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VIP: Episode 9 (17 and 18) Live Recap – Part 2

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As mentioned in Part 1, we were forced to evolve, y’all! So we are posting our recap in two parts (because Google doesn’t really like that we are getting a lot of refreshes on one post). We won’t post until we finish each part. If you have any other ideas then let us know!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

Shorthand Character Chart: V.I.P Character Chart

How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely preview updates at the bottom, so check back in!



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She runs into her mothers hospital room. She has pneumonia but is stable now. They will see what will happen.

Yuri thanks them and then cries over her mother as she tells her not to be sick. Jung-sun is there as well and quietly stands beside the door.

Later on, Jung-sun tells Yuri that her mother should be okay. Yuri says that she did not want her to see this. Jung-sun mentions that it looks like she was a good mother. 

Yuri tells her that she could only survive because of her mother. But because of her, her mother is getting punished.

Jung-sun tries to hold her hand and says that she will wake up because of her. But Yuri kind of slides away and says that they should go back.

In the hallway, Jung-sun tells her that she can stay there today. Yuri says that she will come back after work, the doctor says that she willbe okay. Then Yurii goes back inside to say goodbye to her mother before leaving.

Jung-sun sees a document on the nurses desk that reminds her of Sung-joon. She starts to think that Yuri might actually be the affair woman. She tells Yuri that she has to go somwhere, please go back to the office tomorrow.


Back at work, Sang-woo sees a video online and tells Hyun-ah and Mina that they should look at it.

On the video is the V’s wife pouring wine on Yuri at the jewelry event. Someone even put their captions on the video so we know who is who. Yuri shows up just then.

Cut to huge news that shows the wine incident. The news says that the VP’s wife is mistreating employees.

Mina runs to the marketing directors office to ask if he saw the video? he is looking at the news and says that he thought she was a considerate person. She is not as he thought. She asks, what?

He tells her that a lot of people are watching, you should not come like this right now. Don’t worry, nothing will happen to you. I will call you later and we can talk outside of work, okay?

She says okay and bows her way out. The director turns back to his computer with a small smile.

Back in the offices, Jung-sun gets back and stares daggers at Yuri. Hyun-ah comes up to her and says that the catering person gave the video. It was a hidden camera. But that angle is from the stage. How can catering go up there and do that?

Jung-sung says to tell her when he advertising department is ready. Hyun-ah suspiciously looks at Mina’s desk. Sang-woo asks what they should do? Then he shows them a news article that says that the wine woman might be the VPs hidden affair woman.

Someone puts the other video together with Yuri’s meme to the new video and says that this issue is getting worse. Jung-sun tells Yuri to go home. Yuri says that she is okay, she can work in an emergency.

Jung-sun tells her that her being there causes bigger trouble. Hyun-ah tells her that she might also have reporters at your home, so stay somewhere else.

Yuri heads out awkwardly as everyone tries not to stare at her and fails.



Sung-joon apologizes to the VP in his office. The VP looks pretty calm and says that it is not his fault. Then he asks what the public opinion is. Sung-joon tells him that it is not good.

In the senior managing directors office, Young-woong and Director Bae Do-il talk about the situation. They look pleasant about it. Young-soo tells Do-il that no one should know that they are the ones that did this because they will make the VP’s wife’s family their enemy.

Do-il tell shim not to worry, I will take care of it.

Meanwhile, Mina frets inside the bathroom. It looks like she did not know that this was such a big thing. She thinks back to the conversation she had with Do-il about getting video footage about the event. She is under a lot of stress.

In the VP’s office, his wife shows up looking stylishly pissed.

In the offices, Mina gets back to the office looking horrible and passes out. Hyun-ah and Jung-sun run to her side.

Mina wakes up in the infirmary area. Jung-sun is next to her and tells her to not work so hard. She also asks why she is hiding this baby? Mina tells her that she is not going to give birth to it and also tells her not to tell her husband.

Jung-sun asks her why she came to work that night? Mina asks, you are the one that sent that text? She sighs and says that just in case a rumor spread at work, she wanted to see who sent that prank.

