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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 4

Episode 4 Live Recap for What is Wrong with Secretary Kim starring park Seo-joon and Park Min-young
Good Lord, how I have missed Park Seo-joon on my screen. He has a wonderfully unique way of acting which is hilarious and yet vulnerable at the same time. It’s like a basket of puppies eating marshmallows. Park Min-young is definitely bringing her plate to the table as well, I love her as Secretary Kim. They are both wonderful and this show as a whole is wonderful. I also love how they are rolling out the V.P’s thrilleresque backstory. I know nothing about this show but it seems like he might have been held for ransom as a kid (from the webtoon)? The drama could take a different course though so I should probably read more about the character descriptions.

We are rolling out our new lineup today: we start with Secretary Kim, then go right into Come and Hug Me, and will finish the livecaps for today with the Suits finale!

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We open at the end of the last episode where there are at a standoff if Secretary Kim wanting to win and using skinship to do it. YJ moves closer and closer to her to see if she cares or not. She feigns not caring with each inch.

But then he pulls her to him and they fall on the couch with her on top of him. They have a moment where they stair into each others eyes, but then the ice falls. MS hops up and says that she will get some more ice packs.

She runs off, but she is trying to regain her composure as she gets the ice. She puts her smile back on and heads back out to the couch. But YJ is sleeping already. She wonders how he could already be sleeping and softly sits next to him. She looks into at his face softly and leans closer in to get a good look. But then she remembers herself and turns away.

YJ has a bit of a shudder in his sleep. She turns back to look at him in concern. His dream has a woman in it who asks him to help her, come to me, come here. She reaches for him…..

But Secretary Kim calls his name VP – VP – and he wakes up quickly and sits up. She asks him if he is okay, he just breathes deeply for a moment.

Cut to him sitting on another couch in another area of his house. She brings him some tea and asks him if he is okay now. He tells her he is fine because of her. She wants to know if he has nightmares often. He tells her he isn’t sure, but he does not want to be alone tonight. Can you sleep here tonight, secretary Kim?

He asks her sincerely, sleep here tonight.

She is flustered and asks what he is talking about, she understands that he is scared after having a nightmare but he is not a little kid, do you really want me to sleep here?

He says it is late, she can sleep in the guests room. Why is she so embarrassed? She used to sleep here when seh worked late.

She is all like, oh, yeah! Of course! Then she turns her head and grummbles.

He asks her waht she was expecting.

She just smiles and says she had no expectations.

YJ gets a call at that moment and tells Secretary Kim that she won’t be able to sleep there tonight after all. Kim is so happy and tells YJ that she didn’t have any expectionsofsleepingthereatallandshewillleavenowbyebye!

YJ smiles but his face falls once she leaves.

MS leaves and runs right into our handsome writer outside. They bump into each other and he dropped his cell phone. She picks it up for him (or he gets it) and they exchange pleasantries. Then the writer leaves and MS thinks he is very nice, unlike someone…
YJ talks to his Hyung at his home. Hyung says he didn’t even tell him to sit down, can’t he go to his hyung’s house? He has a book coming out, he went there without notice and their parents went to Jeju.

He wants forgiveness so he is here to forgive you because it is hard for me with that memory, it haunts me still. So I am here to forgive you. In France I fell in love with 3 things…writing, women, wine.

YJ tells him to just leave, he is tired.

MS gets ready for bed and sees the cable tie fall from her clothing. She thinks back to the cable tie incident. YJ was completely destroyed with it. This sends her to a flashback.

When she first started working for him she had to cut all her cable ties. She made the same mistake as JA. YJ tells her that spiders are the scariest thing to her. For him it is cable ties so please never use it. She says that she understands and she never will.

VO – My superior who looked perfect, looked like a normal person that day, like me.

Back to the present, MS washes her feet, she has a red mark around her leg from tying her shoes too tight while running. She thinks back to YJ’s wound on his ankle and wonders what happened to him.

MS sends yJ a text and asks if his ankle is okay. She cancelled his schedule and asked his made to do his ice massage. YJ says this is very tiring, but he smiles.

JA is late and apologizes. MS says it is okay, she should come early from tomorrow. She cancelled YJ’s appointments today.

In the secretary offices, everyone is grummbling about something. There is a store that opened early, it look slike it is stressing them out. A competitor made their opening day earlier to beat YJ’s opening. So they are trying to move to open early, in July, instead of August. So now they are frantic to prepare for it. their VP wants it to open in July!

Montage of everyone running around to make this happen.

