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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama Live Recap Episode 16

Park Seo Joon is getting fanned by the director as he sits behind his desk in a Behind the scenes shot of What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
Y’all, this drama went by fast. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this romp through Secretary Kim land with everyone. Let’s have a great finale!

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Airing: July 25th, 22:00 tvN
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Young Joon is at YS’s house. Why is he there? he says he is there because he does not know what is wrong with kim Miso. YS wonders what he is doing.

(We are about to find out what happened) MS goes to YJ’s office to deliver something and gets a call from YJ’s mom. She wants to eat with her. YJ says that she likes Japanese food. MS says she only wants to eat with her. Maybe she wants to say something before the family meeting.

YJ tells her to tells him if she makes her uncomfortable. MS says she will.

Cut to dinner. Mom says that she is happy to eat dinner with only Kim Miso. She only has two sons but seh wanted to have a daughter. Now she has Miso so she can eat together and drink. We can eat as daughter and mom, you and me are both pretty so people will think that you and me are like real mother and daughter or that I am like your sister.

MS agrees with everything and thanks her, madame. But Umma tells her to call her Omonim.

They go to a shopping area. Umma tells MS to pick what seh likes. MS smiles and agrees, butit looks like she is hesitant to pick things. umma notices that MS is hesitant, do you not like these? MS says they are all great. So Umma tells people to pack it all, she needs at least this much since they will say hello to a lot of people.

They go shoe shopping next. Umma wants he to pick out everything she wants. MS thinks one is fine. But Umma wants her to get them all, do you like bags too? MS says she does. Umma thinks they are the same,let’s prepare all the bags too!

MS tries to smile but looks like this is way too much for her.
She goes home with a bunch of bags. YJ calls to see how the date with his mother was. MS tells her that she wanted to buy a lot of clothes for her. YJ thinks he should have known. It must have been tiring, have a good rest. She alsotells him to sleep well. But then she looks at all her things seh bought.

The next day, she walks to greet YJ at his house. She looks like an elegant woman in a long pink rose colored dress. YJ tells her that he always thinks so, but you are really pretty today. MS tells him he is handsome. YJ asks if her father and older sister will come separately? MS says yes.

MS hopes her father will not be too strange. YJ tells her not to worry, the entire universe wants this union, I am also right next to you.

The father and older sister go to the Mansion but it is so huge and amazing that they just don’t know what to do. They thing chaebols are so different. This is their house? They go inside and walk through the opening gardens. Appa told his oldest that she should have worn her doctors gown, at least they have a doctor in the family. Wow this is cheabal.

They make it to the house and greet YJ and MS in the front. Appa and sister as super startled, but YJ tries to smile to make them at east. The parents come out, Appa tells them that his daughter is a doctor, a doctor. Umma is very polite and says that she is happy they came, she wanted to treat them.

Everyone goes inside. At the table, everyone has their own server at the table and are served a 12 course western style meal (or something like that, think expensive).

The steak is teany tiny, but looks expensive. Appa starts to laugh with them all about steak and BBQ and pork ribs. But then the conversation changes to marriage. Is there a certain date? Appa says there is not. Umma says that they don’t need to worry about anything, they can prepare everything for Miso, she is so precious to them so they can give her everything. And – do you have a car? We can prepare a couple car. Also, we have a building next to your house, would you like to move there?

Appa is happy but MS is not. She tells them that she can’t marry like this. She knows they care about her and she is thankful for it. But recieving too many presents, more than she deserves, is too stressful.

YJ says that doing too much is similar to asking too much so he will protect Miso. Umma is super happy about this and says that it is her mistake, she likes Miso so much so she went too far. This is why I like Miso so much! She is very clear on her opinion.

Appa tells MS’s Appa that he raised his daughter well. They all smile and laugh.
Afterwards, YJ tells MS tells YJ that omoni was thinking about her but it was a bit too much. YJ tells her that he like Miso with a clear opinion. She says she likes him because he understands her well. YJ thinks that setting the wedding date really feels like he is married, I am sold out.

You should be happy with this high quality prize. MS laughs. They talk about how YJ is a handsome married man that will not lose his handsomeness and awesomeness. Do you agree? She agrees.

Later on YJ circles the 26th on his calendar. He writes “The day I will become a married man.”

