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December 3, 2017

Korean Magazine W translated
W’s profile Temperature of influence is on people who receive attention, are an object of envy, are hankered after, or have a lot of likes. They are people who influence other people’s mind, topic, and tastes. W magazine met a team of 8 influences who are experts in their field and we are going through their interviews for Bah+Doo.

문가비 Moon Gabi
@iamchocobi 140k

She is often mistaken as an overseas Korean, mixed, or a foreigner, but she is a born and raised Korean who loves fabulous clothes and makeup, style, tanned skin, confidence, and learning English hard. She travels often because she loves the sun and warm countries with beaches, the best scenery which fits her personality the most is the view of an ocean under palm trees. She does stretches and works out every night before she goes to bed and she never drinks or smokes, this Moon Gabi often posts pictures of sweet potato, besides her selfie and tropical sceneries. She believes that a healthy diet and lifestyle makes a beautiful body and her Instagram is full of exciting self-assurances and life vitalities rather than week narcissism.

Because you post most of your postings in English, at first I thought you are not a Korean.
I got a lot of replies about why I pretend to be an overseas Korean (Korean American) using English. I never lived in foreign countries, but I like to use English after traveling overseas and making foreign friends. And I use it because I am learning English. My friend Julian Kang is learning, speaking, and learning Korean even though it is not perfect, it is similar to me. I should use it steadily in order not to forget it.

Maybe it is because you look exotic as well.
I have had darker skin ever since I was born after my father, also I don’t purposely use a tanning machine, but I don’t avoid the sun either, because I like it. My sister was similar to me but her skin tone is very different since she has done a lot of skin-whitening. I even returned a cosmetic with a skin-whitening ingredient because I want to tan naturally, but she didn’t understand me (laughs).

It is interesting that you post pictures of potatoes constantly.
I always keep them near me just like water. I cook with healthy ingredients to eat healthy and I move a lot rather than starve myself. I think I accumulated know-hows because I exercise every day since I was dancing in middle school. I didn’t have a waist line previously, but after exercising my waist for a year, I lost 2 inches off my waist. Since then I made my own workout routine for each body parts. I think the most difficult thing in life is consistency.

Do you think your boundary of work is expanded ever since you became an influencer with influencing power?
I recently worked with fashion brands like Adidas or Hera. I belong to a foreign agency and I work in Korea as a free agent, I think Instagram has become my portfolio. I am too short to be a fashion show model and I’m not perfect, but I am happy that I have more things that I can do.

Do you have your own ways to deal with cyberbullies?
I pay zero attention on them. I love myself as is enough not to pay attention to how people are talking about me.

What is your future plan?
I believe unconscious behavior and repetitive habits become reality. I always think I become a certain kind of person and talk about it. In the long run, I want to have my own brand which contains my own style. It will happen if I talk about it and imagine it all the time.

You look like you are always confident in yourself. When do you shrink into yourself?
When I remove my makeup, I become wrinkly (laugh)

Swimsuits are from H&M, earrings are from Marques’Almeida by Boontheshop, western hat and boots are from the collection of the Editor.

Fashion Editor: Kim Shin, Hair: Kang Hyun-jin, Make-up: Oh Mi-young, Assistant: Oh Ji-eun

Source W Korea

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