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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 3

Episode 3 Live Recap for What is Wrong with Secretary Kim starring park Seo-joon and Park Min-young
You cannot get more cliche than that lit up dating spot…and yet I love it. YJ pulled some green magic out of his hat to make that work. But will Secretary Kim like it? She looked like she missed him all day and regretted that she told him all those things. However, methinks she won’t be won over so easily with this display of affection.

Secretary Kim is hitting all my romantic comedy (soon to be thriller?) spots. I love this secretary who is just done and wants to spend time getting to know herself again. I also love this boss who is lost without his secretary. And can I mention that these parents are adorable? Can we have more parents that love the love interest please?

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MS shows up to the fountain. She is all alone right now and the lights aren’t on yet. She wonders why it is so dark and empty, where is evereyone?

Then all the lights turn on part by part. The music kicks in as the fountain turns on and MS looks around at all the beauty. Fireworks go off in the near distance and YJ walks up to her with his stern yet graceful demeanor.

He smiles, and asks her if she waited for a long time. MS starts asking him a lot of question, why is he there? Where’s YS? He tells her that if he told her to meet him then she would be uncomfortable. Let’s go, your free pass is here.

They hop on the rollercoaster and Kim has his arms crossed and no expression as MS screams all the way down (this is hilarious). They stop and get on another one. MS tries to tell him that maybe they can stop but he just tells her, enjoy! Mansae!

He sits on the pirate ship with no emotion and fixes his hair as MS screams next to him. he really thinks she is having the best time ever.

Afterward he wants to go on some 360 degree hurricane ride but MS is barely able to walk next to him. She says it is to scary. YJ is all like, huh? Why did you get on then? they go somewhere to sit. YH says theme park rides don’t make him scared. She asks what he is scared of. He thinks for a moment but then he says it’s none of her business, let’s go.

They hop up to have some more fun, he says that he will do what she wants to do now. So they get on all the girlfriend friendly ides like the carousel. he sits on the sideline watching her ride it. She waves and smiles at him as she goes around. he is content to just let her ride it and watch her.

After that MS tells him that it is really fun, you won’t hop on? he says he watched her ride it 7 times, that is enough for him. She is super happy that she got to enjoy it. She wanted to ride it when seh was little but she couldn’t. The free pass was too expensive for 3 kids and she was also too little and would be too scared. But now her wish came true today. he tells her, that’s good.

They eat at a restauraunt inside. he cuts all the meat for her after saying it would be difficult to cut. She thanks him and says that she should have worn better clothes if she knew. He tells her that no one is around. She is all like, huh? What is gong on today. he tells her that she worked for him for so long and he didn’t get a chance to tell her a proper thank you, so this is his present to her for quitting the job.

She looks outside toward the carousel. he is all like, you rode it 7 times? Still not enough? She thinks she lived in that area before the theme park was built.He says you probably lived in the haunted house. But it is a joke. She says she was 5 and thought her house became a theme park. he was 9, what were you doing? he says he was super smart in each field just like he is now.

But….it wasn’t that fun.

Did you make a mistake? You shuold have been in second grade?

He said he skipped a grade. he didn’t like it because he was in the same class as his brother. Adults might have thought it would be good, but it wasn’t nice. I fought my brothers friends a lot.

It would be good with your brother?

No, he went further than them, he isn’t a good guy.

It’s late.

No, finish your dinner.

Cut to the both of them on a cruise like boat in the Han river. She says it is really cold and shivers. He tells her, yes, it is cold. She is all like, um, in this kind of situation the man should care about women and take his jacket off. She takes her scarf and puts it on. He is all like, but in the cold there are no men or women.

Fireworks go off again right over the river. He says he prepared it for her. She smiles and says it is so pretty. She looks at the sky, but he looks at her and says, yes, it is pretty. he takes off his jacket and puts it around her. He asks what he is doing. He tells her that she told him that he should do this in this kind of situation. they have a moment that becomes awkward so they turn away and enjoy the fireworks once again.

YJ drives them both home, but he sniffles a little bit. MS gives him his jacket back but he says no, I don’t like those clothes either throw them away or put them on yourself. She smiles and keeps them. then she tells him that today was wonderful she really enjoyed everything seh wanted to because of him. What she wished for is all realized. He smiles.

But then she remembers the questionnair! The theme park was #1 and the fireworks were #2. They all came true, she is all like, huh? Theme park and fireworks?

