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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama Live Recap Episode 15

Miso's father is yelling hilariously on the bed in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
We’re in the final stretch! Only two more episodes left of this adorably delightful romp through Secretary Kim land. I’m looking forward to the father’s cock blocking in the opening minutes of this show and possibly for the entire episode (but don’t be too hard on them Mr. Kim). I also hope our other two love stories continue to develop nicely with our working-hard-for-the-money secretary team.

We are definitely picking up Familiar Wife next week! It will fill in this time slot that Secretary Kim is leaving. We are also picking up that strange looking is-it-a-drama-or-a-comedy show Your Honor. At first, we weren’t going to pick it up, but then I saw that the down-and-out actress from My Ajusshi is in it so my love for My Ajusshi and all it’s characters behooves me to check it out.

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Why am I so happy? Well, this is my moment where it is after work and we can make food with my husband – um….well.

MS gets up to leave but then YJ tells her that he will help realize it. They can come home and cook together, he is okay if he is filled with MSG. I – want to be your husband. I want to marry Kim Miso. What” Do you have any objections?

They kiss.


Appa is in the background and yells at them.


Appa was sleeping in bed.

Quickly, Miso and appa start talking. She asks him why he was in the hospital, why is he here? He says he tried to call her but she said that they had an emergency so she couldnt’ check her messages.

Appa just tells YJ that he wants to talk MAN TO MAN. MS tells him to talk there. But Appa is all like NOOOOOOOO I want to talk to him man to man! He pulls away YJ.

They go to a street bar.

YJ tries to poor a drink for appa, but he refuse and pours his own drink. Then he tells YJ to drink. Appa tells YJ that he gave him a big dissapointment today. You came to your girlfriends house…..well, when I was dating her mother, I would always sneak into her house when her mother was there.

But how can you propose to MS with Ramen?

I am sorry, I just wanted to live happily and mindanely.

Are you really going to marry Miso?

Yes, I really want to marry her.

You should still have romance! I can’t give my daughter to this unromantic guy…..what, are you not confident?

I am confident! I actually have too much confidence!

Appa smiles, I like that you are brave. Let’s drink, one shot! (they drink). You – I will see how romantic proposal you will give to my daughter. I will see it with my charasmatic eyes.

Yes, don’t look anywhere and only look at me!

Appa kind of nods and starts drinking again. he drinks shot after shot and tells YJ to match him and pour the drink over your head. YJ does this shot after shot.
Miso is at home pacing. She wonders why they are not picking up the phone. What are they talking about. Maybe – he is getting yelled at a lot.

But no, they are drinking a lot. They have 5 soj bottles on the table.

Abogi – thank you for making Miso born

You should be – nice to my – miso – buy her lots of things – she likes goldenwa fish

She – does not – eat golden wa – she got bone stuck in her throat and doesn’t eat it anymore

What – really – what about chicken feet – she likes spicy things

She does not like spicy things, because when you had a problem with the loan shark, she ate all the spicy things and had a stomach problem

Really – how do you know – I have the loan shark problem

I also know all the trouble you made

AH! It’s so shameful….(smiles) well, we don’t have money, even more than you think….we didn’t buy the house – it isn’t our house, it would be shocking to me.

I know it is not jonsae, it is half jonsae. $5020 (all the details about the house)

Wow, I learn a lot about Miso. Are you okay that she does not have much


Will your heart not change

Never! My heart for Miso will never change

YOU PASS! I grant you as my son in law (like Jesus or a priest)

Thank you! (he stands to bow)

But – you have to have a proper proposal.

Of course! (he bows deeply)

You can sit, sit, sit.
Later on, they walk home arm in arm. Appa mutters that YJ should be nice to his Miso, not like a rich son in law – I want a son in law that makes my Miso happy. Not the money. But of course – money is good.

Yes, what you say is all correct.

Miso comes out on the street.

AHHHHHH, My daughter!

My Woman!!!

Miso is all like What are you two doing? What is going on? What is this smell? How much did you drink? You just got out of the hospital. Appa, you are almost 60, you shuld take care of your help.

YJ – Kim Mios, how dare you talk like this to my father in law!

MS – You are the same, you have a meeting in the morning, you need to review it!

Appa pulls YJ to the side to whisper….sometimes I am afraid of my daughter Miso. YJ tells him, this is my secret as well….oftentimes I am afraid of miso as well.

They both laugh heartlily at that. MS looks so annoyed.

Appa – Can you catch a taxi for my son in law?