The next day, MS and YJ go to the department store. He is on a quest to buy that dish set that he did not get the last time. He wants that popular dish set! He asks the store helper for it. MS wonders why he is saying this to everyone. YJ says he will buy the pot set as well. They are going to lvie together and he will do all the cooking, MS should not have to cook at all.

YJ starts looking at the dishes and picking the best, but then MS takes a call for work. YJ is all like, um what are you doing? Focus, the important thing is picking the dishware, not the meeting. Let’s focus.

MS says that she will focus.

Later at work, YJ and MS meet in his office. She wonders about the merger. He says he did all the analysis and will not do the merger. The problem is – picking you dress. I hae 5 samples from the designer. Which one do you like better among these two? She says they are similar. He says they have a different feel. Bell style for Christmas or traditional bell shape. I think this one is better.

MS says she likes anything. But he says he thought about the hairstyle as well. She has a nice neckline, so the upstyle will look good.

MS sy she is happy with it – I have a meeting. SHe leaves.

Later on, YJ meets with the designer for the wedding dress. The designer asks where his wife is. YJ says she will be there later. YJ sits as the designer says he will bring out all the items he picked. He picks up his phone, MS is still at work. She was about to leave but she has the charity list. SHe has to go to a meeting.


We have to confirm the list, then we can continue. I will be there after this.

I hope you come soon.

He puts away his phone happily.
ME runs into YS’s office and tells him that today is a company presidents birhtday, she sent it, but they did not recieve it. She double checked the name and it was Chae Soo-jin on it (his ex wife). YS asks if it is his ex wife or another Chae So-jin? ME apologizes, she is sorry, it was her mistake.

YS – but what will she think if she recieves chocolate from an ex husband? Am I a sticky guy?

ME – Well, you ahve feelings for her, so at least this way she will get your heart.

YS – We might become better with chocolate but we won’t live like this. Just leave.

ME – Okay – I’m sorry.

She sadly leaves.

Meanwhile, YJ is happily trying on his tuxedo for the wedding.

YJ – Have you seen this detrimentally sold out man? COngratulations, you made me sold out! (he is talking to himself in the mirror).

But then he wonders when MS will show up. The designer comes out and tells him that he looks really detrimental. But where is your wife? YJ tells him that she has an urgent thing to take care of, but she will be here.

Cut to MS running as fast as she can up the street to the designers. YJ is outside and greets her, he says everyone is waiting on him so he felt bad and stepped outside. MS tells him that he prepared this event and a lot of important people are coming, if she knew this then they should have picked another date.

YJ is pretty sad about it and upset. MS asks him if he wants to eat. He isn’t hungry. WOuld you like coffe…..coffee?

They go to drink coffee. YJ says it smells nice there, but it feels like hew as there before. Did I come here before? he thinks back and remembers MS’s blind date. They are both super uncomfortable.

YJ – That felt familiar, this is the palce. Why did you come to this unlucky place?

MS – I forgot, I don’t remember much, I only remember the taste.

YJ – This coffee reminds me of a shocking memory, I thought you would tie only my necktie.

MS – I am sorry but it was meaningless, whenever I see a necktie that isn’t straight, it is my job habit disease.

YJ – Your job habit disease? So all those things that make my heart jump – you are saying that it is only your job?

MS – It’s not like that.

YJ – You have a hand like a machine that just wants to straighten everything? I want to leave here. LEt’s go to a new place where we can form our own memory!

They hurry out. Cut to them both sitting on a bench and eating Domino’s outside.

YJ – Is this like your blind date, that is why you want to eat it hear?
MS – (trying not to be angry) No, this is for you, I prepared it for you.
YJ – You tried it so I will eat one.

Two guys walk by with their necktie unstraight. YJ says that she should straighten them. MS tells him to just stop, she is not quiet because she has nothing to say. Do you rmemeber that person?

MS points to a models picture. YJ looks at it and says that she is nothing. MS says that she bought her flowers that YJ wanted her to buy for her. I understand that somethings are only for work. Then she gets a call and says taht she wants to drink beer.

MS then tells YJ that this necktie machine will go home and drink beer. You be careful you jealousy machine.

She leaves.
YS goes to YJ’s house to figure out what is going on with MS. YS tries to explain things, this was just a blind date. But YJ says it was not just a blind date, she corrected his necktie!

YS takes a breath and says that he can be mad about that….she looks like a considerate person, but maybe she is inconsiderate. Maybe you shuold call her Kim inconsiderate.

