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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Live Recap Episode 10

A man and a woman secretary looking crazy surprised in Secretary Kim
Y’all, I love this show so much. It owns it’s outlandishness, rips out my feels, and hands them back to me on a diamond encrusted silver platter that Young-joon would approve of. I still haven’t read the comic (even though that is always on my must-do list at the end of every episode!) so I basically hold my breath the entire episode as surprise after surprise surface.

In horrifying news (you know, for TV addicted dramaaholics), our screen froze during the very last seconds of yesterdays episode during the most important part! I was all like, NOOOOO what is happening! What is she saying! What is he saying! We still haven’t had a chance to rewatch that last scene so we plan on doing that today and filling in whatever we missed. Though we think it has something to do with Young-joon’s name. Perhaps he changed his name when he was younger? Was his name Lee Sung-hyeon?

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We are back in the car, MS thinks back to all the flashbacks that put two and two together with figuring out who the Oppa from her past is.

VO – That is right, she said hyeon, maybe I mistook the pronounciation?

She leans in to YJ and asks….

MS – Sung-hyeon oppa?….

YJ – Why? (Yes?)

he wakes up. MS looks away stunned.

MS – I called you Sung-hyeon oppa, why did you answer? VP, did you change your name before? Was your old name Lee Sung-hyeon?

YJ – I don’t understand what you are talking about?

MS – When I talked to your mother about the kidnapping, she said “My Hyeon”, I want to know what happened.

YJ – Secretary Kim, don’t put too much value on my sleep talking, I just heard your voice and answered as a habit. Let’s go, I will take you home.

He starts the car back up and they drive off. MS gets back inside her house without fanfare this time. She turns on her lights and sits on her couch with a sigh.

VO – It was natural, like answering his own name…

YJ is at home on his couch too. He looks completely different from his clean daytime appearance. He thinks back to what MS said to him about talking to his mother, then he thinks about his scary visions. He thinks that MS doesn’t have to know. He sits up and holds a picture of him and secretary kim. Then he thinks back to her as a child, crying.

YJ – I don’t want to make you cry anymore.
MS goes to meet with YJ’s Mom, she has a question. Mom tells her to ask her anything. MS asks if YJ changed his name before?….before, you said Hyeon-i. I just wondered if that was him?

Mom – What are you talking about? Maybe you mistook it?

MS – You said, My hyeon-i, when you talked about the kidnapping. I don’t know what this sounds like to you, but I feel like Hyeon is the VP.

Mon – Why do you think this nonsense?

MS – I know it is difficult for you, but can you tell me if I don’t know anything.

Mom – It was Sung-yeon, I don’t know hyeon, it was your mistake…..Secretary Kim, I am a littl ebit tired, is it okay if you leave today?

MS smiles and agrees to leave. The Mom looks a bit concerned as she walks out.

But while MS is walking out, she runs into SY. He asks her why she is here so early. She tells him that she met his mom. He is happy to see her, he has something to give back to her, her diary. Wait here and I will give it to you. He is about to leave, but MS asks him, just in case, did any other memories come back? That woman that kidnapped us, did you remember what she looked like? Hair length or body or anything?

he doesn’t remember and wants to know why she is asking him about it. She tells him that she thought her diary didn’t help him too much since his memory didn’t come back. He tells her that it might not be that he can’t remember but that he won’t remember becaue it was so difficult an experience. he then tells her to wait in the living room, he will bring it to her.

VO – Why does it feel like Sung-yeon’s memories are all heard from someone?

She goes to the living room and sees the photos of the brothers as a child. She remembers him. SY comes out and gives her her diary. She asks which photo is him. he points to his photo, he says he is the one on the left. (But the kid from her memory is the one on the right!). He says that he thought about it, he does not need an answer from her, but he just wanted her to know his heart.

But MS is so shocked that she can’t really think straight.
CI asks JA if she ate breakfast? She says that she did, it only takes 5 mintues to get here! SR asks her when she will have a house warming party? JA says that it is a studio so it is so small and she can’t cook. CI tells her that they won’t give a hubae pressure, just make *all this food* for delivery, we are great sunbaes, let’s do it tomorrow, it’s the weekend! JA is so concerned looking but basically agrees.

MS comes in and lets them know that she can’t make it, she has a family event tomorrow. YO awnts to know how much money they can gather? Maybe $20 each? But YC won’t be able to come since he is always on standby. CI thinks that is not enough money maybe? Maybe it should be 24.9 dollars? JA looks so stressed about her impending house warming party.