What? Son in law?

YJ – Father in law, I will leave (he bows deeply again).

Appa goes inside. MS tries to talk to YJ, but he just hugs her and says, my womaaaaaan.

A little bit later, MS calls YC to come pick YJ up. Then she sits with him on a bench and asks him why he drank so much. Just drink what you can handle. YJ’s head is hung as he drunkenly treis to stay awake, but he is able to lift his head and mutter….Miso…..I love you.

This brightens Miso right up. She smiles lovingly at him.

YJ – I…….really really love you a lot…..well actually……9 years ago when I saw you again…..I was reaaaaaaaally happy……you didn’t recognize me…..I was really happy…….maybe that is where it started…..when I started to love you.

He looks at her lovingly and tries to softly touch her hair. He manages.

YJ – I will make you happy forever……I will…..be happy forever because of you. I love you Kim Miso.

YJ is very drunk still, he looks like he is barely hanging in there. And he passes out! He falls right into Miso’s arms. She happily holds him and pats his back as she smiles.
YJ wakes up fully dressed in his own bed. He wonders, what happened? Why am I like this? Did I make a mistake in front of Abogi?????? My perfect brain, RECOVER THE MEMORY. But it hurts him more to think, so he stops.

Cut to him driving to work with YC. He feels sick, he wants to throw up, but he does not want to give up the dignity that he cultivated all these years. he tries to tell his stomach to stay still. YC wonders if he did something wrong. YJ lets him know that he is actually talking to his stomach.

At work, MS goes to the secretary office. Perhaps this is her last day? All the secretaries gather around solemly and tell her that they have something to give her. They all start singing (old Langes Aing?) as they all present a thank you metal for all her leadership and being next to them. JA reads this thank you metal as they all cry.

MS is all like…..well……well…..I am – not quitting.

JA – Yes….you are not quitting…. – WHAT?

MS – Well, it happened where I decided that I like work more than I thought. I want to work even harder.

Everyone cheers, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY. they were so worried with who would take care of VP when she left. MS is kind of sorry that they did all of this for her. But they are all like, DONT WORRY ABOUT IT. If you are sorry then just tell us that you will never leave again.

But later on, JA is a little worried. She was her replacement, so does that mean she will be fired? MS tells her of course not, you are another reason I stay at work, because I have less work now. She smiles.

SR happily hops up to MS and tells her that now she has everything. A cool boyfriend and loyal coworkers. These three keep talking abotu fighting for her. MS asks for dinner tonight, she is so thankful to them so lets get together and enjoy! They all celebrate.

Then YJ comes in and goes straight to his office.
YJ sits on his couch, his stomch is not doing him any favors as he grips it and contorts his face in the pain of a hang over. MS comes in with some hangover remedy.

But she is angry at him. She sits across from him and tells him to drink this and have some fish soup (hangover soup). She made some fore her father and made some for him.

What about abonim

Same as you. He is suffering from a hangover.

Ah, that is what happened.

She puts the tray closer to him and then sits across the table from him.

YJ – SOmetimes I was not comfortable with my own perfect self, I thought it would affect other people. I could make a mistake. that is good, I am also human.

Are you talking about your drunk talk?

YJ – It was all calculated. I wanted to show you my human side.

MS – You should control yourself. You should not drink that much to pass out. You are the owner of this company.

Yj – Before the owner of this comapny, I am the fiance of a woman, I should listen to abonim.

MS – You should control things a little bit…..what happened between you two…you didn’t come in for a long time.

YJ – (leaning in)…it is a secret.

YS tells YJ that he should do a romantic proposal and borrow a restaurant. YJ says he already did that. he failed due to the situation. YS tells him he should borrow the theme park. But YJ alraedy did that.

YS – Ah, I forgot, I forgot…you did that. (flashback of it). You already did all these big thigns. Why don’t you approach it as a small thing.

YJ – I did that as well (flashback of the simple proposal in front of Miso’s house)

They are both at a loss.

YS thinks….you did all of this but you are not married. Maybe secretary Kim does not want to marr- no no no no well…..she talked about you as a bulldozer. Maybe it was not just saying it. Sexy bulldozer.

YJ – Before I bulldoze you, just stop.

YS – Okay.

YJ – Hey, none considerate Park, how did you propose?

YS – My proposal was romantic under the eiffel tower at PARIS!

YJ – Is that romantic? You proposed under a steel building.

