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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 11

Park Seo Joon sits quietly in a hospital hallway in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
I am very excited to see what happens today in the aftermath of Miso’s fainting spell. Did she remember a lot or did she remember everything? We only have 3 weeks left so I feel like she might remember everything, but then where would all the tension go? So maybe she did not remember everything? No Spoilers for all of you that know!

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Airing: July 11th, 22:00 tvN
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MS asks SY why he is there, he says he heard his memory is wrong, do you agree? He turns his head to her. Is it that uncomfortable a question that you can’t even answer?

The show starts, the lights go off and the bright red lights turn on. A woman comes from the cieling in red shoes.

…that means my memory is wrong…

MS is starting to have PTSD

…that means that sometimes, I dream something that I don’t know the meaning….

MS has visions of the woman that held them captive. She tells MS that this is a big spider. MS cries and Oppa is with her. She screams, don’t leave me!

MS stands up and whispers that she remembers it. Then promptly passes out. SY runs to her side but is pushed by YJ who holds MS in his arms and screams her name. He softly holds her face in his.

Cut to three kids sleeping in their room. This looks like a flashback. MS wakes up and goes outside looking for her mother. She ubs her eyes awake and sees a woman walking down the street. She thinks this is her mother so she runs after her and screams Umma!

The woman turns around, she is not her mother. MS sees that now. The woman comes back to her and asks her if she is looking for her mother? Emo can take you to your mother. MS says her mother is in the hospital, can you find her? The woman says she can take her there, they walk hand in hand down the street.

Cut to a building with danger everywhere. They go inside this building. Little MS says that if they stay here one night that means you are taking me to mom? they keep walking and go to the room that YJ is in. She points to him and says she wants to have a bracelet like him. But it isn’t a bracelet, I think he is all bound up.

Cut to the adult MS in the hospital. YH is over her bed as if he is praying for her.

Flashback to YJ and MS. He says his name is Sung-hyeon, not Sung-yeon. You are so stupid. She says she is not stupid, she is 5 and can read books better than her eunnie. But she asks him what dying is, appa said umma might die with a diseas. Oppa says he does not know. She tells him he is dumb since he is 9 years old and does not know what happens, my eunnie said that when you die that means you can’t see that person anymore. Oppa says of course, when someone dies you won’t see them.

MS starts crying, does that mean I won’t see my umma anymore? She cries. He tries to tell her to stop crying.

The woman comes in and says that they need to be quiet. He apologizes to her. MS says that appa will be there, he is at the hospital but the woman says that appa went to work! Wait here quiety! Stop talking about nonsense.

YJ tells her that she is not awake, he will calm her down Umma, we will be quiet.

He sighs when the woman leaves. Miso still cries so YJ tells her to stop crying, if she stops crying then he will give her something delicious. He gives he a caramel and tells her to eat it, is it good. Enjoy it.

But then they see that woman staring at them. The woman comes in as Miso and YJ are sleeping. YJ opens his eyes and calls her Omma. She tells him his sister is sleeping so he should be quiet. He says that he will be quiet until appa comes. But she says that appa won’t come because….I am not your mom.

I gave everything to him….but it is not the case for him. Because of him I had an abortion. Now he is having a good nights sleep like you two. Why did this happen to me! Only to me! My fault is just loving him until I die. Will he be a little bit guilty? Let’s go together. i don’t want to go by myself.

YJ tells her to forget about what happened and start over right now. Just stop here at least. Just let us go, I won’t call the police. Okay?

The woman puts the rope that she held down and tells him that it is too late. She came too far. Thank you little boy. A tear falls down her cheek and one also falls down his cheek. She gets up and walks out to a chair.

He tells her to stop, don’t do it. Please! Juts stop!

She gets on the chair. She says that she will just owe it to you and leave. Instead, can you see my last moment?

He is screaming at her to stop! Stop!

But she goes through with it and puts the rope over around her neck and steps off the chair.

YJ cries but tries to get away and think of what to do. MS wakes up and thinks that the woman looks strange. YJ tells her that this is not emo, it is a big spider. He did not want to teach MS about death since her mother might die, so that is twhy he told her that.

