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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 12

Park Seo-joon happily hugs Park Min-young in a hospital room
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MS goes to her door and asks who it is. YJ says it is him. She opens the door and is stunned to see YJ there. He says that he is there becaue she did not want to come to his place. So…let’s sleep together tonight.

MS – S-s-sleep together, why thats nonsense!

YJ – Why is that nonsense?

MS – You want to live together?

YJ – It’s only for a few days so it is not living together.

MS – I only have one room.

YJ – that is why I told you to come to my house with it’s many rooms. Can you step aside? I have to unpack.

YJ walks in with his suitcase and starts unpacking all his things and putting them into her closet. He tells her that she doens’t have too many shoes, so he has enough space to put his. Then he goes to her empty closet and mentions that he knows this space well (he was trapped there).

Then he sits at her dresser and tells her that she has enough space here as well. He moves soethings over so he can put his things there, but he drops one thing so they try to grab it together and their bearts beat as one for a moment.

They both stop what they are doing. Finally, YJ asks her if hse is nervous to be with him tonight? She says that she is not! He stands and says that is good, tonight his goal is…..to protect her tonight so she will hav a good nights sleep. That is all I want.

He tells her that he brought something to help her sleep. it’s foot bath salt, it will help her have a good nights sleep since it is minerals and it is super expensive. So, lets have a foot bath.

Cut to the foot bath that is only them putting their feet in two bowls. YJ is underwhelmed and mentions that this is not what he expeced. She apologizes for not having a bathtub. He tells her not to worry and just enjoy it, the effect should be the same. He tries to sit back to get comfortable but accidentally flushes the toilet. It sounds so strong so he tells her that she has good water pressure, is your toilet blocked often? She says, of course not.

Later on, they walk out of the bathroom and he asks her if she thinks her circulation is better and she will sleep well. She is all like YES, I will sleep SO well! He is pleased by this and tells her that it is time to go to bed.

MS gets in her bed to go to sleep and then YJ hops right into bed right along side her. She is all like, um, why are you in my bed? He asks wherelse he would sleep. She is all like…..couch??? But he tells her that he is there to give her a special pillow for her good night sleep. My Arm.

He puts his arm under her head and smiles happily as he closes his eyes. She tries to get comfortable with his arm and then puts the bed up at an angle. this wakes up YJ, he wonders what she is doing. She says that she wants to watch TV since she just woke up. He tells her that it is a good angle to watch TV.

She turns on the TV to a drama (maybe Oh Hae Young Again?). But they are kissing on it so MS turns the TV really quickly to soccer and starts laughing like a yoon. YJ asks her if it is that funny? Do you feel uncomfortable sitting next to me?

She says she is not uncomfortable, she is just strange feeling and she is also nervous that she cannot go to sleep. He tells her that they should have some wine then. Wine will lower the body temperature and make you sleep. She agrees, but she does not have wine.

He tells her that he expected that and brought some with him.
They go to the rooftop to have the wine that YJ brought. He says it is just like a rooftop wine bar, they will have fresh wind and wine and then go back to sleep, that is the perfect plan.

They smile at each other across the picnic bench. He asks for the wine opener. She says she does not have a wine opener, but knows a way to open one without a wine opener.

YJ laughs and thinks this is a joke, how can that happen? Is it magic? She say it is skill, can I borrow your shoe?

He gives her his shoe so she puts the wine in it and then hits the shoe against the wall.

YJ – Secretary Kim, what are you doing?

MS – The cork winn pop out if we do this? Wait a second.

She keeps hitting it. He happy tells her that this wine is $20,000.

She stops immediately and apologizes, he tells her good job, secretary Kim.

Then an ajumma yells, who is the owner of this car!!! MS tells YJ that this is his car. They run out. The lady tells him that he cannot park there because this car is assigned. The woman grumbles that they drive this expensive car but like in one room. You are my son’s age so I will give you advice, people should live with what they are supposed to live with. you should not live by showing off. My son did not know those things and just studied hard and now works for YoomYung group.