YJ – How dare you talk badly about her in front of me! She is the most sonciderate person!

YS – What do you want me to do? Then go home and talk to the wall.

YS tells YJ bye bye bye bye. YJ gets up to leave. But then his bell rings. His ex wife is at the door. She tells him that seh came there to talk to him.

SJ – I – recieved the chocolates you sent me –

YS – W-w-well

SJ – Thank you. You remembered it.

YS – Of course I remembered it.

SJ – That chocolate, we ate it after we went to France and after you proposed, you bought it for me in front of he Eiffel tower.

YS – Yes, I remember.

SJ – Why did you send me that chocolate that we ate before.

YS – Because I want to go back to that time.

SJ – What?

YS – We were good back then, we loved each other a lot, we missed each other so much. I still love you a lot.

Sj – Yoo-shik~

YS – So-jin~

She hops on him and they start kissing passionately. But then YJ comes back in and interrupts them. YS and Sj break it up and YS runs to YJ’s side. But YJ tells him – I shuold leave.

But before leaving he turns to SJ and tells her that it isnice to see her again. Then he tells YJ that he made a similar mistake, so we are cool now. YS whispered to just leave. YJ smiles at him with a wink and leaves.

YS then goes back to SJ and tells her that Yj is playful-

But she hops on him right away. YS tries to take of SJ’s bouse, like YJ did back in the day, but he can’t. YS also takes off his shirt like YJ did, but it is super not sexy. But they keep kissing and she takes off his socks with her feet.
SR and JA go out drinking with MS. SR called this drinking meeting because she had an argument with her hero. Her hero and her went to a pork store. This was the place that she went to with her ex boyfriend. She took him there and saw her ex boyfriend. he got upset at her, how can he bring her there to a place where she went with her ex.

JA says it was the past, but your boyrfriend is hurt, that is bad. MS sighs. Sr wonders why she is sighing, she is the one with the problem. JA sees the Chinese food that she will only be able to eat on her birthday if she dates GN and looks so unhappy. Sr wonders why she looks so unhappy recently. JA says it is nothing.

Afterward, JA goes to meet GN at his house. She gives him that food that he likes and only eats on his birthday. He is super happy to recieve it. She says that she is not giving it to him for him to like her, she just thought about him when she saw this food and wanted to tell him that loving women – you can delay it and do everything that you dreamed off, but I hoep that you don’t stop loving yourself.

GN – What?

JA – Don’t wear only T-shirts, buy some nice clothing and eat proper meals not just kimbap. I want (dont’ want?) you to sacrifice now for your future. Anyway…I want you to live happily. Remember what I said, otherwise I will have to think about you.

She leaves. It looks like GN thinks about what she said.

YJ wonders why MS is not calling him, is she drunk like before? I dont want to show that to other people. That cute drunk girl, Should I pick her up? No, she made the mistake this time.

MS also thinks that she made the mistake. Then she thinks back to all the things she did wrong in the last 24 hours. She thinks she went too far.

YJ is at home laying in bed like a loony toon. He curls into the bed but then gets text and hops right up.

MS: VP can you come to the living room?

YJ thinks, living room? My house?

He runs to the living room. MS comes out from the back wearing the dress that he picked out for her. She looks stunning with her hear up to show off her neckline and slowly walks to YJ’s side.

He is gobsmacked. he asks what happened. She says that she did this to keep her promise to have her wedding dress fitted. She went to the shop and tried to do her hair and do her best for being sorry to you. So, can you not be angry anymore?

YJ – As soon as I saw you, I am not angry. You are so much prettier than I imagined. But, please be considerate of me. I have a good memory so I will remember that place. 10 years, 20 years, i will remember it after my death.

MS – Please remember also this until the day you die.

She leans in and kisses him.

MS – And you have another thing to remeber. I love you so much that I love your jealous self.

he hugs her and tells her that he will not let her go forever. Even if you change your heart, I will not let you go. Okay?

MS – Okay, I will be ready.

They keep hugging warmly in the living room.
SR meets with YC to apologize and does a lot of aigo for him to come back to her. But then CI and JH come down the stairs again, so she turns YC to the walk and pulls his arm.

SR – If you make one more mistake I will rbeak your other arm also!

