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December 2, 2017

W Korea Interview Korean Magazine
W’s profile Temperature of influence is on people who receive attention, are an object of envy, are hankered after, or have a lot of likes. They are people who influence other people’s mind, topic, and tastes. W magazine met a team of 8 influences who are experts in their field and we are going through their interviews for Bah+Doo.

크러쉬 두유 (Crush & Doyou)
@crush9244 @shindoyou | 1400K 790K

Doyou behaved well in the studio during the photo shoot even though he got the infamous name of ‘Evil Spirit’ in the TV show There are no bad dogs last June. Rather, Crush was nervous about the unexpressed stress that his dog would have. It was shown in various emotional ways, including uneasy or worried feelings, above all, it was obvious that this duo loves each other so much. Doyoo’s spokesperson Crush empathized to the end that Doyou runs his own posts, subtlety disses his Appa and uses humorous hashtags.

What changes happened after the TV show There are no bad dogs?
I tried to change myself rather than changing him. I also started to say the word ‘Guardian’, not ‘Owner’. Dogs are not a property of people, they are the object of responsible care. It became important to me to respect Doyou’s life.

How did you first meet Doyou?
When I was living in a studio apartment in Sin-Sa dong 3 years ago, I was lonely and depressed since I lived by myself for a while. But I was too young to get married as well. My family raises a dog and I also like dogs as well, so I went to a pet shop near my place just to look around then I met a milky puppy. I took him out of the cage and hugged him, he grabbed my shoulders and didn’t let them go. I took him home the very next day.

From the TV show, he looked a little different than other puppies who are usually active and energetic.
He is very introverted and sensitive. Sometimes I envy other dogs when they even run to strangers and wag their tails for greeting, on the other hand, I think that is not Doyou. If he had that kind of personality since he was a baby, he won’t be as attractive as the current Doyou.

Doyou’s persona in Instagram is a cool puppy who loves music and travel. What does he also like?
He likes to spend time with me the most. Because I can’t play with him enough I bring home some food or toys, but he doesn’t care much about them. He always sleeps next to me with his head on a pillow like a human. I sometimes think we have become similar to a family.

I guess he is the closest being to you.
When people need each other, the worldly interest and material value are usually involved, but in the relationship with an animal, we only need each other’s being. I feel sorry to him though since I can’t spend too much time with him.

You once said Doyou is a musical Muse. In what aspect?
He provides important mental stability, which is essential for producing music. I feel relaxed when I see him sleeping near my feet while I am working on something like a sketch.

You have nearly 140,000 Instagram followers. When is the moment you realize your influence?
Once I posted things about an artist, Moses Sumney, because I like him a lot, his name became the first in search keyword in Melon (Korean iTunes).

Many Celebs do a live-broadcasts using the story function….
I use it only for uploading a playlist for the day that I want to share with people. I only do that because I become nervous during live broadcasts.

Do you have anything you want to do with Doyou?
I want to go to an Ocean. I want to witness Doyou’s first time seeing the ocean. I want to let him dig around the beach.

Crush’s jacket, pants, hat are from Heron Preston by Boontheshop, shoes are from Nike.

Fashion editor: Lee Ye-ji, Hair: Kim Sun-hee, Make-up: Park Yi-hwa, Assistant: Cho Hae-ri

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