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VIP: Episode 9 (17 and 18) Live Recap – Part 1

VIP Recap episode 9 (17 and 18) Part 1
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A whole bunch of ish happened at that Tifóne party, y’all. Yuri got wine poured on her, Hyun-ah had to out that her family was bankrupt (though she was a boss about it), Jung-sun had to chase after a paparazzo, and Mina is just trying not to throw up over everything. It all came to a head as Sung-joon went to Yuri’s house to comfort her for the wine incident instead of going to see his wife in a cafe to talk over things.

Though me thinks that it is his job to comfort Yuri and that he isn’t actually having an affair. So for me that leaves Mina as the last of the trio who it could possible be. Let’s see if we find out today!

Also, also, we are doing something a little different today which is posting our recap in two parts because Google doesn’t really like that we are getting a lot of refreshes on one post, so we had to switch things up a bit (we asked for advice on twitter). The solution was to post in two parts. We won’t post until we finish each part. If you have any other ideas then let us know!

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How we do this: We segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be lovely preview updates at the bottom, so check back in!




APRIL 2019

Sung-joon goes to Yuri’s octapang. It looks like it  might be his first time there. He knocks on the door and bows when she opens it. He says that he is there on VP’s order.

She lets him in and gets him something to drink while saying that she only has that at home. He gives her a credit card and says that the VP wants to give it to her.

She says that is strange for a stranger to do that.

He tells her, if you need anything, then call this number. he gives her his card and leaves without drinking the coffee. But he can’t get out because the door is stuck.

She helps him and says that you have to yank it to open it because it is old. He nods his thanks and leaves.

While walking out, he looks back.

Later on, someone comes to Yuri’s house to fix her door. He says he is there from Park Sung-joon. She looks at his card a little closer.

Later on, she notices him at the grocery store where she is a sampler. He is with his wife. The other person with her tells her that Sung-joon and Jung-sun are the star couple of the company. The man is the right hand man of the VP and the wife is rich born. How happy they are. I want to live like that kind of woman in my next life.



Sung-joon is driving and stops he takes a deep breath and hangs his head. Then he pulls a U-turn and heads off in the other direction.

He gets out and runs up so many steps until he gets to the octapang. He knocks and Yuri lets him in. They both look at each other for a moment then she starts to cry and says she is sorry, she knows that she shouldn’t call him. But today….today….~. He hugs her and lets her cry into his chest.

Meanwhile, Jung-sun continues waiting.


In the octapang, Yuri and Sung-joon sit and talk at he table. He is rigidly sitting when she tells him that she thanks him for coming. He tells her that she looks okay now and then heads out. It looks like she has an automatic door now.

Sung-joon goes to his car and takes a deep breath for a few seconds. Then his wife calls and asks where he is. he says he was about to call her. The VP has a report to the chairman, so I had to go to work. 

He tells her that it would be difficult to talk today, lets talk tomorrow. She tells him it is fine. Even if it is late, just come. I will wait at home.

At home, Mina goes to her door and asks who it is. Someone at the door says, it is me, open.

So she opens the door and we see her husband standing there. She lets him in and hides the baby book with the photos in it. He asks when she found this place? He asks jokes if there is a man there. 

She asks why he is here. He says that he brought some food for her and starts to get it all out. She didn’t look good do He wants to watch her eating and then he will leave.

But she starts to almost throw up and says that she is a little sick. He jokes that it is almost as if she has morning sickness and then jokes about how Manager Na asked if we were planning #3. Our two kids are so cute, we wondered how to raise them and now they are big. But he says he knows that she is the one that raised them and that his jokes are pretty bad today and is about to leave.

But when he gets up he asks if she is really okay? Nothing big happened? He looks at her with concern and then heads out. She lets him out and feels her stomach a moment when she heads back in.

After a moment of sitting alone in his car, Sung-joon drives home to talk to hisi wife.

Inside, she says to tell him.

SJ -In the beginning, I did not know that that would happen.

