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What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Kdrama Live Recap Episode 13

Park Seo-joon and Park Min-young smiling and holding hands in a department store in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim
The business trip of doom that will keep our lovely couple apart after their amazing night together is neigh. (That is if they did have a night together, I am going to just assume that they did until I hear otherwise). I’m not sure where the rest of the story will go from here on out. Will we get a lot of lovey scenes and then a wedding? Will the plot have another something thrown in in these last two weeks? I hope the later is not true because I am ready for balls of fluff that I can sew into a blanket and cuddle with.

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Yooshik calls right at the moment YJ is about to unbutton MS’s blouse and ruins the mood. YJ puts the phone down and starts to kiss MS again, but YS calls again. MS says he should pick up, it might be an emergency. YJ comments that if it isn’t an emergency, he will have to quit his job.

YJ answers the phone and YS tells him it is in amergency, one of the companies wants t remove their products or something is wrong with their products. They might lose a lot of money. YJ asks him to send him all the data from that company. Then he starts to get to work at his desk.

MS is still sitting on the couch, wondering what is going on. She realizes hr blouse is unbuttoned so she thinks she should button it back, but she wonders if it is strange to button it back, but it is also strange to keep it unbuttoned. She thinks back to the sexy kiss and flushes…ah, what should I do!

YJ tells YS that the company can not risk taking all the product from our stores, maybe they just want a better deal YS grummbles, maybe we have to go to France? YJ says yes, let’s prepare it for tomorrow. He gets up and walks out, but he thinks if he goes to Paris then he won’t be able to see Secretary Kim for one week. He cannot leave tonight like this.

He walks back to the room but she is drunk and sleep, not drunk and in the mood. he comments that it wasn’t even enough alcohol to be drunk and in the mood. He sits next to her and tells her that he has to go to a business trip, what should I do? When I go abroad, I won’t be able to see you for at least a week.

He leans in and whispers, if we dont spend tonight together then it will be a regret forever. he tries to couch and wake her up, but she just lays even further on the couch. He thinks that she must be really tired. So he sighs and lifts her up likea newly wed and lays her in bed.

She is still deeply sleeping. He smiles as he looks at her and kisses her on the forehead lightly. Her lips move a little bit so the romance devil shows up, but YJ tries to hit it away. Then he mutters, how long will I only kiss her forehead? I will be the forehead kissing specialist.
MS wakes up and does not know why she is there. Then she thinks that she passed out while drinking, oh no! He asks if she is awake. She looks over at him sitting in his chair. He tells her that he did not sleep becaus she fell aleep before him. She tries to play it off and says that he was gone for awhile, what happened.

he tells her that he has to go on a business trip. He walks to her and gives her a hug. She mentions that she has his luggage already packed. He tells her that he wants to take her, he wants to put her in the carrier. She tells him that he will take first class and put her in the carrier? She smiles and tells him that she wants to follow him, but she has a lot of things to take care of for him.

He says, is that so? Then he takes a selfie and tells her that she can look at this photo when she wants to see him. He then tells her to smile and takes a photo of her for him. They thank each other and then take a photo together. He tells her to call him often, if he does not then he sill punish her. She asks how he will punish her.

He leans in and kisses her for a long time……like this?

YC drives YJ to the airport, he texts MS.

YJ: I am on my wayt to the airport, I already want to see you.

She sends him a heart back, he smiles as if pops out of the text. He sends her 3 texts back that also pop out of the phone. She smiles goofily which makes JA notice, so she tries to play it off.

YJ mutters that she is cute. But YC thinks he is talking about himself and thanks YJ. He tells him that he is big, but a lot of people think he is cute. YJ says, congratulations.

Later on that night, MS prepares herself for a video call. It is morning in Paris and night in Seoul. He asks her if he woke her up, she says nooooooo. He asks how her day went, she thought about him 100 times, he says he thought about her 101 times, so you should work harder.

Then he tells her that the cow sitting next to her is his seat. She elbows the cow and tells him that he has his seat now. The cow is on the floor, angry.

YJ looks through his carrier and sees a note.

Note: I prepared this for you as if I am next to you.

YJ smiles as he holds his folders. Cut to a montage of negotiations.
MS is also working hard in meetings, so she is not available when YJ calls her. He looks at the phone and says that he wants to hear her voice. She looks at his photo and says, I miss him.

