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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 5

Park Seo Joon is trying hard not to get his tie put on in What's Wrong with Secretary Kim
We have a love confession! Please don’t step back from that VP, just own your emotions so we can all watch you fall helplessly in love with your secretary who wants to lead a very normal life and is about to get pulled into all your mess. I can’t wait!

Also, what is going on in that above picture, because I think I might want to see Secretary Yang Cheol try and fail to put a tie on Young-joon every day of the week. And might Yang Cheol have a love connection with Sera? Because that is some randomness that I didn’t know I needed until that last episode.

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MS tells YJ that he does not know love, he doesn’t know anything H asks her if she knows love. She tells him that she read the book. But her water is boiling so she is leaving. YJ notices the stuffed animal is upside down so he goes to right it. MS sees that and charges him, NOOOOOOOOOOO.

They fall on top of each other. MS tries to get back up, but YJ pulls her tighter and asks her to just stay like this a little bit. He wants to stay like this a little bit. From now on, I will decide to love you. Me and you….

MS looks up and they stare at each other for a long moment. But then YJ blinks the moment away. He says….that childish book, this is written in that childish book, is it a romance?

MS hops up, you memorized that already? Your memorization is truly amazing! She hops to it and mentions that the water is still boiling. So she runs out, but she catches her breath outside.

Later on, they eat ramen in the kitchen. She says try it, please. He says he doesn’t eat processed food like this normally, but he will try it since she made it. She says it is her honor. he tries it and loves it but he says it is okay. She puts a piece of kimchi on his chopsticks, he looks confused. But she says ramen is better with Kimchi. he is all like, does this make sense? It is sodium with sodium. But he tries it anyway and an alarm dooooms in his face. It is like Heaven. So he pours all the kimchi in and gobbles it all up.

Later on, YJ thanks her for the kimchi. She jokes with him that it was just chemical food right? She also tells him to put something on his lips when he goes home. He turns but then turns back and sincerely tells her, today, thank you so much.

They pump their fists at each other in a fighting move and he drives off.

She goes back inside and starts cleaning up the ramen.

MS – It is the first time that YJ came to my place.

There is another ring on the door. She thinks it is the VP, but he didn’t leave anything there. She opens the door, it is her sister PN. PN comes in and tells her that she doesn’t need to make a reservation to stay at her place. But, is someone there?

MS says it is the VP. The sister is all like, how can you do this! It is not just ramen! It is not cholmyun or jajangmyun but RAMEN!!!
Scene change to YJ asking if Ramen is that important of a food. YS is all like YESSSSS. If a woman asks if you want to eat ramen then that means I like you, I want to date you. YJ says this is not caviar or something, it is just instant food. YS calls him naive and says Ramen means that man and woman are in the same space and want to touch and hug. Are you talking about you and secretary Kim?

Do you think I have that much time? This is my cousin’s friends story.

Do you think I have that much time (to listen to his cousin’s friends story)

Do you like your VP? Hey, people are happy when they meet a similar background person. Everything is the same. Have you seen a dog and bird (sounds like a curse word). Her sister says it is like that. it is like different species become a couple. So he is like a dog and she is like a bird He is a cheabol and we are normal, it is totally different.

Do you think your VP would understand you if you told him that we all fought over a chicken leg when we grew up? he won’t understand it, he lives in a totally different world. I am telling you this because I worry about you.

I know, but it is my problem.

Eunnie understands with a smile. they sit for a moment. then Eunnie leaves. MS smiles and tells her to be careful, send her a KaTalk later. They smile and MS closes the door. But Eunnie turns and says that she does not feel comfortable with her.

MS goes inside and starts to prepare for bed.

Meanwhile, YJ has another nightmare in his bed. He is asking Umma, Appa, where are you at? It is the brother! Not YJ! SY wakes up from his nightmare and sits up in bed.

MS gets ready to go to work, she gets a phone call from YJ. He asks her where she is, are you ready to leave? She is ready to leave. He tells her to come out. She runs to her window and sees YJ waving at her in front of his car.

She gasps, why are you…okay, I will be out right away!

She runs out and asks him what is up so early in the morning – . But then she trips on the sidewalk and falls right into his arms. They share a sweet moment as he holds her up and the music kicks in. She backs up startled and apologizes. he tells her not to apologize. She is all like, huh? What? Okay…..She runs to her side of the car to drive. But he asks her what she is doing. She tells him she has to drive since YC is not there. But YJ just tells her to hop in. He opens the passenger side door for her and she slowly walks around and gets in.

he goes to his side and gets in, then looks at her and smiles.

YJ – You are pretty tod – . If you want to hear that then you need to think about your fashion. If you wear that again then people will think that is your uniform.