YJ – I am that owner of that company.

The woman looks at him strangely for a moment. MS tries to talk it away. The woman gets a call from her son. She grumbles about the owner of his company, how come he makes him work so late. She walks away with YJ looking at her, stunned.

Then he tells MS that he will have to repark the car. But somehow they decide to go to his house, that is the best idea.
While driving, he tells her that it is okay to stay at her place, but she says it is tiny and I don’t have a lot of things and maybe I will worry about how you are so I can’t sleep. YJ asks her if she thinks he is abnormal? If she thinks that way then he can’t help it. After that accident, i suffered a lot, but when I think that you might suffer like me, I coudln’t sleep because I worried about you a lot.

MS tells him that she understands, that is why she is going to his house.

They get to his house. he wheels his luggage right inside and they smile at each other. She tells him that she will sleep in the guest room. He mutters g-guest room? She smiles and says yes, goodnight.

Cut to her all ready to sleep. She turns out the lights and hops in a very large bed. But then the music stops and its very quiet. She thinks it is a little scary. then she jumps when she sees something.

But it is only the VP. He walked in there because he still worred about her. Her house was small so he knew what she was doing, but his house is so big so he wants to check how she is doing right next to her. There is no couch here, and if I sleep on the floor then you will worry about me, so…..I will sleep in the bed for you.

He hops in the bed.

YJ – I know what you are thinking, but my head is filled with worry for you, I have no other idea, so don’t worry.

VO – If I refuse even further….since he has said that much….it will be awkward.

She lays back to try and sleep, but it is so awkward and uncomfortable.

VO – Tell me something

VO – Just say something

VO – What should I say, special brain of mine, WORK

YJ – Do you want me to sing you a nursery rhyme?

VO – That is so oily (syrupy)…….

MS – Yes sing it for me.

VO – What should I say……!

YJ – I will sing especially for you.

He starts to sing…

“After one difficult day
Under the moon and cold shadows
When I close my eyes
The happiness that I can grab
Is over there
Our heart has a shadow on it (?)
But remember
The one you love so much
Is next to you
This way looks so very long
Even if you cry with sadness
But until everything becomes a memory
The two of us
Will be each others resting place.”

He keeps singing and looks over at her, but she is already asleep. He smiles and turns to look at her softly. He strokes her hair gently and kisses her forehead. Then he nods and says, to get you back, this is enough for me.

But she cuddles with him closely which makes him turn stiff. He does not know what to do, should he move?

Cut to a bright day, YJ is awake and looking like he did not sleep all night. MS wakes up delighted, but then sees that he is awake. She asks why he looks like that. He says he did not sleep, he did not want to keep her from sleeping deeply. He hops up and walks off. But he turns back and tells her, Secretary Kim….tonight, there are no guarantees.

He walks off and sees evil Young-joon flying over him. He tells it to go away, go to Secretary Kim….fighting.

MS goes to the kitchen and wonders why the VP did not sleep well> What did he say he could not guarantee? But then a light bulb goes off in her head and the sexy evil devil hops into her head. She tells it to go away. Go Away! I was not thinking about those things.
MS busies herself in the kitchen making omlettes. The title of the recipe is “Omlettes for my man” but it does not come out like the instructions. it looks more like scrambled eggs. YJ comes out and asks what she is doing, she says that she wanted to make him an omlette, he is flabbergasted, so you want to repay my graciousness with revenge?

But then he thinks this is the first thing she has made for him. She tells him that she can throw it away, but he tells her not to touch it again. Then he happily sits to eat it.

he eats a few bites and then drinks from his tea cup. But the tea cup alerts his attention. He tells her that he will have to be cautious today. His cup is cracked so MS says, he has a thing where if the cup is cracked then bad things will happen.

They both leave for work, but MS kind of sprains her ankle while walking. He checks her and tells her that they should go to the hospital, but she says it is okay, it is her heel.