Mina then tells Jung-sun that she does not know what she thought, but it is not me. Jung-sun asks, what do you mean?

Cut to Ji-young running up to Jung-sun in the department store. She tells him that the VP is giving a public speech! She shows the live video.

The VP is walking to the podium and asys that the woman in the video is – my daughter. I had a woman in college but lost contact with her. Recently I found out about my daughter. It is all my fault. I do not want to see my family members blamed for what I did. That is why I am showing the truth. I am sorry to make people worry with my personal issues.

Flashback to the VP apologizing to his wife. She hits his hand away and says that people will talk about the affair and forget about it. But you have a daughter? If you reveal that then it will follow you forever!

He tells her that his position in the department store will be harmed if people talk about it as an affair. But if they think that it is family…if she is my daughter, then people will think of it differently. So that is why I need to reveal the truth. I know it is all my fault. Please just help me this time. I can’t go back.

Yuri sees this all while in her hotel room. She looks as doe eyed as always. Then her phone rings. The wife tells Yuri to just hide. Don’t even breathe and live like you don’t exist in the world. Click.

Then she gets a call from a reporter and quickly hangs up.

In the Department store, Hyun-ah, Jung-sun and the team are all looking at the video. Ji-young says this is legendary. Did I say anything bad to Yuri ever? Ah, I need to watch my mouth. Hyun-ah asks Jung-sun if team leader part new about this? But iti looks like Jung-sun didn’t know.

In the Senior Managing Directors office, Do-il apologizes to Young-woong and says that he did not research it that far. But they can still question his morality with an extra marital daughter.

Young-woong tells him that that won’t happen. She is not even born after marriage. He said that he did not even know about it! He is pretending like he will take care of everything, do you think that will happen!

In the parking garage, Sung-joon calls Yuri, but her phone is off. He starts to text her – call me when you see this text.

He goes back to work. While working, he gets a text from an unknown number. lt looks like is is an advertisement so he clicks it closed and continues working.



At work, Hyun-ah asks what happened with Yuri and if anything will change with their team. Sung-joon says that nothing will change. Everything will stay the same.

Hyun-ah sarcastically mutters that they rank changed, what the f? Nothing changes?

Then Yuri calls Sung-joon. Cut to Sung-joon telling the VP that they should let her come to work. the VP thinks that reporters are everywhere. But Jung-soon thinks that people will be interested in Yuri herself and not the scandal if she comes to work and shows herself. 

The VP asks if they think that she can handle it? Sung-joon says that she will have to handle it eventually.

So Yuri comes to work looking amazingly fabulous. She apologizes to everyone for making them worry and sits at her desk. Sung-joon comes in just then and bows to her and then heads to his office. 

Later on he drives away and says that he is almost there as he talks to his mother. He says that Jung-sun does not feel good. The mother says that she looks okay and we see that Jung-sun is actually smiling and cooking in the background. The mother tells Sung-joon to take his time showing up.

Then we cut to the family meal. While eating, Jung-sun tells the mother that her friend is going to get a divorce because the husband had an affair and asked for a divorce. She does not know what to do.

The mother says that after living this much, the pain that they give comes back equally. If they go to a woman like that then they will not have a happy life anyway. 

Jung-sun asks, what if that happened to me? The mother says that is nonsense, that won’t happen. I won’t let that happen. Okay? She looks at her son sternly. Then They start to eat pleasantly again.

After eating, Jung-sun stands at the sink and Sung-joon tells her thank you for today. She tells him, if we get divorced, your mother and my father and everyone will get hurt. That is what you want to do? Look at this. Look at what you screwed up.

The mother comes back in so Jung-sun puts the fruit on the table happily. The mother feels something though and is about to ask Jung-soon if he did something. But she says that he shouldn’t, he saw his father so he should not do something like that.


While being driven around, the VP calls Sung-joon and tells him that people know where Yuri is staying now, so can you move her to an officetel? (an officetel is a little office apartment).

