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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 2

Episode 2 Live Recap for What is Wrong with Secretary Kim starring park Seo-joon and Park Min-young

Wow, a lot of people must have loved Secretary Kim because the internet is booming about it and our tiny site had a lot of love on the last post. I have to admit, that first episode was aces. The narcissistic boss with the loving parents that just want him to marry his secretary already, were so charming. I mean, when do parents ever love the love interest in Kdramas? I LOVE THAT. I don’t want to get fully on the Secretary Kim train though (who am I kidding, yes I do, I really do), so let’s just see how this second episode shakes out.

For all the Come and Hug Me loves, there is no episode of Come and Hug Me today due to the Bolivia vs Korea soccer match, also CAHM might only air one episode next week (Thursday) due to the election. I know! How can we wait that long!!

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YS is suprised that YJ told secretary Kim that they should marry. YJ says that she put her face close to his face and then near his neck and sniffed. She asked him if he drank something. YS bursts out laughing in a painful way. Then he stops and pretends like he has a stomach pain.

YJ wonders if she wants an official proposal, he understands that, she never dared to think about him as a husband, of course he understands her. YS thinks she might not want to marry him. But YJ laughs…..those people don’t exist in the world.

Meanwhile, MS looks in her mirror and wonders if YJ was drunk, he didn’t look drunk. Maybe he was just saying that. Her doorbell rings so she checks it and sees JR looking through the window like a crazy ex. She busts into the house and yells, where is he! Where is he! I saw my Oppa come here!

MS tells her that he left 30 minutes ago. She says she didn’t see it, she was too busy updating her SNS. (flash to her taking cute photos on SNS). MS asks her why he isn’t sleeping with her after one month? You wonder who he is sleeping with? No one, he only sleeps by himself. How do I know? Listen, I am eunnie, I am 6 years older than you. Let’s use jongdaemal to each other okay?

She agrees.

MS asks her if she meets YJ alone? Does she have skinship with him? He has his social gatherings on Wednesday and Thursday. You are the wednesday guests, thursday has a thursday guests. Thursday was just like you and got cut by YJ. YJ does not have scandals and does not like scandals. He is not gay, he can date anyone because he is SOOOOOOOO perfect so no one is enough for him.

YJ – I am not going to date anyone becasue I am so precious.

MS – He is the biggest narcissist in Korea, do you know what he told me 9 years ago?

YJ asks her name the first time they met. She says her name then he asks her if she knows who he is. The motion slows down and a light shines on him as he says he is the son of the chairman.

MS says he acted as if everyone in the world should know who he is. He only knows himself and only cares about himself even though he is rich and handsome. You should meet someone else that cares about you more. The most important thing in the world is yourself.

YS – She refused you, you don’t believe it, but she refused you. It is not an obsession, MS is smart and works well. you can find another secretary. She didnt’ go to a good school.

YJ says the school does not matter, he just needs her.

But YS wants to know if he likes her as a man and a woman. YJ stands up and says that he needs her.

YS – I need secretary Kim, why, because…..she is like a custom made suit to me. I don’t even care about suits from factories.

YS – he compares humans to suits?….

Meanwhile, MS says a nice goodbye to JR. JR smiles and goes to leave but she turns and asks eunnie if she has met someone that cares about her. But MS could not answer.

MS goes back inside her home and looks at her old diary. She smiles as she flips throught it. At the same time, YJ drives around thinking about what MS told him about living a normal life and dating and having babies. YJ told her that she was so selfish, what about the last 9 years that they have spent together. If she leaves him like this then he is………uncomfortable. YJ thinks, he didn’t stutter…..he is uncomfortable.

JA shows up to work on her first day and is greeted by MS. MS tells her that she will do well at work. MS introduces her to everyone in the office, everyone is happy to meet her except for SR who purses her lips. But they all think it is pretty interesting that the new secretary is also a Kim so the new Secretary Kim is also Secretary Kim.