YJ and MS walk around as YJ talks to everyone about the building opening. But when they get to the bookstore, it looks like they might have a copyright issue. MS gives this man all the answers he needs, she is very capable. YJ tells him to proceed without any mistakes.

They continue walking around the bookstore and look at all the books in the huge stacks that go all the way to the 30 foot cielings.

The lights turn off all of a sudden. MS says she will check it out. YJ nods

MS finds out that there is a power outage, she asks them to work on it.

YJ says this should always be perfect, but then when he turns his back around he screams! AAAAAAAAH!

MS turns on her light on her cell phone and looked like a witch for a moment. She tells him that she is sorry, she just wanted to make it bright. But he was very cute all of a sudden.

it is a super awkward moment.

VP tells her that he is not cute, he is detrimental.

She says it is my mistake. They continue walking the stacks.

Cut to them both siting at a table in the very dark bookstore and looking awswardly all around. They look everywhere except at each other. MS tries to break the awkwardness by grabbing a book to read. She tells YJ that it is her favorite, “All the time it was you” all of her romantic dreams are in this book.

She smiles and flips it open. He holds her flashlight for her but acts like it is no big thang. She smiles at him and starts reading the book happily. He watches her reading it, the music kicks in.

She says she loves this line: I want to have this kind of dating, even though my entire life is not soleda, but hugging once makes all the hardship of my life disolve.

She tells him, that is nice right? But he tells her it is childish. His super duper high tech shower is enough to dissolve his tiredness of the day. She tells him that this could be considered childish, but her ideal love is like this.

he looks at her and then asks if he ever told her that she was pretty.

She looks at him and says….no.

he remembers himself and tells her that he never said that because he never felt that way. then he tells her that it might take time to restore the power, let’s just leave.

MS agrees so they go walking through the very dark building with MS leading the way with her light. She tells him the way out, but he tells her that she does not know the proper mechanicsms of buildings (or something) and tells her that this is the way out.

they walk the way the VP says, but they get to a dead end. MS tells him that he should trust the person that has been here a ot. She dramatically turns and points to the other way then says, this is the way!

YJ says his architect probably messed up his design and walks by her. they walk, he asks her if she is wearing a perfume. She says she does not wear perfume, he says it smells like citrus. She says maybe it is from her shampoo.

They keep walking. YJ tells her that she walks fast. She mentions that in darkness your senses are strong. YJ stops walking for a moment. MS asks him what he is doing, what if he falls walking behind her? She grabs his wrist to pull him ahead.

He tells her, she is right, in darkness, your senses are stronger. She lets go of his wrist, but he takes her hand in his (kind of) and reminds her that she told him he should not trip.

The lights turn back on so they look at each others hands. MS tells him that she will hurry and prepare the car. The security team apologizes to YJ, he says it is fine but is more preocupied with MS walking away, so he hurries to catch up.

Cut to them both in the car and talking about various events they can have in the library. He tells her she does not have that much time, but she tells him that he cares about it. He looks at her and then looks away and smiles.

MS eats dinner out with her sisters. It looks like they are eating bulgogi with a hot plate. MS is thinking about work. Her sisters tell her she is a workaholic. MS says that is not true, she is just working hard until the end. One of the sisters says that their eunnie told her that your VP is obsessed with you!

MS tells them that this is not true. Maybe he wants to hold onto her because he really needs her. Eunnie asks her if she really likes him. MS is all like, that is so funny, haha. But they want her to make a clean cut with him otherwise she will be secretary Kim forever.

MS gets up to go to the bathroom but is paralized with fear when she sees a fire. Her PN tells her that she got rid of it! And she quickly gets rid of the spider. MS asks her if she will ever get rid of the phobia. PN says you can if you face it often, then you will get rid of it eventually. Does she want to go to the hospital? MS says no, it is nothing.

YJ thinks about his evening with MS. He asked her why she was reading that book. He starts reading it.

This busy and confusing life, solving your own work and thinking about what that person is doing. The first priority person that I think of before me. That is enough love.

YJ – Of course I should think about secretaries because I am giving her work. Love is nothing.

Hyung shows up at work.

JA and MS are at their desk and talking about their writer that they love. JA read his newest book all last night and wonders why he does not show his face. If he showed up then it would be daebak! MS smiles, but then a lightbulb goes off in her head.

She meets with YJ and tells him that they should try to get a famous author. YJ thinks JK Rolling from Harry Potter. But MS asks him about the other writer that is hard to get. She thinks that he can just wait a moment, she wont dissapoint him. he laughs a moment.

