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VIP: Episode 8 (15-16) Recap

VIP Recap episode 8 (15 and 16)
VIP episode 8 (15 and 16) Recap, image SBS

Welcome back to the debauchery that is VIP and its executives and highend clientele. More and more drama is coming to the surface with all these “other woman” issues which all seemed to come to a sort of head at the jewelry event. It is all making me think that Sung-joon is more of a company pimp than anything else. Did he really have an affair? Or is something even more sinister going on behind the scenes that make an affair seem paltry in comparison?

It is Thanksgiving week over here in the States, so we are enjoying our time and pausing our live recaps a bit. We will try and get to Love With Flaws and hopefully Psychopath Diary sometime this week to see how we like them. Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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We open on a gorgeous view of the sea in an Iron Man style home on the coast. The VIP team is there preparing for something and a lot of other people are there as well. It looks like this might be a big wigs home or a home they are renting for a big wig?

Everyone is preparing but Jung-sun is looking at Yuri and especially Mina.

Flashback to the night where she set the trap. She saw Mina come in cautiously. She sat at her desk and waited, but no one is there right now. She looks at her phone that shows the cutes image of her two boys and sighs. It is 10:32pm. She decides to leave.

Jung-sun is super shocked and is staring daggers at Mina on this day with the big wig. Then Sung-joon comes walking up. He tells his team that they have one hour so let’s get to work and hurry.

Jung-sun keeps staring at Hyun-ah. Hyun-ah whispers to her to just drag her hair, that would be more humane. But the Sang-woo tells them that one of the wine bottles went bad.

So everyone hurries to the wine section of this fabulous estate. This might be a hotel? One of the workers there tells them that they need to open all the wines because they are vintage. Jung-sun tells her to throw away the ones that are bad.

Mina selected all the drinks and food and defends herself about getting what they can get. But Jung-sun tells her that she should have gotten easily accessible wines at this event. they can’t serve different wines at different tables.

She tells her to find a replacement and put it on all the tables. She leaves. Sang-soo thinks that if they make any mistake then they are going to hell. Hyun-ah mutters that she is humanistic now.


The VIP’s all starts to show up in a line in their black cars. The valets drive them up and someone escorts them in.

One the Korean Foreign Affairs Minister comes in with his wife and Sang-woo trips over something and almost runs into him. But it is all smiles as the Foreign Minister tells him to work out more. (Spoiler: In the character description, we know that this man is Sang-woo’s father).

The VP comes in with his wife who is stunning. They take their seat.

In the back, Mina tells Jung-sun that she got all the new wines. But Jung-sun barely looks at her and telsl her to leave.

Jin-ho comes out to take photos of the employees but Hyun-ah tells him that VIPs do not like to be exposed anywhere. Go take photos behind the scenes.

Then another VIP comes who looks like he is someone that Hyun-ah used to date. He also looks like an a-hole as he tells her that he heard about her mother. Hyun-ah handles it with grace. Jin-ho looks at her curiously and also with a bit of concern.


The Jewelry show starts. Models come out and walk down a runway with the jewelry on and everyone watches them. Then the VP excuses himself and goes to a meeting behind the scenes with the board members.

VP Jae-woong says that he is summoning them there to resign the chairman (his father). But he says that they will have a lot of opposition because 40% of the board members are founding board members with the chairman. He gives Sung-joon a look so Sung-joon goes outs and brings two people in.

Two more men come in who are supporters of the chairman, but it looks like they are now on the VP’s side. The VP continues talking and says that as long as the chairman is the chairman, they will stay in the past. If they remain old fashioned then they will lose to competition

Sang Un was always #3 in Korea, but after I became a VP, be jumped to #2 after 3 years. I promise you that the #1 position is not far away. One of the oldest men in the room tells everyone that he wants to bet on Jae-woong.


Afterward, we find out that this older man is the VPs father-in-law. He talks with him afterward and tells the VP that these board members know that opposing you is opposing me. They do not want to be against Daehan Group. Then he tells him that they should play golf together soon and pats his back as he leaves.

The VP tells Jung-sun to be very careful that his wife does not see “her”. It is not the right time for that rumor to spread. It is time for the department store to go in a new way.

In the room, Mina starts to almost throw up but is able to hold it in. Jung-sun sees this from across the room and remembers that Mina could not smell the wine earlier either. Sung-joon looks at Jung-sun looking at Mina.

Mina goes to the bathroom and takes anti nausea medicine.

Meanwhile, Yuri is hiding in the back with the hotel employees. Sung-joon looks at her and tells Hyun-ah to please not put Yuri out with everyone today. Hyun-ah nods.

Elsewhere, Jung-sun talks to Byung-hoon about his kids with Mina. they joke for a moment and then talk about if they will have #3. he tells her that they are not planning #3 right now. But then he asks if Mina said she wants it? Jung-sun says no. Byung-hoon asks her to please take care of his wife, it looks like she is having a hard time. He walks off.