GN introduces himself to the secretary team and says that he is going to work there now in that position. CI tells him that sooooo many people apply for that position but CI really pushed him. GN smiles and tells them all that he will work hard.

JH tells him that he heard he would come there, but why so early?

JS smiles and says that he is there so it is good to learn the work early. That is what VP said. They start to talk about how VP will be there 2 days later. They are all grumbling that it will be the best if VP could stay away a little bit longer, it was so relaxing. Please come slowly!

MS hits her desk hard! Then everyone looks at her so she tries to play it off and drink a coffee. Everyone goes back to work.

YJ arrives back and walks so fast through the airport. YS tells him to walk slowly, but YJ says he has to see MS. YS is all like, you do all this and finish early for MS? YJ jokes that he did this to get away from YS. She has not seen my face for one week, no one knows that I am coming back early, it is a surprise. She will be happy to see me.

MS talks to GN and someone about their work, but they think it is so cold all of a sudden. Then they see YJ looking at them both through the window and jump. But MS is happy to see him. YJ walks up to GN and tells him to work hard. GN says he will do his job without anyone noticing him.

YJ tells him that gomtang is all about meat and salt, so please become like salt. he goes to his office.

MS follows him in and tells him that he should have picked him up from the airport, but YJ just starts telling her not to smile at any other man. I worked so hard to come see you and flew 12 hours. I thought you would smile at me but you are smiling at that salt in gomtang guy. it made me angry!

MS starts laughing. YJ cannot resist himself and kisses her right away. She tells him he cant do this at work, we can go home. But he says it is not about that, he just misses her. Lets be together for as much as we were apart.

They go to a cafe where YJ just stare at MS. But he looks outside with a big smile and says that it is good weather. MS tells him that he was gone for 5 days, we have a lot of work to do, can we just stay like this? YJ tells her that when he was in school he never skipped class, but he is doing it for the first time in his life, for you.

When I saw all the couples walking together in Paris, I wanted to go home early and see Miso, that is how I survived. She tells him only for today.
Flashback to SY when he was young. Umma called YJ to his English practice, though SY thought she was calling him (becaue their names were similar). Umma tells the English teacher that her son is very bright and smart. This makes SY jealous, so that is why he dumped SY in that abandoned place.

SY regrets his choice as he looks out the window. His parents come up to him and asks him what he is thinking about. SY tells them that he was thinking about when he was little, he can’t run away from it now. He thought about it and he understands, he never hated him from the bottom of his heart. If he hated someone then it was about him. I wanted to be like him because he did everything well.

Umma apologizes to him, they did not care about him enough. If he was hurt do to what they did (or did not do) then can you forgive us? Appa apologizes for comparing him to his brother, that was wrong. Umma apologizes for not thinking about how he felt, they are really sorry about that.

SY tells them it is not to late to make another way. They all smile.

MS and YJ come back to work. MS sits at her desk and JA tells her that a big thing happened! Should I tell you…..well, VP has a girlfriend! He came back from meeting his girlfriend! Look! MS looks at her phone and sees YJ kissing her hand. MS asks who took this photo? JA says that her friend works here and took it. Only MS’s hand is in the photo.

JA thinks that he must be very kind to his girlfriend even though he is cranky to them. Then she asks if MS saw them? MS says she was waiting in the car, she did not. MS gets a text from YJ.

YJ: Skipping class was fun.

JA sees the text and thinks….you were the girlfriend! She is shocked. But MS tells her that this VP is from her church, he sends her lots of text messages! They both laugh awkwardly. But JA sees MS’s bracelet, perhaps she is not fooled.

MS goes to the break room and drinks something. She smiles and says it was dangerous just now, but it went okay, it was so smooth.

JA comes in right away and tells MS that she wants to be forgiven for talking bad about YJ since he is your boyfriend. The woman in the picture was you right? MS denies it, not me, not me. JA tells her that she hates herself for noticing things when she says it like that. Then she shows hr the breacelet in the photo.

MS still tries to deny it. JA tells her to just accept it, she has good eyes. JA shows her the photo again which shows MS’s reflection in a mirror. MS cannot deny it now. She asks JA to keep it a secret. JA says OF COURSE congratulations!

They go back to the office with JA giddy and MS uncomfortable. JA sees YJ smiling and tells MS that he smiles at her, they are so great. MS gets a call to so JA tells her to go in there, your boyfriend is calling you! Before, this beeping sound was nothing, but now it is so romantic! It is a signal of LoVe!

