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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 6

Kim Min-young and Park Seo-joon are on a bus in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
I don’t know how the VP is going to recover from that lovely turned hilarious almost kiss. That’s the second time he’s ruined a romantic moment in almost as many days with no explanation for it. Come on, get it together V.P.

Also, might we get an awkward-lovely bus ride this episode?

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We open at the end of the last episode where YJ stood and told MS that she said that he should not shake her anymore. But he says that he wants to shake her, secretary Kim.

Seretary Kim is flustered. YJ looks at her earnestly and deeply. He leans in and places his arms on either side of the chair. He moves in closer and closer as their lips are about to touch.

But then he has a flashback nightmare of a woman about grab him. He pushes Secretary Kim away suddenly and she goes roooooooooolling away with a look of shock on her face.

YJ – Secreatary Kim!

She looks at him with shade.

He tells her that he can explain, but she says she remembers what type of person he is. He is a narcissist who only likes himself, that is why you pushed me!

It is a misunderstanding

When people ask me when my first kiss is then from now on I will have to think between Kindergarten childish kiss or this kiss.

YJ puts his hand over his mouth.

YJ – Secretary Kim….

MS hops up and tells him that she will take a day off, she is not confident to see his face, so…..

She walks off.

YJ tells her to wait a second. She tells him that she will go home soon, never follow me. She flips her head around like Beyonce and then turns to walk away.

YJ is flustered, he tries to tell himself that seh didn’t realize anything so it is good. But then he realizes that this isn’t good at all.
MS meets with her sisters to talk about it. They wonder why he did it, does he have a sesxuality disorder? A lot of people come to my clinic because their body refuses sex due to stress. Impotence is not a big problem. MS tells her to lower her voice. The other Eunnie says that maybe he has trauma with a woman and kissing, that is why he refused it. MS wonders, trauma?

Later on, the sisters leave a little tippsy. MH wants to keep frinking as sisters but MS says she doesnt’ want to spend her day off with a hangover, she will enjoy herself tomorrow. her sister calls out for her to be careful. The other sister says that his story online sounds like Miso and VP’s story. The chaebol impotence. No, that is not important! But their relationship is a little suspicious now.

MS is home preparing for bed and thinks that YJ might have trauma, maybe he has a reason for it? But if he has a reason, I don’t care! Huh huh.

YJ text – Secretary Kim, I am sorry, I know you had a lot of expectations with kissing me, I undurstand…(delete)…..Secretary Kim, I am sorry (simple is the best!) *send*

He sends the last text. Then he thinks that it is not difficult to say sorry anymore, haha.

MS gets the text but does not respond. YJ wonders when she will text him but pretends to be interested in a book.

MS text: what are you talking about, did something happen between us?

YJ – She wants to make this exciting moment nothing? What should I do!

he hangs his head as he sits on his patio.

YJ can’t eat or drink anything. His maid says that the secretary came. YJ is immediately shocked, didn’t she says she took the day off? Maybe she was not feeling comfortable? he gets up and runs to greet her. But then he stares at who is waiting. it is YC.

YC told him to come in MS’s stead. She asked him to put YJ’s tie on. Without her, you have no one to put your tie on. He moves to put the tie on but YJ moves back like he is about to Karate chop YC. He carefully grabs the tie from him.

At MS’s place, she tells herself that today she is going to enjoy herself by the minute. First theme park? She thinks about her memory at the theme park with YJ and how much fun she had. She also thinks about her stuffed animal. She tells the doll, Good Job, that she doesn’t want to see him today because he reminds her of someone. She pushes the doll in the chair and is reminded of the push kiss. She crinkles her face in despair.

MS – Why did I close my eyes! Why! So embarrassing!
JA shows up late an apologizes. SR tells her that they don’t care about her personal life, just go to work. JA says that seh will move closer to work! But SR tells her that they don’t care about there personal life yet again.

They wonder where MS is, maybe something happened? But YJ comes up with YC at that moment and tells them that nothing happened. DOn’t talk about people who aren’t here.