In the room, the a-hole asks Hyun-ah if he can change his seat. She tells him not. He starts to mention her mother loudly and asks where she lives now. Then he asks if his voice is too high?

She steps back to him and says that she will check to see if they can change seats later. But then Ji-young comes in and says that they have big trouble. She pulls her away.

In the back the team all gathers to discuss that chairman Lee wants to be a part of the auction anonymously. The other VIPs will be angry if it is anonymous. But he is the #1 customer. 

Ji-young tells them that that is not the only problem. You know that they are the #1 chaebol in Korea that can buy their department store right away. Jung-sun thinks that they can have a surrogate.

But one of the issues is that this VIP is coming with his girlfriend so that is why he wants a private room.


Yuri gets caught inside the bathroom with the chairmans wife. She hides in the toilet without the wife noticing. But the wife does notice and casually tells her to stay in the restroom forever, you don’t even deserve that place. 


Meanwhile. The VP tells Sung-joon that Chairman Lee’s company has %5 of their companies shares. So find me after the auction for a meeting.

Outside, a woman shows up with a young guy. Ji-young is amazed that this woman entertainer is here. She is led to the private room to see the auction items and set her price. They have a surrogate to buy things for them.

The guys asks if they have a bedroom? then he looks around as they point his head in the right direction.

Jung-sun stays inside the room to wait on them and everyone else stays outside. 

But then the chairwoman’s husband shows up. The team is not sure if the chairwoman knows that the husband is there. So they are in a conundrum. They lead the husband to his seat. He also has a woman on his arm.

It looks like the chairman and the chairwoman got a divorce due to the parents not liking their married, so now they are having a boyfriend-girlfriend war between each other.

In the room, the chairwoman sees her husband and his girlfriend show up. She looks upset and uncomfortable.

In another area, Hyun-ah tells the a-hole that they cannot change his seat. She is standing with Ji-young and the other employees. Hyun-ah tells the employees that her family in bankrupt and her mother is chased by loan sharks. Then she tells the a-hole that this is why she never liked him. He is an a-hole to the bone.

He tells her that her family came from the bottom (maybe self-made millionaire?) and says that he should not date low class people like her. Hyun-ah asks him if his wife knows that he had a police restraint because he stalked her after breaking up? If I see you within 100 meters from me then you will sleep in a police station tonight.

He is spooked but tries to say that he knows that she only has her pride now. When you are ready to kneel then come to me. Hyun-ah asks if she can call his wide then? She looks like a good person.

The wife comes up right then and the man leaves. Hyun-ah tells everyone that she will look backstage.

Jin-ho goes backstage to the stairs and sees Hyun-ah sitting there sadly. So he slowly walks up to her but stops before getting to her and tells her that she can cry. Everyone lives like that. So she starts to cry. But she is protected by a wall so he does not actually see her.



The auction continues. Expensive jewelry is brought out and big on. Millions of dollars are up for grabs. It looks like the wife is going to try and outbid the husband every time.

But then a caterer comes in that is suspicious. When Jung-sun calls him out on it, he runs away. Jung-sun chases him which causes Sung-joon to also chase him. 

They finally get him in the back company elevators and find a hidden camera on his disguised as a pen.

They take it to the VIP chairwoman. She calls someone and tells them to call her husband, she wants to see him.

So they meet up in a hotel room. The wife tells him that he did not deserve to buy that jewel. He tells her that at least he made her buy more. She throws the pen on the coffee table at him. He says that if he had it he could have used it for their divorce because you would never allow the media to leak this.

She tells him the same with that woman. But he says that he knows that she would not let that leak. She would stop it. He knows how much she cares about how people see her. if you yield, then it will be easier.

She tells him that he is still not good. You are threatening this against our company, that is how you are. You are here because you are my husband. But after we get divorces, do you think you can even sit in front of me like this? Do not be greedy. You cannot get anything. Whatever it takes, I am not going to give you anything.

In the living room area, the young boy grumbles about how long he has to wait in there for them to finish and then wonders about something to do with his phone  and if Jung-sun and Sung-joon can get him something. She tells him that they only fulfill orders by the VIP.

He tells them that he is a VIP also. Jung-joon says that he can formally order something that they will fulfill it. The young kid tells them that he knows that they think he is trash. But whatever I am, you should serve me. Jung-sun bows to him.

Then the chairwoman comes out with her ex-husband. The boy says that she should live with him. She basically tells him not to think because he is dumb and reminds him that this was her husband for 20 years.


Elsewhere, the VP walks by Yuri and tells her that she looks like she is part of the VIP team now.

Meanwhile, Sung-joon gets his shoulder checked out by a hotel doctor. While chasing the thug person, he injured it so she tells him to put on icy hot. He says that he can do it after the event.

Jung-sun is with him and asks if his shoulder hurts. Tell me. He says that he will tell her after todays event. They can talk about everything. Then he pats her on the arm and heads out.