She doesn’t mention it though, she holds her tongue.

they get to her place and YJ says that he has something for her. She thinks back to the questionnaire. – #3 Big doll

She asks him if he has a big doll. He says he does. He gives her a big cow because she worked hard like a cow. She smiles and takes it. Sh says, with these kinds of things you don’t expect me to say that I will work for you forever do you? he says she has one more thing she wants.

#3 – big doll and romantic kiss in front of the house….

YJ starts to move in for the romantic kiss. MS is nervous as she watches his lips coming closer and closer to her. She pushes the doll in front of his face so he kisses the doll instead. Then she tells him to drive home safe and hurries inside.

He smiles outside as he rests on his car.

She goes inside with that huge teddy bear cow and smiles.

YJ gets home and gets a drink shirtless. He takes a few swigs and thinks back to the night. He thinks back to her saying she won’t work for him forever. He says that she does not know but his blockbuster project already started.

At MS’s place, she gets a texta bout a blind date that seh has tomorrow. She also has a question for him so have a ncie blind date. MS goes to sleep with the huge stuffed animal and has a dream about her younger self playing with a toy riding horse. She meets soemone who she calls oppa and tells him that he is like Oppa. He tells her that he will come back and see her again. She sys that she will never forget his name. His name is Lee – Lee – ~. But he says his name is not that you stupid – .

MS wakes up and tries to remember the name but she can’t. She gets up anyway and starts getting ready for work.
She sees a very nice gift in the doll, it is an expensive looking necklace ina tiny box. She wonders what is going on.

At work, she tries to work, but she looks at YJ a lot. She ends up going up to him and asks him if this was for her? She found it in the doll. He tells her of course it is for her, it isn’t for the doll. She said she didn’t ask for this on the questionare. he tells her that he always exceeds expections.

But she says his necktie is not straight and he is all like, oh, it isn’t? She starts to fix it but she is so close to his body so she remembers the almost kiss from last night. Her heart starts beating in her chest so she quickly fixes it and leaves.

She fans herself at her desk and happily looks at the necklace after she catches her breath. YJ sees her happily putting the necklace on and smiles. She looks up at him so he looks away quickly, but then he looks at her again and smiles.

Later MS goes to the bathroom to check out her necklace. her friend calls her while she is there to remind her of the blind date. If she ends up getting married then buy her a bag. MS smiles and hangs up. JA was in a stall and says, you have a blind date! MS tells her not to tell anyone. But SR burtst out at that point and says, I can keep it secret!

they all go out talking about the blind date. SR is all like, wow, you never had a blinddate and now you have one! She talks quickly and asks her to tell the blind date guy to bring a friend. But MS just smiles and walks away. SR is all like, ah man, I really want a blind date too.
The secretaries talk about the athletic event that they have. It is a pretty big athletic event for them so they shouldn’t make a mistake and do it really well.

JA goes into YJ’s office with his tea and treats. He wants to know where Secretary Kim is so she informs him happily and cutely that she wants her to do this from now on. She also says that seh knows she isn’t like secretary Kim and she also tells him that she has a blind date. YJ thinks, huh, blind date?

he meets with YS later but he can’t think of anything except this blind date. How can she go there with his necklace on? YS thinks she will get married, she is meeting a normal guy. YJ says she won’t, she is in his blockbuster curse.

MS meets with the blind date person. He recognizes her first and introduces himself. he is a strange person though because he does a little hop as they walk away. they go to the restaraunt and wait outside. It is a tiny joint with a line out the door. he tells her he will get the menu. Later they go inside. He cuts all her food for her and tells her that she can eat it. She thinks back to JY cutting all her food. the date tells her that he is sorry to bring this up but she is really pretty.

Someone yells, ah, too hot!

Which trows off the dte person. He tells her that her image is calm. then he leans in and says that this place is too noisy right? The people next to them get up and a bag accidentally hits MS in the face. he asks her if she is okay and she says she is fine. But she thinks back to YJ renting out an entire restaraunt for her.

She starts eating, but she eats the dates food ona ccident. he tells her that she is eating his favorite part. he wants to eat that part. She wonders what kind of guy he is and thinks back to YJ renting the entire theme park for her. She wonders why seh is thinking about the VP.

Meanwhile, YJ and YS go working out.

YJ – the block buster curse is…you watch a blockbuster movie then you watch a B rated movie, what would you think? that is my curse, I did all the great things. She won’t be able to meet a normal person.

YS – I like cheap movies….let’s go!

YJ just throws the ball without telling YS, then he stares at him.