CI tells her that she can ask him if she needs anything. JA smiles and says she won’t be perfect, but please help her. SR starts to run her mouth and pick on her, but no one else gets behind her. MS tells SR not to worry, she will train her well.

But YJ comes in like ice and walks straight to his office. The company people wonder if anyone else felt that chill.

YJ goes to his desk and broods. He wonders if she will accept his proposal, how can a human be like that? He drinks his water but it is too hot or cold or something. He spits it out and wonders, how dare she give me this pain?

Int he secretary office, MS tells JA to memorize everything. She hands her binder after binder and explains them all. One of the binder has a photo of the both of them that looks young, so MS explains it to her. It was their first trip to America, she was a new secretary back then and worked hard to not embarrase the VP. JA hopes she will also be able to work hard as well. She asks JA to give thi notebook to CI.

But then we go to a flashback from 9 years ago. YJ yells at MS about messing things up. This dinner is important, can’t she do basic things? She said she would work hard when she applied for her job with her bad specs, but she is already messing up. MS yells, what can I do? I came to America and want to see my eunnies and don’t like the food and I try hard but you are always yelling at me! Don’t you even make mistakes!

No I dont’ ever make mistakes!

You are an A-hole! I have never seen someone like you before!

You will see me a lot!

I will never see you again!

he is left stunned.

She runs out and starts crying on her bed. She thinks she is so stupid, how can she say that she quit, how will she pay off all this debt.

She sees a text.

Text: I achnowledge that you challenged me. Come to work by 5 am.

MS cries, thank you so much, thank you so much. I am saved. She says this at the phone but does not text him back. She hops up and starts to practice tying her tie. What can she do, she will make it super pretty. She practices tying ties all night long.

The next morning she gets to work and bows deeply to YJ. She tells him that she will do her best thank you for this chance. He tells her that he didnt’ tell her that he would kill her, bring him the schedule for today.

MS laughs at her desk as she thinks about that. But YJ is standing right in front o her and wonders what she is doing. She hops up and says that sh was just practicing and passing off her work, would you like some tea? he says no and leaves.

Later, MS goes to his office and talks business. She tells him that he does not have an evening schedule, so can she go home early? YJ is all like, what??????? He starts to think and asks her about all his things. What about…..what about this doctor …….what about that…..what about the other…..why do you answer everything!

She answers everything and has his schedule all taken care of. He gets upset at her for everything being perfect but she jsut says she will leave.
YS wonders if he should have lunch with his boss, but YJ says lunch is an extension of work. This place is the hotest place in town and the food is pretty good. Scout the chef. And, what is your idea? Not about scouting, but about secretary Kim, she is really quitting so what should I do with this nonsense?

YS thinks he can try to solve it but…..well…..think about what you can do for me owner….

YJ picks up his knife.

YS starts talking again and says that no one like it when you hit on them. You cant just try to make a merger happen without doing a lot of work. You dont’ even know what she wants? How can you get married right away? Of course she won’t accept it, you have to do things step by step….dating first.

YJ considers that…..dating first?…hmm.

JA goes to the break room and tries to use the coffee machine but she does not know how to use it. SR complains about it and then shows her how to do it. JA tells her she is so cool that is so great. SR starts to cool towards her and tells her that she is pretty that is why she can do it. She shows it to her again. JA comments on how she is the best barista. They take a photo, but Secreatary Kim calls JA so she asks SR if she can help her with the coffee. SR is all like sure! So she starts to make all the coffees as JA runs off. But then SR is all like, hold up, why am I making the coffee? She glares off at JA.

Cut to the meeting of the secretaries, they all talk about what they want to eat. Pork BBQ, ssam, maneul, lets go eat PORK GALBI!!!!! They all start dakcing and acting a fool. Until YJ shows up looking at them. Then everyone gets stiff as a board and bows to him like polite employees until he walks past.

