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Weekly Review: Catch The Ghost premiere, Extraordinary You loveliness, The Tale of Nokdu, and more

….and we ate biscuits and drank tea and watched dramas. (image The Tea Collective)

Happy Friday! Here is our weekly review of the dramas that we are watching which is inspired from The Kthree’s Weekly watchlist and is a way to stay up to date on the dramas we’re liking, loving, and leaving. We watch lots of shows over here, mostly Korean dramas, but we also dip into western shows, so we will cover both. Let’s get into it!

**Also, we are doing a Watch party tomorrow (Saturday October 26th) for Saja on The Kthree’s YouTube Channel. Everyone is invited!**

Caution: Spoilers are rampant, tread cautiously!


Vagabond (episode 10 and 11)

I am actually looking forward to each episode. And yes, I laughed while typing that because it is ludicrous. There is just something about Vagabond that is so out there that it makes it must watch TV for me. I mean it is almost like watching Dynasty or All My Children or any of those old time US soap operas with those ridiculous storylines where the-mistress-was-the-little-sister-dressed-as-the-grandma-the-whole-time!, and everyone is glued to their seat watching it because you literally cannot guess what will happen, which is part of the fun.

Right now, the team has finally made it back to Korea and is trying to get off of the harbor in order to get the co-pilot to court. But somehow Min and the bad NIS agents found out that they were at the harbor (don’t ask, no one knows how) so there is a super shoot out. In the next episode it looks like the entire episode will be one big shoot out dedicated to either keeping the co-pilot from or getting the co-pilot to court. Bring it on!

Recaps: episode 10 and episode 11

My Country: The New Age (episode 6 and 7)

It is really weird but I am kind of getting super bored. Lots of things are going on, the acting is great, and they definitely have a storyline here, but, for some reason, how everything is coming together is just making me want to hit the snooze button. I do love every single scene that Jang Hyuk is in though.

Recaps: episode 6 and episode 7

Catch The Ghost premiere (episode 1 and 2)

Hi-la-a-a-a-a-a-rious, so good, so concise, and just plain fun! Oh my gosh, y’all, we were stopping and rewinding to watch so many of the hilarious scenes play out more than once. I think we watched Yoo-ryung jump out of that window like 5 times.

And there was this other scene that was supposed to be kind of serious because Yoo-ryung got fired and was staring at Ji-seok sadly, but the hero and heroine played off of each other so well that it punched up the scene to another level of hilarity with only the slightest twitches OF THEIR EYES. Seriously, you have to watch it to see it.

But this drama isn’t just hilarity, they actual touch on some pretty serious topics like violence against women, the elderly, and the drug trade. But it is with a light touch that lets the seriousness breathe instead of dousing you in it. You will also come to love Ji-seok who is a stickler for rules and yet will done a 1970’s suite to make his mama happy as well as Yoo-Ryung who is so determined to catch criminals right now that nothing stands in her way.

So far this show is great, which works our for us because we are recapping it as a nightcap right now (we have a packed slate on Mondays & Tuesdays, y’all). I actually looked forward to staying up to recap episode 2 because I hoped that it had as many of the laughs as episode one and was delighted that it did.

Recaps: episode 1 and episode 2

Melting Me Softly (episode 7 and 8)

Episode 8 was a big step in the right direction. It feels like the team behind this show are finally reining in the characters and streamlining the storyline to our hero and heroine. Hopefully episodes 9 and 10 can continue with this because episode 8 really showed what they can do with this crazy premise if it is focused on our main couple.

Recaps: episode 7 and episode 8

The Tale of Nokdu (episodes 7)

The last two episodes where amazingly thrilling to an extreme level. I really did not expect a rom-com Kdrama to massacre an entire village of widowed women, but they went there. I don’t even know where they will go from here because the tone has completely switched from playful rom-com to whatever it is now, THOUGH I LOVE IT.

So much has happened and so many things were revealed, not only to us, but also to our character. For instance, Nokdu knows that he is a prince now so how will that change his behavior? Will he seek out his father? Is his mother still alive? Will he try to find her in the palace? Will he become the new King? In history, we know that Yool-Moo becomes King, so will this writer make a revisionist history? Or will Nokdu and Dongju ride off into the sunset together and leave all that palace stuff behind? I’m so intrigued.

Recaps: episode 7

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency (episodes 11 and 12)

There will be an all out fight to the death for the Queen picking ceremony (or at least I hope so) so things appear to be picking up. Though I am still amazingly bored and feel like think they are relying too much on flashbacks and tiny love story moments between our main couple to fill in air time.

Recaps: episode 11 and episode 12

When the Camellia Blooms (episodes 11 & 12)

This show keeps amazing with the ratings. It his 16.9%, I mean, what the what? In this day and age, that may as well be 40%. Sadly, another one bites the dust with Gabuli and it hits very close to home for our team. Though they did give us a full two episodes to adequately say our goodbyes. The freaky thing was that Gabuli wanted Dong-baek and kept calling her for a delivery and even released his tell-tell cough. SO SPOOKY.

Recaps: episode 11 (21&22) and episode 12 (23&24)

Extraordinary You (episodes 7 and 8)

Everything is aces about this drama. From the wit it has to the well orchestrated plots for each episode to our side characters struggling to break out of this script they are bound to to our heroine Dano succeeding then failing then succeeding only to completely feel like a failure at the end of episode 8, but then Haru comes in creating hope at the last possible second which completely breaks her. Y’all, it is so good.

Haru gave her the tiniest bit of hope once again which is truly all our poor girl wants and needs in her life. It was enough to just crumble her into a sobbing mess in the middle of the road. I cannot wait to watch her giddy happiness in episode 9 and see what plans Haru has for creating their own storyline!

Recaps: episode 7 (13&14) and episode 8 (15&16)


The Politician (season 1 episode 1)

This Glee meets House of Cards satirical take on politics using a high school presidential race as backdrop pulled me right into the satire and then caught me completely off guard because there is a death in the first half that I definitely did not see coming. It kind of reminded me of the tonal change in The Tale of Nokdu where everything is all happy and funny and then – wth! an entire town just got murdered?

There are a lot of trigger warnings in The Politician because it deals with guilt, suicide, terminal illnesses, race, gender, sexuality, wealth, poverty, adoption, male vs female power, and basically everything that makes someone in the world mad all of the time. You name it and this show deals with it, though it deals with it satirically which could rub some people the wrong way.

I really liked it, but I was pulled out right after that surprise death and haven’t gone back yet. Though I want to go back, because everything up to that part was really amazing.

So, those are the shows that we’re watching! Catch the Ghost has shot to the top of my watchlist along with Extraordinary You and The Tale of Nokdu. Every minute of every episode of those shows are enjoyable fun watches. I do need to up my western show watching game this upcoming week because I am finishing up my rewatch of season 2 of Daredevil and, though I will be starting on season 3 again as well, I really need something new to sink my interest into and nothing else has stuck so far.

Of new shows to check out, I have heard that The Leftovers is good, it just looks depressing, but I might go on and give episode one a try. There is also this apocalyptic high school football themed drama on Netflix called Daybreak that caught my attention. It looks like it is part Mad Max and part Friday Night Lights, which seems fun, so I might check out at least a little of episode one.


If you can make it then come to our Saja Watch party tomorrow (Saturday October 26th! We will be watching Saja on the Kthree’s Youtube channel and chatting while we do it. Everyone is welcome!

Watch Party for Saja October 26th, 2019 at 2pm PST, 4pm CST, 5pm EST
Watch Party for Saja October 26th, 2019 at 2pm PST, 4pm CST, 5pm EST


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