MS goes to the desk and thinks about YJ.

VO – VP was my oppa, why does everyone say that it was SY? Did VP really lose his memory? Should I pretend like I don’t know about it?

YJ walks up at that moment and tells her good morning with a bright smile, then goes inside.

MS goes in as well and tells him that he has a meeting appointment after 3 pm. In todays meeting, JA will help him. So he says he can’t be with her until dinner….that makes me sad, so come to my house at night.

MS – At night?

YJ smiles and looks at YJ questioningly. He asks her what she is expecting. Night at my house….will that sexy mood trigger your imagination? MS says she did not go to a creative schook like him so she does not have much creativity. But she is preparing documents so can you help me Oppa?

The word blows his mind and concentration. He can’t function for a moment and asks her what she called him. She tells him that she just wanted to call him oppa. he smiles and says that she can call him that all the time. But she says that she will just do it that one time and leaves. He looks around and thinks, I should have recorder that.
MS came earlier than expected and catches YJ in his bathrobe. She turns away quickly. He tells her, if you see my muscles under this gown, then you will have heart problems, so I will get dressed.

He quickly walks away, but seh turns and sees his scars on his ankles. She thinks that this scar must have been from the kidnapping and wonders how much hurt he endured. She starts to softly cry about it but tries to pull herself together.

MS – Ah…why am I crying?

Her phone rings, it is her sister, she asks her where she is. MS tells her she is at VP’s house. Eunnie asks why she is there so late? He is so selfish. MS tells her that he is not selfish, he is a much better man then she thinks so she hopes she doesn’t worry about their relationship anymore. Her sister tells her that they are leaving at noon, so don’t be late.

MS hangs up and tries to stop crying, she mutters that this drives her crazy. YJ heard the entire thing and gives her a moment. He walks to another room.

YJ – They oppose her that much that it makes her cry? Why? They should put out a welcome sign everywhere for me? It is because I am too perfect?

He looks in the mirror.

YJ – Young-joon, can you be less perfect? ….ah….I hate myself like this.

Later on he goes to meet with her and tells her that everything will be wrapped up. She starts talking business. But he tells her not that, it is the difficult things that you were talking about, I heard you talking to your eunnies, it seems like they worry about our relationship, you know I have an aura that captures everyones heart. He moves his arms dramatically to depict it. Then he tells her that he will use whatever way he can to prove himself to her sisters, so don’t cry anymore.

he takes her home. She says he didn’t have to but he tells her that they can be together a little bit more if he does. He asks her what she is doing tomorrow, but she is busy, this is that once in a year event that she never breaks. YJ knows all about it, they are going to an island with her sisters.

She leaves, but then she pulls something out of her purse for him…..a little finger hearts. She shoot them at him. he is flattered. Then he tries to capture the moon to give to her and he actually takes it out of the sky. Then he kisses it to send to her as she runs inside embarrassed.
Later, YJ plays pool with his friend YS. YS sighs like something is on his mind so YJ asks him if he is worred about something, he looks like he wants to talk. YS says that is true and starts talking about his ex-wife. She was with another guy and looked happy. YJ says he looks miserable. YS says that he is the top 3 saddest person in Korea, how can he meet another person already? YJ tells him he should have done better when she was with him. YS says he did so well, he made breakfast and told him her makeup-less face was gorgeous and was nice to her family.

YJ is all like, huh, you did well to her family? YS tells him that you have to be nice to the family and tell them nice things. YJ goes to sit next to him and get tips on how to deal with family members. YS is all like…….you want to look nice to Secretary Kims’s family? heeheehee…..how can I make this so you can understand….

YS – You know all the small companies want to work with us so they work so hard to prove themselves and make them look likea good company? that is it. You are a tiny company that has to be evaluated by a big comapnay called HER FAMILY, you have 0 credibility right now so you have to prove yourself.

YJ – I understand, so what do I do?

YS stands up and says that you have to bow 45% and smile and say Yes over and over again and do everything that they ask you to do. You have to leave your pride at home. That way you will be granted by their family members. YJ thinks about this

The sister arrive at their pension vacation home. They think this place is like their relatives house since they come there often. They three sisters sit outside. PN brings up the VP, she says that she told her those things yesterday because she is like their mother. MS tells her that her VP has good points. But then the sister start to talk about the other sister losing weight. MH says that she doesn’t know what happened last night, but lets just play today. The three cheer up and decide to have a good time. They all start rolling and joking.