She asks him how he can remember what she wore last week? He says he has that kind of memory. She is annoyed.

he opens up something for her and tells her that his chef prepared this for him, if she didn’t eat then she can have it. She also pulls out a coffee. He tells her that she can have that too. You can also have the shopping bag. He smiles at her and she tries to smile back.

But he keeps watching her so she asks him if she should try it now? She opens the coffee and he happily watches her slurp it up. then he says, let’s go.

They get to work. YJ is about to get on the elevator first, but he stops and wants MS to get into the elevator first. She is all like, huh? Me? he tells her yes and lets her in first. then he goes in. YJ smiles so happily as he stands in front of her. But then he realizes that he is in front of her so he takes a step back to stand next to her. She wonders what in the world is going on.

Meanwhile, the secretaries are talking. ST changed her BB cream and wants to know how she looks. YC tells her to remove her eye boogers. then YJ comes in so they all hop to attention. he tells them good morning with a smile and walks off. The secretaries minds are blown. This is the first time that he has said good morning to them. SR says he is nice to her all the time. The others are all like, in your dreams. JH wonders if he is in a good mood and asks MS. She kind of shrugs it off.

In his office, YJ says he has a perfect look and also has a heart that can love. haha. he walks to his couch. MS comes in and tells him that they need to put some ointment on his wound. She leans in to put on the ointment but their hearts start to beat hard.

She steps back and asks him if he would like to put it on. He tells her that she can put it on for him. She moves to get something else but gets a papercut. He hops up in concern and asks her if she is okay. he wants to dress it. But she tells him that she can do it. He tells her that he does give and take so he can do it since she helped him yesterday.

When he is done, he tells her that from now on he will take his documents on a tablet, because a paper is dangerous. She is all like……..okay.

Later, she goes to the break room and wonders why she is like this. JA comes in and asks her what she is doing? MS is like huh? JA points to the cup and we see that MS put the paper bag in the water instead of the tea. they both laugh about it and JA leaves. But then MS looks around as if she has really lost her own mind.
Umma is sad on the couch. Appa comes up and asks if she is okay. She says that she is not okay, their two boys relationship is worse than strangers. Appa tells her to go out and shop or something. Buy a limited edition bag. She says she is okay. But appa says she has money and class, she can just buy it. She says she is okay. Appa calls his secretary but Umma says hse is okay! I already bought the bag as soon as it was released! Appa is all like ………okay…..you did?

Appa leaves and goes to talk to SY in a sitting area. He asks him when he will apologize to YJ. Your mother is not sleeping because she is so sad, just resolve it between you two and make your mother happy. YJ is taking care of a lot of projects, so when he is unstable then everyone will be unstable in the company, so don’t shake him.

SY understands but broods a bit.

JA tells MS that they have a visitor. MS asks who, but JA didn’t find out. She tells her that she needs to find out next time. MS goes downstairs and sees SY. She rolls her eyes and then tells him that he should not be there, he was rude to get her phone number, can you leave, please? He tells her that she sent a message to meet with him with his book company.

MS is so stunned, you you you are the Morpheus writer??????

Cut to the both of them eating. She apologizes for her words and says that she is a big fan. He tells her to not apologize and just eat. She says okay, but her eyes dart back and forth, ah! There are flowers on the table so she has a flower allergy to it. SY notices and asks the waiter to take it away since she has an allergy. She asks how he knows. He says it is hard not to know, you were sniffing and looked at the flower. She tells him he notices a lot since she is a writer.

they start to talk about the proposal, Did you have a look at it.

Suddenly, YJ looks like he is having a premonition about something. Heavy drum music plays as he stares off. YS asks him what is going on. You look happy, did something happen? Are you dating someone?

YJ is all like, what?

You ate ramen, right? The man should push more. I am talking about your cousin’s college friend.

YJ is pretty angry and flustered, what????

Tell your cousins college friend that he needs to confess quickly, women don’t like to wait too long.

Stop talking about something I don’t care about, let’s just eat.


Back with the writer. MS tells him to consider the proposal. He holds out his phone and asks her if she will give him her real number this time? She blushes and says of course.

Later on, YJ thinks about his confession/proposal. he remember that she wants a normal guy, but he does not know what is normal, because he has lived specially his entire life. He walks to the secretary desk to talk to JA. She hops up and asks him if he needs anything. he says he has a question.
MS shows up and asks him if he needs anything. JA says he has a question. Tell me.

YJ stumbles and asks about the art center opening. MS tells him that they will have a meeting soon. So YJ turns and bolts back to his office. MS sits as if nothing is wrong and tells JA that she will be super excited to see this person.

YJ walks around the office and asks CI a question. What are the restaurants for normal people? The restaurants that you can talk privately with someone? CI is all like, you need to go to this intestine restaurant, the food is fantastic!

YJ says, not that, a normal but special place.

CI starts to talk about all the other intestines restaurant, this is packaged intestines. It is so special!

