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What We’re Watching: Law School, Vincenzo, Sell Your Haunted House, Taxi Driver

We are currently watching three shows and wanted to give an insight into if we are liking, loving, or leaving them. My favorite is still Sell Your Haunted House. Adri is in on the fun this week and gave a short recap of Law School and her thoughts on it! Let us know what your liking, loving, or leaving as well!


Sell Your Haunted House (episodes 5 & 6)

How to Watch with English Subs: KOCOWA (Portuguese & Spanish subs also available!)

This show is still working for me. I am really enjoying the quirkiness and the straightforward way that Jang Nara is playing her character. Now that we are six episodes in I am starting to see how they are putting the episodes together. We solve the exorcism fairly quickly and then spend the majority of the episode fixing the grudge that the ghost had (even though the ghost is already gone to wherever ghosts go in this show). After solving the grudge we get a taste of another ghost attack or something else to new to pull us to the next episode.

In the last episode, the new thing was that Jang Nara and her medium were snatched up by the main bad CEO. That scene ended with the medium getting taken over by a ghost with a grudge on the CEO, but not only that, he had crazy ghost super strength powers! Say what? I love that! In-bum is going to be super tired when he finally gets his body back.

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Taxi Driver (episode

How to watch with english subs: KOCOWA (Spanish and Portuguese are also available!)

Fast forward is my friend in this drama which makes it amazing fun to watch! I just love the revenge. Not just the revenge but the no f*s given revenge. These good guys could care less about these criminals. Especially the head of the taxi company! He’s like, look, just lock them up. You want a cornea? Okay fine.

Just kidding, I am actually not sure if the taxi Driver owner knew that the Mama Kingpin was taking a cornea from one of the baddies. Does anyone know that? Either way, this dudes cornea was about to get got except HE ESCAPED DURING THE OPERATION. So now he is about to break out and let everyone know about this jail. That is what I think will happen anyway.

The last episode ended so sadly because we delve into the backstory of our hacker extraordinaire which has to do with her sisters death due to a online site. But the preview also let us know that the company is going down for all the bad things they are doing which will be lovely to watch.

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Vincenzo (episodes 17 and 18)

How to watch Vincenzo with English subs: Netflix

The finale is this weekend! I am always (or lets just say usually) excited to see what is done for a finale if I have made it through the entire show. Vincenzo has been predictable at parts but it has also given us some thrills so I expect the finale episodes to be the same.

In the last two episodes we saw Vincenzo turn into the mafia killing machine to avenge his mothers death and we saw him pull everything back to play with the people he wants to kill like a well-fed cat plays with a mouse. We saw a few twists and turns in there, like the ice skating ring shooting scene, though nothing super twisty. Though, were is that gold, yo? I have a theory that the monks took it out of the safe, we shall see if that is the case.

Alls I really want is a satisfying ending and I think we will get one. Hopefully?


Law School episode 5

How to watch: Netflix (English, Chinese, and Spanish)

Now that Joon-hwi’s been cleared of Professor Seo’s murder, episode five shifts the suspicion onto Kang Sol B and Vice Dean Kang Joo-man. It turns out they’re father and daughter, and I couldn’t be more surprised. They have a joint motive in the form of Kang Sol B’s dissertation. It’s infamous, because it got her into Hankuk University of Law. But Professor Yang suspects it’s been plagiarized from Seo’s works. Sol B vehemently denies this, but our dear Yang-crates isn’t fooled.

In the meantime, Kang Sol A and Joon-hwi get experience at a legal clinic. The case they take on revolves around a single mother whose ex is dodging child support payments (sounds like an episode of Maury, doesn’t it?). She posts about it online, and Sol A and Joon-hwi disagree about her status. Is she a victim? Or should she be sued for defamation?

At the end of the episode, we find out Jang Joo-man has Yang’s laptop and see his interaction with Professor Seo the day of the murder. In the flashback, Seo’s aware of Sol B’s plagiarism and taunts Joo-man. When he leaves the room to answer a call from Professor Yang, Joo-man sees packets of meth hidden under the books on the table. He picks one up, tastes it, and eyes Seo’s coffee. The drama then switches back to the present, and Joo-man tells Yang that he killed Seo. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen since we’re not even halfway through the drama.

The first three episodes of Law School were interesting, but now it’s getting slow. I’ve found it hard to connect with the characters over the past two episodes, and it’s hard to care about who killed Seo when he was such a trash human. I think shows like this work better, and pull at more heartstrings when the victim isn’t scum. 

We’re reviewing Law School weekly, so if you’d like to discuss it, there’s a place!

Let us know what shows your watching! Are you loving them or loathing them? We want to know!

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