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Weekly Review: The Tale of Nokdu, Extraordinary You, Vagabond, and more…

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Happy Friday! Here is our weekly review of the dramas that we are watching which is inspired from The Kthree’s Weekly watchlist and is a way to stay up to date on the dramas we’re liking, loving, and leaving. We watch lots of shows over here, mostly Korean dramas, but we also dip into western shows, so we will cover both. Let’s get into it!

Caution: Spoilers are rampant, tread cautiously!


Vagabond (episode 6 and 7)

All the action in the opening episodes was fun, but now the action is a bit too much. It was exciting when it was not his normal everyday thing, but now you can really play a game with how many people are trying to kill Dal-gun today.

Episode 7 completely jumped the shark for me in regards to the storytelling. I mean, Dal-gun just buys his own ticket to Tangier on a plane full of NIS agents on a secret mission to find the co-pilot of a conspiracy plot and no one notices him? Someone injects morphine directly into their veins (not a drip, with a syringe) and he doesn’t die? Oh, and he did it in an NIS van in front of all the other agents like it ain’t no thang. No help either?

Meanwhile, you have Hae-ri almost acting like a double agent as she tells Dal-gun everything that the NIS agent are doing. That just does not sit well with me. I mean, he will completely mess up y’alls operation.

Recaps: episode 6 and episode 7

My Country (episode 2 and 3)

This show is definitely well shot. In that regard, it has me hooked to the screen to see the visuals. One thing that throws me off is that it is a bit heavy handed in its scenes and it also seems like it is trying to hard to be cool at times. For instance, in episode 3, arrows where going all around Hwi and he was acting so nonchalant about it and did not even protect himself as he stepped out to go to battle. It definitely looked cool, but that also pulled me out of the show for a moment.

Another scene is when they were waiting for letter arrows that were narrowly missing their bodies. I mean, step away from the tree? Also, how do they see that tree from a mile away?

Jang Hyuk showed up in episode 3 so I’m excited to see how he will shake things up!

Recaps: episode 2 and episode 3

Melting Me Softly (episode 3 and 4)

This show had me completely forgetting about it until it was time for this review. It is weird, I have a good time while watching it, but once it ends, it has no staying power with me. One thing I do enjoy is that the flashbacks have started to stop being so prevalent. Everything in 2019 is pretty fun. Though, the actual pacing of this show is still strange. I feel like if you can turn off your brain to watch this show, then you will enjoy it.

Recaps: episode 3 (5&6) and episode 4 (7&8)

The Tale of Nokdu (episodes 3 and 4)

Love this show so much! Is there a way to love a playful romantic sageuk any more than I love this show right now? It is so fun, it has me smiling at random moments throughout the week and rethinking moments that happened in the show, and I actually look forward to covering it come Monday.

I love this show so much that we are going to start to cover it first on Mondays and Tuesdays. Flower Crew has been bumped to second (though not dropped!).

Recaps: episode 3 (5&6) and episode 4 (7&8)

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency (episodes 7 and 8)

There is some movement in the storyline though not much. Soo has finally told Gaedong that he has some rich family members that he does not know about which is why he had to leave. But he still wants to marry her. However, Gaedong is catching feels for Ma Hoon. The problem is that Ma Hoon is basically a jerk to Gaedong all the times it matters so he annoys me. Gaedong is still the same old Gaedong, so she annoys me. Do Joon likes a really miserable person in Ji-hwa, so they both annoy me. And So-young is just clueless and mean, so he annoys me.

In addition, the entire thing that Ma Hoon said about love changing has come true so his core belief about how anyone can change their love for someone at any moment which is why you need to find two compatible people – is true, because Gaedong’s love for Soo has changed to Ma Hoon. I don’t know if that is exactly what the writer wants us to realize or not, I just know that this is not the love story I signed up for.

Recaps: episode 7 and episode 8

When the Camellia Blooms (episodes 7 & 8)

I was almost lost with this show in episode 7, I really did not like the mother storyline. But they pulled me back in in the end of episode 7 and then locked me back in with episode 8. I like this new Dong-baek who is not going to take mess from anyone and I also like the neighborhood ajummas actually are starting to be on Gaedong’s side a little bit (a teeny tiny bit).

I also love how the Gabuli storyline continues to develop and that they are actually continuously introducing new people who could be Gabuli. We are talking men and women, old and Young, almost anyone can be Gabuli.