Cut to Yuri getting a text. It is Sung-joon who tell sher that he is in frot of the office. Please pack and I will take you somewhere else. She opens her door to Sung-joon and a lot of reporters. He escorts her out and also drives away quickly while many reporters follow them.

Sung-joon has to race around the city and bust U-turns all over the place and runs red lights and all sorts of things in order to get away from the paparazzi. They finally do.

Now that they are safe, Yuri asks him if she can see her mother so he takes her to her mothers room.

He also goes into the room and tells her that the VP will release the report in an hour. he also found a place for her to stay. The reporters will not be able to go inside there because it is very secured. He gives her the address.

She tells him that she should not have started, then it would not be this painful. he walks out, though he pauses for a moment in the hallway before continuing on.


While at work, Ji-young looks at the company news and says, Daebak.

Cut to Do-il looking upset as he looks at the computer as well.

The news is that Sung-joon is now Director of marketing and Do-il to demoted to the Director of the facility department. His team wonders what they should do.

In the VIP team, everyone congratulates Sung-joon. Ji-young asks if his wife heard it? Then they turn their heads and see Jung-sun walking in in slow motion.

Cut to Jung-sun looking through her husbands things and finding the receipt for Yuri’s mother’s hospital bills.

Flashback to all scenes in the past that showed Yuri and Sung-joon and Jung-sun. But this time they actually reveal that it was Yuri who was getting or sending all those text this entire time. She also looked upset when Jung-sun got the flowers and she was also the one in the car. There is also CCTV footage from the car of Yuri hugging Sung-joon from behind.

In the office, Jung-sun walks right up to Sung-joon who is standing in front of everyone. Then she smiles and extends her hand as she tells him, congratulations.

Yuri is shocked.

Fade Out


Wow, I did not expect for Yuri to be the daughter AND the affair woman! I really thought it was Mina. But I do love this even better! Now I think that Yuri sent the message to Jung-sun. Or maybe Mina sent it to warn Jung-sun?

Going along with all our new changes, the preview will be posted in another post coming up!

Also, let us know how the two parts is working out. We actually think we were able to get the entire thing up quicker which is great for everyone.

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  1. blnmom
    December 2, 2019 / 10:37 am

    Thanks for the recap! I couldn’t wait for Kocowa to post it to see what happened. I like the 2-part format, works for me.

    So he did have an affair, bummer. I wonder if there’s also something deeper going on, or if they’re going to spend the rest of the drama just working out the results of the affair.

    • V
      December 2, 2019 / 12:01 pm

      It is such a bummer that he actually had an affair! I wonder if they went all the way or if he just spent a lot of time with Yuri and possibly just went as far as making out? I know know, that is still bad when you are married, though.

  2. nba
    December 2, 2019 / 12:05 pm

    tqvm for the recap. it’s good for 2 part.

    • V
      December 2, 2019 / 12:06 pm

      Thank you for letting us know, nba!

  3. PT
    December 2, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he loved both women. Each women have different personality and he probably was lacking the certain need in one women and went and find the other. Let the party begin..I want all the secrets to
    Fall out & regrets to creep inside their soul. I can’t help but enjoy this series hopefully it turns out how I would expect it would be but I know most kdrama always end up making a twist.

  4. Anonymous
    December 2, 2019 / 1:44 pm

    I think it was one-sided love . Yuri is the only one who fall in love to Sung-joon, that is why she is going make all chaos in secret . Sending secret messages thru Jung-sun computer, hugging in front of her cctv car,so that in the end Jungsun was found out. because she want Sungjoon badly. And then Sung-join want to stop their marriage because he have an illness and he doesnt want Jungsun to find out it 😅

  5. Yun
    December 2, 2019 / 8:47 pm

    I feel so bad for Jung Sun. She always care everyone. And the woman is yuri. Oh no! What if He do all of that for promotion ,Then they closed one another, And Yuri fall in love him?

  6. yulyanti
    December 2, 2019 / 9:51 pm

    i hate yuri and song joon why they do that

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