YS – You don’t know things….it is the romantic mood of Paris. You want to love. The mood….Seo Jin, you are shinier than the Eiffel Tower, can you shine with me…..And she said yes, yay, my ex wife!

YJ – You did that, but she did not stay shining next to you.

YS – well…..anyway….a romantic place is better….ah, I want to see Seo-jin after talking about this.
YJ goes back to his office and thinks abotu the Eiffel Tower, but he thinks that copying everything like others hurts his pride. Perhaps the collosium….the Great Wall…..Las Vegas?

Yes, maybe Las Vegas is like me. Shiny and detrimental. To enjoy it…perhaps I will need a week? he looks up Las Vegas and reserves his own hotel. This gives him a chuckle. he looks out his window at MS working and thinks….very sweet.

SR secretly blinks sexily at YC as she makes copies. YC grabs her wink but they almost get busted. he types something quickly on his computer, it prints out at the printer (I love you). SR gets it and loves it. She says it is so hot, she will go to the roof to get some fresh air.

YC also pretends like he has a phone call from his mother and leaves.

The secretaries are all like, wow, they try so hard……since they try so hard, maybe we should not say that we don’t notice. Only the intern didn’t know that YC and SR are dating. CI tells him that the most important thing in company life is to notice things well. If you just use your looks then you won’t be hrere now.

CI asks GN if he is intersted in dating, do you date anyone? GN says he is already dating. JA looks bashful and happy. But GN says he is dating work, he does not care about anything else.

JA’s face falls, she grabs all her thinks and sulks off to MS’s desk. She gives Miso the contract and sits sadly.

MS takes the contract to YJ and shows him his scheduls for next week. YJ tells her that his schedule is all canceled. they will go on a vacation next week, you and me.

MS looks shocked.

Aren’t you happy? You will go on vacation with me.

No I am not.

Which one dont you like? the night scene?

No, going on vacation is the problem. VP, you hav a lot of work to do.

I know I have a busy schedule

Now people know about our relationship and talk about us a lot. They are focused on us.


I will reagard it as not hearing it. After work, may I have dinner with Sr and JA?

You wont go on a trip with me, but you will drink and eat with JA and SR?

That is not a good comparison.

Do whatever.

Thank you!

She happily leaves. But YJ is left talking to himself. How can he solve this problem, he will have to switch up his proposal plan.
SR and JA go out with MS. SR asks het the biggest question, when did they start to date. Who liked who first? Tell us!

MS – Maybe…..VP.

JA and SR all yell and cheer and giggle. MS tells them to just drink.

JA – Who held the hand first?

SR/JA – Maybe…..VP


Who said to kiss first

JA – Maybe….VP


MS – (playfully) can you just stop.

They stop and drink. MS asks SR what happened to the super hero. SR says she held hands with that guy and kissed him. MS tells her not to get too detailed. They all laugh.

They ask JA if she has a man. She said she has someone she likes, but he does not want to date. He wants to focus on work.

Sr tellls her that she needs to make him focus on her. Be more aggressive! they all cheer to Secretary Kims happy life and for their own coupledoms. ONE SHOT.

Meanwhile, YJ is at home looking online for romantic things. But he thinks they are childish, it is hot outside already so why would this guy make it hotter.

he looks at a person with a sign (like Love Actually). YJ does not like that one either. He looks at his phone and wonders why Miso is not contacting him. Did something happen?

Nothing happened but lots of drinking. The ladies are stupid ddrunk. It looks like Miso might be okay, but she has also drank a lot. JA and SR are definitely stone faced. MS gets up to go to the bathroom, but she is too drunk and can’t find the way. The other drunk ladies have to direct her. MIso laughs and then starts walking in the right direction.

But her phone rings as YJ calls her. JA and SR drunkenly see that it is the VP and pick up the phone to talk to him. they drunkenly tells him that MS is all drunk, when will you come pick her up, SHE IS SO DRUUUUUNK. ahhhhhhh.

Cut to a little bit later. YJ shows up stone sober while MS and the other two have lost their minds. MS sees him and tells him to sit here sit here! i told you he loves me so much!!!!!!

She smiles and hits YJ several times. JA asks him if he would like something but he says he is okay, he brought his car. SR tells him that he is not here as the VP, he is there as their coworker and Kim Miso’s boyfriend.

YJ thinks, well….okay.

They start to call him Young-joon. Young-joon shi!!!!!!! What do you like the most about Kim Miso!!!!!

YJ – I like….that she is pretty.


YJ – Secretary Kim, should we wrap things up now?