Scene change to JA’s house. They walk up to the outside of it and run into the building owner. She tells them that her place is small so they should hang out on the rooftop. SR thinks that is perfect, they can drink better. But JA thinks they should hang out at her place. CI thinks it is a great day to eat outside, it is cool outside, lets go there. But JA does not want to, what if someone doenst’ feel comfortable?

She tries to make so many excuses to not go to the rooftop, but they are going. She tells them to go to her place first and she will run to the rooftop to make sure it is okay! She runs all the way to the top and tells GN that they have big trouble. HE is all like what? The company people came? She tells them YES you shuold hide! Hide Hide Hide!

He tells her to stop them, but she just tells him to hide! Hurry! he hides under the plants just at SR and CI come up. They are so tired and sit right on the pyongsang where GN is hiding. Everyone else comes up as well and sits on the pyongsang. They will play until night!

Back to the beach, MS and her sisters are also on a pyongsang making hwachae (coctail) with watermelon. They are so ready to dig in, but then MS sees……the VP!

Everyone stands up suddenly…..VP, how are you here?

YJ introduces himself, it is nice to see you, I am Lee Young-joon.

Cut to MS talking to him, um…why are you here? He says that he found a meenbak next to the primary school. he came here because her sisters worry about them dating so he wants to remove it and try his best to get their permission. The sisters show up and tells him that he should not be there to make her work. MH asks if they are dating? MS tries to explain…not really….but he says that they are dating.

YJ – I know you worry about us dating, but you dont’ have to, Secetary Kim likes me a lot more than you think…..

That falls flat.

YJ – Of course I like her a lot too…..

But the sisters tell him that she worries about them dating, she is uncomfortable that he came out here like this. MS says they should eat, he reserved the best restaurant around. But PN tells him that they have a place that they normally go to. YJ tells them that he can go there too. MS is all like, what? You are really coming there with us?

They walk there. MH asks him if he is surprised? You acan eat as much as you want for 20 dollars. YJ is surprised that they can make a profit. PN tells him that she does not think that this will fit his taste buds. he probably only eats food made by the best people in Korea. If you are uncomfortable then you can….

YJ – I am not uncomfortable, I like in the same world.

MS tells him that he can leave but he says he will eat this salty crab!

Cut to him sitting at the table and trying to talk himself into eating. MS is concerned about him. She calls him VP and he calls her secretary Kim. PN says that they are dating but she still calls him VP? YJ thinks he also wants her to change how she calls him. he turns to her and tells her to call him Oppa. MS turns to her sister and says that they will handle what they call each other between them.

They start to eat. MH eats and eats and eats. YJ wonders how she can keep eating even though she is full. PN tells him that he wouldnt’ understand this. But he says that he does understand, he will eat a lot more than he paid for! He starts to eat slowly but then has to keep eating and eating and eating and eating and eating.

He starts to get into it a little bit, or at least acts like he does. he still keeps eating but slows down a lot. But he sees thta the food is gone so he says he can get another dish. He stands to get it but the owner basically yells at him to stop eating so much! YJ is so happy that he can stop eating. He looks like he is about to throw up but is trying to maintain his composure.

Outside, he tries to sit state and mutters that his stomach is so full. MS brings him something and asks him if he has indegestion? But he says everything he has is better than anyone else, his digestion is the best.

The sisters come out in their outfit to harvest shells. YJ is taken about and asks them what they are wearing. they tell him that they harvest their own things and make soup from it. YJ is all like, why do you work when you are on vacation? PN tells him that he wouldnt’ understnad these things, that is why she tells him that he is from a different world.

YJ – I will go there to harvest!

they tell him that it is okay, he probably walked a flowery road his entire life, you probably can’t walk on mud. But he just puts his arm around MS and says he can walk on a thorny road if he has secretary Kim….to the sea!….to the mud!
The team is toasting to JA’s happy life drinking. GN is steady falling asleep under the table. SR drops her bag and is about it grab it, but JA grabs it and then says she will grab something for her to clean up.

She leaves. CI mentions that it is hot uner the sun, lets mvoe the pyongsang. They all pick up the pyongsang and move it several feet. GN is all like !!!!!!!!!. He tries to get into a nice pose as the deck is moved and then says, Surprise!