He goes out and closes the door. then he tells her that the spider won’t come int here, so don’t cry. She says her arms and legs hurt so much. he tells her that he will get the arms and scissors from outside and cut you out. So he crawls to get the scissors from the dead woman, but he is so scared and asks Miso if she is still there. She starts talking at him through the door and asks if the spider bit him. He tells himself that he is happy that Miso is with him.

He is able to get the scissors and cuts the ties that bound them.
Then he tells her that in Africa there is a weird big spider that is as tall as humans so people try not to face it because it might bite them. Miso asks if that is true. He says yes, he thinks that spider is outside, so close your eyes and never look at it. Just hold my hand and follow me.

She says okay oppa. She holds his hand and he leads her out of the biulding. They happily walk down the street and to her house.

She says that is her house. He tells her not to come out at night by herself anymore. She says okay, and I willmarry you. He is all like huh? Marry me? She says yes, you are likea prince. Do you have a lot of money also? He says yeah. So Miso tells him that her appa wants her to marry a rich person.

He says his appa has a lot of money so he is also rich. She asks him how much money he has, can he buy dolls? He tells her that the doll company is their sister company. She is alllike, what is a sister company? Something to eat? He says that they own her doll.

She holds out her hand and tells him to promise her that he will marry her. He says no….marriage..is for adults that love each other. She tells him that they can love each other. He is all like, okay, we can get married.

They promised.

Cut back to the present. YJ says that they went home safely like that.

But then we go back to the past again. YJ is walking home alone, but he sees the ajumma as a ghost and starts running. He gets all the way to the police station and collapses.

he wakes up in a hospital with his young mother and father next to him. She asks him if he is okay. But he has a nightmare while awake and starts screaming.

VO – It was difficult to live as if nothing happened. Whenever that happened. I wondered if you were doing okay.

Young YJ tells his mother that he wants to go to that town again.

VO – I wanted to keep that promise of visiting there again.

They go there but it is a construction site now. He tells him mother that he promised that he would see her again.

VO – Since then, I had a hard time seeing young women like her. I had a panic attack when I saw cable ties. I was okay surviving like that, but I would think about you and wonder about you. But then One day, I met you like a dream.

He goes up to her at the company drinking party and approaches her. He asks her if she knows who he is. She happily says he is the son of the chairman.

VO – I was a little sad, but at the same time, I thought it was good. Having that memory forever, it woul dbe okay if I am the only one that had that memory of that day.

Cut to a flashback of Miso as his secretary.

VO – What did I think….why did I want to keep you next to me.
Miso is in the office alone, she picks up a phone that rings but they start talking in another language, perhaps Japanese. He says he is calling from the Nissan car company and needs to confirm something. She asks him if he knows English? Another woman comes in and tells her to give her the phone. She tells the person to call them back, the person is not there yet.

But then the woman tells Miso that she is the secretary of the executive officer but seh can’t do this much? Is it because you did not go to college?

MS goes outside and talk to her sister on the phone about how there are so many smart people there. She is the only stupid one….but I am okay, you know that I adapt to my environment….Eunnie, I will go back inside, bye bye.

YJ saw her talking to her sister and wanted to go up to her, but decided not to.

Later on, he gives her a Japanese book and tells her to master 30 pages a day, he will test her everyday. She is shocked that she will be tested everyday.

Cut to him testing her in Japanese. He is a stern instructor. he asks her questions like tell me how the weather is or tell me your plans for today. But all she can say is “I’m Sorry” in Japanese. he writes something on a postit note and tells her to memorize everything.

The postit note says that she should memorize everything as if her life is on the line. MS says she will really memorize everything and get her humiliation back. On the postit she wrote that her boss is an A-hole.

Later he meets with her and she tells him his schedule. She said it in japanese. he is happy that she did it so he givees her a present since she improved so quickly. You are the first person to get a present from me so keep your honored heart. She opens the gift, it is a Chinese book (lol). He tells her that seh can do it!