But then we see them all relaxed again as they go to eat pork galbi together. JA is making all the food. SR complains that the steak is too big, how can shemake it like hthat? JA apologizes. SR is all like, look at me, you have to cut it to 3 cm like this. JA is alllike, Wooooooow, you are so good! I respect you! Can I take a photo of you doing it? SR is all like, yes, but remember, my left side is prettier. SR starts to cut all the food as JA gets another call and leave. Later MS tells her that she needs to eat, she hasn’t eaten all day since she has been cooking. SR is all like, why am I doing this? She glares off at JA.

She finds her and tells her that she is on to her.

They both go back out. Water suddenly gets spilled on someone but Secretary Kim hops up to see if they are okay but then her stocking rips. They all think this is a bad omen, they feel chilly all of a sudden.

Suddenly footsteps are seen outside. The fire blazes. The room grows fire and brimstone, then the VP walks in. They all stand. How did you know?

JY says he heard that they are all eating dinner, it is an office dinner so I should be here right? They all grow super awkward as YJ sits next to them. He asks them if they like this noisy and smokey place. They ask him if he feel uncomfortable? He says no.

He tells them to work hard, he will buy them all one drink. 1955 Whisky? But they are all like, we only have soju and beer. YJ is all like, our company has a problem with alcohol and imported liquor, what do you think is the problem?

Everyone is all like, ummmmmmmmm…….lets’ not talk about work.

YJ thinks work talking about work is great, but they convince him to play a game. they list all the games, but YJ does not know any of them so they say they can do a praising game.

JA starts first and asys that she loves secretary Kim! (SR is so offended,lol). JA says MS was so kind and passed her work to her so well. But this makes YJ upset, he hits his cup on the table. The compiments continue to go around. Everyone says everything nice about YJ as they go around the table which make YJ extra happy. But YJ tells MS that he would like to compliment MS. MS says that she wants to compliment herself. She laughs.

JA tells everyone that they should go to a norbang as a company. No one looks like they want to go to the norebang. But YJ thinks that they should go? Cut to them all going to the norebang, only JA is happy about it.

They get to the norebang, YJ looks so uncomfortable and walks by a guy peeing outside. He wonders what they do at the norebang, is it that fun to go to with this bad environment? MS tells him that he can leave if he does not like it. But he thinks that he will not quit.
They are all super awkward inside sitting at a super small table and not talking. YJ says this is not good, they need to reserve *super expensive place.* Cut to a much nicer norebang that is so spacious. they have stairs to themselves, leather couches, high cielings and an airy atmosphere. CI sings his heart out on the steps as everyone watches and smiles along. YJ wants to know if she is happy because he is there. SHe is all like, yes (but no). He is please with himself and gives her cheese to eat. She hesitantly takes it and smiles it.

But then seh swallows it and coughs a bit, he gives her something to drink to wash it down, then he asks her if she would like him to buy this liquor for her? But his elbow presses the off button as he holds the liquor up. Everyone stops.

They manage to get the party going again and get back into the swing of things as everyone dances. JA has an amazing happy time but SR looks at her with hatretizm (made up word). And goes to the front to steal JA’s spotlight. She starts singing the second verse and is horrible at it. But she is also stupid super duper drunk and tells YJ that she wants to be his secretary, seh is the best, she is better than Secetary Kim!

She dances like a mad woman and falls on YJ accidentally. that is the biggest faux paus became everyone stops in alarm. YJ tells them to take her out so the men all grabs her and walk her quickly to the front.

Afterward, MS drives him home. He says that company dinners are tiring. She asks him why he did something that he has never done before? But he does not answer.

Cut to them walking to her door. She says byebye, but he asks her if today was nice? he will make this kind of romantic date for her every day of her life and they can date. Isn’t this the best thing ever?

But she tells him…..you are not my style.

YJ is about to have a conniption fit.

MS continues that she likes a kind person who considers people 1st 2nd and 3rd. theya re very considerate.

he thinks he does everything for her, he is considerate.

But she says….not that kind of consideration. Seh tells him to find someone great for him and have a wonderful life. Then she goes inside.

She sits on her couch in a huff and wonders how he can speak about marriage so easily. he calls ehr but she dpes not answer. She looks outside, he is still there. then she gets a text.