Recaps: episode 7 (13&14) and episode 8 (15&16)

Extraordinary You (episodes 1, 2, and 3)

How adorable is this show! I have watched enough Kdramas to get all the cliches that Extraordinary you is make fun off. But underneath, there is a lot of heart with the character of Dano realizing that she is not the main character and trying to reclaim her life as her own. I laugh, I get feels, it is great.

I also really enjoy how every episode so far has me guessing as to what will happen. I think I know what is going on, but I don’t see what happens next. For instance, I really thought Dano had a grip on her life and only needed to find this mysterious classmate who could straighten everything out, but then the end of episode 3 threw all that up in the air (or did it?).

Extraordinary You is probably not for a new person into Kdramas, but it is definitely a really cute show for lovers of Kdramas who want to feel rewarded for all their drama watching and insight.

Recaps: episode 1 (1&2), episode 2 (3&4), episode 3 (5&6)


Daredevil (Season 3)

Love this show so much that I am actually rewatching the entire thing from season one. Though I enjoyed all the seasons, season 3 has left me feeling like it was the best season of all. It had an amazing cold opening, it had an amazing ending episode and ending scene (it was so ah-ma-zing!), it had amazing writing and directing and fight scenes all the way through (and especially that 11 minute continuous fight scene that everyone talks about, yes it is really that great), it was just amazing overall.

Season 3 starts with how the Defenders left off (which I did not know at first because I watched Defenders after seeing season 3). Daredevil is basically a broken man both physically and mentally, he does not have his powers and is left to figure out being blind without any powers for the first time in his life. He trips over things and feels sorry for himself and tries to heal from all these wounds he has. He pushes away everyone close to him and basically wants to die but can’t kill himself so he tries to get other people to. On top of all that, the biggest baddie that he put away is back out of jail and set to ruining his city once again.

So, this entire third season is his rebirth and is based on a comic series that is also all about Daredevils Rebirth. I remember reading that comic series when I was younger so I love seeing it come to life on screen.

I really recommend checking out Daredevil on Netflix (before it is taken off streaming due to Disney pulling rank on their character). Hopefully the cast gets a 4th season on Disney streaming or perhaps on Hulu for their more adult leaning audience. Better yet, I hope they can fully be brought into the MCU with a movie. I heard rumblings about Daredevil possibly being Spiderman’s lawyer in the next Spiderman movie which would help introduce a standalone movie to the MCU, so here’s hoping for that! *crossing fingers*

The Defenders (Season 1)

I checked out The Defenders after I finished Daredevil when I was so hopped up on Daredevil love that I had to see more. So, enter the Defenders. The Defenders is only 8 episodes and it is pretty fast paced because there is a rag tag group of super heroes that have to come together to save Hells Kitchen from The Hand who are basically undead ninjas. It is very comic booklandish so if you do not read comic books, you might not like it. I will say that I did like watching it, but it is not really a show that I would rearrange my schedule to rewatch.

Peaky Blinders (Season 1, episode 1)

I have only watched about 45 minutes of the first episode and am kind of hesitant whether I want to continue or not. On one hand, I kind of really like it. But on the other hand, it is pretty dark and grimy because it is set in England after WWI where gangs and debauchery run wild. I fear for all the women which is not good for my nerves. But the writing and directing looks amazing so I kind of want to continue with it. It is also like 5 or 6 seasons and is a BBC show, so I know it should be really good. So, I’m on the fence with it. We shall see.

Of the currently airing Kdramas, I think I am enjoying The Tale of Nokdu and Extraordinary You the most followed by When the Camellia Blooms. My Country is good as well, so I do look forward to watching each episode, but I am side-eyeing the heavy handedness. However, Jang Hyuk arrived in episode 3 so I can basically give it all the leeway in the world now.

Of the western shows, as mentioned, I love Daredevil and am currently rewatching the entire thing. Though I know I need to venture out so I am trying out other shows. Right now I tried Peaky Blinders because all of the seasons are on Netflix and it has like 5 or 6 seasons. So if I do end up liking it, I will have plenty of episodes to keep me company or at least to play in the background while doing laundry. I also heard good things about The Leftovers on Netflix and Succession on HBO which is in season two now. Though I will need to borrow someones HBO subscription to watch that.

I am also thinking of legitimately reviewing the Western shows on Drama Milk since I have started watching so much of them now. If you want to know why I started venturing out in my TV show watching then you can listen to my podcast episode of Fortified With Vitamin V where I try to explain my lack of current English knowledge even though my first (and basically only) language is English.


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