Later that night, he calls for her but she does not come. She he gets up and goes to the cubicles. It is all dark in there and no one is around. Miso is sleeping on her studies. he looks at her sweetly and then taps her desk. She hops up and apologizes immediately.

He tells her that she spent 3 nights here so she can go home. He says it is okay, that thing is delayed, they just told him that so you can go home. He walks out and she happily gets her things and goes home.

YJ watches her leave and then calls to delay the merger.
Miso gives YJ a gift because he was promoted as CEO. He opens it and it is a little gift that she made that looks like a key chain. She said all his gifts are expensive so she made it to show her gratitute to him. He says it is not his style and her face falls. She says she can take it back, but he tells her that he values the process and will keep it. She grumbles and goes outside politely.

When she leaves, he happily looks at the gift. It says too Young-joon on it.

Later on, he gives her a cake from a famous pattiserie. She is so excited and wants to take a photo with it. But it falls on acident. they both stare at it for a moment. Then MS apologies profusely. But he says it is okay, don’t make that kind of face on your birthday, at least if fell prettily.

VO – I thought we would be together like this forever.

But then we see the moment when Miso said she would quit.

VO – Then I realized that I can’t let you go. From the begining, you were the only one for me. So, just wake up Kim Miso.

He holds her hands next to her bedside and the camera scrolls to SY watching them.

Cut to YJ pushing SY against the wall. He yells at him, what did you say to her! How long will you torture people with that story!

SY tells him that the person trapped there was not him, it was you right. You remember everything that happened.

YJ lets go of him.

SY – This should be right since you are nervous now. It was strange but I could not understand. Watching me suffer, but you did not feel any guilty feelings. Because you were trapped and not me.

YJ stays looking at the wall for a long time, then he goes and sits on the bench in the hallway for a long time.

Finally, he goes back inside the room and sees that Miso is awake.
He runs over to her, but she is stunned so he tells her that he will bring her something to drink. He thinks he should ive JA more work to do, you work too much.

MS – You didn’t lose your memory right, you just pretended like you lost your memory?

YJ – I don’t know what you are talking about

MS – Sung-hyun Oppa, I remember everything, what happened that day, that woman. And now I understand why I wanted to find you so much. thank you. You should have been scared that night, but I wanted to tell you thank you for protecting me. i wanted to tell you that.

MS starts crying softly in her hospital bed. YJ does not know what to say to her.

YJ – Without me, who could have protected you like that. It was possible because it was Lee Young-joon. I could have just hid from you forever, but I failed.

He walks to her bedside and tells her not to cry, maintain your calmness.

She yells at him, how can you do that? How can you keep it secret for so long.

YJ – I couldnt’ forget it for even one day. The sound or how it looked…when I closed my eyes, it was so clear, like yesterday. that cruel thing. That is why I thought that it was good for you not to remember it.

MS – There is nothing that you can’t hide forever.

YJ – I know, but I wanted to hide it as long as possible because I did not want to share any of that pain with you. it is better not to remember it forever.

MS – How can you say that? If I was suffering like you then I would not be this sorry……it is not your style to be this considerate. You should be this selfish like before and think about only yourself.

He smiles.

YJ – Why don’t you praise me? Or diss me? One or the other.

MS – Can you just not hide anything from me from now on?

He holds her hands.

YJ – I promise. I will be next to you tonight, like that night.

They both smile.
Meanwhile, SY walks down the street looking like his world has shattered. he gets to a makguli place and has a flashback.

He goes to the place where his brother was trapped and cries, he thinks that his brother was there because he abandoned him? He was trapped here? He starts crying a lot.

In the present, SY has a panic attack and almost gets hit by a car.

Elsewhere, Umma waits at home when the maid tells her to go somewhere. She is brought to her sons room. His room is a mess, he threw everything everywhere. he asks his mom why she didn’t tell him everything. Why didn’t you tell me before that my memory is wrong?

Umma apologizes and tears up.

SY yells, how stupid did I look to Young-joon!