YS is with them and YC drives them to work. YS asks them about the jinx? He says he does not believe those things too much. He saw a crow and broke a cup and his shoes where scratched but nothing happened, actually a good thing happened. He checked his pharmacy department and it was good.

YJ thinks they need to cancel their appointment. there was that guy that had lung cancer surgery. YS says he met him over seas? That guy? I told him to stop smoking, live healthily like me, a lot of things brag about their health and just die. Like my wife that left me….my wife.

YJ tells MS that he talks about his ex-wife everyday. YS is all like, you don’t know what an ex-wife is! Was my voice too high? It was her cousin, not her boyfriend….I even kicked away the chance to meet her. His phone goes off….it is his wife.

He answers, the ex-wife tells him that she is calling because she did not feel good about what happened yesterday, did you come to the restraunt becuase you thought I would be there? he says yes. She ask shim if he has time tonight? YS becomes super happy and tries to push YJ to the good news, YJ tells him to stop. YS tells him that he can meet her late tonight, he has to go to the hospital. She asks him if he is sick. He says that his hoobae sungi (his thingy) is sick so he has to go to the hospital.

Everyone is the car is all like???????

YS notices what he just said (his penis is sick). So he tries to tell her that this is not it. THAT WAS NOT IT! YOBO! But she has already hung up. He asks them what his jinx’s where, they tell him he had them all. YS just sighs and tells them to not be like him, enjoy your person next to you.
MS sits at her desk with JA and talk about the things for the day and the schedule. MS tells her good job, so JA goes to the meeting and MS gives next weeks schedule to YJ in his office. He asks MS if she remembered what YS said? You should be nice to the person next to you. It made me think about it, if you leave me….how much will you regret it? So we should do well.

MS tells him that she is already doing well. he says he is doing well as well so lets each lunch together because when you are around I should do well to you. So lets do it.

The meeting that the secretaries have is over. The man tells JA that the paperwork is private, so shred it on your way out. JA talks on the phone and goes to shred the paperwork, but she shreds her meeting notes instead. She realizes when it is too late and falls on teh ground to stop it, but it is too late.

GN walks up and asks what is going on. She tells him, he kneels and takes all the shredded things out. Then he asks her if she hand wrote her notes? She says yes, the manager only likes handwritten notes. GN grumbles, why did you do that? But he says they will ahve to find all the paperwork with balpoint pen on it.

Cut to them putting all the shredded documents together at a table. GN helps her do it. She tells him he is so cool. He snaps his fingers in agreement and puts the last tape on the paper. JA is happy and tells him that she has a lot of stress becausae MS is so prefect, she tries hard but made this mistake. She smiles brightly at GN and tells him, thank you for helping me.

He smiles back and looks flustered. then JA notices some numbers on the paperwork. GN remembered the number and tells it to her. She is stunned, he remembers numbers? he smiles and says he can remember numbers like that. Then he walks away with a salute. She looks after him and thinks that their is a reason that he is the #1 man.
MS and YJ go to eat. The conversation turns to caramel which is like soul food to her. MS says she remembers when he gave her his last caramel, that was so important to her. But then she asks him a question, why did he change his name and why does the writer have the wrong memory?

YJ does not say anything so she tells him that he does not have to tell her now, they have a lot of days where he can tell her. They have somewhere to go to now though.

Cut to SR and YO walking back inside the building from lunch. They want lunch to be longer. Then they see a couple and says that thye are dating. YO tells SR that she should ate that super hero some-nam. But SR is not sure that it will be like that.

They get to the secretary’s room. Everyone is there. YC is there as well but he just eats his food and does not talk to SR. SR gets a text and pretends that it is from an Oppa that likes her int he neighborhood. The other secretaries think that he likes her. This makes YC so jealous, he tries not to be jealous, but he leans in to the conversation. SR says that if she dated SOMEONE then he would not text her like this.

YC drinks his coke so SR yells, HOW CAN YOU DRINK COKE LIKE THIS? YC starts to choke on the coke and has to cough it up. SR tries to play it off and says that she likes coke, then she leaves. Everyone is all like, maybe she likes coke a lot?