CI and JH are all like, why are you doing this, don’t do that much, he will die. If you want to drink some alcohol, just call me.

hey leave. YC tells SR that his arm is not dislocated but something else is dislocated. I do not know if you really like me. You took me to that place you went to with your exboyfriend and you won’t tell anyone that we are dating in teh company. this is a sign that you don’t love me 100%. I am leaving, bye-bye.

YC walks out but SR tells him – let’s be public.

he comes back in right away with a Chester CHeetah smile a mile wide.

they go out together to give their big announcement.



Everyone is all like, um, we already know that. Just date freely and stop doing that wird thing on the emergency stairs. They all go back to dooing what they were doing. SR turns to YC like they are both in a hero’s movie and smiles to each other as paper flies.

YJ and MS are at his plae picking a honeymoon hotel. MS is all like, why do you want to just stay in the hotel, what will you do there? YJ winks at her. She finally gets it and hits him. He tells her that she has to make sure he gets to the alter and take care of him. You should hooooo my shoulder (blow on it). So she hoooo it for him.

The countdown starts to the wedding. YJ inspects the calendar, 13 days left.
YJ tells the time it is too slow. RUN, RUN QUICKLY!

MS wakes up on a bright day. Her hard working cow stuffed animal is next to her. She picks him up and says good job. There are not that many days left for you to sleep next to me.

YJ is at home practicing making scrambled eggs for Miso. he tells the love demon to go away.

they both talk on the phone as they sleep in their own beds. they are happy that the picked the wedding date quickly. Well, it was my good decision…hehehe.

MS gives the wedding invitation to the secretaries. They all hope up and do a dance of congratulations.

MS and YJ are at work. he tells her it is one day before the wedding, so she should rest. But it seems like they both don’t want to be apart from each other so they are both staying there. YJ looks at her cell phone and tells her that he does not like that he is “VP” in her cell phone. He changes it to “HUBBY” or “HUSBAND” and smiles cutely at her.

MS goes outside and gives CI a summary of the VP’s work. CI is all like, how can you work this hard right before your wedding, if youa re like this then you will work this hard in your honeymoon. Whatever happens, don’t call secretary Kim during her honeymoon. All the secretaries agree and cheer for a good wedding and honeymoon.

After work, YJ and MS drive off together. MS says she finished everything up. He tells her that he does not think they will sleep at all tonight. She tells him that she will sleep with her eunnies, you always spend the night before the wedding with your family memebers. He says okay, he will let her stay with them.

MS goes to see her sisters. They tell her that appa will come by also. Her sisters tell her not to eat so she will fit her dress well. She should eat cucumbers only. They also tell her that they should cal her to help her move. It will feel strange for you to move out of your place.

The sisters wax poetic about their youngest sister getting married and then talk lovingly about Umma and how Umma was not around MS when seh had an important event. The oldest is okay that she does not ahve a mom, but hse is so sad that her younger sisters don’t have a mom. MS tells them that for her, you guys are her Umma, ever since she was little, you prepared food and cleaned and prepared a lunch box. We were all young, but I know that you guys did not want me to feel sad wihout a mom. thank you so much eunnies.

Her oldest tells her to live a good life. You can recieve all the love. The middle sister lovingly tells her to be happy. They are all teary. Then appa shows up. he got a haircut for his daughters wedding due to all the people that will be there.

MS says that he said he would never cut his hair short because short hair is the pride of rockers. he says that is true, but she is his pride. I can grow my hair back the rocker spirit never ends. Lets drink!
YJ tells her friends that they don’t have to send her all that jewelry. But she sounds thankful for it. SY asks if this is for Miso? Umma says a chairmans wife can’t come so she sent all these gifts a congratulatory present. They think Miso might not like it. Umma says that is true – I will have to wear it….I am so sad. Ah, it is so nice, they fit well.

YJ comes in at that moment and sits with his family. He said he heard that he should spend the night before his wedding with his family and say his greeting. he tells them that it was difficult to raise kids so he is thankful for raising him well.

Appa is so happy that MS rubbed off on their son for him to make this kind of greeting. They all smile and YJ looks at SY.

YJ and SY go off to talk and drink tea in another room. SY is going abroad again soon so YJ asks him if he is going back to France. He says he is not, this time he just wants to travel around – real travel – and find himself. Once he gets tired of that, he thinks he will go back to how he should be. YJ asks if he will bring his new book?

