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W Influencers @punkyspider + @minhyechoiv

December 4, 2017

W Korea Magazine Interview
W’s profile Temperature of influence is on people who receive attention, are an object of envy, are hankered after, or have a lot of likes. They are people who influence other people’s mind, topic, and tastes. W magazine met a team of 8 influences who are experts in their field and we are going through their interviews for Bah+Doo.

Kim Wook and Choi Min-hae
@punkyspider + @minhyechoiv
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A couple with the same job can share with each other a wider and deeper understanding. Just like this couple. Kim Wook is the stylist for Just Music, whom Swings, C jamm, Giriboy, etc are affiliated with, and for Idol bands like Highlight and Pentagon. Choi Min-hae is the stylist for Sandara Park, WINNER, Cheetah and etc. and teaches at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries as well. They got close to each other because they both didn’t work as an assistant, support each other and help each other making choices.

Kim Wook and Choi Min-hae’s clothes are all from their own collection. Kim Wook’s bag is from Juun.J

How do you utilize your Instagram account?
Kim Wook: SNS is a very cool weapon for stylists. I always emphasize to the Just Music artists. SNS is a tool to show us to someone who is not interested in us and form a first impression, rather than for the fans who come to our concerts.
Choi Min-hae: I also post about my private life since I think it is a place to show my taste, now I am not sure how to draw the boundary. Fans talk a lot about how artists are dressed, but in fact, styling concepts are not decided by the stylist alone, but it is rather a complicated process. Because of that, I used to put protection for a while.

What is the advantage of working in the same field?
Kim Wook: We add colors to parts where each other is lacking. I am mostly focused on Hip-Hop, but for other fields, I get lots of help from Min-hae.
Choi Min-hae: It is fun to study together. For example, if band t-shirts are in fashion, not just put that clothes on, rather find cultural contexts and musical history together.

Who gives you styling inspirations?
Kim Wook: I think A$AP Rocky, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye West were better before.
Choi Min-hae: David Bowie, Patti Smith

As a follower, what accounts are helpful for grasping new trends and helpful for styling?
Kim Wook: I follow all the brands’ accounts, I think it is important to take the time and just look at them. Uprising brands and hot collaborations may not last long, so when you take time to digest and absorb them, they finally become a part of a really cool look.
Choi Min-hae: Magazine accounts have the fastest updates. As much as I get a lot of help from pictorials and articles from paper copies, I also like online only contents and SNS. I especially think W run its account very well.

When do you have the most fun on Instagram?
Kim Wook: It is fun when foreign artists, mass media, and select shops leave feedbacks on my posts. I think human beings want to be recognized in a good way or show off to others, and those are the driving force that makes SNS moving forward.
Choi Min-hae: I teach at Chungkang College of Cultural Industries or give a special talk at a job fair, so I like SNS because I can show a way to young future stylists. Of course, I always add a sentence to not be mistaken because it looks fabulous from the outside.

What is your principal for maintaining your account?
Kim Wook: I have only one principal that I keep in mind. I only post my natural self, nothing artificial or exaggerated. When I look at someone else’s feed and see a posting on all the brand’s accounts and hashtags, it looks desperate for me and I look back at myself.

Who do you think is the best SNS influencer?
Choi Min-hae: Maybe Kim Kardashian? She is a celebrity, not an artist, but she constantly produces content related to her lifestyle that only relies on her fame. Even commercializing her private life. I think she is the best self-promoter.

Source W Korea

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