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Weekly Review: Arthdal Chronicles, Flower Crew Agency, When the Camellia Blooms, and more

Some ice cream for your weekend watching!

Happy Friday! Here is our first ever weekly review of the dramas that we are watching! It is inspired heavily from The Kthree’s Weekly watchlist and is a way to stay up to date on the dramas we’re liking, loving, and leaving. We watch lots of shows over here, mostly Korean dramas, but we also dip into western shows, so we will cover both here. Let’s get into it!


Arthdal Chronicles (episodes 14 and 15)

Thoroughly enjoying Arthdal Chronicles! We watched the first two episodes and then took about a month long break from dramas (it was an internet thing). I think part III was a good time for us to hop back into it because we were able to pick up some of the main key storylines and sink into the story-building without being too confused. We also were helped out by some drama watchers and got a good amount of comments that helped us figure out whose who in the drama (thank you!). I’m really looking forward to the finale episodes this weekend.

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency (episodes 1 and 2)

I really enjoyed the first episode of Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency. The opening episode with the double deaths pulled me in and the cotton candy loveliness of the town where the main crew is set was wonderful. But the second episode wasn’t really as good as the first in that I really fell for the pairing between Lee Soo and Gae-dong. Lee Soo sold me on that like a puppy dog with a cupcake. But now they want to switch it up and have Ma Hoon be all up in this love pairing? I need to take a moment to let that sink in. Poor Lee Soo lost everything he knows, his identity, his town, and his woman? Right now, I’m not really feeling that.

When the Camellia Blooms (episodes 1 and 2)

Yes, yes, and yes! What a lovely dip into a sea side small town with a grown woman who has been through enough of life to be wary of love in all its forms and a bumbling bashful officer with a spidey sense of gold that has met his Diana and don’t let nobody tell him nothing about it! Our poor cop is in love y’all, just getting some complimentary peanuts from her almost made him pass out from feels. I love it.

What I don’t really love is the murder mystery that appears to be the central conflict in this drama. I wonder if it is the central conflict because there is no love triangle? Sure, there is the baseball hometown hero that made good who is back to wreak havoc on our couple, but I kind of think that is only going to be played for laughs and that he doesn’t really have any stake in the game. Its a lock between Dong-baek and Yong-sik, so now, we have to fret over her body being found in a harbor at some point in the near future. Sigh….why are you doing this to me, drama!



I checked this out on Netflix and was intrigued by the opening episode of a group of seven or so people who woke up on an island and started finding weird things in the sand. It was enough for me to watch the first three episodes as I tried to figure out just what was going on. But then they basically told us what was going on in episode 4 or 5 which popped all my interest from this show. So, it was a drop.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1

Ah-mazing! This show is just crazy. You have a man on the moon, a druggie, a Hollywood starlet, a rogue vigilante, a ghost, a time hopper, and a completely normal person that make up a family of childhood super heroes. But that is not it, there is also a robot, a monkey, two time traveling assassins, and a world to save, if they can get their act together enough to save it. It is insane fun that had me staying up late to catch one (or two or three) episode at a time. Definitely worth the watch if anyone is interested.

The Boys Season 1

You may not like this if you don’t like comic books, but if you do, then it is a great fun watch. Though it is not for kids. This show poses the question, what if superheroes were real? It then goes on to make super heroes real, famous, and extremely dysfunctional due to all that fame and power. They are basically as famous as Beyonce and have cameras following them everywhere to document all the super hero deeds they are doing, which end up being mostly staged for show by the company that controls all the Supes. So what is a poor group of normal humans to do? Try to take them out of course!

You don’t get all the answers right away on this show, which is what makes it so interesting. You kind of find out that the Supes are a bunch of messed up people right away, and you don’t think any human will be able to bring them to justice, but then a tiny group of puny normal people try to do just that and actually fumble their way to a few successes. It is really great because you don’t know how they can possibly pull any of this off, and then they do somehow.

And that is all that we have been watching over here. Some other shows we want to check out are the Bill Gates documentary, Decoding Bill Gates, on Netflix and Carnival Row on Amazon Prime. Does anyone have any other recommendations to check out? Happy Weekend!

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  1. Cath
    September 21, 2019 / 6:32 am

    What is a rom-com without a serial killer plot? I love the When Camellia Blooms so far. The entire cast is adorable and hilarious including the meddling neighbors.

    Flower Joseon: I want to watch it but the ep 1 is not even fully subbed yet at Viki as of today so I think I’m just going to binge watch this when its over.

    The other kdramas I’m watching are Graceful Family, Strangers from Hell and Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung.

    • Hello
      September 21, 2019 / 11:22 am

      Lol!!! 😂😂😂

    • V
      September 21, 2019 / 11:43 am

      OMG, right, haha! 😁

  2. Hello
    September 21, 2019 / 11:26 am

    I’m watching Strangers from Hell, Flower Crew, mostly reading recaps for Arthdal and watching when I get a long minute, and just started Vagabond.

    I’m looking forward to when Melting Me Softly comes out. It looks really cute!

    I also really like When the Camellia Blooms.

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