SY says maybe. YJ nods and tells him that he is expecting it (looking forward to it). YJ asks him why he is looking at him like that. SY says this is the first time he is expecting anything from him, he will try to meet his expectations. Yj smiles and tells him thank you for your present. Maybe this is because you are rich with your copyright fee. SY says he told their parents not to get any flowers because they dont’ know it yet.

YJ is all like huh? Flowers?

SY tells him that MS has a flower allergy.

YJ – What?

Everyone is sleeping. MS gets a text.

YJ : Tomorrow, I changed all the flowers to fake flowers, I am sorry, I did not know that you had a flower allergy. i will try hard to know about you more.

MS: Thank you, I will try hard to know about you more too, husband.

YJ is super happy to see “husband.” he writes another text.

YJ: Tt is over 12, it is the end of dating and the begining of our married life. thank you for taking me off the market. (sold out)

The families greet each other. Appa is stunned to see MS’s appa’s hair so short. He says his hair was super cool, he wanted to grow it. Umma is all like, stop talking nonsense. Then MS’s appa says that they drank soju all night, it is a suprise that they woke up, his daughters tell him not to talk nonsense.

Elsewhre in the wedding, So-ji and YS come to the wedding together. ME sees them and is so happy about seeing them together. ME is about to ruin it and say that she is so sorry about that mistake with the choco – . But YS is able to stop her and tells her that he is super happy, so can you hold today’s mistake for tomorrow?

He and Sj go inside.

YO runs up to ME so they can go inside together.

GN and JA meet in the wedding. he is wearing new clothing. JA is shocked. He says he has a first date so he is wearing this. She is a bit uspet, but he says, if it is still valid, then – your heart. Let’s go on a date together. JA tells him that she likes it, she likes it a lot. He tells her that they can drink caramel macchiato. She tells him that is the best, she likes it, vending machine is okay too, she likes it all!

They hold hands and walk away.

In the back, MS and YJ sit together. He asks her if she is nerous, but his legs are shaking. She says he looks like the nervous one. But he says that he has given speaches in front of thousands of people with million dollar contracts. Why am I so nervous?

he sits closer to her and holds her hand to calm down. SHe tell him that she has calming medicine in her bad. He quickly finds it and drinks it all.

In the hall, everyone is sitting. A super model walks in that everyone notices. CI tells her that she can sit with them if she wants. She does. CI tells her that he is her biggest fan. He only drink soju that she does commercials for. JH asks if they can take a photo with her. All three take a selfie. they ask her which side she is here to congratulate?

She says seh is not here to congratulate, she is here for her revenge. That Miso said that she is not dating YJ! I will get my revenge!

Everyone is concerned until she says she will get her revenge by wearing a white dress. SR rolls her eyes as she cuddles with YC.

ME comes up and makes her mistake of the day by accidentally pouring something on the models dress. She runs off, her revenge is ruined!

The wedding starts. SR mutters that she envies them. YC gives her a flower. JA and GN hold hands under the table and giggle.

MS and YJ stand behind the scenes, ready to walk in together. They are both nervous, but they look at each other and smile reassuringly.

YJ – I will protect you forever like this, I promise you.

Miso smiles.

YJ – Do you think I can’t keep my promise?

MS – I know that you keep your promise more than any other person. You kept all the promises that you made to me since we were young.

Flashback to little MS and YJ promising that they will marry each other.

They smile at each other in the present and then are announced to walk in. They look at each other again and then we cut to the crowd cheering as they walk in along the stage together.

Everyone claps s YJ and MS slowly slowly slowly walks up down the aisle tot he front.

Flashback of them walking hand in hand along the street as they walk up the ailse together.

Everyone keeps clapping as they get to the front and kiss. it is a very good kiss that makes their secretaries blush.

The camera cuts to a montage of all their kisses during the show.

YJ – All my moments where you.


Lovely fun flowery show until the end. They definitely squeezed all the whip cream on top this episode and doused it with rainbow sprinkles, but I’m not complaining.

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    In the recap I think you meant sentimental? YJ got sentimental while trying the wedding clothes? Also YJ went to YS’s house (in that part the names are switched). Also “stunning with her HAIR up”.
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      Thank you for that! I will double check it as soon as I have time, hopefully tomorrow!

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      I asked O and he said it looks like the DC Inside group wants a season 2 but there is no plans for it now.

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