But then he gets a text from his brother telling him that he is in the building. He hops up and tells him that the brain uses a quarter of the energy. MS wants a snack to prepare. But he tells ehr to go to an expensive restaraunt and get the most expensive meal that is never served and then get to lattes and it is okay if you are late. Don’t use the elevator, use the stairs. Go right now hurry!

MS runs off wondering why he wants her to do that right now. She runs through the lobby and passes SY (the writer).
The brother meets YJ and tells him that he looks different. He always thought he was his little brother. YJ thinks they have had enough greetings last night. SY tells him that he has a new book, this is it, would you like it? Maybe you won’t read it, it is a love story that you never cared about. You should read it so you can know love.

YJ tells him to leave, can’t he see that he is busy? SY tells him that mabe he is busy, he will leave. See you next time.

SY walks out. All while he was there, YJ was ignoring him as if he did not care, but when he leaves YJ throws his pen on the desk and broods.

meanwhile, MS runs back into the building and runs tinto SY again. they recognize each other and this time they exchange phone numbers. She gives him her phone number, but it looks like a made up phone number. She wonders what this number is.

MS runs out and asks why SY is so sticky. If he was morphius she would give him her number. She runs up to the office to give YJ all the food. But YJ says he doesn’t want it anymore. he is still a bit upset.

MS understands and sits at her desk, but she wonders what is up.

Later, JA walks to the sitting area with SR. They spot GN drinking coffee there and start to talk about him. Maybe he is tired? We run into a montake flashback of GN talking about how he relieves his stress by doing work becaue the most stressful thing is having work to do.

SR says he has 10 of the exact same suits and wears them everyday because he will work harder with the amount of time he saves. So daebak.

he walks away right past JA. JA notices that GN has rice on the back of his jacket and smiles as if she has an idea.

SY shows up at the family house and is greeted happily by his parents. the parents have a funny moment but then ask if he saw his brother. SY says his brother doesn’t want to be friendly with him because he isn’t as perfect as he is.
MS is busy working, she saw someone proposal but tells them that the aurthor does not do that kind of work.

She goes to the office and puts on YJ’s jacket for him. He is still looking at her like he is uncomfortable around her. he asks her about an event but she tells him that she is busy with the library. he tells her, if she would like to eat Italian then she can buy it with the company card.

Cut to MS with Morpheus interview. MS tries to get the authors information but the handler does not want to release the authors information. MS tells her that they helped her out with something once upon a time, she was about to get sued but MS covered it up. She did that for her so this woman should do something for her. The woman looks like she should do it and grabs the email address from her contacts.

Later on, YJ thinks about the library night as he talks to YS. He tells him it was fun. YS tells him he will make sure that it does not have a power outage again, do you trust me? YJ smiles.

SR yells at JA about the copies she is making. But then GN comes in so SR tells her to tell her if she has any hardships. GN hands SR something, she smilesand happily takes it. He walks away. JA is the only one that notices that he has rice on his jacket again today.

The secretaries wonder if it is true that he rotates suits. But JA says it does not seem true because he has rice on the bottom of his jacket again today. SR basically tells her not to make things up. SR walks away, but she is kept from walking away by YC because they are both trying to walk around each other.

MS and YJ work at his home. She notice that his tie needs straightening so she goes to straighten it. But his heart starts beating so he tells her that he will do it today. She smiles and steps back for him to do it.

She leaves do to somthing.

YJ is left on the couch wondering what is going on with his heart. His heart is not so good right now.

MS meets with YJ’s mother for tea, umma gives her a present (?). She asks if his son is busy. MS says he is busy with the library/art building. But he isn’t that busy tonight, he does not have a schedule. Umma is happy to hear this and says, based on what she told him, they can go visit him now.

Cut to Umma meeting with YJ. She wants him to come home for a family dinner. YJ is not into that idea. He asks if she met with MS, Umma does not deny it then starts to talk about how Umma is old (even though she does not look it) and has two sons, one of them lives over seas, let’s have dinner together. But YJ turns it down.

Umma leaves disheartened. MS asks how it went and Umma says that it did not go that well. Umma tells MS that she has something on her shoes. MS goes to grab a tissue but when she comes back up, umma is gone and her bag is there. This was umma’s trick because when MS calls her to tell her she left her bag, Umma tells her to have YJ return the bag to the family house tonight.

MS smiles and tells YJ that his umma wants him to return the bag. YJ asks her if she liked his mother or him more. She says she liked him more (to which he smiles) but she tells him that he should go home to see his family.