SR walks away and mutters that she is envious of couples. YC runs out of nowhere with a coke like a hero of the story and gives it to her. He tells her to drink it alone. Then he runs off. SR wonders why he told her to drink it alone.

But then she drank some and sees a note: Bong, you are cute. She drinks some more and sees some more….would you like to date? She starts laughing and chugs the coke. YC looks at her secretly and smiles.
MS and YJ walk through a competitor department store. MS tells him if they went to his department store then everyone would be nervous. She pulls him to the dish department and tells him that she wants to buy him a pretty cup. She wants to buy it for him because his cup was cracked.

A worker ajumma comes up to them and says that they have a set that is popular for newly married couples. YJ ask sfor the set please, I want to buy it! But MS tlls her that the mug by itself is okay. He tells her that they are living together so they are just like a newly wed couple. But seh tells him to stop.

She walks away, YJ thinks that newly married couple and dish set sounds…good. Later on, he walks away with the matching blue and pink pastel cups. he tells MS that he has thought about her comfort, First, everyone should wear sneakers. MS thinks that is going too far. Second, I will give you a car and driver, this time do not sell this car. MS thinks it is too much. Third, he will buy her new shoes, she can get new shoes and throw away her jinx. Lets not care about shoes anymore. Lets go buy some shoes, I will buy you all the shoes.

She tells him not to spend unneccessarily. He smiles and says he will not behave like a typical chaebol.

They get back to work. JA is flustered and says that seh wanted to call him, his parents are there.

YJ looks though his office and sees his parents there. His face grows serious and he goes inside. MS tells JA that she has to go to a meeting, but can you go for me, you can write what happens. JA agrees and gets her stuff to leave.

Inside the office, Appa asks YJ if he did not lose his memory, is that true?

YJ does not answer and bows his head.

Appa – So when you said you didn’t remember, I should have suspected you more.

Umma – No, it was my fault, when you told me to put him in the hospital, I shouldnt’ have resisted.

Appa – can you tell me Young-joon…why did you think like that and what really happened. I want to ask you even though I don’t deserve it.

YJ stays quiet and clenches his jaw as he thinks.

His parents look at his anxiously. YJ swallows.

Then we are taken back to a flashback. His brother is walking YJ somewhere. YJ asks what is going on? He wants to go home. His bother asks him if he is scared. YJ says he is not, but can he have somewater? i am so thirsty. The brother tells him to wait there, he will get some. But YJ wants to go together. SY asks him if he is scared? YJ says he is not scared, just don’t get anything carbonated.

SY leaves with a chuckle.

Little YJ walks around and thinks this place is strange. Why isn’t anyone aroung. Then that lady calls to him and asks him to help her carry her luggage, her house is over there. He says he has to go home also. the woman tells him that she has to get her daughter, she has a fever, But I have a leg injury. He tells her that he will help her. Then she pulls out a drink and asks him if he would like it? He says he is okay. But she tells him to just drink it, she is so thankful to him.

He takes it and drinks it because he is so thirsty.

Cut to SY asking the butler to move his things to YJ’s room. The butler wants to know why he is saying that. SY says that that room was his room from the begining and this room was his room. He stand up and says that ajusshi knew everything because he was here since I was young. The ajusshi looks like he knows but he does not want to make him uncomfortable. He tells SY that he will do it over the weekeng.

SY – This was all his, this room, what happened that day?

Flashback to the father yelling at SY amongst a lot of people, WHERE DID YOU LEAVE HIM! WHERE! WE DON’T HAVE TIME! TELL ME!

Cut to YJ in the hospital. the doctor says that the scar will be there forever. SY is overcome with grief.

In the present, he wonders…switching my memory? That day….after the hospital when I came home. An unnexpected thing was waiting for me.

