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Web drama Seven First Kisses has me at hello

Lotte Duty Free Shop has released a teaser for its web drama The Seventh First Kiss starring Lee Cho-hee (Lucky Romance) as the lucky kissee plus seven handsome bachelors: Lee Min-ho (The Legend Of the Blue Sea), Lee Jong-seok (W-Two Worlds), Lee Jun-ki (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Park Hae-jin (Man to Man), Ji Chang-wook (The K2), Taecyeon (Bring It On Ghost), and EXO’s Kai (Andante, Choco Bank). Rounding out the cast is one lovely “fairy godmother” played by Choi Ji-woo (Woman With a Suitcase).

This teaser starts out with our lovely bachelorette working hard for the money at the Lotte Duty Free Shop. After ringing up a customer she sighs and says “I’ve been solo since birth.” Well, be careful what you wish for because the heavens answers her call and presents to her a “Goddess of Destiny” who tells her “you will see a handsome man in ten seconds.” Buckle up because the parade of gorgeous men is about to begin.

This drama leaves no Korean drama cliché behind as we see every kind of drama lead in each man represented. Lee Jun Ki plays the perfect church oppa who just so happens to be a rich founder of an IT company, Park Hae-jin is the boss you want to do overtime with, Ji Chang-wook basically reprises his The K2 role as the sexy secret agent, Kai is the adorable student who wants a noona to love, Taecyeon is the rich and innocent man who misses his girl soooo much, Lee Jong-seok is the top star that sweeps her off her feet, and Lee Min-ho is the mysterious traveler who stole her heart. Whoo, that was a lot of gorgeousness to handle in 60 seconds.

The Seventh First Kiss, directed by Jung Jung-hwa, has already aired online through Naver TV Cast and it was a big hit. Seriously though, with this cast were there ever any doubts?

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