Umma says that Yong-joon doesn’t know, he lost his memory.

But SY yells, he didn’t lose his memory! He remembers everything that happened!

This is news to Umma, she thought both her sons didn’t remember. She falls to the ground.

The doctors tell YJ that MS is okay. Her vitals are fine, it is just momentary hypotension. They all bow to him. YJ is about to go inside but sees a little girl with a princess doll.

Cut to MS working in her hosital gown. She puts it down when YJ comes in and stands. He tells her that he found a lady that she will recognize right away because they never change their look.

he pulls out the gift of the doll, it is still in that box. He told her that after that incident they closed the company. There was not that many bu the kept one just in case.

MS is amazed.

So am I good as your husband to be? Don’t you remember? You asked me if I was good enough to be your husband and if I had enough money to buy this Nana Sweet Home.

MS – I don’t remember.

YJ is all like, do you know how much trouble it was for a young boy to get this princess? All the elders worried about me and my sexual identity, but it is okay that you don’t remember, it is my present to you.

She smiles and thanks him, she is happy that she has it, she loved it when she was little, the dress was so pretty.

But it isn’t okay anymroe?

It is a little….old fashioned.

They both laugh a bit.

Then she tells him about dogs that chew things made of cow leather. So when it was burried in the ground then it will dissapear. So Big Bang’s bones that he burried will be gone too. Memories can dissapear like Big Bangs gum. So would you like to put our bad memories together deep in the ground?

He looks like he likes that idea and gives her a big back hug.

MS – I am so happy that you are the oppa that I was looking for.

YJ – I am happy too, I was having a hard time not lettng you notice it.
Cut to MS telling YJ that she is really really okay! She just passed out, she does not need a thorough checkup. But she says that she is fine. She wants to go to work. He says that he values her passion and will to work for teh last 9 years. But not anymore…because you are my woman.

She is all like….my woman? Cant you see my hands curling?

he tells her that she cannot work with her hands like that so do not come to work. if something happens then please let me know. he puts his hand in his pockets and walks off.

YS tells the group about a new department store. YJ does not have anything bad to say about it and says that they can wrap it up. Everyone is stunned. YS excuses himself and runs after YJ, is there something urgent? Is it because of me?

He looks at the wall and asys that he pretended like he was okay, but he was having a hard time. My ex-wife walking with a new boyfriend, ugh! i will try to forget it….you are the only one thinking about me.

He turns back around but YJ is already long gone. YS runs to find him.

YJ turns to corner to go to his office and starts talking to JA about his schedule, but MS is there instead. He wonders if she is a hallucination because he wants to see her so much.

She says that she is fine and all that special hospital stuff was special treatement. He asks why she hates special treatment, did her family collapse due to special treatment. She says they were never rich enough to have special treatment and smiles. He tells her not to smile…..I don’t like you. he goes into his office.

JA comes in and asks her if something went wrong? Her VP is so sensitive, if her boyfriend was like that then it might be hard. No one would accept his personality, he is so sensitive and a narcissits, I don’t like braggards.

MS looks at her and basically shoots daggers at her with her eyes.

JA looks around, why are you….secretary Kim? MS tries to shake it off. It’s nothing, it’s nothing. MS tells JA to finish all her work, please do it quickly. A bragging man is not good but a woman that does not work properly is also bad. JA is all like, okay.

MS slightly smiles after saying what she wanted to say.

In the office. YJ thinks MS is working too hard. Is there any way to stop her from working. My brain that is just as sexy as my body, are you listening to me? I know you work 3 times harder than others, but why don’t you work harder!

then he might have an idea.

Cut to secretary ME not working at all. YS walks up to her and asks her to bring his medicine from home. It is a very precious medicine so dont’ lose any drips…She says she will do it.

YS drinks all the expensive medicine at his desk and feel fired up. He wants to work and forget everything. But then ME runs in apologizing. He wonders what she did. She says that she ate his medicine. He looks at his hand, what is this then? She ays it is her diet medicine. On the bag it says that it will lower your appetite.