YJ goes to his room, but SY is there. YJ asks him why he is there. But SY says it is his room! Because of you, I was trapped there for 3 days! Get out of my room! Get out! Get out! You bad guy!

VO – He was so guilty so he changed his memory. He believes he is the one that was kidnapped. He is becoming violent.

SY yells at YJ and tells him to leave wherever he is.

YJ – That became anger toward me. I was the one suffering and I was still in pain, but he made me the accuser.

Cut to SY beating YJ up and fighting with him.

YJ – One day I tried not to lose, so we became worse and fought so the adults had to seperate us.

Young Umma – SY has to go to the mental hospital? But it is just a little confusion.

Appa – Didn’t you see Sung-yeon swinging that baseball bat? We have to think about Sung-hyeon.

Umma – What about Sung-hyun? He won’t be able to recover? Why did this happen to us? I want to die!

YJ – Death to me is not just some word in a book. it is something that has a form and sound and smell. It was so clear.

Flashback to Umma and Appa sitting around the table with little YJ. They start to eat but YJ collapses. He comes back and pretends that he does not remember anything and apologizes to Hyung for kidnapping him.

YJ – Back then, I thought everyone would continue living if I did that.

Umma – I am sorry Young-joon, it is all my fault. You should be the one that was suffering the most. I should not have said that. Sung-yeon thinks he suffered it, but he did not see it so I thought he had less trauma. We thought that was the way we could protect both of you. But if we corrected it back then, then I think you could have been happier now. I regert that my entire life.

Appa – It is all our fault, we made you carry this big burden, we are really sorry.

YJ – No, I understand (holding back tears)

Umma – No, you shuold not try to understand, you should blame us since you suffered so much. you can tell us that, it is okay Young-joon!

Young-joon breaks down and starts crying into his hands. MS hears it all from outside and starts to tear up as well. She has tea in her hands and just stands at the door and looks at YJ crying.

Later on, Umma and Appa leave. MS bows to them both but they just walk out. Umma turns to MS and tells her to please take care of her Young-joon. MS tells her to not worry, madame. They smile at each other.

But then MS looks toward the office.
YJ is still sitting on the couch in the same spot. He has stopped crying. MS goes into the room and sits next to him. They don’t say anything. Later on, he drives her home They are still quiet. MS tries to cheer the situation up and asks what they should eat? Would you like an omlette? Would you like some more wine?

But YJ is just thinking about his parents converstation

YJ – What about Hyung?

Umma – He said he will go to France soon, I don’t think he will come back for a long time.

YJ swings the car around in a U-Turn.


SY cleans up his things at home and packs. YJ walks into the room as he is doing so. SY asks him what’s up.

YJ – So, you are running away, that is your choice?

SY – Oh…well, to you I am weak and pitiful guy. That is why you have that arogant decision. Back then, you shuold have trust me that I can win and won’t hide the truth! You pretend like you lost your memory because you are good to me. Because of that arrogant decision, I hated you and spent half of my life pitying myself. YOU KNOW THAT!

YJ – I am sorry.

SY – What?

YJ – I thought pretending like I lost my memory was the best choice. Instead of the name that would be confused, so I just changed my name and thought everything would be fine. I thought I could just sacrifice myself and it would all be okay. But today when I heard that Ummoni said she was guitly her entire life, even though it is painful for us, we should all work together to get over it. That is family right? As you said, I was arrogant. I am sorry that I took the chance that you can’t live properly.

SY – Can you forgive me for torturing you for a long long time?

YJ – If I say my past was not torturous, then that is a lie, but it is not because of you hyung. I just had a lot of damage from that incident. From the begining it wasn’t about you. So I don’t have to forgive you. So hyung, from now on it will be difficult for you, but I want you to feel good after putting your guiltifeeling away. Not for me, but for yourself.

He turns to leave.

SY – I am sorry. Back then….It should have been me, then I thought I would survive.

SY starts crying where he stands. YJ’s back is still turned to him, he looks up and walks out. he slowly walks away outside, MS is waiting for him.