JA – You should not leave now! You will have to write your name with your butt!

YJ – I have to write my name with my what?

The two drunk ladies take his wallet and his watch.


YJ- What are you two doing?

SR/JA – you can’t go home! We will give it back to you later!

YJ – Secretary Kim, stop them?

But Miso thinks it is the best thing ever!

JA and SR asks when they will propose. It can be a big event on an airplane!

Oh, thats a good way

Or you can buy an island! And have your own airplane!

Wow, that’s a good idea

MS – An airplane with my own island! Ahhhhhhh!….but maybe it is too much, that would be too much money.

Lets drink more!
YJ tries to walk Miso to the car. She is so drunk that she can’t walk straight and happily hobbles along. She tells YJ that this is the first time drinking this much until she gets wasted.

She never could drink because she never knew when seh waould see him, so she was always ready. But I am getting mad thinking about it….you were always drinking but I never drank…..you made me drive for you.

So…you don’t like me?

No…..I like you. Thank you for coming to pick me up…..I am so moved.

The most moving thing is my face.

Yes yes, you are handsome and you can sing……my secret!…..when you sang the lullaby, i was so moved, I slept well….me careful…..my boyfriend is the best!

She gives him a thumbs up and smiles. He smiles as well.

MS wakes up fully clothed and in her own bed.

What happened last night?????? (flashback to last night) OMG…..

She sinks her face into her bed in embarrassment. What should I do!

MS gets to work and slowly walks into the lobby. She runs into JA and SR who are super concerned about their future. They made a big mistake with VP. I took VP’s wallet and watch! Will be be fired. What should we dooooooooo.

Cut to YJ sitting upset at his desk as JA and SR apologize profusely and give him back his wallet and watch. But he tells them that it is okay. If they had a nice time then it is enough. But…..once is enough.

They agrees and leave relieved. They tell MS that he was not too angry, but he told them that she should come in as well.

MS is all like, me???? She looks at the office. YJ is pointing at her and signalling for her to come inside.

She goes inside hesitatingly. he is sitting on his couch and tells her to sit down please. Sh does as he says.

MS – What is this?

Dried Fish soup (hang over soup).

he leans in and looks at her as if saying, I told you so.

MS can only bow her head and look away. But she is able to resignto the fact that this situation is completely flipped from the last time.

MS – I was sometimes uncomfortable that I am so perfect. So I was worried that it would make you feel un relaxed. As you said, making mistakes and showing a little room is an okay thing right?

YJ – from now on you should control yourself.

MS – Okay, because I am the boss’ secretary.

YJ – No – because you are my woman. I am worried that you will hurt your health. Eat first please.

They smile and he waits for her to eat. She thanks him and digs in.

Yj – One more thing…..Miso, you were so cute drunk, I will never forget it.

YJ goes into the break room and drinks dome water. She looks like deaths door. GN asks if she is okay, it looks like you drunk a lot. She asks him how he knows. He is all like, you sent me a video to my phone.

But she did not remember that. He tells her not to worry about it. But seh grabs his phone and tells him that she wants to see it.

JA – you are only working and not dating? You dont’ want to date JA? Just date me! (she turns the phone to him)

It looks like she drunkenly filmed him on his rooftop and confessed that she lked him.

In the breakroom, he tells her that seh was joking? She says that it was not a joke. She thinks she likes him. She is not sure when it started. But – I think I like you.

He takes that in and grabs his drink. Then he asks her if he can talk to her a little bit later. He leaves. JA is nervous about it thought, why does he want to talk to her later? With his temper, he would refuse it right away….maybe they might become a couple?!? She hops around and tells herself, good job.

Cut to their talk outside. He gives her something to drink. Then he tells her that he knows she is a nice person that keeps others secrets well. She was good to him also. But….I cannot accept you heart.


I want to work hard and be successful and save money and buy a house. i am a greedy person like that. until I realize my dream, I need to live like that. JA, after lunch you always drink a caramel macchiato. But after dating me you will have to drink mixed coffee. And you will only eat your favorite things on your birthday.

i am okay with that.

No…living like that is not fun. I am okay with it, but I should be the only one. I know you are a good person, so that is why i don’t want to live that kind of life with you. i am sorry.

JA goes back in crestfallen. She walks to the emergency stairs and softy cries. But only just.

He stays outside on the bench looking at JA’s seat that she just left, then he looks around sadly.
Appa and Umma are at home chilling. Umma is doing a facial pack from France, it is very expensive. If she does it consistently then it will turn her skin back to her 20’s. Appa laughs and says that is nonsense.