MS tells her to calm it down a bit. JA says okay, but JA can’t help but ask her a million questions, when did this start? What does he call you?
MS gets up and goes into the office. YJ tells her that she should work in their office. But MS says no, JA figured out about their relationship. YJ is all like, so what? i like it, we can be more relaxed. Then that salty somtang wont do anything to you.

MS tells him that no one will do anything to her, but we should not have skin ship around work.

YJ gets up.

So you don’t want me to open it up and you dont’ want skinship. Why do I have to adjust to you only? I am mad because you want to hide me.

MS – I am hiding thigns for you. You are not a normal person but you have a lot of power and influence, I have to be careful.

YJ – I try to do my best for what you ask, but I don’t know how far my patience will go.

MS goes back to her desk with JA. JA is giggling like a love sick fool at her as she sits. Then SR comes in and says something about skippingo ut or something. JA tells her if she like the VP then she will be hurt. MS is all like !!!!!. SR wants to know what that means but JA and MS just say nothing so Sr leaves. But then MS glares at JA. JA tries to make herself busy.

In the secretary office, SR makes googly eyes at YC. But then CI tells everyone that it is GN’s welcome party tonight. However, GN says he will work tonight, that will be a good welcome for himself. He walks out. They all comment on how he is a super workaholic. JH is a little bit jealous. CI tells them that they can still have his elcome party without him, he extends his had to everyone but they all leave. only CI is there. But CI is working.

After work, YJ and MS drive away together. YJ tells them that they have work to do at his house…..smething they could not finish last night……..

MS thinks, something they could not finish?……..!!!!!! You should not say that sexy thing when going home after work

YJ – It is not a sexy thing, I can tell it to you sexier…Hot night! Passionate night! Sexy night!

She tries to shush him.

YJ – The sexiest thing is….I love you.

He holds her hand and looks at her then tells her, I love you. They drive off smiling.
JA walks out of her apartment and thinsk that she has no more ramen and she does not want to eat alone. Then she sees GN walking to their building. He says he lied to everyone about working late because they would make him pay for his welcome party. JA asks him if he would like to have a welcome party with just the two of them? She will buy his drinks.

He says it is okay, when someone buys him food, he will feel the need to buy it for them. He does not want to be in that circle. He starts to walk by but she pulls him and tells him, LET ME WELCOME YOU. Then she drags him to go eat with her.

In the car, YJ and MS are a bit awkward but happy. But then MS gets a call, her father is hospitalized. She goes to the hospital right away. Her father is okay, he just pulled a tendon so he has to rest. MS asks him how he got injured.

Appa thinks back to getting injured. He was playing at a rowdy dark rocker night club and having a good time. he went off on a guitar lick and smiled to the crowd. Then he jumped in the crowd and fell ont he floor. No one caught him, lol. They ask him if he was okay.

Appa – I crowd dived and screwed it up, I forgot that I am 50.

MS tells him to be careful!

She goes outside and meets with YJ. She tells him that her father is okay, but she should be there with him overnight. YJ thinks he can stay there and greet him. But MS says he is not in that proper minset to be greeted by him. You flew for 12 hours today, so go home and rest.

YJ agrees. He goes home and looks at the bed with his pajamas one. The sexy devil is next to him. He tells him he shuold be so sad, he was expecting things since Paris. YJ looks at it and says, you can talk! Go away! He tries to swat it away and then thinks, it was a woman?
JA and GN drink out at his 2 person welcome party. She tells him to stop drinking, but he says he can’t stop drinking because it is so delicious. he tells hre hat he never had this changsuyuk together with this drink (?). He waits all year to drink this. JA thinks that is strange. She asks him a question. You got promoted the quickest and get the most bonus money, so why are you so cheap like this? he smiles and says that is his secret.

JA continues, you have one pair of clothing and live on the roof. Why do you hide it? He says it is somthing that people can pick on. He lived in one room with his family when he was little. He thought everyone lived like that and didn’t think i was shameful. But after growing up, people make me feel ashamed by it. People can say Go Gwi-nam studies well and is from a poor family. 

I got the job quickest from my college friends. They can just say congratulations. But they say, it is good for you because you are from a poor family. So my goal is to save a lot of money and buy a house so my future wife and kid wont hear those things. That is why I already saved $100k.