It was my idea the entire time to have fun with you guys! You moved it at the right time! Surprise!

Everyone is all like…..good one? Haha? But they all accept it and sit to eat and drink some more.

CI looks at GN’s red t-shirt for some reason, but GN looks at JA in an aggressive way and she looks back just the same.

Meanwhile, SR runs off to grab something at a lcoal store. She eats some food but the lady tells her that she is eating too much free food. YC is there and dramatically turns around like the hero of this story, and tells the lady that he is buying all this food. he shows the food to her dramatically. SR is so smitten.

The sisters still worry about MS. PN is the one that worries about her the most. MS tries to tell her that her VP takes care of her a lot, you just dont’ know about this. But then MH looks shocked, what is that!

They all stand up and look in the distance. The VP shows up super dramatically, pulls up his shade and apologizes for being late. He is wearing the best clothing for this job.

he walks up to them. PN tells him that you need knowhow and experience more than clothes. They will have a bet, the winner collecting clams gets a wish.

They get to work picking clams. MS and YJ are on the same team. Yj asks MS what wish she will say, she says that she just wants a wish that they wont hate him. YJ is so happy to hear that and thinks that his tiredness is going away.

He runs like a mad man to collect as many clams as he can. He is determined…clams!….clams!….clams!…..All he thinks about is collecting clams.

Cut to the two buckets. MS and YJ’s team wins so they get a wish. MS says her wish is that eunnie does not hate YJ anymore. But YJ says she can hate him but please look at us, he will show her that his heart is truthful.

Eunnie is abot to fall so YJ grabs him. She thanks him but his hands are very cold. MS thinks he might have indegestion so she pulls him away. MH tells PN that he had indegestion to make himself look good to them, she was surprised, in the news he looks so arrogant, but he tries so hard and even came here. Maybe he is a nice guy. They can take care of brother in laws problems. i like him, so you can try to like him as well. The sister looks like she thinks about it.

Later on, the four of them sit on the pyongsang with food in front of them. PN gets some blood out of YJ’s finger to make his indegestion go away so the other sisters tell him to LOOK OVER THERE. He looks over there and gets pinned quickly by PN.

then he starts to make dough by hitting it with his hand. he says he can do it. PN mutters to him that, if he has trouble next time, she can help him again (remove blood). YJ is so happy and starts pounding the dough happily.

SR and YC walk to the building together. Everyone else is leaving at the same time, so they all go to a bar. But the bar is so quiet because no one is around. they wonder where everyone is and ask each other if there is anything new going on, but they see each other everyday so nothing new is going on.

The owner comes out, she needs to get a signature from someone so she gets a signature from JA, she says she did not see the rooftop guy to get his signature. GN hides behind some ojino. CI is all like, what are you doing. GN tells him he is pretending to be the hidden singer (like from the mask singing show), he wanted to sing for them! He starts singing and is pretty bad but has a lot of passion behind it.

CI is all like, just stop, I know you want to get promoted and moce to our office. DO you want to be under my line? I am right, right? I went to Kori university! (the red shirt). You show me that you went to the same school as me to make me happy and be in my line right? GN looks at his shirt and then smiles, yes, it’s true!

YC grabs the ojino and says he wants to sing as well. He stands up and hides his face as he sings. OMG HE IS SO GOOD.

“With everything that I have, I will throw it all and give my all…please God allow me toooooooooooooooo”

SR is about to pass out with how taken she is with YC. Everyone claps.

Later on, SR is stupid drunk and walking back from the bathroom. She runs into YC as they normally do. She tells him not to be too nice by buying sausages and don’t seduce me with your singing! he is so happy to hear this and turns around to follow her. She asks him why he is following her. He says it looks like she is drunk and will fall so he will follow her.

He starts following her drunk self. She mutters that she likes him….why is that….she has high standards….should she ask him out….no….womans hould keep their pride….

But she falls so YC runs up and grabs her in a very elegant pose as he keeps her from falling. they look at each other like Hero and princess as he holds her pracariously in a dip.

They eat the food they made. MH asks YJ how it tastes to eat something that you harvested yourself. YJ says it is really good, he will attend next years event. PN playfully says they will see about that. he asks them when they started doing this? They says that their appa used to take them there, they promised this to their family when Miso was 4 years old.

Appa wanted to go to a singing competition on the beach so he borrowed a car from a friend and we all drove there.