ST gets up to leave, but accidentally runs into YC and pushes him out of the way. YC touches the place that she pushed.

YJ goes to his office, but looks longingly at MS’s desk before going in.

Meanwhile, MS is out enjoying herself, but she is a bit bored. She calls a friend, but her friend has some plastic surgery appointment. Everyone is busy. She wonders what seh can do so she callst eh blind date person about the kidnapping case that she asked him about before. She thinks she can find that oppa first.

SY shows up to meet the VP but he talks to the secretaries first. Theya re all like, are you Morpheus? OMG! But they try to keep it in. They tell him that they are his big fan and it is an honor to see him. But YJ just asks him what his business is looking very stern and upset. the mood changes as SY follows YJ away.

SR says that she knows why he hid his look, maybe it is because he is worried that his book will be devalued based on how he looks. JH doesn’t think about his books, is it only for women…SR wonders if he is friends with the VP, but they don’t look like friends, what is there relationship?

CI says he knows their secret, the two of them are…..SIBLINGS. He is the oldest son of the Group.

SY tells YJ that he stopped by after the meeting. they talk about the concept and how it was good. YJ tells him that he doesnt’ have to tell him, this is only one of the projects. SY says it is nothing for YJ, but it means a lot to Mom and Dad, they like it a lot that we ar working together. They are happy that we are working together so let’s not make any trouble. YJ tells him to talk to himself, he is the one making the trouble.

SY sighs and leaves. He sees MS’s empty desk and asks JA if she went somewhere. JA says that it is her o-off day. I am in your f-fan club, d-do you remember me? I w-wrote a lot. Can I get your signature?

SR and YO show up as well and ask for a signature. CI shows up as well. Me too! me too! me too! CI even has a laminated book (?).

YJ is brooding in his office, why is MS not there?

Outside, JA takes a selfie with her signature. She also talks to someone on the phone. YJ comes out so seh hops up. Do you need anything? He tells her to cancel all his meetings, he has an urgent matter.

MS is super bored at home, no one to see and no one to do. She thinks it is all VP’s fault that she has nothing to do today. YJ hears her and asks if this is becasue of him. SHe turns her head and sees him resting on his car. He walks up to her and asks her if she would like to play together with him today. But she says she is busy. He asks what she is busy about, it looks like you are walking around your neighborhood.

he tells her that he heard her conversation with JA. it seems like she is not doing anything today, what would you do in those clothes? Give me a chance to recover what I did. I made a lot of plans….cruise, helicopter….then take a plane to Japan….

MS – No, I am not going to do any of that, today is my vacation day, I will do what I want to.

He says he can fit her plans. She tells him that he won’t be able to.

I will

You won’t

I will

You wont

I will

Okay, well if that is so then……
YJ is kind of stunned that they are actually taking a bus. Is this really what you want to do? Just do what you won’t don’t oppose me. She says that somedays she really wants to take a bus alllllllll the way to the station. It might be difficult for you right? You don’t want to ride a bus where strangers might touch you.

She laughs secretly.

But when the bus comes, YJ tells her lets go. He hops on. She pays but she doesnt’have enough money to the bus tells her. YJ is all like, this maching tells us this embarrassing information? he tells her that he will pay.

They walk onto the bus and try to figure out whethere they shouls stand or sit. She ends up sitting and he stands. But the bus stops and YJ falls onto MS’s lap. Everyone is all like, did you see that? Maybe his legs arent strong. He sat right on her lap.

YJ stands back up, but he is still affected by his brief contact with MS.

JA runs off, she has to find a house close by. SR wants to drink with someone so she asks GN if he would like to drink. GN says working is the best. All that is left is CI, he wants to go drink chicken and beer. But SR is not so interested with drinking with CI. She refuses and walks off. CI grumbles, what should I do?

JA goes to a new apartment. She likes it. The realtor tells her that she can go to the rooftop if she wants to. The guy that lives there is a good guy with a tiny garden. He has a strong survival mentality that lowers the price a lot.

