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What We’re Watching: Taxi Driver, Sell Your Haunted House, Vincenzo!

We are currently watching three shows and wanted to give an insight into if we are liking, loathing, or leaving them. We also have tiny recaps of the episodes we are watching, though they are tinnnnny (at least by our standards, tee hee). My favorite by far is Sell Your Haunted House. It is so cute and quirky, plus it has Jang Nara in it, what is not to love! Let us know what shows you are loving, loathing or leaving below.

Sell Your Haunted House (Episodes 3-4)

How to Watch with English Subs: KOCOWA (Portuguese & Spanish subs also available!)

My absolute favorite new show out right now. Shoot, it could be my favorite show out right now. If you want to know a bit more about this show then check out this right up on KOCOWA that gives a good background to the main characters and what happened in episodes 1 and 2. But now let’s get into episode 3 and 4 because, wow, this show is deepening in all the right ways and I am here for this.

First off, I love this world that we are in. The quirky real estate office with the even quirkier realtor who talks like an unfeeling robot and hides her emotions from everyone except her ghost mother who haunts her to not carry too many things at once and for the love of Christ, stop buying more black clothes! Of course her mother doesn’t scream this at her, she just pops up in spooky ways to jump scare the mess out of her daughter (and us!).

In episode 3 we left off with Ji-ah and In-bum forming an agreement to work together until Ji-ah’s regular psychic medium comes back from his broken leg. It is a precarious agreement filled with distrust on Ji-ah’s side. She does not think that In-bum can resist his swindler ways and does not want to be associated with him.

But she decides to handle a museum case which reveals a ton more about this world to In-bum and to us. This case starts in episode 3 and goes into episode 4. The juxt of it is that a museum is haunted and a painting workspace is haunted. The museum wants to sell the building and move to another space, but they cannot sell it haunted. The famous artist works space also needs to be cleared of a ghost.

To make a long story short, the famous artist is actually a fraud. His assistant is the one that had been painting all the pieces and received none of the credit (very reminiscent of Margaret and Walter Keane). The artist was dying of health related issues and needed 200k for his wife who was also sick. But the famous (and fake) artist did not want to give it to him, they got into a scuffle, and it ending in the young artist accidental death. That is where the grudge comes in.

It is a wonderfully written story that isn’t too heavy handed and also mixes in lots of comedy as well. I especially like the jokes that come with Ji-ah being the strong manly character in this show and In-bum being the feeling “feminine” character. It is just cute to have a beta man as the male lead (I love me an adorable unassuming sweetheart of a male lead).

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TAXI DRIVER (Episodes 3 and 4)

How to watch with english subs: KOCOWA (Spanish and Portuguese are also available!)

Yes, this show is all octane all the way! I must admit that I do do a fair share of fastforwarding while watching this show due to the sad backstories that they lay out for us. But I stop once all the revenge kicks in.

Right now the revenge story involves a kid in a high school that is relentlessly bullied. The rainbow taxi team is on the case to right this and are pulled into a high school world of terror as one kid uses his priveledge to terrify all the other students around him.

Our main character, Do-ki has infiltrated this school by posing as a substitute teacher. Not only that, he is posing as a pretty innocent teacher which makes the bullies think they can do whatever they want to him. You know, scratch that, these bullies are so bad that they would probably do whatever they want no matter who the sub is.

Anyway, Do-ki tries to help out the bullied students where he can which leads the bullies to start hating him. So the bullies make it seam like Do-ki has taken advantage of a female student in the library. Yes, they did that! In fact, that was the cliffhanger of the last episode we watched, which means we really need to watch today’s episode to see how everything turned out.

From the preview it seemed like it all ended up okay, but from the cliffhanger it looked like all was lost. I know things will turn out well in the end because this is the kind of revenge show where we can all root for baddies to get what is coming to them on a weekly basis. Right now, I am still enjoying it.

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How to watch with English subs: Netflix

Oh lord, Vincenzo. This show is all over the place, and not necessarily in a super bad way, just in an all over the place way. The first four episodes were solid and then we went on this ride we are currently on and the tracks might not be finished.

We are still recapping this one live on Saturdays and Sundays so you can read all my thoughts about each episode at the end of the recap. I will say that I loved that the pigeon saved him on the rooftop so much that it will sustain me for whatever is coming up ahead. 😂

Let us know what shows your watching! Are you loving them or loathing them? We want to know!

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  1. WPB
    April 23, 2021 / 10:37 am

    Sell Your Haunted House is my current favorite as well. It has all the ingredients of a good drama and seems to be able to keep everything in good balance – comedy, horror and suspense, justice, romance (?) I finished the first 4 episodes now and I am sticking with this one.

    I also like Taxi Driver but I would rank Haunted House a bit higher than Taxi Driver. It might just be me. I like those supernatural, ghost and zombie stories. 🙂

    Mouse is a great drama on its own. My problem is my time. It takes a total focus to watch this show. The story is complicated with a lot of twists and turns. I will probably binge watch it later on as I found it necessarily to go back to rewatch some earlier episodes in order to recall some storylines and hints already.

    • V
      April 23, 2021 / 10:48 am

      Yes, I am liking Taxi Driver too and would rank SYHH higher than it. Possibly in the fun quirkiness of it? It feels like a wholesome happy show even though there are tons of ghosts running around with vendettas 😂

      I have heard that Mouse is really good but also really complicated with lots of suspects! It would be the perfect show to binge.

    • Adri
      April 23, 2021 / 8:36 pm

      I’m loving Taxi Driver, and Mouse is on my watch list as well. I also started Beyond Evil, because it got rave reviews.

  2. Julia
    April 23, 2021 / 7:38 pm

    Loving Jang Nara in SYHH. Gave it a look and so curious of the mystery of her mom and his uncle, plus the man who wants to redevelop.

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