Appa – With music and my family then I can go anywhere “You already know!”

The girls yell that appa is so bad at singing!

But appa says he is the best at singing, he will win the competition and give Umma the trophy. He will call her name in his winning speech. The girls see the sea and think that is so cool!

Umma says that they still have some more time, would they like to stop by the sea? Appa asks the kids if they would like to stop by the sea? they all yell, YES!

The family stops by the sea to play. the father plays a bit and the kids run around on the beach, but then it is time to go. However, appa is a bit startled by something….he lost the keys! Cut to everyone looking for the car keys.

Appa goes to Umma and tells her that he is a bad husband, he wanted to give her a trophy but he gave her worry instead. But one of the daughters finds it and runs to them. But it is actually a clam. She says it is the first time she found something like this, let’s make something delicious from this. Umma thinks they need more, lets go find some more!

She tells Umma to find the keys and she can play with the kids, But Appa says family is the most important thing (a quote from a famous person). He says he will call the car company to open the car, they should all play together today, maybe this happened because God wanted me to play with the kids.

Umma say this is not her worst birthday, because of this, they can all play. Miso runs up to them and says that she has to pee! Appa takes her away to go pee and we cut to the family happily playing in the wayter. Umma asks them if they would like to come there every year on their birthday. they mother kept that promise until she died. They have a clear Umma memory but Miso does not have that much memory about her. that is what makes them sad all the time.

PN apologizes for giving YJ a hard time, she sees that he is a good person. Please love my sister. I want Miso to make a good family because she lose her mother so young. I was really worried about her dating.

Yj – I will make sure that she doesn’t have to worry, because both of you want her to be happy also.
SY is at home thinking about what MS asked him about really not remembering anything. He worries about that. Umma is also worried about that and thinking about what MS said. She is thinking about hyeon being YJ. Appa walks in on Umma and asks why she looks like that and why is she all alone, did something happen?

Umma – Yobo, I think it is time to tell them

Appa – What?

Umma – I don’t think we can bury it anymore.

YJ and MS look over the beach happily. He is back in his suit and tells her that he thinks he is a little accepted now. He is very happy to be the most influencial person in his 30s. But he is a bit sad, if he knew that this was her mothers birthday then he would think that she should spend time with her sisters. But MS says it is okay, her sisters are happy that he is there. they are sad at Umma’s memorial and happy on her birthday. YJ tells her that they look like good people so your mother must have been a good person also.

MS – That’s right, she was a good person. My healthy mother collapsed not long after we came here. Appa was at the hospital all the time to take care of her, I was alone all the time. i was so envious to see those kids playing with their mother. But one day,

her mother comes out to play with her on the playground. Miso runs up to her and gives her a big hug. Miso asks her to play hide and seek and tells her to catch her. Umma runs around chasing her.

MS – I was so happy that mom came. I was so happy. But they were on the way back becasue the hospital couldn’t do anything anymore. how hard would it be to run with her sick body. But if I didn’t have that memory, then maybe I would have forgotten about her so easily. I was so young and didn’t have a lot of memories with her.

YJ – So that is what happened…

MS – So VP, if you have a painful memory, whatever it is, I hope you will tell me about it because I will be next to you forever.

YJ hugs MS. They both enjoy their happy and comforting hug.

Later on, they all walk YJ out. They tell him that he should stay longer since he came there. But he says he has a showcase. He drives off.

Umma meets with SY, he tells her that she does not look good, what happened.

Umma – don’t be confused or suffer with a guilty feeling. Just listen to what I say. 24 years ago, on that day…..

Cut to SY walking the street. He bumps into people.

Mom – 24 years ago, that day, the one abducted was not you.

SY – It was me….it was me…..I experienced it.

SY’s mind is convoluted and he is teary as he walks somewhere determined.

MS happily eats the buffet food deliciously when YJ walks up to her and asks her what she is doing so hapily. She asks him how the photoshoot was and his plans. She says that she emptied his plans for him just in case he is tired.

Some other gentleman call Yj away, so he tells MS to rest for a while at her seat.

The magic show starts. MS is at her seat at the table watching it. SY walks into the room and spots MS in her seat. He slowly walks up to her and sits at the table as well. She asks him why he is there.

SY – I heard that my memory is wrong. Do you agree?

he still looks stunned and unbelieveing.