On the date, the employe, ME, sees MS dating someone and takes a photo of her. She thinks this is daebak, she will tell everyone. She take a photo of the two on there date.

YS and YJ are in a lounge, YJ still thinks she will be all into the blockbuster curse and won’t like that guy. But YS gets a text from MS with the photo. In the photo, the date is lightly touching MS’s cheek. YS is all like, wow, look at this! His secretary apologizes for sending it to him, seh thought she would send it to her friend. YS tells YJ that this date must have gone great.

YJ says his friend is hilarious, he accepts his resignation letter so he can do comedy. The friend stands up immediately to apologize happily.

On the date, MS and the date continue talking. He is a senator that broke a big drug news case. he can find anything. She asks him to find out about the remodeling case with the theme park. he leans in and says that he will find it!

Afterward, the date tells her that he would like to see her again. She is all like, huh? But then she sees his tie is messed up so she immediately fixes it. But then she apologizes and says that she does this for her job. YJ gets there at that moment and yells Secretary Kim! She sees him and accidentally almost chokes the date with his tie out of surprise.

YJ talks to MS a bit later and asks her why her work attitude is bad. She is all like, why? Is it because of tomorrows company event? Is it about my blind date?


She starts laughing a tiny bit because a leaf fell on his shoulder like a hankerchief. She says that she will take it off. She moves in to remove it but their bodies get too close so they share a moment.

YJ – How dare this leaf stick on my chest.

He tells her that she isn’t that far away from her last day, so focus on your work. She tells him that she will do all her blind dates after quitting and will focus on work.


You don’t want me to do what? Blind date or quitting?

he does not answer and just walks off.
MS goes home and runs into her sister who wants to hang out with her. they drink and talk about her date. Her sister is all like, WHAT your VP went to your blind date? MS is all like, I can’t figure out what he is thinking. One day he is very cold…..(flashback)…..on another day he is very sweet…..(flashback)

Her sister thinks he might have gone crazy because she is quitting, he might be in shock. he doesn’t accept it. He needs you of course.

MS thinks that he can pick a much better secretary than her.

The sister thinks the VP can get everything that he wants. He can buy whatever country or object. So we have the answer, he wants to possess you. to him, you are an object that he wants and still needs and makes him comfortable, but youa re leaving so he wants to grab you. That is what is happening, I am a psychologist. Youshould quit quickly, if his desire for possession gets bigger than it can last your entire life.

She starts crying….sobbing….MS asks her why she is crying. Her sister says she worked so hard her entrie life to support her. SHe is s-s-s-sorry to h-h-her! She asks for soju so MS goes to get it. Her sister asks her about her necklace, MS says the VP gave it to her. the sister is all like, that is a dog chain. You are running away so he put it on your neck.

JA talks to MS at her desk. they start talking about MS’s favorite writer, he is a best selling writer and movie maker(?) he is the best. JA asks her if she is in th fan club? he has a fan club, he is not just a writer, he is internationally best selling and so handsome. have you seen him? the only thing we know about him is that he is a man in his 30s, I have a picture of him, I am the original fan club member. Do you want to see the picture?

She shows him a super blurry image on her phone at a bookstore. JA says she can see how he looks just from his silohette! Do you want to seehow he looks from the France fan club sighting? She shows it to him, he is completely covered with a hat.

Cut to the mystery man on an airplane. Everyone looks for that guy with the hat. he is wearing it on the airplane and takes it off for a girl to give it to her. She smiles.

Everyone thinks she is the mystery writer as seh leaves. He makes a sexy getaway as he walks off with no one noticing him.

He calls his mother. His mom says she is at Jeju right now, she can come back right away. But he tells her to enjoy her time. Umma is alllike, her appa just wants to play golf, she would rather see him. He thinks they are the same, he asks if YJ is okay? Umma says he is the same, he is going to the company sports event. Ah, this guy is YJ’s brother!
JA andMS talk to YJ at work. He asks them if they are ready to win the event? he tells them he will see them later? JA says no one tries their bet at these company events. But MS starts to get ready with all these streatches and hops. Her game face is on! She tells JA to get ready!

YJ yells for secretary Kim, she runs to his office.

YJ is crying or something on the floor. the computer fell on the ground and YJ is very distraught. it looks like he doesn’t want to see something so he is covering his eyes.

MS and JA are both in the room. MS frantically looks around and grabs the scissors, she immediately cuts the cable ties.

She removes all traces of it and puts it in her pocket. She tells him that she removed everything, she forgot about it.

He very shakily asks, who did this?