YJ: Why are you doing this?
MS: Sorry, when you told me to marry I thought it was a joke. Now you talk about dating, I am embarrassed now.
YJ: The past is the past, you said I am not your style, are you crazy?

Eunnie: Hey MS, Can you send me a ping pong heart, I want to have healing

YJ: Why don’t you like me? You don’t like my look? Money? Ability? SOmething else?
MS: You only think about yourself and don’t think about others, you decide everything and oder people around like right now
YJ: are you complaining that you had a hard time for the past 9 years.

VO – Not that

MS: Yes, it was hard. You were selfish and self centered and a perfectionist and you are a narcissist and it was so hard to see you loving yourself in the mirror all day. You call me anytime, I never had my own time because you called me every time of the day, of course I am.
YJ: You never said you didnt’ like it.
MS: Excuse me?
YJ: If you said you didnt’ like it then I wouldnt’ have done it. Exept driving for me.
MS: Well, as you said, the past is the past, I want to have a normal romance with a normal person. You told me to get married but you cant romance anyone but yourself.
YJ: Do you really think so?
MS: Yes, you don’t have any consideration

Eunnie: MS, friend heart please!

MS: *Sends a heart*

then seh gets up and sees that he left.

YJ: Two people shouldnt’ talk about consideration in front of me. One is hyung, the other is Kim Miso, okay? Remember that.

MS – what is he talking about?

She looks at her text conversation and sees that she sent all the hearts to him! She is all like, nooooooooooo.
YJ – How dare she send me all those hearts while we are having that serious conversation.

At home, MS wonders if she should tell him that it was a mistake and she meant to send it to her sister? No, no, no, no.

Cut to YJ unable to sleep. He has a nightmare with a woman with red shoes. She says….hey, little boy. He wakes up covered in sweat and panting. His phone dings with a message.

Lee Sung Hyun: You are sleeping, I am in misery now. (I think this might be his brother?)

YJ catches his breath as he drops his cell phone. He gets up and takes a shower to wash off the dream and then starts to put on his clothes. song, “When I close my eyes, I still remember you and your smile”. he tries to tie his tie and thinks back to 9 years ago when YJ asks to try to tie his tie.

She hesitantly goes to tie his tie and he awkwardly lets her tie it. he stares at her the entire time. She ties it perfectly and smiles at him.

he thinks about that in the present, but then decides to take off his tie and go to work.

MS looks at her text about two people that should not talk about consideration in front of him. One is his brother and the other is her, remember that. MS does not know who hyung is though. She asks CI if he knows VP’s brother since he ahs owrked there for 12 years. He does not know that much, he lives in another countru, BUUUUUUT, he has nothing to do witht he business.

MS thanks him for the information and they both get back to work.

Cut to JH showing SR her dance party shenanigans from the night before. She is mortified. They laugh and asks if they should print her resignation letter?

VP shows up. He ignores MS and goes to his office. he is not wearing his tie. She goes into his office and says that she prepared a red tie for him. he is looking out the window and tells her that she does not need to put it on. he understands her, he is selfish adn all those things. he realized that he can not have everything that he wants to have so he will let her go. But, can you just work one more month?

he turns to face her and thanks her for all that she has done and the truth. it is okay, please step out. he turns his back and looks out the window again. She is humbled and walks out slowly, but turns to look at him as he looks out the window.

Later, all the secretaries follow Kim around. He tells them to give everything to JA and she can tell him.

They drive away with all the secretaries in the car and get tot he furniture store. YJ tests out the furniture. He thinks the furniture is nice and talks business with the owner as they walk around. the current trend is young people furniture style. YJ asks JA if she has the data? But JA does not. YJ asks if MS is training his new secretary well? Dont’ dissapoint him. he keeps walking off and everyone follows him.

back at the office, JA and MS sits at her desk and work. But MS wonders if YJ is angry because of yesterday. She goes to YJ and tries to bring up yesterday, but he tells her not to talk about personal things. She understands and leaves. hen seh tells JA that the VP is looking for her. She goes into the office and talks to him.

