or ramen. He asks them if they want to eat ramen. MS jokes, that is what women say when seducing men! they all laugh.

But MS is so shocked, when did saying that become like that? Can’t it just be eating ramen? CI tells her it was a joke, why are you so serious? They all stop to look at her. SHe is all like, was I serious? It was a joke! HAHAHA! But seh definitely was serious.

At home, YJ flies a drone around his backyard in amazing boredom.

YJ – What, you are confessing because I was jealous and wanted to win. So you heard my true heart like that……

He thinks about it seriously.

Cut to the retreat at an amazing pension. The women are all together and play with a Samsung app to make an emogi from your image. JA goes first and makes an emogi that winks and says “Hello.” They all love it.

JA wonders if they can play like this, based on the schedule, they should work. YO says the report is only for submitting to the company, this is actually just our vacation so lets take it as a vacation.

The men come in looking lazy and drinking already. SR tells them that they should drink together, she saw a nice brook, they can talk and drink. GN tells them that he wants to discuss the art center. But CI takes his pad and gives him a watermelon, let’s go!

They all walk over a bridge with lots os rocky formations that is in the middle of a valley. They drive by a pesticide car that is spraying pesticide everywhere and is so misty. The car drives past them.

But then, they see something through the mist. A face appears, it is YJ…..and YC. They stare at them as the mist clears and epic music play. Someone drops the watermelon, it rolls to YJ so he steps on it like he is a conquerer.

MS – Um, why are you here?

YJ – I came for YC

MS – So he should only come.

YJ – I thought I should come as well since we are on the same team.

They are all like, so you are staying? He tells them yes! I complete the team! Haha!

Everyone is all like h-a-h-a-….

So now they have to do real work.
Cut to them all bored out of their minds as they sit around a table to work. SR is so disgusted with work that she wants to cry. CI tries to pump them up. SR thinks she shouldn’t have come, it is more like detension than fun.

Outside, MS walks up with fresh snacks. YJ stops her and ask her why she thinks he is there. SHe mentions because of YC. But he says I am here because of YOU. You refused me so that made me angry! I was thinking about that so I came here to make you think about me all the time as well. Do you know what the goal of this workshop is?

To work together….

NO, it is to finish our some and start dating. After this we will date!

JA – What did you say?

They both turn to look at her in alarm.

YJ grabs some of the fresh snacks and suffs his mouth.

JA – You said they would be something….

YJ – We will be together, after the workshop we will be all one! Lets go, they are all waiting.

MS looks like she is in a fresh hell, she follows behind.

Inside, everyone sits at the table with YJ at the head. CI asks who will present first? he says SR and runs to sit down. SR gets up nervous and tries to say something. She is just mumbling though so he tells her to just sit down.

GN says he will do it! He walks up and starts talking. YJ looks a bit annoyed. GN says he will do (a lot of business talk) and parts per million PPM and increas CSI and …..then I will be a good person for the company.

Everyone is all like, what is PPM and CSI? But they clap impressively when GN finishes talking.

YJ tells them to all tell him what tpe of vision they have with their gaze, they have two seconds!

He looks at them all, they all try to make great eye contact with them, except MS looks like she smelled something bad. He asks her if this is her vision? She says this is her vision that helps her overcome all her hardships in the future.

YJ tells them they can stop this vision excercise. JA perkily tells YJ that they can write the company name on a ribbon and hide it in the mountains and the person that find the most wins!

YJ likes that idea, they can do this in teams .And I will have secretary Kim on my team!

Why me?

because I want to talk to you about culture and politics and society while talking. Who else would like to talk to me about that?

No one. They all tell MS that she is the best person! Then they all divide the teams into the other groups quickly.

YJ looks at MS and smiles, she is not as happy.
Later on, the woman walk to the woods. Someonea sks SR if she changed her clothing? She looks pretty. SR whispers that it is because GN came, she added cups! She turns to show them but they all left already. She chases after them.

The men are already on the path. The ladies get to her. CI presents a chocolate to the VP and says that he should eat it if he has low glucose. VP takes it to everyones surprise. Then the VP says the gifts.

Cultural coupons and a tablet PC for the winner.

Everyone is all like WHAAAAAT.


But GN takes off running right away which makes everyone else run frantically as well.

GN works hard to find the ribbons, his partner is JA who is less enthused. he tell her that he wants to WIN. it is not about the price. Let’s Move Move!

he finds one of the ribbons. This one says PASSION. But it is too high for him to get it. He takes off his jacket in a suave way as heart pumping music plays. He hands it to JA and starts to climb the tree. he wants to be the winner!

he gets it, but he is pretty high up and is a bit scared to go back down. In fact, he can’t come back down so he asks JA if she can help him. Can I step on you?

You want to step on me!!!!

She pretends like she has a phone call from her mother…..Umma??? I can’t hear you…..we are on a mountain…..

She throws his jacket on a bush to the side and walks away.