JA is all like, whAaAaAt? $100K, how did you save that much in 4 years?

He says he puts everything away and plays the stock with his savings. He will enjoy spending his money with his future family.

JA might be even more smitten. GN clears his throat and says that he will invite her next year on his birthday when he eats changsuyuk and drink.
MS stays with her father that night. He tells her that she decided to quit her job, when I heard that you wanted to find yourself, that is why you ae quitting. I could not sleep that night. It is all my fault that you could not live like yourself. You had to make money so I could like the way I wanted.

MS says it is okay, it was your dream to live and do your music.

Appa tells her that he is not sure if this is a great dream. If his dream was to be a doctor or lawyer then maybe his daughters would live a better life.

MS tells him not to think like that. She just wanted to take a break.

Appa says that when Beyonce left Destiny’s CHild, she becamse even more famous. MS getting independence from the VP will also be that way. then he tells her that they should listen to her mothers favorite songs.

MS thinks that is a great idea. She curls up on the couch and he curls up in the hospital bed to listen to it.

The song plays as the camera scrolls to YJ. He is in bed and looks at his phone every 3 seconds to see if MS texts him. Finally he sits up and texts her.

YJ: Secretary Kim, are you sleeping?

MS is sleeping and does not hear the text message.

YJ thinks that she is probably sleeping, she should have told me that. Why am I talking to her even less than when I was in Paris?

YJ gets ready for the day. He does his hair and tells himself, YJ, you are handsome as usual. MS calls him so he tells himself. She did a bad thing by sleeping without telling me, but I will accept her phone call.

he picks up, MS tells him that she has to take the morning off. Her sister cannot come to the hospital in the morning, but you do not have a busy schedule so YC and JA can take care of it.

They hang up and YJ goes to work with YC. He thinks that he has never felt like taking half a day off is this sad. He turns to YC and asks him if he can go to teh hospital.

YJ calls MS and tells her that he will be surprised to find out where he is right now, I am in the hospital lobby, I want to see your face.

MS tells him that she is outside, she is taking things from Appa’s house.

He tells her that he will say hello to his future father in law.

MS is all like, no, you shouldn’t! He does not know that we are dating and you have a meeting this morning, you shuld attend!

YJ thinks for a second and tells her that he will. He looks at the gift that he brought for her father.

Cut to YJ going to work. JA tells him that Secretary Kim had a half-day off. YJ says that he heard. he goes into his office. JA smiles and says that of course you heard it since she is your girlfriend. Sigh, I hope that a man looks at me like that.

GN walks in at that moment and gives JA all her work. He did all her work for her out of a thank you for yesterday. JA’s eyes twinkle. She thanks him for all that he has done, she knows that it was probably hard. He tells her that work is the most refreshing thing to him, it is like how she feels when seh walks outside so don’t think about it too much.

He walks off, but JA has hearts in her eyes for him.

PN eunnie gets tot he hospital so she tells MS that she should go eat with her. MS says she has to go to work, but PN says she was to talk to her about something.

YJ texts MS and tells her that he wants her to come back to work. JA walks in and asks if YJ needs lunch, he tells her that he will take care of it. She leaves so he mutters and smiles, he will eat with Secretary Kim.

he texts her again. She sees it, but she is with her sister. Her sister gives her money that she got for quitting her job. She wants to give it to MS because she worked hard for 9 years and paid off all their debt and has no money. Her sister is going into another practice and wants MS to have the money so seh can get married happily. I am giving it to you so you do whatever with it, throw it away or whatever.

Then Eunnie goes to pay the bill. MS holds that money and looks at her sister lovingly. they walk out together, MS wants to get back to work, but her sister pulls her off to look at dresses.

At work, YJ is trying to hold off to eat with MS. His stomach growls but he tells himself that he will wait for his lover even though he is hungry. He sees her come back and wonders what all those presents are? Is it a present for him? That is why she is late? She smiles at him through the window.

He goes to greet her. She tells him that her father is great thanks to him. He wants to eat with her right away. But she says that she ate with her sister. He thinks that this is the reason she was so late. is that why you bought me a present?

MS is all like, huh? YJ menitons the shopping bags. MS looks at them and then says that these are her clothes. YJ realizs that she was not thinking about him, he is extra sad that she ddin’t think about him when he thought about her all day.

She apologizes. He tells her, if you are sorry, then that means you might want to come to my place tonight?