SY – Is it that embarrassing of a quesiton that you can’t even answer it?

The special guest comes out. Kim Na-yeon. A woman drps from the roof. She has red high heels on.

SY – That means my memory is wrong?

MS looks at the woman and starts to have an anxiety attack. Or maybe it is PTSD.

SY – i have dreams that I can’t explain sometimes…what if…what if…

MS thinks back to that night and that woman. Shw told her that her father went to work, stop talking about nonsense! MS tries to cover her ears. The woman told her that she is not emo! She is a spider! Little MS cries for Oppa.

MS stands up at the table and says that she remembers it. then she quickly passes out.

YJ runs to her side and pushes his brother out of the way. He cradles Miso in his arms.

YJ – Miso! Wake up! Miso!

Fade Out


YJ – Do you know who I am?
YJ – What id you tell Miso, why did she just collapse? What did you say?
MS – There are no secrets that you can just hide until the end of the world

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    Please do read the webtoon even the novels after the drama ended. You’ll love them even more. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

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            I think it is roughly 3 tokens (or a certain amount of points) to read each chapter. $20 gets you 212 tokens and 1700 points. So it will probably cost you around $25 to read all the chapters they have. That is the only thing keeping me from reading the entire thing tonight. Perhaps they will have a sale soon though.

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      You’ll find the webtoon free until chapter 89 on toonkor.co in korean.

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  5. Shayri
    July 5, 2018 / 10:49 am

    I knew it! I knew the parents were too fuss free to not have something cooking in the back. That thing has long fermented & gone bad. Ugh why wouldn’t you get your children treated with all the best resources of the world available to you? WAE??

    • V
      July 5, 2018 / 10:55 am

      The parents have something to do with it! I thought they were covering something up, but why did they decide to do it that way? Was SY so destroyed because of what he did, so the parents tried to change his memory about it? YJ went along with it because his parents wanted him too, but he still can’t stand his brother?

      • Shayri
        July 5, 2018 / 11:18 am

        The woman who kidnapped the kids was a rich man’s mistress no? What if she was the Appa’s mistress? Even if SY got his memories messed up because of guilt, why wouldn’t his parents get YJ treated even if they asked him to keep it a secret for his brother’s mental health sake? & if his mind was such an issue, then how could the mom just drop the bomb on him ‘oh son, we’ve been lying to you, you weren’t the one who was kidnapped’ What even?!

        • V
          July 5, 2018 / 11:07 pm

          OMG, I don’t know! The mom and dad are so happy, it would be a big surprise if he had a mistress. But she definitely looked like a wealthy woman that cracked.

          • Tiffany
            July 6, 2018 / 7:47 am

            It was also my first thought too when we learned about the kidnapper that perhaps it was the dad’s mistress back then because in some scenes the mom does not like the dad. At times, she’s passive aggressive towards him even though they have a funny relationship. I wonder though why the Vice Chairman changed his name & why did the older brother think he was the one that’s abducted and blame his younger brother (maybe too much guilt). Poor Vice Chairman and the hurt he had to bare, while his guilty brother acted like a victim all these years, and all the love he shown Min So without her knowing & hiring her while she had no clue who he was.

            • V
              July 8, 2018 / 9:29 am

              I could have sworn I commented on this post! OMG, that would make so much sense with the parents and it might also explain why they kind of want to cover the entire thing up. I also think the brother collapsed due to guilt of it all so they told him that actually he was the one that was kidnapped.

  6. Tiffany
    July 5, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    I appreciate the recap so much! Since the subtitles aren’t out yet, I get to find out what happens through your page and don’t have to wait in anticipation as long. Can’t wait for the future episodes and we find out what happened in their past. They’re so cute together!

  7. Anonymous
    July 5, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Thank you again!! I love your recaps!

  8. Tiffany
    July 7, 2018 / 8:55 pm

    I’m a new reader here. I came because of WWWSK of course, addicted would be an understatement in my case. Thank you so much for the recap. I can’t wait for the jewelry related giveaway. I adored PMY’s earrings in this drama (and everything else on her literally) and I wish I know where buy them from the US.

    • Anonymous
      July 8, 2018 / 3:43 am

      It’s from Stonehenge.

      • V
        July 8, 2018 / 9:24 am

        Ooh, thank you for that! Also, in the future you can try this app https://www.liketoknow.it/ . If you can get a good screencap of the earrings then it might be able to find them!

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