JA goes up to the roof and sees GN on the roof trying to fix his clothes. JA is shocked to see him and he is shocked to see her. He says, are you following me! Yes, I only have one suit! But seh says that she is going to live there……..okay bye.

But he tells her to stop. he is the #1 guy at the company and has the best image. If you ruin that then I will be angry. So zip it.

She agrees but she has a question, what happened to the button? he tells her that he has a lot of buttons for emergencies. He smiles and shows her his jar full of black buttons.

She smiles but then turns and leaves in annoyance.
MS and YJ walk up the street. YJ points out a pork skin place that they can eat at. He told her that he will do whatever she wants to do, so let’s go. They go inside the pork skin restaurant. MS happily orders two servings please. She sits comfortably and YJ sits uncomfortably and even misses his elbow placement on the table. MS laughs a little.

The food comes so they start to eat. MS is about to give him some food, but seh snatches it away in a teasing way and eats the pork skin. YJ smiles and crosses his legs but he kicks something on accident. She asks him if he kicked it because he is upset athat she took the pork skin? He says that wasn’t it.

They start to talk about why she likes this place. She says her father tookt hem there a lot because it was cheap. her father is a rocker-drummer. he failed in his business due to a conman. Due to that, she had to work at a young age. He tried to recover and got loan shark money and was under bigger debt, that is why she worked hard, but they paid all the debt.

Didn’t you hate your family?

No, it didn’t happen on purpose.

People say sacrifice is a good thing and valuable thing, but that is not true. if you sacrifice, then you lose things, the most important thing in your life is yourself. So don’t forget that youa re the most important person in your life, don’t foget that.

MS chuckles a bit. She says his narcissistic speech comforts her a little bit after 9 years.

He says, narcissistic? ……. I will cook today!

He grabs the food and says he will cook it because he said he will follow her schedule, today is all for her.

Afterward, he asks her what else she wants to do. She says she doenst’ know. Then she sees a doll machine and runs to it. YJ mentions the survey, she said she wanted to get a big doll for the guy she liked (or the other way around?) so she tries to get it. But seh fails a lot. She thinks she isn’t that good today.

YJ pushes her out of the way and says he can’t stand just watching this. She tells him it is difficult. But he says he got how it works, it is angle and timing. Like this.

He postures on the maching as he waits for the claw to pick up the bear. But it dosnt’ work. He says he was too busy talking so he couldnt’ focuse. he basically straddles the front of the machine and gets very into getting the bear. he tries over and over again and fails and fails and fails.

Finally, he bows his head and says he will try one more time. He does, but it fails. Then he asks how much this machine costs! MS just takes one look at him and tells him, let’s go. She pulls him away.

he wants to try some more but she tells him it is okay. Then things get serious. He asks her tomorrow……

Will I come to work? Of course I will go back to the life that fits your life-schedule.

Okay, see you tomorrow.

He walks to his car and opens it. But he looks back at her with a smile and she also looks at hime with a smile.

MS wakes p a nd ses the cow facing the other way in the chair. She rolls it around and tells Good Job to look after the house well. She puts him on her bed. She gets a call just then from the blind date. He tells her that he was busy yesterday, but with this case. Yoon Myung Groups son was abducted for 3 days in the remodeling area (carrousel area). But, he only knows that he was a 4th grader. The oldest son was a 4th grader.

Flashback, YJ says he was not that happy in 4th grade. But he was in 2nd grade? No, he was in the same class as his brother because he was so smart.

MS thinks that her VP was in 4th grade back then.

She walks to work contemplating this. YS drives up next to her in a mazeratti and tells her to hop in.

Cut to MS asking YS if he heard anything about a kidnapping. YS says he has been his close friend for many years, he never talked about it. He doens’t talk about when he was young.

So you don’t know it.

Why are you investigating this case?

I don’t have a good memory, but I was stuck in an empty house for one day. Back then, an oppa was next to me. I think it might have been the VP.