She tells him that she thought of a word for him.

He wonders, sexy? Detrimental?

She says no, bulldozer…you have been pushing me like a bulldozer since yesterday.

YJ goes to YS’s office and tells him the bulldozer thing. YS is all like, what sexy bulldozer did you push on her?

YJ tries to calm him down but YS says that he is divorced and regretting it. YJ tells him, if you are going to talk about underwear again then just stop right now.

YS tells him that the most important thing for you to think about is that this is also the first time for secretary Kim. YJ says that he wants to do everything for her. YS tells him that pushing does not make the relationship deeper, you have to go slooooowly and just enough.

YJ says it kills him, can he do that?

YS lets him know that if he does not do that then she will grow sick and tired of you.

YJ thinks that is absurd, with his looks, she can get sick and tired of him?

YS tells him that you are just starting to walk but you want to run like Hussein Bolt. The pace for dating is very important. YJ thinks baout his as ME comes into the office.

SHe tells him that she brough this cake after lunch and wants him to taste it. But she trips and it goes all over YS. She is so sad about that. YS smiles and says it is okay, he is not bleeding.

ME runs off to get something to clean it. YS tells YJ that this is no big deal. He walks over to his desk and pulls out 3 or 4 other shirts. he says this happens a lot, you have to control the speed and not be like me.

SR talks to her some man and says that he will call him tonight. MS comes in and talks to her about her some guy and how that is great. SR is giddy about it. Then SR says that they ae going to the Han river and all these things today. MS wonders if they will do all that today? SR says that they dont’ want to be apart.

SR also mentions that thye will kiss tonight and heat things up. They are not Confucius, they are adults (Korean wordplay).

MS thinks about this.

Later on, YJ apologies to MS in his office and says that he was sorry he could not control his speed, he thought about it and was hasty. He thinks the emotions he was containing for 9 years all burst at once. What happened before was tragic, but if he has the chance to experience the same thing again, he will do it if that means he can see Kim Miso. So, I will go a little slower because you want it…..you can go home. I have an appointment. Bye-bye.

YJ goes home solemly and walks to his house. But he sees MS waiting for him at his door.

YJ – Miso, what’s up?

MS – Sorry, I wanted to tell you sorry because I did not consider how you think…..also.

YJ – Also…..(wide eyed)

MS – I am not going to go home tonight.

YJ – What?

MS – I am not going home tonight and I will spend all night with you, VP.

YJ – If you go to my place like this, I won’t be able to control my speed…..tonight, I won’t stop.

MS looks nervous, but she turns and goes inside first. Then she looks back at him staring doe eyed at her.

Cut to him passionately embracing her and kissing her against the wall. They lovingly caress each other, then he picks her up and lays her in bed while they are still kissing.

they stp for a moment and look at each other, Miso is a bit nervous, YJ takes off his shirt and kisses her some more. Then he looks at her and caresses her hair. He looks deeply into her eyes.

YJ – I love you.

MS – I love you too.

They keep kissing. He finds her hand and interlocks his fingers with hers.

Fade Out.

Wow, I need a tall glass of cold water. Ice cold water.


YJ – I live with almost perfect ability, looks and money. But on top of all that, I decided to care for others also. I know that I am so graceful so it is hard for you to ask me anything but…
MS – Can you open this, Oppa?
YJ – Oppa will carry it for you? Oppa will give you a piggy back ride? Oppa will make you feel not angry.
MS – Appa!
YJ – We are dating, father-in-law
Appa – I don’t approve of this relationship.
YJ – Kim Miso….now, let it go.

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    WOW! Dramas are getting steamier. I so appreciated not having an evil mother in the scripts. Why do we have to go down the path of a parent objecting the main characters’ love still? I thought we escaped that endless loop of a story. Plus, we already had a sister to win over, although that was more cute than having to get over the hurdle of a parent’s approval. Well, there’s only 3 episodes left so maybe they’ll wrap the drama & tears up quick and we can go back to being lovey dovey.

    • tiffany
      July 18, 2018 / 2:50 pm

      I also need to add after all Mi So has done and sacrificed for her happiness, you would think her father would let her be and let her choose her own path like she wanted and that he just said. Yeah, I get parents want what they think is best but c’mon her family has already made mistakes for her to handle the past 9 years.

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    January 8, 2021 / 4:34 pm

    Wow,that was a nice ending for this episode.Wonder what happens next

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