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What We’re Watching: Law School, Vincenzo, Sell Your Haunted House, Taxi Driver

Here is our drama list of what we are liking, loving, or leaving. My favorite of my watch is still Sell Your Haunted House, Vincenzo was a raggedy mess till the end, and Taxi Driver might be a leave, say it isn’t so! Adri is watching and recapping Law School and is reinvested! Let us know what your liking, loving, or leaving as well!


Sell Your Haunted House (episodes 7 & 8)

How to Watch with English Subs: KOCOWA (Portuguese & Spanish subs also available!)

The secrets are still coming out! Which I love more than I can explain. One pet peeve is that I want the ghost fights in this show to be more epic. Can they last more than one minute? Like maybe 2 minutes? But I have come to realize that the writers of this show re more interested in getting into the revenge or family drama aspect of the ghosts which is also cool. Its just not the show I want to watch, darn it!

I love how in the last, last episodes we found out that if you listen to the ghosts or at least let them say their final words, then you don’t have to aggressively send them to the spirit world and keep their burden inside you. What a revelation! it is very similar to this popular Korean cartoon named Shinbi which is all the rage in Korea right now. (You can watch the first season of Shinbi on Netflix with English subs & voice over options)

Taxi Driver (episode

How to watch with english subs: KOCOWA (Spanish and Portuguese are also available!)

We are so behind on Taxi Driver! This has nothing to do with the quality of this drama and more to do with our schedules. Though, since we are so far behind it might end up as a drop 😩. We are leaving you Taxi Driver, but that does not mean we don’t like you.

Vincenzo (episodes 19 and 20 Finale)

How to watch Vincenzo with English subs: Netflix

What can I say? It ended in a blaze of guns, extreme violence, and kissing. Not so sure this drama is worth watching unless you are a big Song Joong-ki fan. He did look quite sharp in this show so that is a viable reason to watch.


Law School episode 6 & 7

How to watch: Netflix (English, Chinese, and Spanish)

Alright, guys. I’m happy to report I’m invested again. I think it’s because Professor Seo’s case finally went to trial, and we’re getting some compelling courtroom scenes. 

In episode six, we find out Vice Dean Kang didn’t kill Seo despite last episode’s confession. He confessed to protect Sol B, because he thought she did it. Meanwhile, Sol B thinks he’s the murderer, and is trying to clean up after him. That’s sweet and all, but I can’t help but feel all that could’ve been avoided with a “Hey dad/daughter, I didn’t murder Professor Seo.” But alas, a family that covers up murder together, stays together. 

The drama ends up crossing them off the suspect list (for now, at least) and moves on to Seo Ji-ho in episode 7. I really enjoyed this episode, because his motive is so intense (and sad). I also love watching Prosecutor Yang question witnesses during his own trial, and handing Prosecutor Jin’s butt to him. The backstory of Sol A’s twin is hinted at, and it sounds like it’s wrapped up with the pompous Assemblyman Ko. Another birth secret is revealed too, and I’m just like wow…how many birth secrets/hidden parentage does this drama want to cram in?

We’re reviewing Law School weekly, so if you’d like to discuss it, there’s a place!

Let us know what shows your watching! Are you loving them or loathing them? We want to know!

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