Well, hyung and YJ were both in 4th grade. Did you hear the name

I heard it but I don’t remember it

Why do you think it was YJ?

Flashback to YJ from 9 years ago telling her that spiders are scary to her and cable ties are like spiders to him, so don’t every use them.

MS just says that this is her feeling.

YS thinks, well, why don’t you ask him?

She says that seh thought about it, but he never talked about it so he shoudl have his own reason, it is not a good thing. Also, it could hurt him so I can’t ask him. I will just be happy to find my oppa from the past. Can you pretend like you never heard this from me?

Don’t worry, as you said, YJ didnt’ say anything for 9 years. Maybe he should have his own reason.

MS leaves YS’s office and runs into JA. They greet eachother. JA tells her that VP came into work early because he did not come to work yesterday. MS smiles as she looks at him working from the window.

YJ sees her looking at him and wonders why she is looking at him like that, is his handsome face wearing out? he says his to her and she waves hi as well. Then she puts her things down and goes inside the office. She happily walks up to his desk.

Did you call me VP?

Yes, I have a lot of books in my library, can you help me?

When do you have time?

How about tonight/

Why do you cooperate so much?

You supported me so I want to support you and do what I can do.

Do you have anything to say?

I am so glad to see you again.

Me too.


She turns and leaves after they both smiled at each other. YJ watches her leave, she turns and gives him one more smile. YJ is just happy.

YJ – We said bye bye yesterday and now it is nice to see him in the morning. So, she is in love with me that much? (he happily smiles and gets bakc to work).
JA is laughing with some secretaries in the hallway. GN thinks she might be laughing about him so he walks up to her and tells her that he wants to talk to her. SR is jealous. Those two!

GN pulls JA to the side and says that she talked about him, right? JA is all like what? he tells her that she said he only has one suit! But seh says that the intern said that the cafeteria tastes so good because they have a chef and their comapny is the only company with a hotel chef in teh cafeteria. He wants to know why she smiled at him. She says she smiles all the time.

GN is annoyed and tells her to be careful, he is watching her! JA is so confused. SR walks up to them and wants to know what they talked about, are you dating! But JA says that isn’t it! She looks at GN and GN motions for her to zip her mouth.

Meanwhile, YJ goes to talk to MS at her desk. He has a meeting that is a personal meeting so she does not have to come, she can just have lunch comfortable. MS runs around the corner to correct his tie. She tells him that she is sorry to recognize him too late. he asks what? She tells him…..your tie. They have a moment and smile.

In the car, YJ wonders what is wrong with secretary Kim, it feels like today, seh loves him 3 times more than yesterday. Maybe she was very impressed yesterday? The car stops and YJ sees the doll picking machine. He wonders, if I pick a doll for her then it will be a big deal. Maybe her love with be 10 times more?

he goes to the machine and starts to pick a doll. But he is just as bad as yesterday. Two kids watch him and tell him that he is so bad. You are SOOOOOO bad. Hey jobless ajusshi, go away.


Hey, my mom told me that if an ajusshi does not go to work then you are jobless.

YJ tellshim that at least something you are wearing is from his company. I am a cheabol.

the kids are all like, you can just buy it then!

But he says it is no fun that way. He has to focus now.

He focuses and gets all the energy from the sky. then he goes back to the machine and he……gets one! he high fives the kids and they all jump around. then he picks up his teddy bear and smiles at it.

Cut to him walking to secretary Kim’s desk with the stuffed animal. He has it behind his back and then presents it to her. She hops up and grabs it…..oh, this is “remember dog” .

MS starts to tear up and says I am sorry I didnt’ remember….

I understand this is moving, but this doll isn’t anything. You dont’ have to cry.

JA shows up brightly and tells them that it is coffee time, would you like some? MS sniffs back her tears and says that she can go buy some! She runs off.

YJ wonders, was it that moving that she was about to cry?