Cut to the Chairwoman meeting with the VP. He thanks her for coming. She tells him that she has to leave soon, so let’s cut to the chase. He tells her that he wants her and her shares on his side. She tells him that she likes him. He is ambitious and has ability to realize that ambition. But I know your father so I do not want to be a part of your family issues. I will be in the middle.

He smiles and says that he knows that she does not change her mind once she decides. She thanks him for understanding. He tells her that if she changes her mind, to think about him. 

She leaves and the VP grumbles about the chairwoman.

In the hotel area, Yuri sees a man in a wheelchair and offers him help back to the main area. But as soon as she makes herself knows, all the woman starts to whisper about her and ask her to do things for them.

One of them wants wine and wants it from Yuri, not the server. So Yuri goes to get the wine, but then she sees the VPs wife. The wife sees her as well. The wife goes to her seat angrily but tries not to show herself in front of everyone.

Yuri talks about the wine to the ladies. The ladies says that old wine is good but new wine is lively, that is why men look for that. Yuri and the wife know that they are talking about them.

Sung-joon tells Yuri that he can get their wine, you can go back behind the scenes. But Yuri tells him that she asked her so she gives her the wine.

The VP comes in and sees this scene. Sung-joon sees it as well. Then the wife comes up and asks if she can try the wine as well. She takes a sip and then looks at Yuri. She grabs the wine from Yuri and pours it over her head.

She tells Yuri that this wine went bad. Even though it is new, if it hoes bad then it is trash. But then she telsl her that the bad smell comes from her and not the wine. She then reiterates that she costs no more than one bottle of wine.

Everyone sees this. Sung-joon moves to go to Yuri, but he is standing next to the chairman who tells him that they need to go to chairman Lee.

Jung-sun helps Yuri dry her clothing in the back. Yuri tries not to cry and is just so shocked at the entire thing that she can only breathe hard. She gets up and walks off.

Outside, Jung-sun apologizes to the VP about not taking care of it properly. The VP tells him that there should not be a mistake twice. One mistake is enough for my person.

In the room, the minister tells Sang-woo that he is the weak lower body guy and to come to him. Sang-woo tells him not to notice him. The Prime Minister asks if he is Hong Gil-dong? You cannot call your father your father (Hong Gil-dong is slave born so he cannot call his noble father as his father).

Sang-woo asks, what if the company people know! His mother and father says that the team leader should know. He sees your file. Sang-woo cutely tells them to go home before they are seen. They keep joking with them and he keeps looking nervous.

In another part of the room, Mina looks through some plants for a secret camera. Hyun-ah asks what she is doing. Mina says she is just checking things and heads to the back with the secret camera. But, her stomach hurts in the back so she goes to a stall in the restroom to rest.

When she comes out, her husband sees her and is about to go to her but he gets called by his people to come back to help them. 

Mina goes to a room to rest with the doctor. The doctor tells her that there was not too much bleeding. You are okay but you should be careful at the beginning of a pregnancy. Mina says that she did not tell anyone so please keep it a secret.


In another area, Sang-woo notices team leader Parks computer and looks on it for something, maybe his file. He sees a video on there and might think that it is a sexy video. But when he starts to watch it he notices that it is something inappropriate. he covers his mouth quickly while looking at it. The date on the video was October 7, 2019.

Later on, all the employees ride back to the city in the same bus.

While walking home, Jung-sun remember her husband says that they will talk about everything after work.

In her place Yuri starts to look through a bag that houses her wine stained clothing and starts to cry.

At her hotel, Mina looks at a small book on the counter and sighs tiredly.

At work, Sung-joon sends the VP off. He gets a text from Jung-sun that he will be waiting at a coffee shop. But then he gets another text asking if he can come to her place?

Cut to Jung-sun waiting at the fancy coffee shop and Sung-joon driving somewhere. Then he busts a U-ie and turn around.

A man opens the door at the coffee shop. Jung-sun looks at them.

Someone comes to Mina’s room and rings the bell.

Someone comes to Yuri’s room and knocks on the door.

The man is not Jung-sun at the coffee shop.

Mina goes to the door and asks who is there.

Yuri goes to her door and sees Sung-joon standing there. Her eyes are bright as she looks at him.

Yuri – I am sorry, I know that I should not call you. But, today it was too much..today…today…

He hugs her and she cries into his chest.

Jung-sun continues to wait for him.


OoOoOo, so Yuri calls on Sung-joon to give her comfort. Though, I really don’t think that Yuri is Sung-joon’s lover. I kind of think that Sung-joon is the company pimp or at least the VP’s pimp and is tasked to keep all the VPs ladies in line. But I am also still not going to discount Yuri possibly being the VPs daughter.

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  1. Daniel Kawaha
    November 27, 2019 / 3:57 pm

    So right…don’t think they are lovers. Wondering if his secret has to do with ju ng suns mom. Why did he give her money…it seemed in secret

    • V
      November 27, 2019 / 9:06 pm

      That did look like it was a secret. It kind of appeared that she needed money for her surgery?

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