YJ asks if there are any places that aren’t intestines.

CI is confused so YJ says, that’s okay.

YJ walks to the CEO office and asks the secretary if he is there. She says yes and lets him in. But the CEO is not there. He tells her. She is all like, so where is he? (she is not so bright) he is all like, how should I know? She smiles.

He is about to leave, but then he asks her where the trendy hot restaurants are. She asks him if he has a girlfriend. He says no, he is thinking about starting a restaurant and he just wants to know where the trendy 20-30’s restaurants are.

She says she has a place……..PIG FEET!

He looks at her like she is out of her mind and walks away.

He walks up to YC and asks him if he knows any good restaurants? No, you shouldn’t know. He walks away.

But YC spits out all these fabulous restaurants that YJ did not hear. (LOL).
meanwhile, SR talks to MS about YJ and how he is super sexy right? MS says she sees him every day so he isn’t really like that to her. SY says okay and leaves. But MS looks at the office as if she really does think he is the cat’s meow.

In the office, YJ googles the best place to confess. He finds a perfect place.

At the conference desk, GN comes to deliver something. He has the same rice stain on his suit. JA notices it but SR is oblivious. She thinks about him having 10 of the same suit. She thinks he doesnt’ have ten of the same outfit.

Everyone else comes in for the meeting to start the discussion.

Afterward, SR leaves and gets a call about a blind date from her mom. While everyone else is walking out, GN drops a button from his jacket. JA picks it up. SR says she will return it later. But JA tells her to return it now, he only has one suit. He has the same rice stain on the same spot and doesn’t even wash it. SR calls her Sherlock Holmes and runs off.

In the break area, they still talk about these suits 10 suits, 1 suit! MS says it doesn’t matter how many suits he has, you just have to work well. SR says he is the same, she wears those clothes every Wednesday and Friday. MS has a flashback to YJ telling her the same thing. The other two talk about how often MS wears that blouse. MS tells her clothing is not important. But she looks uncomfortable with her clothes now.

meanwhile, YJ asks MS to have a dinner meeting with him at 8pm. He has something to tell her. She pauses but then she says she can reserve something for them. He tells her that he already reserved it. She is all like, you did it yourself?

MS leaves the office, but she is self-conscious about her clothing. So she goes shopping for something to wear. However, the prices look expensive to her. She looks at a blue dress and asks the seller if she can try it on. But they don’t have her size. they can order it though. MS tells her that she would have to wear it today. the shop woman asks her if she has a date, but MS says it isn’t a date, haha.

She leaves in another outfit. SY calls her and wants to see her, can they meet? She doesn’t’ have enough time. He wants to answer her questions…if he changes his mind……10 minutes?

YJ goes to their restaurant, he practices his confession and it looks like he rented out the entire place again. he tells her, congratulations, you are the only person who will receive my honest confession. He smiles and checks the time, she will be here soon.

MS goes to meet SY quickly. they are in the same area. She tells him she does not have enough time and he tells her that she looked even prettier than before. He tells her that he accepts. He wanted to tell her quickly and hands her his newest book. It is his present to her. When she flips it, she will be more thankful because he put his signature

Signature: It started as a coincidence, but it is our fate – Lee Sung-yeon

But YJ stormed out and took the book. He gave it back to his brother.

THE MUSIC TURNS melo as the two brothers stare at each other. MS wonders what is going on. He pulls her away with her still wondering. They go inside. She wonders why he is doing this. YJ asks her the same thing, what is this? She says he is a writer and will do their book concert. She told him before, they are going to invite a famous writer. he wants to know why she didn’t tell him. She says she didn’t think it mattered.

he tells her not to do it.

What is the reason?

Do I have to make you understand everything? I said no! DOn’t do it!

She sighs and asks, can I hear what you want to say today, next time if it is not that important?

He says okay, it wasn’t that important at all.

She takes a deep breath and leaves.

he also sighs as he watches her go. Then he walks out as well.

he is about to run into some workers accidentally. They are carrying the wine and champagne and cake that he prepared for her.

MS walks outside looking so sad. She looks in the window at her reflection for a long moment, then she goes home.

At home, she takes off her shoes and has a little rub mark on her heel.

MS – Ah, I was expecting something but I am the one that is hurt for no reason.

YJ asks SY why he wanted to meet him. What do you want? SY says he wanted to be a little help to the group. MS told him that it would be helpful. Why do you look like that? Are you afraid that you will lose MS to me? If you are that scared, then should I not do it?

No, do it, I don’t care if you do it or not. If you thought you would affect the group or secretary Kim then you overestimate yourself. you can’t do anything.

YJ storms outside in his own home and looks at his scenery. He broods on the deck for a moment.

then we cut right to the next morning.

Text: Secretary Kim, I had my own reason that I got angry last night…….Secretary Kim, if you apologize then I can forgive you…….secretary Kim, I am sorry.

he can’t decide which text to send.

