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W’s profile Temperature of influence is on people who receive attention, are an object of envy, are hankered after, or have a lot of likes. They are people who influence other people’s mind, topic, and tastes. W met a team of 8 influences who are experts in their field and we are going through their interviews for Bah+Doo. The first up is @Choice37.

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Choice37, who has worked for YG as a producer, composer, and DJ since 2009, who defines himself as ‘A person who shares music with young artists and helps them.’ It is because he believes messages and identity are more important for musicians than musical techniques or skills. His nickname, which means the choice of the God, makes him his original intention.

BigBang’s Taeyang said you are a teacher figure for him.
If so, I want to be a cool teacher, but I am not sure if I am.

As a composer, producer, and mentor, what philosophy do you share with the young artists in YG?
“Just be true with your music.” If you are honest and truthful toward to your music, people will like it. The company also promotes natural songwriting which puts themselves in, rather than makes a hit song.

You worked for YG ever since you participated in G-Dragon’s album in 2009. I guess it was quite unfamiliar and fresh to you when you first faced K-pop since you worked on underground hip-hop in America.
I was shocked at the beginning. In the US, especially in the Hip-Hop industry, exaggeration on manhood is very common, but in K-pop, men can even wear Chanel. It was the time that the power of YouTube or SNS was growing, so it was interesting to me that it was very different culturally, but we are still able to actively communicate with foreign cultures.

It seems you, yourself, are sidelined in your Instagram.
My posts are more focused on my work, so I have more of a supportive advertisement platform for YG artists rather than myself. I also post something for Human Potential, which is a family company between my wife and her brother. I don’t do selfies because it embarrasses me, but I post some events since I am actively DJing.

What other social channels do you like besides Instagram?
I listen to music with YouTube all the time, and I diligently read Hip-Hop blog posts. For Twitter, I read it because it has a real-time update on foreign artists, and it is fun to share it with my friends.

Do you have some memorable replies?
An English-speaking YouTuber left a reply on ‘Run Away’, a song from Bobby’s new album, they said this song encouraged that person when he/she was having a hard time. I feel really happy in those moments. I believe that music has its own power and I was also encouraged by music as well. The openness of the Internet is also an awesome part of it since everyone can participate in these kinds of conversations from anywhere, either from France or somewhere in Africa.

Strapped padding jacket, jeans, and slip on are all from Moncler C.

Photo: Yoo Young Kyu Fashion editor: Lee Ye-ji, Hair: Kim Sun-hee, Make-up: Park Yi-hwa, Assistant: Cho Hae-ri

W Influencer Choice37

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