YJ keeps walking in his own thoughts and looks up at MS who is standing there waiting for him. She tries to smile warmly and he does as well.

Later that night, they sit on his couch drinking wine. YJ chuckles. MS asks him why he is chuckling.

YJ – I thought I would feel uncomfortable when everything was revealed, but I feel better, I think it is better that I told the entire truth.

MS – Yes, honesty is the best thing.

YJ – You think so? So….can I tell you my true feeling?

He leans in and kisses her deeply on the couch. then he lays her down on the couch and keeps kissing her for a long time.

But they stop and he looks at her.

YJ – tonight…I don’t want to just pass tonight.

He starts to kiss her again and moves his hand to pull her blouse bow ten he starts to undo her blouse buttons as they keep kissing. mS looks a bit nervous so he stops Kissing her and they look at each other longingly.

Fade Out

Finally a mother in law that is wonderful and stays wonderful! Love this show so much, it is so delightful. Now all the secrets are really really for real out…for real this time. No one has anymore secrets. At least not that I know of. I love that YJ feels like a big ol weight has been lifted from his shoulders, he can finally let go of that huge resentment balloon he has toward his brother and let it float away. Now he can get on with more important things, like everything to do with Miso. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I’m happy for my girl ^_^ .


YJ – I have to go on a business trip, should I take you with me also? I even want to put you in my carry on.
MS – I miss you.
YJ – I need to see Secretary Kim, let’s hurry hurry hurry.
YJ – Ah, I didn’t show her my addictive face for almost a week.
MS – From yesterday, when I see you it reminds me of words.
YJ – Sexy? Intriguing? Detrimental?
MS – Bulldozer.
YJ – B-bulldozer?
YS – What did you push her so much with, you sexy bulldozer sly Young-joon.

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    July 12, 2018 / 8:53 am

    That is just so sad!!! We finally get to find out why he switched his name and how come his brother had the wrong memory (although we all suspected correctly due to guilt). Gosh, the burden that YJ suffered all along. Not only did he have taunts and nightmares from the kidnapping, but he couldn’t even share it with anyone. After coming home, his brother was blaming him and beating him up (so wrong). Then he has to fake his memory loss for the benefit of his family. He is the least selfish of all!

    July 12, 2018 / 9:05 am

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        Where did you see 90 episodes of the webtoon from? I can only see 41 🙁

  5. Ana
    July 12, 2018 / 9:06 am

    That enddddd
    They love torturing us don’t they 😂
    But I’m happy everything’s out now catharsis is always the best thing ❤️

    • V
      July 12, 2018 / 9:13 am

      OMG they love torturing us! I am so curious about the next two weeks. Will we have a see of fluff to sift through …..because I’m cool with that.

  6. Jo
    July 12, 2018 / 9:29 am

    I found this site when I was impatient to wait for the English subs on Viki. I appreciate your time and dedication. YOU ARE AWESOME! PLEASE don’t lose your passion, there are people like me that benefits from you!

    • V
      July 12, 2018 / 11:24 am

      Thank you Jo, we will try not to! So far it is more of a squeezing the time in thing, but we are making it work 🙂

  7. Nur
    July 12, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Thank you very much for the translation. I enjoy them so much.

  8. Shayri
    July 12, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    THANK YOU!!! Your comments are E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! LOL😀😉🙈

  9. comatosegal
    July 12, 2018 / 2:03 pm

    Thank you so much for your brilliant recap! I utterly enjoyed this episode! I agree it is wonderful that Umma is a shipper and we don’t get that “oh, but she is poor” nonsense. Both Umma and Appa know Miso’s value. Also, kudos to the actor playing little YJ for some wonderful acting!

  10. Anonymous
    July 12, 2018 / 9:46 pm

    Thank you

  11. Shayri
    July 13, 2018 / 3:30 pm

    The preview is up 👆😁Please translate & embed the video if you can.

    • V
      July 13, 2018 / 4:57 pm

      We have some time, we can do that now! Just found it 🙂

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