MS goes to buy the coffee and has flashback after seeing a caramel snack. The oppa from the past tells her not to cry, he will give her a caramel candy, just enjoy it. She starts to eat it and stops crying. MS grabs the caramel snack and smiles.

She goes back to the office with the caramel snack and sits at her desk. JA wonders what this snack is for. She says that she has someone to give this snack to. JA tells her that her heard that Morpheus was kidnapped. he wrote it in his blog from before he was famous. He erased it, but someone saved it.

MS asks if she can read it.

VO – Those people that left that area for the renovation, smelled cold. The metal door that is opening with a scary sound. And those murky windows with a honeycomb shape. I prayed as I looked at those two, if I can cross the line and just get away from that living room, like a rabbit doll that is lost. I was lost over there and was dying.

MS thinks about her flashback. She tells him she is 5 and he tells her that he will come back, she says she will never forget him. My name is Lee Sung……

MS remembers, his name is Lee Sung…..
MS – That’s right, he name was Lee Sung…..

YJ comes out of his office and they both have a moment were they look at each other seriously.

Cut to YJ telling her that his brother was the kidnapped guy. She asks him, can she ask him a question? What happened to your ankle?

Why are you asking me that?

Well, I am, I thought it was you.

that wound it…..just an accident. That’s why?


You thought that oppa was me that you were looking for? That is why you looked at me like that?

I am sorry for my misunderstanding…..

YJ looks away sadly and stares out the window as he crosses his arms.

MS walk away and runs into SY. SY smiles and asks her how she has been. He came there to write the contract and stop by. You weren’t here yesterday. She asys it was her day off. He tells her that he wanted to all her, but eh thought it was a better idea to see her than call her. He is sorry that he didn’t tell her that he is YJ’s brother. Why do you look like that, did something happen?

They both go to a cafe. YJ tells her that they were kidnapped together back then. MS ask shim if he remember being with her at all. he says his memory is not perfect due to the trauma from the kidnapping. She asks him how much he remembers.

He says that he didn’t have a good relationship with YJ since he was young. Like no, he always bragged a lot. He was learning and doing everything so quickly so people compared them. And he was in the same calss like him in 4th grade. He made all his friends on his side. He used his smart brain and made everyone in the class his friend. He tortured him.

MS thinks that YJ’s story is different.

SY says that one day, YJ took him to the remodeling place and said he would buy him a drink. But he left and didnt’ come back. I was waiting and I was kidnapped.

YJ drives by and sees the two of them talking while he is in the car.

MS smiles and tells SY that she is happy to see him again and is sorry that she recognized him too late.

Later on, MS waits for the bus stoically. She looks at the caramel and sighs. then seh stares off into nothing.

At home, YJ also tries to read something, but he can’t focus and sighs. MS comes in at that moment. She tells him that she is there. He tells her to go to the library first. She says that she will sort out the new edition books first.

She leaves. He stays and softly broods in his chair.

She works hard in his library organizing all the books. Then she picks up a first application from her. She wonders why she looked so country. Why did she write all those things, did she want to brag that she was so smart with a high SAT score. So embarrassing.

She flips through all the applications, they are all amazing with foreign experience and #1 placements in competitions. She wonders why he picked her.

YJ comes in and asks her if she is wondering why he picked her.

She says, excuse me?……yes.

He takes a few steps toward her and starts to say something, but it is difficult. He is almost tearing up and tells her, it is because you were Miso, it is because you were Kim Miso.

He stares at her and she looks at him. there is a bit of distance between them as they look at each other.

Fade Out

This show is so cute! How can anyone not love it? I love it so much.

Also, you can read the comic on Tappy Toon! Check Here!


YJ – What…appointment?
YS – Who am I?
YJ – What are you doing now?
YJ – Some?
YS – People like each other but are not dating yet.
Diary – To my Oppa
SY – She should build up a memory with me, not try to find a memory.
YJ – The reason I came here is…
MS – Cooperation and unity?
YJ – No, we end our “some” and start our dating
MS – What?

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