YJ goes to the family dinner. His parents laugh about maintaining umma’s figure. But then Umma starts to talk about MS and how she is the best secretary and the only person that he trusts, she is so thankful that she is next to him. But YJ changes the subject to business.

His brother looks interested in this conversation with the secretary, but he doesnt’ say anything. the family keeps talking but Hyung doens’t fit into the conversation anywhere. he keeps quiet.
Later, hyung meets with YJ in the sitting area and asks him what type of woman Secretary Kim is who worked for him for 9 years. What kind of woman is she? He never talks about her so it seems like he is hiding her from him. What? If I see her, do you think I will date her? I don’t understand you, I try hard, you should be thankful.

Why should I be thankful to you.

You are still selfish, I told you that I will forgive you as if nothing happened before!

YJ puts his drink down and tells his brother that he is using this too much. It has been more than 20 years ago, I don’t even remember it well.

His brother is teary and asks why he hates him so much.

YJ says he does not hate him, he despises him.

His brother stands up and tells him not to say things like that. If he didnt’ do that, then he would be the one in his position.

YJ asks him if he really thinks that way? Hyung, you are weak. You torture others, if you did not have that incident then you would not be here.

YJ move to leave but hyung punches himin the face. YJ falls to the ground but stands up to punch his hyung in the face.

But he stops mid punch when his father yells for them to stop. His mother is also crying in the background and tearfully tellin ghtem to stop.

YJ looks at them, then he leaves.

Hyung goes to his room, he is pretty drained from the moment. He gets a call, his person tells him that she sent him some information inthe mail about his book promotion. He asys he will check it.

he goes tot he computer and sees the email about the promotion for the new book. he looks at it sternly.

YJ goes to MS’s house, he gets out of his car and stands outside. he looks at her house, but then he turns to leave. However, he sees her walking to him and reading something

She happily looks down at what she is reading, she isn’t looking up at all. She even has a skip to her step as she smiles at whatever she is looking at.

YJ looks at her and smiles.

But she walks right past him, lol.

He stops her and she jumps.

Why don’t you evenrecognize someone in front of you?

Why are you here? Why is your face like that?

You don’t have to know, did n’t you go home? did something happen?

Yes I am from my house

Let’s treat it, it will be scarred.

She pulls him to go inside, but she sees how horrible her house looks. So she pushes him outside and tells him to wait one minute. Then she books it to clean everything up as quickly as she can.

YJ measures the time until MS opens the door calmly.

He goes inside. She says her house isn’t that good.

He tells her it is very not good.

She tells him to come in. he takes off his shoes and tries toput on the very tiny slippers. then she pulls him away to get treated. She does not want this injury to affect the photo shoot.

She sits on her bed and he sits in a chair in front of her. She tells him to lean in closer so she can apply the ointment. He does and stares right at her as she applies it, though she stares at his injury on his lip and applies the ointment with a cuetip.

But then their eyes meet and they have a moment. But they hop back right away.

he tells her not to put on a bandaid, those things won’t work on his face.

She asks him why he is injured, it does not seem like he would but did he fight someone?

he tells her that he told her not to ask him further.

She apologizes and asks him if he would like some ramen?


Spicy ramen will lift your mood! I have one egg that survived, I can add it to your dish!

He chuckles and we cut to her making ramen while he walks around her place. He grabs a book and flips through it. It looks like this book is a notebook with tons of notes in it. he laughs. he also picks up that childish book about love.

MS tells him that he does not know about love and wont’ know about that book. But he asks, what about her? She says she read a lot about it in the book. then she walks off.

YJ sees the bear he gave her on the bed and is about to flip it over. But MS comes running in, NOT THAT SIDE (the dirty underwear side). She tries to push him away but she ends up falling right on top of him again.

She moves to get up but he holds her a moment and asks if they can stay like that for a moment.

YJ – From now on, I will start to love you.

Fade Out


MS – Date?
YJ – Yeah.
YS – Do you want to eat ramen?….it means, when you eat ramen….
YJ – thank you for the ramen
YS – ….it means you are dating.
JA – Who is that guy? Are you having “some” with him?
SY – You are so sensitive because youa re a writer
YJ – (searching about how to confess love) These days, where are the “it” restaurants?
YJ – Congratulations Secretary Kim, in advance (talking to himself)
YJ – Just don’t do it (or ‘just don’t start’).

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    I am always impressed with his acting. He seems to embody the person and she is really good as Sec Kim.
    What I love it’s that It’s like your watching them and smiling at how cute and well paired they are. 😍

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