He asks her if there is any medicine that depresses anger. She says maybe not. He laughs and says taht he really needs that kind of medicine! She laughs as well. Ha ha ha ha.

But then she gets a message. There is a birthday for Seo-jin, who is Seo-jin, it looks familiar to me. he asks why she is asking. She says that she has an alarm that is on her calendar. It seems like this is an important person, otherwise why would I put this on my calendar? He tells her she used to be important, she was my wife.

ME apologizes. YS says it is no big deal, you saw that she has moved on, she had a boyfriend. But ME looks like she feel sbad about bringing it up and walks out reluctantly.

In YJ’s office, CI meets with him. YJ tells him to take all the secretaries to the spa, he needs a report that this spa is great. So go there and try it out. CI says they will go and they will leave MS there to take care of him. YJ explains that MS must go as well, she is part of the secretary team.

Cut to them all at the spa, they love it. The ladies are getting a massage and are laying on the spa bed. SR says that her some-man loves her so much. he is like a super hero that helps her. JA says she does not like it when men help her, when that happens, she feels like a baby. What about you MS?

MS likes someone that is considerate and warm. JA says it is the opposite of the VP! But MS says he is also nice and warm!

then seh gets a text from YJ asking if she has a good time. She texts back that she will check thoruoghly so that he has good feedback. But he tells her not to check thoroughly, he sent her there to enjoy. If she only took a day off then it is special treatment, but if everyone took the day off then it is not.

She sends him a heart through the phone that goes straight to his cheeks. He says she attacked him off guard. She could have sent me an empty heart, but she sent me one filled inside. She loves me so much.

he tells her that he has a different scale so he sends her two hearts.

MS gets the two hearts and smiles. But the other ladies think that the VP is giving her more work to do….he is not warm and considerate. tsk tsk.
meanwhile, YS is eating by himself. he mutters that steak is good alone! ha ha! But he sees his wife in front of him as a vision. He is taken back to when he would bring her there to eat steak. He even made a steak cake for her with a candle on top for her. He tells her to blow out her candle and make a wish.

But now he is all alone. he thinks that he has no appetite due to ME’s appetite depressing drug. Why did I come here?

However, he looks to his left and sees his ex-wife walk in. He is startled to see her and says that he came there because he wished that he would see her. But then her other man walks next to her. He tells her that it is too cruel, how can you come here with another man.

She says this is not my boyfriend. YS thinks she is married! Already! how come you did not tell me? His ex rolls her eyes and says that this is my cousin.

YS is immediately embarrassed and bows to the cousin. The cousin says that he will go to the bathroom and leaves them alone. the ex tells him that he always manages to ruin things. Maybe he did not know that today was her birthday, thank you for ruining it.

She walks out. He tells her empty space that he knew it was her birthday, that is why he came there.

YS sits with YJ in his huge office. YJ looks at the wonderland map at his desk. YS starts to talk about how he was too impulsive (careless), he saw his ex wife and she told him that he was too impulsive. He wanted to forget her but he met her. He was impulsive to go there. hey owner….don’t separate from MS….separation is painful. I gave you advice, I was careless….careless….lets drink today.

YJ says he has to go somewhere.

But YS just bounces up and down and asks for him to pick him and drink with him.

YJ says that he should go to a meeting or airplane deal. YS says he does not want to work more! Ah….I should not have told you that! I was careless! Careless! i am not Park Yoo-sik, I am Park Careless!

YJ tells Park Careless to leave.

The secretaries all come back. they are super rejuvinated adn feel like they should go home, they feel so relaxed. YJ hears them and tells them all to go home then. But the secretaries are stunned to see him and stunned by his words so they tell him that they can do it today! they will work hard today!

YJ says to just use all that energy tomorrow.

the secretaries ae about to clapp, but YJ tells them, if they clap for something like this then their hands will be worn out. He tells them all to go home but then asks Secretary Kim if he can talk to he for a moment.