Flashback, YJ wondered if he should meet her outside the restaurant and escort her inside, so he goes outside to do that. that is when he saw her talking to his brother.
Everyone is at work. YJ walks through the secretary office and does not say Good morning to anyone. SR wonders what is going on, why did he say that yesterday. CI tells them all to gather around. Morpheus has a book concert! I heard the rumor from the advertising team. Our VP told them!

MS is taken aback by this. She knocks on YJ’s door and lets herself inside. He is looking out his window. She wants to know about the book concert, you really said to go on with it?

he turns around and looks at her…..it is true.

Last night you said that you would never do it? So can I ask why it is okay today? Ah, you don’t have to explain your reasons to me. Okay, just keep the line. I mistook you being nice to me as dating and getting married. But I see your true mind.

Secretary Kim….

Don’t shake me anymore!

She storms out. YJ broods.

SR and JA sit in the lobby and decide to bet on how many suits GN has. He shouldn’t’ miss a button on his suit since he has a lot of them.

GN overhears and shows her all his buttons and spare buttons. JA apologies. He tells them to stop spreading rumors please. he leaves. SR is all like, what about beer, drinks? then she tells JA that she told her to stop! GN walks away with a smirk.

YJ thinks that MS looked super angry, what should he do? He thinks about it and gets an idea. he walks out to her desk slowly. She ignores him and keeps typing. He clears his throat.

Ah, I have a headache, a headache.

MS calls the doctor and tells them that YJ has a headache.

It isn’t that bad

It is not that bad, goodbye.

YJ walks back to his office. he stares at MS for a long time and sees her getting up to leave. So he feigns like he is working. She tells him that she emailed him the project schedule.

he tells her that his tie is a little lose.

She pauses and then leaves. YJ sighs, he failed.

MS goes to the break room and sighs as well. CI runs in and tells her that he has big news. He talked to their advertisement team about the book concert. Can you listen to this? Morpheus writer is our VPs brother.

is that true!

it is true true true! He is the oldest son in their group. This is big news. Last time you asked about the brother so I searched for it a little bit. The oldest sone showed up that never showed up before. Maybe there will be a change in the comapny ownership?

Flashback. YJ says that he fought a lot with his brothers friends. it wasn’t good, he was the worst, he is a super bad guy.

MS thinks that he did not have a good relationship with his Hyung.

Cut to YJ asking his friend how to say sorry?

YS says it is easy, you just say sorry.

He asks if Spanish, what is sorry.

The friend tries to say it.

YJ says he can’t say it because he has never said it before. It is the same for him. What if I don’t say it?

YS tells him that he will lose that person.

YJ sulks.

He walks around hisbuilding and runs into MS in the hallway. they have a moment as they stare at each other from a distance. Music starts to play as they both sulk. YJ puts his head down to ignore her and she does the same. they start walking to pass each other but YJ stops as soon as he passes her. She keeps walking. He turns around.

YJ – Secretary Kim…..

She turns around and looks at him earnestly.

MS – What do you want to say?

YJ – I….apologize to you.

MS – excuse me?

YJ – I am sorry.

MS – No, I am sorry, you shouldnt’ be angry without a reason, but I was emotional…….but, just understand this, I did it all for you.

YJ – I know. (he smiles)

MS also smiles and they have a nice moment of smiling. then they walk side by side. YJ stops and looks at MS. Then he keeps walking and she walks too. they walk step by step together, their steps even match.

Later on, YJ works in his office with MS by his side. he tells her that he would like to have dinner in a restaurant because they made up, but they have a lot to do.

She says it is okay.

He tells her that she should be sorry because he could not work because of her.

Excuse me?

he looks at her and keeps looking at her. His gaze is not leaving her so she is a little uncomfortable. She asks him if he would like some coffee? He tells her that they have some here.

Would you like me to open the window?

it is already open.

he gets up and stands in front of her. She is still sitting.

YJ – Secretary Kim, before, you told me not to shake you anymore.

MS – Yes….well…..

YJ – I am……I want to shake you.

MS – What…..well……

he stares at her longingly and she looks back at him in the same way. then he leans down and is about to kiss her. He move sin closely to her face. She closes her eyes and he closes his eyes as well. They are about to kiss. But then he jumps alertly and pushes her away.

She sails away in her chair and looks at him as if he pushed her off a cliff.

YJ – Secretary Kim!

She looks at him in anger.

Fade Out

MH – It seems like he has a sexual desire disorder?
MS – What?
YJ – It is a misunderstanding! Not like that!
MS – Argh, VP!
YJ – Did you call me?
YJ – Can you give me a chance to correct myself?
YJ – How much does this machine cost!
MS – I was trapped in an empty house for one day, but some oppa was next to me. I didn’t know he was this close.

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