SHe takes it off and wonder why it is nonsense.

He laughs and says that would be 40 years from your age! that would be too greedy!

SHe says if she was greedy then seh would not have married someone like him. A lot of men wanted to marry me!!!!!

Someone comes in but I dont’ see who it was. Umma wonders if something happened to company. Is it a family issue, a company issue? Are YJ and MS dating?

YS and YJ still talk about proposals, but YJ says that he does not want him to talk about proposing to him anymore. YS starts to mention Pro – fessional base ball and Pro – posing a business or something like that. He laughs.

YJ tells him that he thinks the YoomYung Group CEo should be a person that knows what is going on, not a funny person.

YS goes to him and says that he was inconsiderate, he will not be as funny anymore. But he still laughs once Yj leaves.

YJ walks the hall and gets a call from his mother to stop by the house. he goes there right away and is asked if he is dating secretary Kim. He tells his mother that he is sorry that he did not tell her in advance, but…..I want to get married to Secretary Kim.

YJ asks if seh likes Miso. Umma says that she used to. She trusts her and adors her and wants her to stay next to him. But she is a little bit worried. Sung-yeon also liked Miso. You and Sung-yeon were worse than strangers, but now you are together again. But now I worry that your relationship will get strange again.

SY comes in and says that she does not have to think that way. I like Miso only because I thought we were together back then. Miso was next to young-joon not me. So…she is Young-joon’s person.

he smiles at Young-joon. Young-joon happily takes it all in.

then the two brothers walk around the grounds later. SY tells him that he should look better, he is taking psychological treatment. it is good for you to marry the person you love. Did you propose to her yet?

YJ has not.

YS tells him that he should not copy other people and he should not show off. You should focus on Miso and see what Miso likes the most and what you want to do the most with her. When you think about that, then you will have the answer.

YJ smiles and he thinks about that advice.

Much later, YJ is at home wondering what Miso likes and what he wants to do the most with her. He thinks for a long time about that.

then he calls Miso.

YJ – Kim Miso – can you come to my house now? I have to do something today –

Miso comes to his house looking devastating in a black dress. She walks to his house with the path lighted up as she walks along it. then she gets to a stop where there are is a plate of caramels and candles watiting for her.

She takes one and then walks along the path to another table. there is a notebook for her to flip through

Kim Miso
I prepared a traditional proposal
Because I am a traditional man
Who prepared for it?
I did it myself
For you, I am willing to be childish
Come….my woman <———— An arrow points to the door for her to walk through. She goes inside and is treated with YJ playing the piano in an auditorium. They aisle is all lit up with lights. YJ starts singing. When I watch the stars, I hear your voice become a flower powder I want to hug you while watching the nice sky and feel your breath I want to stay in a lake named “you” in a tiny boat If you leave me, I will follow you to the end My love…..I am holding you Please close your eyes In my arms, let’s share our lovely dream. YJ stands up and walks to Miso. MS - What is this all of a sudden. Yj - You said you were moved when I sang you the lullaby, you slept well. i will sing to you forever. Every night. Please sleep next to me…..you know that I dont’ get permission from anyone. But - I am very politely and romantically asking for permission. he gets on one knee and presents the ring to Miso and also a musical box YJ - Will you marry me? Miso smiles tearily and nods. YJ takes out the ring and slides it on her finger. then he hods her hand as they look at it togehter. YJ - I hear the answer after proposing for 5 times. MS - I proposed first - when i was 5. YJ looks at her deeply. YJ - I love you. MS - I love you too. He leans in and softly kisses her once. then they continue to softly kiss. But then YS opens his door and sees YJ standing there. YS - Why are you here? YJ - What do you think? Kim Miso….why is she like that? Cut to MS MS - I cannot marry like this. The camera zooms out to the meeting of the families at the dinner table. Fade out -------dramamilk.com——-

YJ – Time passes by so slowly – CALENDAR JUST PASS QUICKLY
YJ – Only two of you? I won’t let my mother in law or daughter in law fight
Umma – Can you pack all of it?
YJ – Uh, I feel like I came here before.
YJ – Oh, your blind date.
MS – Well, it was the past, you shouldnt’ be too angry about it.
YJ – I don’t like this (he is listed as VP in her cellphone)
YJ – Hu-bby
YJ – Hey, married woman…
MS – Hey married man…
YJ – Congratulations you are sold out (off the market)

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