YJ and MS walk the lobby of the building, he tells her that it is not special treatment for her since everyone went home early. She says yeah, but you shuold not do this from tomorrow because I am really okay. He tells her that she should go somewhere with him if she is okay.

he goes outside and dismisses YC. MS tells him that everyone else went home early. MS and YJ get in the car and drive off. YC is left wondering if that means that SR went home as well?

YJ takes MS to the merry go round at the amusement park. He says this is the spot that they were trapped at. He wanted to know so he found it using a satelite and comparing the maps. it was here at the carrousel. Do you know what I thought first, ah that is good. that tragic memory can be buried because people enjoy this spot. MS tells him that this is true because here, instead of painful memories, happy memories will build instead.

YJ – And one more thing, I want to show you one thing
MS – WHy this place, do you want to throw a coin in and wish
YJ – Your wish is realized because you found your oppa that you wished for. But you wondered where your old house was, this is the place.

MS looks around at the fountaina nd the pretty building in the background. She thinks it is crazy that this was her old place. She is happy that this place is not a haunted house.

YJ – You should know how meaningful it is to me that we can just talk about what happened before.

they hold hands.

MS – From now on, we will be happy because we will be together forever.

They walk all home and hold hands all the way to her door. She tells him that she enjoyed today. he tells her that she should be happy since they wee together. DOnt’ use cloches because it will hurt your mouth.

She tells him that she is thankful for his consideration, bye-bye.

She turns to leave, but then YJ says her name..Secretary Kim.

He tells her that it is a nice night, would she like to take a walk with him and realize her wish?

She says that this will be her honor.

They walk hand in hand and get popsicles. he says that it is his first time, so how do you like it? It is all sugar and chemical but it is okay. Then he asks her to go to his house tonght. He does not want to let her be alone. After that night he had a lot of after affects, he had bad dreams, so just in case you have a nightmare, I worry about you, I don’t want you to be alone.

She thanks him but says that she is okay. She does not exactly remember what happened, she was so young.

MS – Just like I thought that person was a big spider, it is not that painful. So if I am really really having a hard time, then I will let you know. Will you protect me like before?

YJ – Yes I will protect you, if you have any scary thoughts then call me, I will wait for you all night.

he goes home and looks at his library. he pull sout a book and flips through it. It looks like a poetry book

All the moments were you
The moment I loved
The moment I had pain
And the moment we were separated
You were my world and every moment
To me, without you
I don’t think I can explain my life up to this point

At her home, MS gets ready to go to bed and curls up next to her huge cow animal. But then she hears all the noises of the night and gets a bit scared. She sits up and turns on the light.

Then someone rings her bell. She asks who it is and goes to the door.

YJ – It is me.

She opens it and sees the VP there. Why are you here?

YJ – You told me that you would not come to my place, so I came to your place. Lets sleep together tonight.

he says while looking like the cutest puppy.

Fade Out

This show is filled with flush and I love it to pieces. How can he look so wantingly cute as he tells her “Let’s sleep together tonight.”

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YJ – With the night air, we can have wine first…the wine opener is…
MS – Wait a second
YJ – Secretary Kim, do you know that?
MS – What?
YJ – That wine cost $20,000.
MS – !!!!
MS – You look very uncomfortable
YJ – After that incident, it was more difficult than I expected. But when I thought you would have the same kind of nightmare that I had, I did not sleep at all.
YJ – Secretary Kim, tonight I don’t guarantee…

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  9. Anonymous
    July 11, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    This is such a sweet show! I read your recaps, then keep them in a window to the side of the drama to read as I watch the show raw. As always, Thank you so much for doing this!

  10. Shayri
    July 11, 2018 / 3:57 pm

    I did not understand the hand curling bit, can you please explain?

    • Hello
      July 11, 2018 / 5:06 pm

      I didn’t really get it either. I need to watch that part when subs come out. But it kind of seems like either she was weirded out by his display of affection or she was going crazy by not working and showed it by curling her fingers.

    • V
      July 11, 2018 / 5:46 pm

      Also at a bit of a loss, but I think what @Hello said is probably right.

  11. ReAnn
    July 11, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    Thank you so much for the recap!!!!!

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