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Korean Dance Interview Lia Kim
W’s profile Temperature of influence is on people who receive attention, are an object of envy, are hankered after, or have a lot of likes. They are people who influence other people’s mind, topic, and tastes. W magazine met a team of 8 influences who are experts in their field and we are going through their interviews for Bah+Doo.

Lia Kim
@liakimhappy | 571K

Her bobbed hair, which she keeps it for the last 5 years, is Lia Kim’s trademark alongside with her cool eye glitter and powerful dancing lines. She attached long hair for the W pictorial and precisely moved while instinctively knowing how to present the avant-garde outfit. She is one of the co-founders of the 1 Million Dance Studio, which has 16 hundred million accumulated hits, an artist, and the choreographer of Twice ‘TT’ and Sumni’s ‘Gashina’. It is obvious that Lia Kim, who is loved enough to have her own fan club, has interests in fashion, besides Music, because many brands create contents with her.

Puff top with volume, denim jumpsuit are from Rick Owens
Fashion editor: Lee Ye-ji, Hair: Kim Sun-hee, Make-up: Park Yi-hwa, Assistant: Cho Hae-ri

You became more famous with the success of ‘Gashina’ choreography.
I choreographed ’24 Hours’ and ‘Full Moon’ focusing more on performance, but this time I tried to focus more on the artists’ personality. I wanted to show a pretty girl with determination and charisma, and Sunmi did it well.

Do you have your own principal running your Instagram channel?
Persistency. Like a TV Drama which starts at a certain time, I think it is the trust between me and my followers. And I aim for intimation and perfection from the choice of music, clothes, to facial expressions.

What do you follow to get information on current trends?
I follow luxury brands, and I read about fashion show as soon as they are uploaded. Fashion magazines are especially helpful because they are fast and friendly. Of course, including W Korea!

You collaborate with fashion brands in various ways.
I liked fashion since I was little, I feel like I am realizing my second dream. The Capsule collection, which I collaborated with ‘Jarret’, will be out soon. It is sporty and sophisticated.

What kind of replies are the most memorable?
I like when people say I dance well, but I like it more when people say I am cool. Especially women say that more. I also like questions on detailed questions on what I put on, like my shoes and lipsticks. It means they respond to my intention on my style.

Maybe women are more enthusiastic because your style is not pure pink.
I want to freely express myself without limitations within common courtesy. I also post somewhat to or ugly pictures as well. Because that is the real me. Sometimes people said it looks scary, but I also enjoy them as well (laughs).

What can you say to the future dancers?
I think foreign Youtubers freely post Cover Movies but Koreans want to hide things until it is perfect. It is to make them into contents and share rather than practice alone.

What is your future goal?
Artists from 1 Million are known in social media or YouTube, but I want them to be famous in traditional media as well. I want them to be exposed to public broadcasts or fashion magazines.

What will come next after Instagram or YouTube?
I think people will be able to learn dance moves with 3D tutorials using VR. I also think this kind of future as my vision.

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