GN yells to rescue him! Rescue meeeeeeeeee!

SY looks at MS’s diary and reads it. She talks about how she wants to meet oppa……did you forget me? …….. I don’t remember your name……I can write so I can remember your name…….tell me your name.

He wonders what she is doing now.

YJ is alone with MS in the mountains and happily tells her to tell him what she couldn’t say earlier. She gets a call, YJ picks it up and sees that it is his brother. He answers it in annoyance and asks what he wants. SY wants to know why he picked up MS’s phone. YJ tells him if this is not an emergency then he will hang up.

He hangs up. MS asks him what he is doing and they get into a tiny argument about her wanting to recover her memories with his hyung. She storms off.

Elsewhere int he woods, the two teams are passionately battleing it out to get ribbons-tags. YC and SR are on a team that is losing. She wonders how he can be this strong and not get the rubbons. He looks at her and says bug. She thinks it means that she is pretty(?). But he says she has a bug on her.

SR starts freaking the F out at this bug and jumps around and tries to get it off, but her pad pops out! She is mortified because GN comes up looking for JA. YC quickly takes off his jacket and throws it over the pad so GN won’t see. it is a very heroic gesture.

Then he picks up the jacket and pad and gives it to SR as the heroic music plays and turns his head to run off like batman into the night.

Cut to MS running away upset. But it starts to rain. The Classic music starts playing as YJ runs up to her with his jacket over the both of them. They look at each other for a moment.

MS – VP…..

YJ – Just leave it here, this is a 9000 dollar umbrella, this is the only time you will be able to have this, lets run.

They run to a shade cover and sit as they wait for the rain to go away. The conversation turns to YJ getting sick, what if it happens? MS is all like, ah, yes you get cold easily.

She wonders when the rain will stop, but then seh sees a spied and immediately rouches in fear.

YJ turns to her and tells her that it will be okay, he goes to his bag and pulls out something. He gives it to her and tells hre to take it, it will calm her down.

this reminds her of the boy from her memory giving her a caramel to stop crying. He told her to enjoy it.

She thanks him for the chocolate. (it was the chocolate that CI gave him). later on, they sit and look at each other in the rain. He asks her if she is better. She says she is much much better.

Then the rain stops.

MS tells him that they can go back down. He also says that they can go, so they both get up and walk back.

VO – After that accident, I have a spider phobia. The kidnapping when I was little. That day, a big spider was outside the door.

YJ – Do you know the strange feeling where you visit a place again that you went to when you were little. This place is so small and tiny.

MS – What?

YJ – Everything looks big when you are little, because your body is small. Maybe you thought the spider was big, so you shuoldn’t be afraid of it.

MS – You think so.

YJ – Have you raised a dog, a long time ago I raised a pure blooded golden retreaver whose name was Big Bang Supernova Andromeda Sonic.

MS – (laughs) you gave it that name?

YJ – Yes, Big Bang Supernova andromeda sonic….

MS – Can we just call him big bang?

YJ – No…..anyway, he had a weird habbit where he would bury gum I gave him and forget where it is. He i dead now, but I should still have that gum burried in my yard. Should I did it out now? Maybe if I do they my yard won’t be so good looking and will have holes here and there. For me, I just don’t want you to dig up that sad feeling. After that, my family and hyung all suffered. I was worred about you because you also had that hard time. As you said, I was jealous also.

MS – I understand how you feel, but as you know, I live for my family, not for me. And my job is for someone else, not me. So I never had any consideration by others. But that day, that moment that could have been very scary, Oppa protected me. it was the biggest consideration I ever had in my life. I hope you don’t hate it that much that the meeting with SY, the person that gave me that much consideration, I hope you dont’ hate it that much.

She continues walking on the bridge.

YJ – What do you want to know and what you want to do. I accept everything. Do whatever you want to do…..i can handle everything about you.

They look at each other longingly.

Fade Out

Loved that rain scene. I especially love how Young-joon didn’t try anything when MS was in a vulnerable place. usually shows like to put the kissing scene right there, which never makes sense to me.

VO – They have a suspicious mood.
YJ – I will grant you so you can have my dream, then tonight we can have a sweet kiss?
YJ – I also want to kiss, it’s not like I don’t want to kiss!
YS – The couple kissing?
CI – I am sorry, I will tell them to make it again!
YS – Are you hiding something from MS?
Umma – He gets cold a lot.
SY – I like winter.
YJ – When I close my eyes, sometime I see ghosts. I am going to get over it. Me, Lee young-joon, I have nothing that I can’t overcome.

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      It’s definitely YJ that was kidnapped. Taking your sibling with you is something older brothers/sisters do. When have you seen it the other way round?! Plus SY doesn’t remember much, it’s much more likely that his bad memories are a manifestation of his guilt.
      What I don’t get is why their parents didn’t put them in therapy? Isn’t it a running joke that all rich people have regular psychologist visits?

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