Flashback to the VP looking at Yuri cleaning up the floor. He looks a bit concerned. Sung-joon is with him. The VP does not look happy and tells Sung-joon, lets go. While walking out he tells Sung-joon to mover her somewhere were she can work less.

SJ – It was only for work.

Yuri lets him out of her place due to the door.

SJ – On accident, I knew her life. I knew her life shouldn’t be easy. That is what I thought.

He walks with her to the hotel. The VP lets her into his place. Sung-joon bows and the door closes.

SJ –  That was it. But I don’t know why it happened.

JS – So you just pitied that person?

SJ – At first, yes.

JS – So who is that person? Someone I know?…..I know that you took the CCTV file. If that text was not true then you should not have done it.

SJ – I just wanted to check to see who did that prank about the CCTV.

JS – What if I want to check who that woman is?

SJ – Since we first met, strangely, I thought about us getting old holding hands together. I like that. You will be with me until the last moment. That gave me peace. That is why I did that crazy thing. I wanted to cover it up and live as if nothing happened. I said it was for you, but I wanted to do it for me. The future I think about every day was warm. But that is no the thing that the man who screwed up everything can have. Jung sun….let’s quit.

She looks at him with those big eyes and asks, do you want to get a divorce? He says sorry. She starts to cry and then asks if he is still dating her? He says no, it is not like that. She asks, why all of sudden, now? 

He tells her that he knows that they can’t put the broken mirror back together. She smiles and tells him, F you. What? The broken glass? I am the one bleeding. How come you will decide this? Of course I thought about it, 100,000 times. But I did not say it and endured it. Even though I am the one bleeding. I thought we could put it back together. It hurts, but we spent 10 years together. It is not something that can stop over night. How dare you say we quit. is our marriage only that much for you? It is so unimportant that you can say that we should break up so easily?

He tells her that it was not unimportant. I was lucky to meet you and make this happy family. I wanted to protect it. Ii thought I could do it. But as a crazy guy, I screwed it up. I still wanted to hold it. I tried. But, I can’t, Jung-sun. I can’t.

JS – So you want to do whatever you want? F-you. I will decide.


He goes to his car and starts to cry alone quietly.

She stays in their apartment and looks at their wedding photo while sitting on the couch.


In the morning, they both are at work, still working hard. Yuri looks at Jung-sun and at Sung-joon. Then Ji-young comes in with information about the jewelry event and gives it to Hyun-ah.

She also asks about the bankrupt thing softly and tells her that Hyun-ah should be okay. I am the loyalist friend. Hyun-ah smiles. Ji-young heads out and telsl Sang-woo to watch his mouth.

Then Mina leaves and Sung-joon leaves as well. Jung-sun watches them.

Sung-joon goes to the VP’s office. The VP is happy to say that the auction results are higher than expected. It is a good result. Share this with the other executives. They were loyal to my father for a long time. So I need to show them these good results. They do not need any room to attack.

Then he asks if Yuri came to work? He looks concerned when he asks. Sung-joon says yes. So the VP asks him to please take good care of her.


Back in the offices, Hyun-ah tells Jung-sun that she has two meetings at the same time and asks Jung-sun if she can go to one of them. Then she tells Yuri to go with Jung-sun since she was involved in the project. 

Sang-woo raises his hand and says, I will go there! Hyung-ah says that he will not go on a picnic. San-goo looks nervous as he sees Yuri and Jung-sun leaving together.

Flashback to the video that San-woo saw. We see it now, it is of Sung-joon and Yuri in the elevator. Yuri ends up holding his arm sleeve and resting her head slightly on his shoulder. Sung-joon stays standing.

While driving, Jung-sun is all dazed and has to screech her brakes to a halt when people are crossing the street. She mentions the event yesterday and asys that it was a big event. Then she asks if Yuri is okay.

Yuri says she is fine. Jung-sun tells her that she should  not do anything unexpected if it is a misunderstanding. If it is no a misunderstanding then that is worse for you and the VPs wife.

But then Yuri gets a call that looks alarming.


(Click to read Part 2)

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