She tells him that she was busy recently and wan’t on top of things, she is sorry.

He looks up at the other secretary Kim in pained anger, then leaves the room.

MS talks to JA and tells her that she told her not to use cable ties. JA tells her that she was sorry, she just wanted to do a good job, that is why she tied them all with cable ties. But he is too angry. MS tells her that she went to far, she is the one that made a mistake. She does not spiders and really hates spiders hanging in the air. Everyone has something that they hate so she should not complain like that.

JA apologizes profusely.

MS says, you are sorry? So if you are sorry, can I have the new book?


MS smiles and they laugh. Then she says, yes and they walk off together happily.

Afterward, Yj sits by himself and stares out a window. he still looks very affected by it. She gives him chamomile tea and tells him that it will calm him down.

She is sorry and will make sure that it doesnt’ happen from now on. he tells her that she is quitting soon, so how can she make sure of that?

She thinks, maybe it is not about possessing her, maybe he really needs her.

The company sports starts. these company employees are not the best athletes, but their heart is in it. MS is especially into it as if her scholarship depends on it. She runs through all the obstacles in the gym and starts to climb a blow up tower. She bounces on a ball and makes it to the finish line.

When seh gets to the end she cheers and does a celebration like she just scored a goal at the world cup.

YJ tells YS that this is why he likes secretary Kim, she works so hard with whatever seh is given.

Another employee talks to MS and asks if he can partner with her in the 3 person leg race. YJ is all like, who is that guy. His face turns stern. SR runs up to MS and asks how she talked to that guy, he is #1 in popularity! YJ is super duper #1 but that guy is approachable #1. maybe he is attracted to you, he gave you a water.

MS says he just said fighting, they are going to be in the race together. But MS runs off for the event. Poor SR wonders why MS never listens to her to the end, she wants to run off with that employee too!

Later, MS looks at the employee and thinks he isn’t that bad (he is super popular with the younger women) then seh looks at YJ who is so upset looking.

YS tells YJ that the 3 legged race is next, after this game, 80% of people become couples. YJ is all like, WHAT!

He looks at the three legged race with supreme interest….oh, they touched……maybe they will win the race…..and become a couple……

They win! They hug and celebrate. YJ looks like he is about to be destroyed. Everyone in the rowd yells, DATE! DATE! DATE! YS also yells that but YJ is super angry. The handsome guy wants a high-five but MS ignores him.

YJ has to take a big drink of water. He stands up and says, No more sports events starting next year, they are too childish. YS is all like…um….you are the childish one.

The dating chants continue. Poor YJ has to go collect himself. But he hurts his ankle on the steps. YS runs to his side. YS is all like, no one gets injured but you are over here injured.

Poor YJ looks like the day got from bad to worse.

Cut to Secreatary Kim checking YJ’s leg in the mens room (?). She tells him to go to the hospital. He tells her that it will be okay after getting something.

YJ stands up but starts to limp right away. YC wants to run up and give YJ his shoulder, but YS tells him to stop there unless he wants to go to India branch. MS gives him his shoulder instead (hmm, was this all in his plan?).

MS walks YJ all the way back to his house and sits him on his couch. She wants to take off his sock, but he tells her not to. they argue about this for a moment, until she pulls his sock down. But under the sock is a cable tie injury that is wrapped around his leg. it is a cable tie looking scar that is wrapped around his ankle.

MS looks concered, but seh tries to play it off. She puts the ice on his ankle. YJ tries to make the situation a bit more comfortable and asks her why seh tried so hard at the company event. She is alllike, SOMEONE TOLD ME TO WIN.

He says she should be more flexible. For her, is it okay to run with a strange man if that means she will win? She says yes, it is better to win. He is all like, then you will do skinship with anyone!

he pulls his leg away and sits closer.

YJ – This close?

I’m fine

This close? (moves closer)

I’m fine (smiles)

YJ – What about like this! (He pulls her on top of him.)

they look at each other as she lays on top of him on the couch.

Both are stunned.

Fade Out.
YJ – When the boss gives the secretary work to do, then of course I will wonder what you are doing.
YJ – Love is nonsense
YJ – Secretary Kim, have I ever told you that you are pretty?
YJ – Oh, my heart, my heart!
SY – If you will walk like this then you will fall
MS – He looks like a sweet person…very different than someone.
YJ – Secretary Kim, are you wearing perfume
MS – No, I don’t use perfume
SY – If I see her, do you think I will date her or something?
YJ – Secretary Kim was correct, in darkness, your senses are heightened.

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