MS is curious and tries to listen in, but YJ closes the blinds on her. MS is all like, why did he do that much? Inside, JA also wonders what is going on. YJ tells her to just sit over there for 5 minutes and leave. JA is all like, okay….but it seems like personal things are also a part of this job description?

YJ tells her to just pretend like she is passing work to him for one month and support MS. So she is like the secretary of the secretary.

MS meets her friends for dinner. They start to talk about dating. One of the friends has a nice normal man for her to meet. He is a reporter. But MS immediately thinks back to YJ staring out the window.

A waitress comes up and asks if they can fill out the survery. As a treat, they will provide free sidedishes for them. the questions are where would you like to to go, what would you like to do, what would you like to get? These questoins are all related to dating. MS thinks these questions are very familiar.

YS tells YJ that he wants him to find out what MS wrote? Why dodn’t you just ask her, you don’t have to do all these survery things. I am the CEO, don’t use my time like this!

But YJ is just playing pool and tells him that it is an extension of his work. YS is all like, okay…..~. he starts looking through the surveys and then finds her. He yells, I GOT IT! YJ runs to his side.

MS goes home to her empty house. She thinks back to YJ asking her how she trains her new person and to not dissapoint her, also don’t talk about personal things. She is quiet as she reflects on him telling her these things that day.

She starts to clean her room frantically. She organizes her desk, straightens out her closet, clears her table, arranges her makeup, clears her coffee table and does all the dishes. She cleans everything and tells herself that she will straighten up everything. She gets to the last thing and looks around to see if there is anything else.

She is all done so she looks at her notebook and smiles as she says she should find her own Oppa. But then YS calls her. She hops in her car and head to the meating location.

the meeting location is empty and next to a fountain. YS wonders why it is so dark, no one is around? Why is YS calling her on the weekend, he is becoming like YJ.

But then all the lights turn on and make this area look like a magical wonderland. the fountain turns on, lights are everywhere, and fireworks shoot into the sky.

YJ starts walking around the fountain at that moment like the prince. he is still wearing his work clothes and walks right up to MS. She us surprised.

YJ – Secreatary Kim, did you wait for me for a long time?

MS – What?

YJ smiles brightly.

Fade Out

YJ – I showed you a blockbuster date, so…
JA – Are you going on a blind date?
SR – Yes, we can keep a secret
YJ – AHHHHHH! Secretary Kim I am so surprised!
Blind date guy – You are so pretty
YS – If you feel insecure, just call her now.
YJ – No, hahaha…..who is this guy….ugh, blinded by jealously
YJ – Secretary Kim!

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  1. Jasmine
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  3. JD
    June 7, 2018 / 9:02 am

    Such a fun TV show! I heard the show starts as romantic comedy then becomes romantic thriller. Why can’t they just make a fun romantic comedy!!! That is what I want to see from Kdrama, not thriller. Thank you for the recap!

    • Sam(gyupsal)
      June 7, 2018 / 10:51 am

      I hope the thriller part is good. I wonder if they are trying to do something like my love from another star. That show had a thriller aspect that didn’t take away from the romantic comedy part.

  4. Anonymous
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    Fighting V!!!

    • V
      June 11, 2018 / 3:17 pm

      Whoo hoo! Mushmush! So happy to have you back 🙂 🙂 🙂 It looks like we might be moving these recaps to live since we are getting a lot of interest. We will have to see because I am in all kinds of Love with Come and Hug Me as well 🙂

      • mushmush
        June 13, 2018 / 11:10 am

        I’ve been lurking ever since, but a PSJ AND PMJ combo (and I think in ep 3 there’s a chansung cameo…)? I can’t keep still 🙂 It’s like they made that drama specifically for me, haha

        live would of course be great!!! But keep to what you love more, it’s your blog after all 🙂 I’ll binge come and hug me – I can’t take melo emotions with a weekly wait…

        • V
          June 13, 2018 / 11:57 am

          If Come and Hug Me keeps pushing out these great episodes then it will be the most amazing binge watch ever.

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